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After spending a lot of money at a Firestone shop (they replaced windshield wiper motor), I was told the module had to be replaced at a cost of over $800.00. is this reasonable? Can I get this module at a salvage ya...
at times, getting more frequent, when I start my vehicle it sounds like the starter sticks, now not sure if the starter is bad or if the engine is just having a hard time starting? 90,000 miles on engine(3400).. would...
The window wipers will not shut off on my 2003 denali, just high speed and normal speed, no intermittent speed... any ideals.
Just bought the car and the light has only come on once but there was no manual in the vehicle for me to see what it means. Is this serious?
My 1991 stoles on the road driving it,and wont restart,it happened twice.after bean towed to a garage and off the tow truck it started,it ran good for one day and did the same thing.Noboty can fiend the problem ?The c...
I have an 04 pt cruiser that will not idle.A buddy of mine found that when the valve is unplugged from computer I have the right voltage to open it but as soon as we plug it into the valve the power from the computer ...
You haft to drive about 75 miles some time more and somwe time less
my key is stuck in the inigitiion and i dont know how to take it out
We were quoted a price of $850-1000 to have our shocks replaced and alignment done to our 1998 Ford 4x4 Expedition. Does this sound correct or is this too much $$? Need a second opinion?
Whenever driving in a downhill descent the brakes feel like they are rumbling. As soon as the brake is released the rumbling goes away. I have had the brakes checked with Hyundai but they say nothing is wrong. All of ...
I need to know exactly where my resistor for my front blower is located. please
When weather is wet or damp my car misses and almost dies, the engine lite flashes. New plugs still does it. I thought I smelled a hot wire a couple of months ago.
my mechanic cleaned out the area controlling the idle speed and it went from 600 to 1000, is that ok
vehicle clicks and no crank 98 kia sportage
Acoording to them I have a valve magnetic valve leak but everywhere I search I have not found anything about a magnetic valve only thing I have found is an expansion valve. They say it is the reason that I leak free on