light on poor gas miles

why is my car not getting fire to tha coolpac and my fuel pack not click on

My daughter call me cause her 2002 beetle died. She noticed it losing power then it just died at a stop sigh. When I got it home I noticed the oil plug was GONE and battery dead. Charged battery, filled oil and checked ALL fuses but it will not even TRY to turn over and the epc light is on. Can any one help please????

My caddy won't accelerate when turning either way like its having a hard time to move. It will go but struggles when trying to go....

I think I got some bad fuel, and then the next day it was extremly cold and driving down the road it just shut off.
I have replaced the fuel filter, added good fuel with additive,and checked the pump, but it still seems to be geting no fuel and has no compression.

Where do I find the computer box in thr Grand Vitara

Got a P0141 OBDII code, which the hmaservice.com site says is a "rear oxygen sensor heater circuit malfunction". Where exactly is this sensor located? If it's reasonably accessible, I'll replace it this afternoon, otherwise I'll have to camp out on the dealer's doorstep tomorrow morning.

driverseat is not functioning

how much will it cost to install a front bumper and left light for a honda accord 2000 after an accident?

Will non OE power steering fluid cause the O-rings to leak fluid?

MY wife was driving vehicle yesterday and the ABS light came on and a block further she said teh car just stopped and would not move, then all intsrument panel lights came on, she turned car off and now it will not turn back on. I was able to stick a scewdriver in shifter area to release shifter so it would roll.

had tune up & automatic transmission service 2 months ago on my 2001 stratus R/Tcoupe,driving fine, going uphill yesturday rpms went up &car stopped moving, acts like not in or going into any gear, cant feel anything when i shift into drive or reverse.could it be anything other than my transission suddenly going out?

i have the alternator disconnected and loose but cant get out of the engine compartment, there is no roon to get it out the top or bottom. which way is it supposed to go?

no power to pump relay and fuse good

replace cam and crackshaft sensor