1990 535 i bmw - the fan makes squeaking noises. How do I replace it?

How DO YOU replace the drivers seat arm rest for a 1990 535i


how to determon if the coil packs is bad? I tried 5 different coil packs and it still misfire P0305 and P0307

need to know trans gasket filter change

I have a 2000 mirage it has the 1.5 liter engine am i able to put a 1.8 liter in it without a lot of difficulty.will everything bolt up.Or any other bigger engine? i want more power.

Follow-up: Defrost fan not radiator fan running after engine is off. Had to disconnect battery to get fan to stop. What's up?

its loosing power, and has bad ideling. diagnostic code,p0302

i live in york pa and the temps have bin real low here and i dont know if thats the problem or not. but i had a slight leak with my radiator so i put some cloging stuff in it and for the past couple days my engine stays cold when i run it. if i let it sit and idle the temp gadge starts to go up but then when i go it cools down. i dont know if its just from the cold or from something else. my heat doesnt work so i put it on vent and the truck used to heat up in the cab real quick. now its mostly my body heat warming it up because the motors not makin any. also the radiator and the hoses coming off of it get hot and the engine doesnt. i dont under stand whats wrong with it

all my lights work but my tail lights and dash lightswill not work why yes that i have looked that ever thaing i know of fuse and all they just want come on why is that

What causes problem?

When stopped at a light car starts to jerk like it wants to go, also when your traveling and you slow up it sometimes jerks. I have replaced the plus and wiring, a while back I replaced both the fuel and gas filter.

trouble getting inside door panel off, door handle area will not pop off.

1995 subaru legacy L wagon with over 200k miles on it.
I needed to replace oil pump for quit some time because it was leaking but i just will add oil and run the car more,.
But recently one morning i barely could start and as i tried to push pedal for more gas it started chocking instead of accelerating. Like would be running on empty gas tank. I tried that later in the day it started normally but when it warmed up i released the clutch car had trouble keeping enough RPM's to get car running. On second gear car even had more trouble running and shifting up become impossible chocking, jerking and died couple of times on me while i was riding. It actually never happened before for this car. Fuel system, wiring, and oil pump what could really cause that to happen?

Where is the throttle position sensor located on a 1998 Toyota Camry

The Ford Edge has a "pop-up" wind deflector that goes up when you open the sunroof. The purpose of this is to prevent excessive wind from blowing in the car. The problem is that this creates too much wind noise for my taste.
I want to get a sunroof wind deflector like I've used on other cars. The problem is that the "pop-up wind deflector" and the Edge's roof mounted antenna are in the way.
If someone would custom create a sunroof wind deflector for this vehicle it would be great!