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During a recent rainstorm-after making a "flopping" like noise, the passenger side windshield wiper quit working. Major or minor job to repair? thanks.
p0171 02 sen sors lean and how many 02 on this 3.0 or 4.0 liter engine
I have two recurring DTCs (P0122 and P01635); they are pending and hard. I checked the wiring to the throttle position sensor and the PCM with a voltmeter. They checked good. I replaced the TPS (and the IAC becau...
where is the oil prescure switch on a 1990 2.3
my engin started tapping about a month ago,in the top end. i tried seafoam, but still no change then about a week ago the engin started to loose power, and code1193 came i changed the air intake sensor still run...
I just bought the car from a dealer, and I didnt saw that the head lights doenst work, I try replacing the fuse and also the bulb but it doesnt work anyway.
no trouble codes and the engine runs fine(besides having coolant in the oil) Rattling noise goes away when oil pressure builds up.
car starts and runs for about 2 minutes then dies, will not start again untill it cools off
what could be the cause of gas getting into the oil? Had the oil changed 1 week ago and it's showing about a quart over full now, unmistakably gas in there. What could it be? TIA.
how do you get your speedometer to work? right now its not working at all..
abs module rebulding is this the best way to go? what are the costs to this?
I have an Acura TL 2005. I can unlock the doors and the trunk using either the remote or manually pressing the unlock button inside the car. However, I can't lock the doors and the trunk with either the remote or ma...
fuel senor gauge not woking
My V70 drives rough but the idel is ok, the check engine light is not on. It doesn't overheat. When in PARK I press the gas pedal it makes a rough (grrrrrrr)sound. When driving it makes the rough (grrrrrr) sound and d...
When the air is turned on it makes a loud squeeling sound after about 2 minutes. What is this