Where are the knock sensors located?

how do you change the back left blinker light?

where is the sending unit found at

cost of estimated repair quoted $ fuel injector part $150-$275, labor $160, $80.per hour (2 hrs.)

We are going through some extreme cold temperatures like 3 and 5 degrees with wind chill of minus 13 the last few days and for Oklahoma this is extremely unusual. We could not get my van into the garage because of the blizzard we were having. It set out 36 hours with out being started. When we were able to get out of our driveway the check engine light came on and has stayed on. It is running fine otherwise.

A little over a year ago I replaced my radiator. Everything has been working great. Since it got cold the heat in my car won't get warm until my car warms up (temperature gage moves toward the middle) which takes about 5-10 min. It also won't stay warm unless I'm driving 40 - 50 miles per hour. Do you think it's the Thermostat?

what to do if it say system too lean (bank 1 )

My mechanic told me it was nearly time to change my shocks and thats what was causing the consistent clunking noise I heard. Then one day I went to put the explorer in reverse and it would go. The engine revved up but it wouldnt move. I gave it some more gas and it sounded and felt like we ran over a large bump and it finally went backwards. Later watching it while someone else tried to go in reverse while in 4 wheel drive only one side would go at a time and most of the time no tires were moving. I dont know if this is related to the shocks or not. Do you all have any idea from this description?

please use this e-mail with your answer. Thank you send to starlighter523@yahoo.com

Its a 2005 Lexus GX470 rear end bounces around. Does it have air shocks and a air compressor (could it be a fuse). Are the rear shocks hard to change

my exhaust fell off from under my car

I am on a trip and my teenage son has taken the car in becasue the alternator belt broke
he is being told now that the alternator is no good and needs to be replaced
how do i know? and what is a reasonable price range?

temp guage gets to the middle, then when I turn the heater on the temp guage goes to C

Had a check engine light come on this weekend both times were when I was accelerating up a steep mountain pass. The light would come on and then flash throughout acceleration. Eventually just staying on. The code said it was a Cylinder #4 misfire. Don't remember the code number though. This is the first time this has coded this code. Just recently replaced an o2 sensor that was coding Bank #2 Sensor #2. Any relation? And should I start with the plug or is this something bigger?

We live in Minnesota and it has been below freezing for a couple of days and this van sits outside. Yesterday it was driven and was fine - then parked for a few minutes and when restarted and driven - one of the back wheels is frozen. It doesn't roll at all. What do we do?