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have a 1994 ford escort 1.4 cylinder manual trans....that was spuddering when i started it would give it some gas and it would start had to install a battery i put one that has 700 cranking amps. it ran for 2 days, when i went to work and and tried to start the car to leave it wouldnt start.. we replaced the fuel filter, had the coil checked, looked at the spark plugs and everything was fine but car still will not start.any answers or suggestions would be great as my car is parked at work.
thank you

replaced the master cylinder seems to lose fluid but cant find no leaks i bleed brakes but it still soft

i replaced the spark plugs boots and coil packs. the pcv valve crank and camshaft sensors. it turns over and tries to crank but wont.

What are the most important items to be addressed @ 108,000 miles. Engine lite is on because of air sensor..otherwise car is running excellent.

Wits wrong will it make it. How much to fix

my dashboard lights and parking lights do not work. what is the problem? i looked in the fuse box and there is nothing that indicates any of these lights. how much is this going to be to get fixed and how long does it take? please help!!!

My son parked the car & yanked the brake up. Now I can't get the Emergency brake button to go in & disengage the E brake. The car is a Auto. it is almost like the button is just stuck. Thanks

why is the engine ticking each time I start it?

while diagnosing aa 3500, 350 auto 4x4 i found coolant in oil, but when i fill radiator with water, it flows straight through and out oil pan drain... is this intake gasket (5 hours) or head gasket (13 hours)? the symptoms of blown head gasket seem to apply but i saw intake gasket probles common on the repair pal site??? or maybe it's both?

I wish I had paid attention when I took it out. I don't know which way the air flows. The medal side is flat with holes in it, the other side has the reaised cloth filter. When I place it in it's place it fit both ways. Please let me know asap

Has anyone experienced a titling to the right of the driver seat such that the top portion rubs against the side of the console as you move the driver seat backward or forward?

oil is leaking from the oil filter adapater. is hard to replace it .and how much

i replace the oil filter already one time . it look like it leaking from the oil filter adapater is, it hard to replace

1998 Ram 1500, just started blowing heavy white exhaust, heavy enough you can't see 2 - 3 blocks behind you due to it.

hello, i want to buy a 1996 bonneville but the owner told me its leaks gas only when he pumps not when he drives, i was wondering what this can be and how much it may cost to have it fixed? thnk you!