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my car shuts off randomly while driving. Starts back up in 5min. Changed fuel filter, cat. converter. Car starts right up everyday. Does not miss and other wise runs great
Thanks for any advice

Will not pass emissions test because of these codes. Will cleaning the EGR ports fix the problem or at worst case replacing the EGR Valve fix it. Is this the only thing it could be?

I replaced an O2 sensor about 3 weeks ago in my 1999 GMC Yukon Denali, it was bank 1 sensor 2. Then today I got an error code saying that I had a cylinder 5 misfire. Any suggestions or previous experience with this problem? My scanner still shows that the O2 sensor has low voltage?? My main concern is the misfire. It spit and sputters when running and barely will move. My check engine light flashed repeatedly then stayed on too.

A/C blows, but not cold How much would it cost to repair

egr flow insufficent

Fan will not work at any speed. Swiwch has been replaced

engine hesitates when driving speeds below 30 miles per hour. The check engine light came on but it did not stay on. The vehicle feels like there is something holding it back.

car starts most of time. it starts slowly after turning key 4-5 times

I have a Nissan Murano 2004 with 107 thousand miles. Dealer told me engine and transmission mounts are gone.Is this a common issue with the Nissan.I thought foreign cars went forever.This is a major mechanical breakdown what is the cost to have something like this repaired? Im shocked didnt see this comming with a nissan.

I have a service code p0138 and Pdoae unstand it's a o2 sensor and need to find it's location

my horn goes off randomly through out the day. It goes off when Im driving and sometimes even when it is parked. The only way to stop it is to bang on the steering wheel. This morning it went off and I banged on the steering wheel and a piece came out from under the steering wheel cover. Its a flat piece of metal light gold and it had a king of D shape. Does any one know what this piece is and how to solve this problem? Thank you!

1998 dodge stratus 2.4 How many motor mounts and specifically where are they located Thanx

Next day......
1998 stratus motor mounts I have located 3 mounts 2 on the sides and one on the front of the motor The front one appears to be held in place by 2 long bolts accessed from underneath When viewing the mount from above there appears to be an assembly held in place by three bolts ,and is located below the rim of the housing of the mount and extending toward the engine Not sure if this is part of the mount or not Either way must it be removed in order to remove the mount Also if it is not part of the mount what is it for ?? Thanx for your help Gene

my engine light stays on and coolan guage stays on c

why does my truck read " reduced engine power "

high-beam lights go out when on bumpy road >