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i would like to know how to take the little nailes off the drum so i can get the brakes off with out damiging the nails

Daylight running lights stayed on when car was turned off and it drained the battery. Need to take out steering column to find faulty switch?

when i make left turns

How much would it cost to replace the fuel pump in my 2002 Ford Winstar?

I checked with auto zone and they put the meter on and it indicated a code 411. I then took the car to the Chevy dealer and the tech said that it was an emission problem and that I would have no problem driving it to the airport. He said it would only affect my gas mileage but to make an appointment when I returned. I understand that if the light is flashing, it is more serious.

Want to change my own oil vs having to pay a big fee to M-B dealer. I have the synthetic oil on habd and a filter to fit. I need to know where the oil drain plug is loctaed so I can drain the oil.

today, the speedometer & tach quit, the amp gauge quit, the service engine soon light is on,& the abs light is on, also when you put it in gear takes off real slow

We replaced the front brake callipers and bled the system. After we bled the system the pistons on both calipers stayed extended and would not retract. After we take the calipers off we can manually compress the front right calipers pistsons but not the front left. If we open the bleeder valve on the front left we can compress the pistons.

I cannot slide my drivers seat forwards or backwards. It's not electrical, just a lever. It can recline, etc., but not slide back or forward which is a problem since I'm 5'2"

I would like it if i didn't always have to unlock my rear door from only the remote. is there a way to unlock it without the remote?

How much should L joint replacements cost with labor.Also the mechanic advised me that being I am getting this job done he should replace the belt tensioner being the car has 100k and he has to remove it for access to the L joints?

How much would it cost to get my transmission repaired or replaced? Also how much would it cost to get my driver's seat heater also repaired or replaced?

This afternoon when I started my 2006 RL I received a "check starting system" error. The next time I stopped the vehicle and restarted, the autmoatic crank feature was no longer operative and I again received the "check starting system" error. I would appreciate comments on how to correct this problem.

Acts like no fuel on cold start.
please help

My wife recently advised me the ABS and Brake light have been on her display each time she starts the vehicle and remains on. The P-brake is off, seems to be braking fine, really not sure if ABS is working or not. Brake fluid if fine, brakes are fairly new. I heard it may be either the P-brake release switch, or the ABS brake sensor. Not sure where to begin troubleshooting. any help would be greatly appreciated.