replaced both headlights

I have a dodge stratus 2000 ES...everything was good but suddenly car doesn't odometer shows no bus ...I towed to dodge dealer and they gave me a report-(CRANK NO START, FOUND 20 AMP FUSE FOR PCM/ASD BLOWN.SHORT IN JUCTION BOX, PCM OR WIRING..,FOUND POWER DISTRIBUTION BLOCK FUSE#5 PCM POPS WHEN C2 CONNECTOR ATTACHED. ALSO FUSE 1 FOR ABS BLOWS. DEAD SHORT, POWER DISTRIBUTION CAN NOT REMOVE FOR INSPECTION. VEHICLE HAS A MAJOR ELECTRICAL SHORTAGE.) They told me it will cost around $1000 to fix it...but i can't afford for that much...what to do?? Is any way to get fixed in cheap??

my car begins a major vibration, accompanied by power loss, after 15 min driving at 65 mph. Pull off freeway and drive on surface streets, problem disappears. Tires/balancing ok, shocks replaced, tuneup done, brakes and rotors checked.

What else?

I have a 2005 F-350. I have a problem that when it was cold it was hard to start. Now it's hard to start at any time. You have to crank on it several times before it starts. Holding the key on gives a code of TBC is at fault. Is that the throttle body control and how much is it and is it a Ford only item. Is it easy to replace.

a light of a motor simbol apears on the dash board goes on and disapears after on minute.

replacing cylinder head gasket

How often shuld the brake fluid be flushed on a 2006 GMC Envoy Denali??

lights on panel after putting in new engine in

We rebuilt the 2.4,I have spark,turns over good.Will not fire up and run. I am lost as what the problem could be.

i just replaced the water pump, thermastat, and radiator and the car is still overheating. pleas help me! thank you

i have a problem with my lights going off riding down the road.i have to hold the high beam on till they decide to work

how do i go about correcting this problem?

My Cat. Eff. code P0420 has come on for over two years. My mechanic turns it off for me. The check engine light will go off by itself also. My question is that my gas mileage is the same as when it was new and it just passed emmissions. Should I worry about this problem?

help on replacing wheel studs on the rear

im going to be replacing the head gastket on my 2004 freestar does the motor haVA TO come out and what kind of time am i in for