transmission will not shift gears until it get hot.

I was hearing some noise that sounded like to pieces of rubber touching..I looked under the hood and see the strut screws that moved about 1/16 to a 1/8. I didn't hit anything. Would that cause my noise that i am hearing?

Bought a used chrysler t & C and on the way back the rpms after 2nd gear revvs to about 3000 but dioesnt shift over to next gear almost as if over drive is off, only there isnt a switch for that. what can it be, fluids low?, speed sensors? or worse? please help

All the time

I would like to know if the mechanics that you have listed pay RepairPal to have their business's on THE LIST?

Yellow light restricted performance on. How much to fix?

transmission fault lights on. How much to fix? What is restricted performance yellow light mean?

Hi, last year my front AC was fine but rear AC will come on only after 5-10 minutes of driving; This year however, the rear AC never came on and the front AC was working on and off - it blows cold for a few minutes and then blows hot air. I thought it needed refill, but it took one can R134a and only worked for 10 minutes. So I tried to fill more but it won't take. I had it checked in a shop and was told the A/C compressor is fine but they don't know why it's not blowing cold. Any help please? Thanks. As a single female, everytme I take my car to a shop for one thing, always come out with a long "needed done now" list. And the best part is, within the same day, my "list" changes from shop to shop. So I am in hope to learn more before I go.
Thanks again!

Temperature gauge not working

The gauge stopped working. I have replaced the temperature
sencor on the engine block. Can someone please help.

how to replace low presure power steering line

Brakefluid sipenser is constantly dry... do not notice any leaks... what could be causing this to happen

My father wants to know what the correct way is to adjust the head lights back to factory settings... Any ideas???

Where is the oil sensor unit located?

When trying to install some speakers the battery died. when we jumped the car when noticed that when we tried to take the car for a test run, it would shift into gear (example reverse) it when into the gear but wouldnt reverse. Wont drive nothing but reving. We did have the E brake on but even when we took the e brake off it will not go. I was thinking maybe we blow the safety sensor... or a fuse... I have no idea. And help?