On my 1992 four cylinder Toyota Camry, the spark plugs are way down inside the housing and after removing the wire cap nut, I still cannot get the socket onto the plug to remove it. I am out of work at this time and have to do it myself, Enlighten me please. Thank you.

I took out the entire front left head light assembly today to replace the parking light bulb, but couldn't figure out where it was or how to remove it and insert the new one. My manual includes a picture that doesn't actually correspond to the light assembly on my car (for example, there's only one cap to screw off on the back, whereas the diagram in my manual indicated two). Thanks in advance.

cant get the bearing assembly off my jeep to replace upper &lower balljoints

2004 Silverado 2500 HD 6.0 Gas where is o2 sensor (bank 2- sensor 1 located

My trunk does not open with the key, from the inside or even the external handle. Is there a fuse or is this some other problem?

slide seems to not get door to close easily

the door open light stays on so the inside lights stay on too, any fix for this?

when i move off there is a " clunk" sound, then jumps into gear ??



I just rebuilt my engine & have a problem with the timing retarding instead of advancing on acceleration.What would cause this to happen.

The truck stopped working, it won't start up and stay started. We have replaced the Idle Air control valve, the mass airflow sensor and all plkugs. We need possible suggestions for what could be causing this issue. Think it may be the fuel pump, but how do we tell? And what else can we try before putting that much into it?

I have a 92 Acura Legend. I had a thermostat put on it because the heater was not blowing out. After I had it put on the car it started running hot, so I had it taken back out. The car no longer runs hot since I had the thermostat taken out. I would like to know what would make my car run hot with the thermostat?

I have been told the Acura Legend has two thermostats, would like to know if that is true.

When I go to start my car in the morning it starts then shuts off with in seconds. It takes pump the gas pedal to get it started, then i have to pump it to keep it from stalling out. Once i've pumped it enough it stays running and i dont have a promblem all day. It just occurs in the morning it seems.

The lamp on the left side of the instrument panel is out. How do I replace the lamp?