when you start the engine it idles fine for 2 to 3 seconds then shuts off. if you rev the engine up and down at 3 to 4 thousand rpm you can keep it running but if you hold a steady throttle or let it idlr it dies. It dosent miss or smoke and i havent found any obvious vacum leaks and i have changed the maf sensor and it dident change anything.It is a supercharged 3800

when I turn on the vent fan I can smell antifreeze .. I don't notice any water leaks & don't have any leaks in the vehicle ... any Ideas?

Recommended gearbox oil type

i bought new battery and cables for my truck but still it wont start quickly, uhave to start it up thrice or even 5 times, still cranks very slowly but then it starts, the alternator is ok, the starter is ok, so im guessing its the glow plug,. am i ryt? pls do comment on this email, thanks......

When trying to start the car, it sounds like the starter clicks a few times and at the same time it seems like the electric goes on and off in synchronization with the starter clicks. The battery seems okay as all the electric works and the headlights are bright.

Car was serviced and a few days later, part of the bottom pan broke off "very cleanly". Looks like it was cut. My brother, a mechanic, says it probably was to allow easier access for oil changes. Toyota repaired it for no cost very quickly. We are concerned that debris will damage the engine as the part is no longer whole but in pieces.

nisson armada. 2006 5.6l no spark.no no injecter pulse.no check engine.replaced cam sencer and crank.

the keys to this car were stolen. the replacement key didn't work.i had to have the ignation replaced. now the Anti-theft system keeps shutting off the car. whats my next step.

When I try to start the engine, it starts then immediately dies. It may do this several times. If I hold the accelerator part way down, it continues running. It just started doing this. Any suggestions?

Had the valve cover gasket replaced and now the check engine light won't go out. Car will idle just fine, but acts like it's going to die out when in gear.

it started out with the radio going off and on and the steering wheel would go up and down. the air bag light would come on, then go off. the horn would not work. then suddenly the radio would start to work and everything seem noral. It does this approximately 50 % of the time when i try to start the car

I have a 1999 taurus, I have no heat. It will get warm when idoling on the vent setting, but when driving have no heat at all. Think maybe heater core but not sure.

Went out to my truck this morning and the battery was dead because it had been sitting for a few days at 5 degrees. Jump started it and ran fine. Now when the truck is turned off and keys removed the fan starts and stops until the battery is drained again. It almost sounds like its trying to charge the battery? WTF?

when i turn on my car it feel like there a miss i change the plugs and wiring

I have a 88 celebrity euro sport 6 cyl.past few days in the new england cold the car will run great and all of a sudden the engine light comes on and the motor seems to become slugish and soon dies. I pull of to the side of the rd put it and park and restart. has a tough time re starting so i hold the gas down n throw it in drive. almost seems like it not getting fuel after the car becomes warm not sure. o2 sensor fuel filter not sure the problem. 109k the car has been well taken care of. alternator and batery reading 14 amps for out put. thanks for your help. Also wanted to add the speedo stop working when the engine light comes on.