i have to use screwdriver 'unlock shift'

everything comes on when I turn key but car will not start. happened twice since saturday, this time car did not start, both times the message box said something about see manual about the immobilizer. If the keys have to be recoded to the car is this something that is covered under some warranty of the vehicle.

The fluid in the radiator overflow tank had a slight yellow cast. I placed my finger into the tank after it had cooled and it had a very slightly oily feel to it. I recall some of the MB V-8s had a sludge problem. Is this an early indicator of that problem?

I don't have a OM Manual on order but have not received.Two lights have just come on today but don't know what they mean??What does check engine light and temperature light or oil light look like??

Don't want to pay a locksmith $185 to rekey ignition. Broke only key in half!Replacement?

how do u change a rear brake senor do u need a special tool or what thank u please help

My wifes Grand Marquis GS w(precision Track) has been getting a lower and lower Dist to empty on fillup. The gauges are all digital, wondering if a tune up would solve this / cleaning MAF etc. I disconnected the battery for a whole hour to clear the KAM. Still no changes reads 245 dist to empty every time. I'm aware of the three gallon fuel light warning. Just wondering what it could be ?

I was getting 800 KM. per tank before oil change now getting 600Km.

i replace the rear brake pads and sensor,and the brake light and massage on display stays on

Car is in time - the timing belt is good - when you try to crank it - Sounds like the timing belt is broke - as if
there is no compresion?

when goes bad

6c, 3.5 l, 4matic?
i will replace it my self, the dealer wants to charge $ 400.00, when i can get the part for only $ 50.00

I can be driving maybe 3or 4 times a day my battery light comes on and my car cuts off i have to turn the switch and cut the switch offand then start the car up and pray the battery light doesnt come back on can you help me please

I have 5.9 360 gas engine i just rebuilt it run good for about 10000 miles now every so often its starts missing and when i gas it it cuts out and back fires. It will do this for a few miles then run fine acts like its flooding

When engine is cold the digital readout for odometer has line through it that goes away once the engine warms up. What causes this. I doesn't always happen.