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Replace rear bearing hub assembly

What type of bulb for right turn signal ?

I have a 2007 Toyota Camry with 39967 miles on it. I am ready to bring it in to the dealer for the 40k service. However, I just found out from the previous owner that the car did not receive its 30k service. Thus, should I tell the dealer to perform the 30k service instead of the 40k?

The gas cap symbol has been on since I purchased my used Mazda a year ago. Now the gas cap light and engine light both came on. I had the computer re-set and the gas cap symbol stayed off but the engine light came back on.

how to seat timming beat for toyota avalon 98 3.0 v6

son's car a hand-me-down, running fine until one day. Possible locked up emergency brake, any know quirks or fixes?

van cuts off @ stops or just reducing speed & has EGR valve code set...can EGR code be cleared out

my fuel and temp gauge dont work how can i fix it please

after new brakes were installed. car makes a noise and pedal acts like antilock brakes are on when turning to the right?

My truck is real loud, sounds like a diesle. I have asked a few people about this and was told it is the cam phasers. Can you tell me where they are located and what is involved with changing them.

The sliding doors wont work at the door button but will work with key and overhead buttons.

it started about 2 week ago ticking sound

My mom took her car in for inspection and the tech said she needed new battery cables as her were corroded. The part #'s are: 7E5Z-14300-AA and 8E5Z-14300-AA. No new battery just cables.

My check charging system warning keeps beeping at me. I bought the truck used in April 2008, within the first week had to replace the battery; April 2009 had to replace the alternator; Auguest 2010 replaced battery again. Replaced all belts March 2011. So far nothing is making the warning beeps go away. There seems to be no rhym or reason for when it goes of. It is happening now everytime I drive the truck and stays on more often. The indicator for the battery on the gages doesn't move. Not sure what the problem is or how to get it fix and don't want to keep replacing alternators and batteries.

starter spin's but does not engage engine flywheel. replace starter same problem. Starter drive gear not engaging engine flywheeel. move flywheel position, no help.