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During the summer of 2008, my air conditioner keep getting "weaker". It would not put out as much cold air...this problem continued to the point where it will not put out any cold air. The fuse by the drivers door ch...
Left front ball joint failed. Toyota "does not know why". Right front fine. Tried to get the work done under recall, no luck. Has anyone else had this issue? I need others to support the expansion of this recall. Has ...
car won't start, anti theft flashes, loud clicking
My 111,000 mileage Olds 88LS give off a burnt smell & I "hear" but don't see a drip about midway under the car after a 3-10 mile drive, max 40mph. What is this and is it safe to drive around still? What possible rep...
What does "low wash" mean on my dashboard?
car will not start do to vts alarm
My engine won't start. New spark plugs and wires. Didn't get any fuel pressure when pressing down on regulator. Is it a faulty pump or clogged filter?
rpms surge about 50-100 when at constant speed of 65. this last only for a few seconds then goes away and comes back. no lights on dash at all
I have a 1998 SL 500 and after turning off the car a fan continues to blow air out the front window vents. Any ideas?
the battery was changed and the radio was reset. the cd changer reads disk error - all 6 cd slots have cds.
what is the estemated cost to replace 2 freeze plugs
Shop says that they recommend we replace the vacuum lines to fix the cause of check engine light. Codes pending: P1411- SAI Bank 2 P1423- SAI Bank1 They also say that the hose to the comb...
my rear left power window stoped working,i can hear power going to it when i try to use it but it just won't go up or down.
How To DO it From Start to finish,do I need a special tool