how to change the lifters in my 2000 mirage 1.5 liter. how complicated is it.

the drive pulley on my water pump is froze up and i dont know how to get it off to replace it there is no bolt in the pulley only a threaded hole

is my elantra have a interference engine

Check engine light came on last week. Took to put on diagnostic machine and was told it was the air metering system. What is this and estimate of cost to repair

The temperature gauge in my car is at 195 degrees or more when I turn on the key and it keeps rising as I drive yet my car does not overheat. I have been told that it is the sensor. Is this possible?This problem just started in the last few days.

Is it normal to have the upper and lower ball joints replaced
at the same time? This shop did the upper lower and center link. which did not fix the original problem. I also asked for the old parts and never did receive them.

Brake and abs sensor light has been on for a month now the code poping up is for the front left abs sensor. I have replaced this and still have both on. I have cleared the code a few times nowStill the same code pops up for the front left abs sensor. . Anyone know anything else to try?

check engine light is on

Which side of the car is the thermostat located?

Does this car have an interference engine?

heater core is leaking

temperture guage remains on cold. When blower is on I smell fuel or exhauust when vehicle is not moving

how to put tranfer case on tran

My check engine light is on. I had it tested and it says that the throttle position sensor and oxygen sensor are at fault. At first the coolant temperature sensor was on but it was "fixed". What could be the underlying problem? Different sensors keep popping up. Also are there any good mechanics in Gwinnett County? I keep finding folks who claim to have fixed the problem and then something else pops up.

not very often