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What is that short hose called behind the water pump? It's about 5-6 inches long.

What procedure should I follow to start a 1990 Volvo 240 that has been sitting, garaged, for three years? It has 37,000 miles on it.

Buddy just bought truck need to know how to adjust boost on the turbo

how much should i pay for a air mass flow meter on a 1998 Mercedes-Benz clk 320

gas gauge dont work and check engine light on and off also check oil 1 after another constantly nonstop

My primary fuel pump was just replaced, now my fuel gauge is stuck at 5/8ths tank. What happened and how is this fixed?

I have a 2000 infiniti g20, when you ease the gas it goes fine but when you get on it like taking an exit for example the car will start bogging really bad and lose power at like 5k rpms I put a new maf sensor on it worked fine for two days and now its doing it again I really need help with this one!

Where is the fuel pump relay located?

Was driving to work the battery light came on, it was raining...defroster's, headlights, windshield wipers and stereo all were on...get off work sunny outside battery light still on..nothing else was on inside car all of the sudden all these lights come on I lose power and the car dies. Husband buys a new battery, battery light is still on? We went approx. 50 miles and it died again on the freeway at night. We coasted off the freeway . We sat for approx. 15 min. opened the door all lights were working inside and out took battery out to recharge and it showed 95% drain. Alternator? If so why were the lights all coming on?

I Have a Hummer 06 2006, and its has some issues in shift when its hot, it takes too long to, and even with 6000 RPM it doesnt change to the next gear. In the morning it behaves good but when hot it begins. what should I Do or Change? Peterson

how do i disconnect the door chime?

98 oldmobile bravada will turn over but won't start when it is wet outside or lots of moisture in air why does it do this. getting annoying

I just had Kia change my cam seals and now I have leaks from the valve cover gasket. The dealership offer to fix this ( after they just did the prior repair ) for another 500 bucks. Are they not suppose to ensure that the gaskets are in good shape or are they suppose to replace them when they have to remove the covers?

transmisson shifts slow drags down when shifting

This was a very slow, one quart per year leak, which now is visible and leaks a quart per week. The leak is just above the water pump where the intake manifold meets the block. I understant this 4.3 liter, "W", engine is notorous for this leak. It has 125,000 miles and runs great. The engine has never overheated. No air conditioning, how much to repair?