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The front of the seat will go up and down, but the rear of the seat is stuck in the up position. I hear a thump when trying to get the seat to go down, but no movement. The seat operates fine otherwise... it goes forward and backward, front up and down but rear will not move.

We keep replacing the battery but none of them have held a charge. The auto shop says there's nothing wrong but we have to charge the battery if we want to use it. Sometimes we can be somewhere and the van has ran good up to that point but if we turn it off, it won't start again. I am not sure if it is 5.7L V8, or 5.0L V8.

I was driving along, when I came down hard on a hump. At first there were no signs of a problem. Then as I approached my house, I heard a funny noise. All of a sudden the car started to slow down, and then it came to a stop. It would not start back up. It is still not working, and my Brother-n-Law said that it was only about a quart low in oil. But I had just had my oil changed a couple of weeks before. Do you think some damage was done?

I checked all fuses. Getting power to relay.

just bought a 1999 navigator. it wont go into park and has to be started in neutral. i was told it was shift tube. anyone know how to repair or replace it.

A mystery just began with my vehicle. When I start it, it revs high at 1-2 then stays high while I'm driving making it dangerous because it is difficult to slow to stop.

Motor takes forever to start. I think it is the fuel pump. Could it be anything else?

When i try to roll down my windows the radio turns off an then when i let go of the button the radio turns back on, but mean while my windows don't roll down

When I turn on my vehicle, the engine revs up high and continues while driving, and this also makes it harder to stop the vehicle.

I failed to mention i recieved a code 42 sorry. also it's a automatic. stalls intermittent, starts back up fine, changed dist cap rotor and timing mod check plug wires, oil, coolant. 137,000 great miles till now. code gave 3 different possabilities but am not an expert. any help?thanks in advance

Bad noise when steering and noise with bouncing

We are considering purchasing a used Yukon hybrid but I know nothing about the maintenance schedule. Is there an online resource where I can see the sched? The veh in consideration has 33K miles

Van has 46000 miles. Brought the van in for some warranty work and they recommended a tune-up, then the mechanic broke off spark plug in cylinder head. Now he wants to charge $291 to fix it. Anyone know how often a tune-up and spark plu replacement is recommended by the manufacturer? Thanks in advance.

Car misses with slight jerk..lose power going up hills ..have to pull over and wait til I hear the power return and its doing it on level land..replaced fuel filter & put in heet change

the 6 disk cd player in my car says there is a mechanical failure. no error codes are reporting. Also, the drivers side mirror does not function. Ideas?