overheating and I am not losing water anywhere other than when it explodes.

We have replaced the waterpump, freezeplugs, thermostat(several times) electric fan motor, and put in a new radiator. All I have left to replace is the heater core. My boyfriend says there is something cicular that connects to the transmission cooling part and the water pump that needs to be replaced. Do you know what that is? and is this my problem?

My car shakes really bad the faster I drive

My 2001 S500 over heated, I replaced with coolant 50/50. Now it makes this sqeeky noise as it runs and loud sqeeky sound as I start it up. There no heat blowing when the engine has reached temp. just cool air. I do not see any leaks anywhere. What seems to be the problem? I am assuming my water pump and thermostat or just the waterpump. Any help would be appreciated.

my technician installed a timing belt on a tdi. the car came in running, so we lined everything up according to all data, then removed and replaced the belt. now it will not start. but if you use ether, it will start. we even tried advancing and retarding injector timing but no help

I have had my Jeep worked on twice for the same problem and it still occurs. After driving about 50 miles it loses power and eventually I have to pull over. If I wait a few minutes, I can drive again, but with reduced power. Who should I take it to that can really resolve this problem and not just say it is fixed and charge me for their time?

My battery has been replace with a new battery. The battery keeps going down. The car will run withy a boost..Once it is left over night tje car will not turn over/

What could be the cause.

P420 catalyst efficiency low bank # 1

Ihave replaced all bulbs,socket carrier assembly and blown fuse in trunk fuse panel.Has anybody had this problem or know how to remedy this problem?

should the water pump be changed after 100,000 miles

I have to put about two courts of oil in a week. What do you think is wrong?

Car is stating I need this.

what is the best transmission fluid to use to flush ?name of the transmission filter to use .

everytime i start the car, it beeps for a minute or two then stops. No lights come on or anything. what can be the cause of this?

What could this mean? Dont wanna get screwed