i went to mechanic be cause egr had burst i replaced it i then had a tune up the same day he drove the car and it burst after he tested the car


I took the car in for a recall (summer 2010). They did they did a moonroof recall also. We had not had any problem with the moonroof. After the moonroof recall it begin to open up any time it wanted to. Happens about once a month now and the switch remains on closed but it is open. Can't trust it anymore could open up in the rain or a thief could get in and steal valuables we may have. I talked to the dealership but they said I had to have it diagnosed and would cost me at least $100. They will refund me the money if it is their fault. What should I be prepared to say if they say it is not their fault.

check engine light on constantly - Code displays "no connection", when put on machines. Any ideas of what the problem could be.Lexus in my town kept car for a week and could not diagnose the problem.

I overfilled my transmission fluid. How do I drain some off without removing the entire pan? Is there a drain plug? I got under and looked but didn't see one.

My 2001 ls is miss firing on 1 2 4 cylinders and it is running lean

my dashboard lights went out, all fuses was checked, no blown fuses

My VSC light was blinking and the check engine light were on this a.m. when I started my vehicle. 1st time this has happened. Any solutions?

i replaced the water pump and put it all back together and now my car won't start. The motor won't turn, what could it be?

We have no control over blower. Blows constently and at high speed.

I was told my cat cost is $450 my labor $94 & my diagnostic charges $203. Can this be fair?

I am replacing a headgasket, passenger side, on a 91 gmc jimmy. Do I need to remove the intake manifold? Also, where are all of the cylinder head bolts located on that vehicle?

the price i received is alot higher. price for the spark plugs and labor is 538.28 and 2 spark plugs have to be removed from the engine head. they are broke off in the head and it would be an extra charge of 88.81 to due this work. is this to expensive for this work?

I have taken the car to the shop 2 times and they cant find the oil leak...Help

i have a 1994 gmc vandura 3500 with a 5.7 engine i want to know what kind of trans mission it carries .