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my 2000 ls rear wheel bearing is bad so im replacen it rite now and for sum reason the hub is not coming off to easy the axel is all the way backed out so its not that.can sum one give me a hand so i can get my car done its my only car. thank you

where is the bank 2 o2 sensor in my 2000 chevy express 1500?

I bought this car a few weeks ago, the high beams where out, now we have all the lights working but they're backwards, it runs my high beams as DRL & if I dim them the highs & lows come on, if I manually turn them off it says headlamps suggested,we haven't messed with any wiring, just replaced the dimmer switch & fuse block under the hood, what can be wrong? Thank you in advance for some tips...

My daughter ran her van out of oil, I went toget it off the road, had to put 5 quarts of oil in the motor, it cranked right up but after 3 minutes the oil light comes on and the engine starts knocking @@, what shouod i do ??

I will try to make this short. v6 4x4.
Can not figure out why this s10 is overheating. radiator is clear, cap seems fine, waterpump under 6 months old, fluid cycles, fan turns when engine is running, new thermostat, bypassed the heater core (lines are clear). I am not losing fluid that I can tell. Removed the thermostat and it still overheats, just takes longer. Any ideas? I am losing my mind.

what is the easiest way to remove the engine from the vehicle

How do you know when your fan clutch needs replacing?

Clutch pedal does not return to full up position. clutch master cylinder was low on fluid, topped off with DOT 3.still persists

Ok here what I have done so far. I have changed the fuel pump and fuel filter. Changed plug and wires. Fuel pressure regulator has also been changed. The only way I can get it actually run is spraying carb spray into the intake. I have checked for vacuum leaks but not that would keep it from running.

My C.E.L. is on and I need new brakes, tires, struts and maybe a mass air flow sensor or an 02 sensor. where is the best place to take the car for a good price and a good job?

What is the process to replace the stop light switch?

computer said bad egr valve. how much to fix?

My vent blower switches to to the defrost vents when accelerating. I'm guessing its the check valve. where is the HVAC check valve located, how difficult is it to replace and is there an alternative? Thanx Josh

What needs done to remove the heater core from my car. It needs replacement and need to expert way to get at it.

replace bolt in fly wheel