the engine starts fine after less than a minute it dies it will start right back up but keeps cutting off.

The highbeam indicator light (blue) on the dash has quit working, how do I get to it?

My 2008 F-350 has a inline filter,I tihnk it is anyways.Its under the transmission area and is leaking a little.Could someone tell me what that is and where I can get a new one? Thank you Jeff,

it gets hot just seating their not doing anythink

My gas mileage on my f-350 super0duty is poor. I purchased the truck after it had sat for a year.Could the throutle body need to be replaced znd would the throutle body affert gas mileage drasticlly?

Does anyone have a copy of the driver door locking mechanism on a 1992 isuzu rodeo? Thanks, Steve

When I start my car I have a high pitch squeal coming from the belt area in the front of my car. I just changed the Alternator cause I thought it was that...Still sqeals. I checked the serpentine belt and its still in 90% great condition. I have narrowed it down to either the belt tentioner or the A/C unit. Anyone have a way I could tell if it was one or the other?? The squeal is so loud i cant tell which one it is coming from.

i have a problems with my brakes locking up on me this is the second time does anyone have this problems also?

My car was running great the other day, then I was running low fuel, so I got some gas (93 octane as always). After leaving the gas station, I immediately noticed hesitation while accelerating. I drove for about a 1/2 mile, parked and turned the car off. Restarted, car still hesitated when driving. Drove for about 1 mile then the car started acting really bad. Finally, it gave up. As I pressed the gas more, it lost speed. I pulled over to the side of the road, and it just quit. For the next hour I was able to crank it, and it would run for about a second, then cut off. If I put the car in neutral (lower RPMs) it ran for about 2-3 seconds. Today, the car won't start, but was able to crank. I believe I have water in my gas, but I'm not totally sure.

sometimes when I first start my truck It has a knocking sound for minute or two. I think I have a lifter that goes flat for a minute. what can I do to fix this problem

my car smokes white and smells like fuel and when i accelarate it goes slow till i hit 35mph and then it gets good speed

P0410 air injection system malfunction
where are the pump and check valves located on motor
i think 1 of the check valves is right on front of engine
exhaust plumbing looks easy to change it but the other i cant see, probably on back side
idont know where the pump might be but somebody says they get water in them sometimes maybe

Windows all or some stop working,power mirrors stop, some time only one,power seats stop. OK when I disconnect battery everything will be perfect for a few days or week. then problem starts again. I checked all grounds. I think the problem is the part under passenger side floor carpet thair is a electronic part under plate looks like a control Modual. I dont know whar it is called.?

Where do you add transmission fluid to a 1999 Ford contour

i was just wondering how serious is it to replace a fuel cap and the check engine light is on after the steering wheel was replace for the air bag how serious is that