Where is the Coolant Temperature Sensor on the Lebaron. It appears to be a repair/replacement that I can do myself.

The car has an automatic transmission and the drive and 1st and 2nd grers work, any ideas on what the problem maybe.

the car was idling for about 5 min and then died. i went the next day and replaced the cap and rotor plugs and wires. still nothing. I checked fuel pressure to the rail, no pressure. i popped off the fuel line going into the fuel filter and it was dry. i believe it is the fuel pump but i dont want to tell the owner that and it not be it. i tried reseting the fuel cutoff switch too. with no help. Is there a way to test the pump or is there other things it could be?

My washer-squirter doesn't work. Fluid is full. Checked fuse-it's OK. Happened suddenly. Can't get fluid through. What can I do to fre it up?

I've been told by my dealer that I shouldn't attempt to replace the rear lift gate pistons ( stays ) on my own. He said it would take them 1 1/2 hrs. to remove & replace the pair & would cost $165. Each piston has 3 screws so I'm wondering what would be so involved as to take 1 1/2 hrs. Would anyone have any tips on how I should approach this job on my own in cae it's more difficult then it appears to be. Thanks much in advance.

The belt broke off a I don't have the belt diagram and it is not on the car's hood.

4x4 will not engage changed actuater, and tested switch on transfer case

when drivers door is open as soon as door is open
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Only see 2 bolts and they are tight. Are there more bolts I am missing to tighten cover? Recently had gasket changed, but out of warranty by a few months and may need cover tightened I am praying?

My truck has a bearing noise coming out of the engine. I
have ran the vehicle without the belt. The noise is stronger
on left side of the engine. (passenger side) With the belt removed, there is no difference in the noise. I am wondering
whether there is a recal. The vehicle has only 45000 miles

The light of the Airbag is flashing I checked it with the scanner they told i need to change the rotary casette what does this means?

how often recommended to change trans oil&filter

I pulled into my driveway yesterday and heard a huge clunk like I hit a piece of ice. There was nothing in the driveway. The next day I heard a rattle coming from the driver's side. My boyfriend looked underneath, turning the wheel as far as it would go, and found that the bar that streches the length of the car snapped and is now hanging loose. Is this a stablizer bar or a sway bar? How unsafe is it to drive until I can get it repaired on Thursday?

what is the engine immobilizer on the carr

My check engine light came on while driving home one night last week. Brought it to the dealer and they told methat the flex pipe and o2 sensor needed to be repaired. Just wondering what the cost of this repair should be?