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truck had no power in passing gear and a shudder in the shifting so i changed the transmission now the shudder is gone and it shifts better but it still has no power,and I still have the valve body code.any ideas? thi...
How do i test a window motor without buying a new one first. The window sticks halfway dow then the motor spend like gears r missing but there r none missing and there is not any obstruction.
The door unlocks from remote and switches, opens about a foot then stops willnot close by switches
I am having both front lower control arms replaced on a 1998 Toyota Camry. How many labor hours should it take to do complete this repair
A 20 amp fuse under hood keeps blowing out, the symbol for the fuse location shows an enginer. I recall it being in the #6 location. It happens randomly on start-ups and most recently as it was being driven.
I'm wondering where I can find the Owner's Manual online. Because as stupid as it is not to, the simplest things like fuse box diagrams are not in the chilton's repair manual. Also, I cant seem to figure out where any...
ive tooken off the starter in parts but their another part thats a part of the starter how do i take it off
leaking water
I would like to know where the camshaft sensor is located on a 1998 Ford taurus with a 3.0 litre engine.
diagram to replace my oil pump
What should a brake job cost on this ehicle? We just had the front and rear brake pads done and the back rotors replaces and the front rotors resurfaced as well as new calipers installed - the repair shop charged us ...
My passenger window on my 2004 honda accord went down ok but when I went to close the window it went up very slow then stopped. I have 1inch of open space. Is there a way to manually roll up the window or do I just h...
After taking the steering wheel off to diagnose the problem I noticed when moving the shifter that the prndl indicator moves in sync but the bottom of the shaft where the cable attaches does not move until approx 45 d...
My Yukon has begun to run a bit rough and when I get the engine up to 2000 rpms it begins to make a loud noise and runs very rough. This only happens when the a/c is on.