2-18-2011 , took it to a garage ,

Windshield wipers just stopped working while driving. Any ideas on causes, costs of motor replacement(by a pro)?

Window fell in driver door. Attempting to raise it by hand (is not off track). Electric is now off. nothing works now.

I have been told there will be a pin/button to push. I can't find it. I don't think there is one. do have pictures? can you tell me how to remove the tumbler and key?

Front passenger does not opens from inside, but opens from outside

If I need to have calipers replaced, would it be most likely that the break pads and rotor need to be replaced

2002 GS Lexus 300 Front passenger door cannot open from inside, but opens from outside

purchased the truck with inoperable temp gauge

During below zero weather, the driver side rear view exterior mirror cracked down the middle. How much would it cost to have it replaced

Truck idles fine but no power when i push on the gas...MAF SENSOR? ALREADY RELACED FUEL PUMP AND FILTER

Fan won't turn off and runs on high in all settings?

How to reset the flat trie code

recently purchased a 1997 Dodge Avenger (used)...I just noticed that apparently the airbag has deploded and the housing capartment had ben glued back with some substance, and is now starting to become unglued!..I don't know if there is still a bag in there or not and dont want to snatch it off to check, because I may not be able to get it back on....Will this problem cause my car to fail a Safety Emissions Test? (for safety)...And what can be done to correct this?

when passing through 35 to 40 mph , my truck makes a growling noise. it almost sounds like the abs engaging. it doesn't matter if i am on the gas or coasting but it happens nearly every time i am in that speed range. any ideas ? also when this happens, all my lights dim.

I want to put in cruise control and auto starter in my tracker and I would like a cost estimate on both