cant get the starter out from location, somethings in the way.

A girl friend has spilled coffee in the shift lever area and now it will not shift out of 2nd gear. I am a Jaguar tech but not much experience with Mercedes Benz. She said a repair shop said the "valve gear" is bad, part# 140270060688. Any help?

my 2004 Pacifica turns over but won't start. had the usual bad ground problem where it doesn't register being in park. now it just dead cranks, seems like it's not getting gas or spark. have tried the keyless entry to deactivate the theft system but still no luck. cleaned all the grounds, no luck. Is it the ecu or the pcm? Please help my wife is ready to shoot me!!

Car parked in Garage found dead in the morning,Jumped it starts,Accelerator spongy never engages shows no pressure.
Idles quietly until change to each gear, Idle becomes rough car acts like it wants shut off. Same thing each time. How it runs is beyond me. Lights work,radio works,air and Heat
work hoses no cracks,full tank, liquids full. Noticed little water from one of tail pipes when I let it sit and
run. Car has about 60,000 miles,never cutoff, looks brand new , nobody but wife drives but it is a 1997. She drove it
just before we found it dead in the garage which was the next day. Accelerator pedal never change no pressure

i want to know NOW how to remove rear seat to access fuel pump

I have a truck that has a factory installed beacon light and I need the wiring diagram. Can you tell me where to get



I have replaiced my coil pack on my 1996 grand am 4 times in the past year. I changed it two weeks ago and already I my car is running bad. If I am going up a hill and need to downshift to gain RPM's my car jerks, and hesitates.It feels like it is holding back, and even if I pull out in 1st gear I have no power. When I replace the coil pack it runs good, for a few weeks, then it slowly goes down to 2 cylinders. It smells like gasoline in my car, and when I am going around 40-50 miles per hour, my engine actually shakes. It feels like the car is actually holding back when I am driving, but every once in a while it will act normal for 5 seconds then hold back again almost if there is a clog or something some where. I have no clue what it is doing but it is really frustrating. I have 247000 miles on my car and have replaced the Cat, so I don't think it's clogged. I also am getting a diagnostics code and a my check engine light is on for my map sensor. I don't know if that has anything to do with it either. Please help!!!

The fan for my heat/AC only works sometimes. Any suggestions on the problem?

If the weather is warm the car overheats after 30-50 miles at highways speed. Has been checked over by Nissan Hybrid certified shop twice. Found nothing wrong. Reported that it is not throwing any codes.

I just had a new transmission put in my 2003 Mazda Protege. After picking it up from the mechanics on the way home, the AT light started flashing. What is it and why is it flashing?

The window switch console works intermittently. Consequently, I can use the switch to lower the windows from the cluster switch located on the auto trans shifter panel. Can this cluster switch be serviced? Are there points in the cluster that can be cleaned/serviced? I can purchase a new instrument cluster for approx. $600.00 or replace with a used one for $100.00. Please advise. Thanx.

the display shows service due soon and code D3

It happened today 2/17/11, Actually I was on my way home and I was flicking the high beam lights back and forth too much.

Engine looses power at any speed. Generally happens at a cruise but has happend durning acceleration. If you hold the accelerator at the same position the vehical will slow to almost a stop. engine RPM will almost be at idile. To recover simply release the accelerator re-apply power. The problem may reappear in a few seconds to months. It seems to be aggravated by heavy tow loads. Also the instant this power loss happens the glow plug indicater lamp comes on for just a second. all other guages and indicators are normal.