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Car starts and runs fine at first but can only get up to about 40 mph. After a few miles speed will increase to your need.

my son has a 1999 tahoe. while driving the speeometer and tachometer will both quite working when this happens he says the engine gets real sluggish. they will both start to work again sometimes after he shuts vehicle off and sometimes while driving any ideas

Car is running OK most of time. A couple of times it was missing, but not after restarting.

I get code# PO173, I put injector Cleaner in , but nothing? Could this be "something" else than injectors? ( they cost $288,00 "EACH") I hope someone will help?

the d4 light is flashing on the dash

idles rough and jumps or bucks during excelleration

I have a 99 toyota cambry with 189,000 miles. just recently when it rains a lot i have trouble starting it. After it hasn't rained for a while it starts. one place told me it could be the ignition coil, another the fuel pump. i lean toward the ignition coil. I think something has a crack in it and moisture is getting in.

Just had timing belt replaced and was also charged for a serpentine belt. Are there two belts?

both bnks are running poorly.I need them replaced.I would like to know where they are at in the engine.

The passenger floor of the car gets soaked when it rains. A mechanic has said that the dash needs to be removed to find the exact location and to repair the leak. He has quoted me 'around' $900. That seems very high to me. Any help would be appreciated.

when drving there is a high irritating sound coming from the wheel i've already replaced brakes pads,disc,cv joints

when drving there is a high irritating sound coming from the wheel i've already replaced brakes pads,disc,cv joints

Hi, I was wondering that corolla 11 has a timing belt / chain? ALso every how many miles we need to change it? THxs

2 weeks ago my gear shift stop working and wouldn't shift out of park. The towing company disingage my gear shift to it and the air suspension lower the car body now it can get the air suspension to re-inflate.

Have a bit of a rough idle.....plugs are new......wires are new......fuel system has been cleaned.......throttle body has not been cleaned......distributor? rotor? has only 100K on it and well cared for