only half of the instrument lights work and the heater control lights and the shifter lights do not work also no dome light or map lights on the rearview . we bought this used and i checked all of the fuses none blown .

2000 lincoln ls heater stop working blows cold air

in need picture of thermostat water pump location

I need some help. I have a 1996 Chevy 1500 Suburban. My right side break caliper locks up on me. I have already changed the caliper, rotor, master cylinder and abs sensor behind the rotor. It worked for about 2 weeks and it started locking up on me again. The plastic abs sensor behind the rotor gets melted, due to the heat from caliper locking up. Does anyone have any suggestions? Could it be the ABS unit/module. Please help me.

My '03 Escape recently failed emissions. The Inspection Report indicates a Communication Status failure. The Connector Status passed, the Connector Voltage is 13. I went to Auto Zone and had them connect a scan tool which said "No Codes". I checked fuse boxes in both passenger and engine compartment - all are good. Any thoughts on what might be the problem?

how much will a tune upcost me?

when i turn my car on it start but then it turns off fast and it smells like gas

I have noticed that I have noticed that my Trooper is using a lot of oil. I have had the Trooper for approx. 4 months and had the oil pan bust off while I was driving on the highway. After that repair, I still feel like it is using alot of oil.

Also, through the blizzard that I went through within the last 2 weeks, I have not been able to get the 4 wheel drive to engage.

I would like to know the possible problems regarding the engine oil and an estimate on how much to fix the 4 wheel drive issue.

As the new owner i'm not aquainted with what's going on with
this particular vehicle yet. So, wanting to avoid breaking the timing belt. I should take what steps to check it?
I should prolly just have it replaced? That way I know huh?
Can I get an upgrade? Would like to start upgrading everything I replace. What's the hot ticket for upgraded/racing parts? Who's who? Maybe that's a bad idea.Looking for direction.

my rear hatch is stuck lock and cant close door all the way. cant find the release button anywhere any advise

I was driving 60 mph down the highway when the steering wheel locked, I jumped the guard rail & steering wheel began to shake, I attempted to turn the wheel to the right. Both tires blew out & the car is TOTALED. There is NO outside damage, but the steering wheel totally froze & almost got me killed. I have heard the Pontiac Grand Am has had similar problems - IS THIS A DEFECT IN THIS CAR?
Need to know.

My odometer turns over very slowly not reflecting actual miles traveled.

I recently replaced the front disc brake calipers and pads because one of the pistons got stuck. However, I have bled the system about 5 or six times and cannot get any pressure. The ABS motor has also started running all the time. Thought it might be the master cylinder?

I need to change the accelerator cable but cannot figure out hoe to detach it form the firewall. please help?

Wiring appears to have overheated, insulation melted/deteriorated, Black/Orange wire from motor not connected to anything (end stripped and bare, appears to have been connected at one time). (1) What does this wire connect to? and (2) What is probable cause of wire overheating.