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i have a 1992 pontiac firebird with the 3.1 v6 i have already changed the throttle position sensor but the idle drops when the car reaches reg temprature. what else can i do
I am trying to install the belt mouldings and having trouble figuring out how to get them on.I can see plastic clips are what hold the moulding in place, but do I have to remove the window in order to remove those cli...
When does the timing belt need replacing. How many miles and does it only need to be replaced once? We have 254,000.
i have 195000 miles on my 2002 chevy 1500. it starting to slip in reverse. is there a cheap fix or do i need another trans?
I had a GPS device installed that blow my fuses. I was wondering if someone could suggest several type or even one GPS that I could install in my 2005 TSX 4 door?
I am a novice so I get the parts mixed up. Can you refer me to the photo in the repair manual for the bracket for the support pulley?
I had my oil changed and brake fruid changed. How do I reset it?
The SRS light stays on all the time, I need to get it smoged, this week. Is there someway, to disconect the light, so it will pass the visual test.
the airbag light just started flashing on my car, how can i turn it off or is there something wrong with the airbags??
what does the idler bracket or idler pulley look like in the replacement of this part?
how can i rebent and glue the vynal dash cover back down?
I just remove the spark plug wires from 1991 volvo 740 I need to know the firing order
After driving on the highway and air condition is on it overheats
Got my daughter an 04 3.9 mustang that has a engine miss on and off that starts at 1200 t0 1300 rpms, i have changed the plugs and wires and added Inj cleaner a month ago. Did the tune up today, with unit in park and ...
where's the crank sensor? easy to replace?