Problem: Rear of interior does not have good air flow. On the passenger side, no heat/ac distribution for the back seat. Cold air flows along the right end of the seat, but no heat. The driver's side gets a good flow of heat from under the driver's side. Same problem in the summer only worse, the only way to provide cold air to the rear passengers is to turn up the fan full blast and point the front air ducts to the back.

A compression test was done and no leaks were found through the doors.

We do enable the interior air flow button, which has to be done manually.

Heater has occasionally smelled like exhaust coming through the heater. Now the heater will not shut off.

Two things have occurred simultaneously; the driver's seat gets hot after driving only 10 minutes or so and when I go to put on the brakes the engine acceleration greatly increases. It is very scary.

The last smog in 2009 it failed, and I need to know what I should fix to get it to pass this year.

It only failed at the 15mph, NO (PPM) MEAS at 1242, and the MAX is 778.

What needs to be fixed, and can I do it myself?

My mom has a 98 Buick LeSabre and in Oct '10 the head gasket went out so my mechanic replaced it. When we got it back, it ran fine for a short time and then it would stall while driving on occasion. Now it is almost undrivable, yesterday it stalled on my mom at least 60 times within an hour span, the check engine light is on and there is now a bolt light lit up on the dash. My mechanic has been looking at it but can't seem to come to a conclusion on what is happening and of course, does not have a scanner. He did replace some vacuum hoses that were bad but it didn't make a difference. Anybody have any thoughts on this? Sick of paying more money to have it looked at and starting to feel like he is taking advantage of 2 females.

My brake lights will not go out even when the car is turned off

wont start!! jumped the post and battery is good. Running board lights work and no juice anywhere else except two little red lights on dash that are comming on when you open the drivers door. Also there is a humming noise comming from the dash as well. checked grounds and seem ok Any help?

could this be the temperature control switch

I replaced a new battery in my c240 mercedes and signal lights, fuel
tank will not open , backtrunk release etc all not working.

Can someone give me the answer to this problem.

Engine runs rough at start up, check engine light comes on, sometimes flashing. Dealer findings are misfire or dirty fuel injectors. Just had spark plugs, wire and coil packs replaced in July '10. Problem still occurring about every 3 months.

if i read 12volts between the negative cable and negative post does that mean i have a short in the system i was told it should be about 6volts

My father and me just replaced the head gasket on my 1998 dodge stratus. We figured out the timing and we now have the car put back together. But the car will only crank up if u put your foot on the gas a couple of times. I believe we messed up somewhere with replacing the crankshaft and all of its little components. replaced the intake gasket, exhaust gasket and head gasket. we just replace the trottle body sensor yesterday. but the car still wont crank on its own first we thought it might have been the timing but we have checked it many times and all the marks are lined up perfectly. Any advice would really help!

2009 Acadia. 16000 miles. Cranks strong but will not fire. Has run and started perfectly. Came home and gas light came on as coming down the street, but there should have been enough gas at that point that it would not register as out of gas. Added gas from gas can but still will not fire. Driveway inclines probably 15 percent so is parked "uphill"

The hatch pull latch seems corroded and will not allow me to open it.Is ther any tricks to free it without taking the inner door panel off?

The driver's side auto heating function does not blow hot air. The passenger side works fine. The Air Conditioning works fine on both sides of the car when using the automatic setting.