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The air conditioners R12 freeon keeps leaking ourt every few weeks. How to repair?

When driving, car decelerates at 40mph to practically 0 before picking up speed again

what web site can one go to and see specs on how to r and r a window motor and regulator on pasenger side door

My 1999 vw beetle started having what we thought were fuel problems. We replaced the fuel filter, relay and fuel pump. Now when I turn on the ignition, the pump kicks on but immediately shuts off.

No heat on passenger side.After 7 hr labour to diagnos problem local Toyota dealership replaced the heating coil. We now have issues with heat not shutting off. When set at 68 fan on LO it continues to heat up until we can't stand it and then when fan shut OFF it gets cold. Still no solution from Toyota. Can anyone help? Thanks!

I recently filled my trany up with water.I drained the trans. & transfer-case but, I didn't pay attintion to what type of lubricant came out of my transfer-case.

my car has approx 175k mi of which i put on about 10k in the year ive had it. it has run great no problems no leaks of any kind it has been an exceptional car all things considered. the other night i started out to a friends for a visit. as soon as i put it in gear and took off i had an abrupt jolt as if i had run into a block of wood. got out to inspect, nothing there, tried it again. this time car gradually picked up speed to normal within about 50 yards. after driving about a half mile and stopping to visit for an hour i started back home. this time no jolt but again gardual gaining of speed. the following day around noon i went out to test it, started and proceeded to take off with no problem at all. what is the possible problem? i havent driven it since.

My air condition keeps leeking R12 anti freeze every few weeks. How to repair?

tailgate is close but it still shows that the tailgate is open will not respond to the remote how to clear are does the sensor on tailgate needs to be replace

i have a 93 buick lasabre limited when car is at idle it starts to run rough but if i give it gas it is ok when it run rough the check engine light comes on any ideas?

We recently bought a 2001 town and country limited van. It has 80,000 miles and seems to have been taken care of well. I smelt oil and had the mechanic check it out and he replace a transmission selonid seal and also a oil gasket up by the intake manifold. A week later I am still smelling oil and see transmission oil on the ground. Not, sure about engine oil. Have any ideas \. Also the drivers side automatic door will close automatically but won't pull itself in tight to the van and the van lights come on that door is open. Is that an easy adjustment

I recently had my ac compressor and engine belt replaced. I was instructed to add more power steering fluid because it was low. I drove the vehicle for 350 miles without any problems. Before I began the trip I did fill the power steering fluid to the level indicated. On the return trip I notice the steering wheel was hard to turn and opened the hood and saw smoke coming from the driver side upper engine area. I discovered that a great of power steering fluid was at the bottom of the front of the engine but none of the power steering fluid was one the ground or the parking lot where I parked the car before the return trip. And some of the power steering fluid was still in the tank. The car still runs fine, no odd engine sounds, and does anyone know what could have happened?

I'm interested in purchasing a 2006 Element with 99k miles on it. During the the test drive- I noticed that there was a strange engine noise (almost like a whistle) when accelerating. The noise goes away immediately if you stop accelerating. Does anyone else have this issue?

Some of the heater control dash lights have stopped working. How are they replaced?

Hi guys I apreciate your help. this is happening from some time now, when i drive my car for more than 30 min constantly and the temperture gets to almost half.. the engine start shaking like it was going to shut off, it never shutoff just shake a lot.. that will shake the whole car. if i shutoff and restart the shaking is gone for a few min and then start again and the service engine soon light come in. it has been doing this for a few months now. when i accelerate the car shake even moree.. and when is on stop shakes a lot. what can cause this?? thanks a lot