how much does it cost to replace the front brake pads on the matrix?

How much should it cost to repair motor mounts?
I was quoted $400.00 at Dodge Car dealer place

The Acura has 75,000 miles and will be 10 years old in May 2011. The book says the timing belt should be replaced at 110,000 miles or 10 years.

replaced with a remanufacturer emc computer it only work for 2 weeks.

The center console coffee cup holder cover will not click/snap/lock into closed position. It slides open and closed but will not lock shut into the closed just keeps sliding back down to open position. it seems like it is just a bit out of alignment or maybe if there is a latch, it is off? did lock closed previously..just not now. How much to repair? I have received ball-park figures from dealers ranging from $20-$1000.00 dollars or more. Does that seem 'RIGHT' to anyone?

How do I remove the steering wheel? I need to check why it is loose.

The four wheel drive mechanism will not engage in hi or low

Air Bag light keeps blinking. Dealer said he didn't know why but thought it would still work.

How do you disable the stupid seat warmer on the drivers side? It will not turn off, it says it is off but believe me it is on and it is on high!

my trucks squeeks alot when i drive over any speed dumps or rough drives smooth on the road

Is their a cabin air filter on my vehicle ?

My car has 114,000 miles and runs great. Should I just wait for the power steering pump to go out and do everything at once?

Check engine light Code P2404 indicating a problem with the liquid purge box kit was cleared 3 years ago and stayed cleared. We recently had a huge amount of work done (valves etc) and now the code won't stay cleared. Do we need to replace the liquid purge box kit? The van has 106K on it.

Neither my turn signals nor my hazard warning lights work. I checked the fuse to confirm it was OK. What is the most likely cause and what is the estimated cost of repair?

steering shakes while driving at 60speed