I've looked and it's not near where brake fluid is put in as some suggest. I need a more detailed explination.

my heater went out before it did it blew on high only then just stopped i replaced the blower resistor but have no idea why it still doesnt work


what sensors are part of the EGR system?

unlocked the car from the drivers side & the alarm went off.The car wont start up but the alarm sound has stopped but the alarm light still blinks as i do not have a remote to shut it off. How do i start up my car as i need it uregently?

can i put a 2007 cobalt 2.2 ecotech engine in my 2005 cobalt? the original engine blew up and I found this 2007 model i put it in the shop but the mechanics can't seem to make it work have everything changed over but apparently the old computer is throwing it out of time? can anybody help me? Or is there a converter of some sort for the computer and or wiring harness that will make the 07 engine work with the 05 equipment. Thanks Jason

Every time I take a highway trip that's over 1/2 hour, and then leave the highway, the transmission doesn't want to go from 1st gear into 2nd. The engine races in First gear for at least 5 to 10 seconds before it finally jumps into 2nd. The car has been doing this since 60,000 miles, and it now has over 100,000 miles on it. I'm running Mobil 1 Synthetic Automatic Transmission fluid in it, and it is less than 20,000 miles since the trans fluid and filter were changed, including the torque converter.

have a 2000 sebring with the 2.5l v6 engine car has 114k miles.how do i know if there if further engine damage(valves)also do i need to change the water pump as well just trying to get a handle on cost of this repair how much $$$

The DRL on my 95 LS400 stays on.

When the overnight temperature drops below about 32 degrees, we can't depress the button on the shift stalk to allow us to move from Park to Reverse.
When we step on the brake pedal, the rear lights do go on, which I think indicates that the switch on the brake pedal itself is working properly (?) and should allow the button to be depressed.
The only remedy thus far has been to start the engine and allow the car to warm up for about 10 minutes. Then the button can be depressed. BUT this is NOT very environmentally friendly. What is needed and how much is it likely to cost?

upon starting the vehicle in the morning it turns over good hits and cuts off immediately like it's starving for gas. After several attempts it cranks and runs fine. after sitting for a while it will do it again. It's like it is loosing its prime.
I've replaced egr valve , spark plugs, fuel filter, cleaned maf sensor. Also hear a slight sound in intake air filter. like pop corn popping

i noticed a decrease in power. i performed oil change replaced spark plugs and wires and still no improvement, any suggestions?

the trunk button on the inside of the trunk as well as the button on the inside of drivers panel wks,it just does not close the trunk completely.

act's like it doesn't have any fire

Actually the car is an 1987 but that was not an option that was given. Is there a mechanic that can rebuild a rear end in my 1987 Toyota Supra? Also I need a price for the job. I live in Pahrump. My cell number is 702-340-4012.