I had my battery fail although not even a year old replaced the alternator and the battery failed again so I replaced the battery after I start the car the alternator starts charging but as soon as I drive it fails and the car runs off the battery kkilling it

The instrument indicator first showed low coolant a week ago.
Now a week later, it is indicating low coolant again. iT TOOK A QUART TO RESTORE IT THE FIRST TIME.

My ignition key will not pass 1 to start car. The car is in park. Ignition key will not turn to start. Any suggestions to solove problem?

i turn my engine off at the supermarket and when i start the car again all those gauges didnt work

What would you replace first when all of a sudden the shifter goes into gear real hard when the jeep is running but ok when it is not. It started when we got real cold temps here in CT. I am not the original owner, my friend died and the jeep was given to me so I don't know the history.

Im replacing the fly wheel and I want to make sure Im doing it right.

Does anyone have free instructions for replacing a power steering rack boot (driver's side)?

LOCKS: will work intermittently, can press fob repeatedly and they wont go down but if you open door the alarm goes off. The next time you go to use them they work fine. REAR WINDOW:will go down but will not go back up. I can sandwich the window between my hands and push up and it will stay up but, I can push back down. Also as we drive ,it will work its self down. If I use a piece tape on it it will stay up.It is like it is not connected to the lifting mechanism.

the light is on the dash board... Service ride control

I have a 95 mercury tracer 1.9, I fixed the chugging on acceleration problem, now after driving for a bit it will make a popping sound then check engine light will come on and lose power for a bit then will go back to driving fine, can someone tell me what it is.

all windows in vehicle will not work. checked fuses none are blown. what is my next move?

For some reason the blinkers just stopped working. The fuse seems to be fine.

i have a 5.9 magnum which i ran thru puddle and there was no fire, traced it to crankshaft sensor snapped of hanger ,so i replaced,bought it at pep boys.got the truck running but, truck now runs like 2-3 injectors not firing loud ticking noise ,also will stay briefly stuck in rpm before idling down if i take foot of pedal, what to do?

need detailed instructions on replacing oil pump. and should I replace the chain while I'm at it?

I had my heater on high and when I went to turn the heater off, the "OFF" & "High/Low Blower Control" Settings did not work.
When I turned my engine off, the blower continued to blow on high.

I pulled out the fuses that mentioned anything about a/c under my steering wheel but it did not turn off the blower.

The only way to turn it off is to disconnect the battery.

What kind of repair am I look at here, Could this be a blower motor resistor issue?