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my passengerside door locks wont work when i use the inside button or remote.

the windshield washer motor stop working intermitently after using it often(not all the time);after stopping the car few minutes(shut down the engine ) it is working again

- Odometer reads 123,000 miles.
- I have the feeling that I am driving in first or second gear is now constant. A few weeks ago I heard a soft whine / whining noise that seemed to come from either under the engine or in the fron of the car. The noise was not loud and was noticeable when I turned the steering wheel either to the left or right around a turn, or turning at an angle of a 90 degree turn.
- The engine's oil and transmission fluids are clean and full.

how much does it cost to replace a 2009 honda accord car 2.4 litre 4 plugs VSA MODULAR CONTROL UNIT.

2009 honda accord blinking on drive d permanently even when disengaged from drive to another gear.
pls what do i do?
i try to scan the car with a result indicating vsa modular control unit faulty.
am i rest sure changing this unit will solve the problem?

I have an oil leak and my dash oil light comes on as I brake to a stop. The engine oil is full and I do not hear any engine noise with the light on. Can anyone tell me what is wrong and approximate cost of a repair.

Which stop leak product is safe to use with the Prius AC? I am asking this because the compressor on the Prius is electrical and needs non conductive oil so being careful.

My check engine light came on and my car just died while I was driving it. I have a 2005 XC90 Volvo. I bought an extended warranty that covers replacing the fuel pump if needed, but I'm being told it's the Fuel Modulator or Fuel Module that is bad and they have to take out the interior of my car to replace it. So they are charging me for this at the tune of $800+. The dealer said when they are in there they can check the Fuel Pump and if it's bad replace it under the warrantly. What I want to know is where is this Fuel Modulator - is it part of the Fuel Pump? Or is it a "sensor" and if it goes bad does that mean the fuel pump is bad too? Can they just replace the pump and not replace the Fuel Module? I was told by the dealer "the fuel module is not sending us a signal so we know it's bad " (it's not covered under my warranty). Can you tell me what a Fuel Module is and how much does it cost and do they normally breakdown because the Fuel Pump breaks down first? Which goes first??? Thank you.

I took my car in for some repairs and was told I need to purchase and install a 3 pc. fuel induction kit. I don't mind repairing what needs to be done but what is it? I can't find the answer by searching or looking up the parts. Can anyone help answer what it is they want to me install?

Ok i have a new battery and everywhere i take say the can't find nothing wrong but if i don't start it the same time everyday it will not start i love my bucik but i need to know going on with it like something make it not start help please

I have had to replace the right rear brake 6 times, I am the original owner,this past saturday, the wheel FELL off, the brake case front was gone, brakes in half and spindle broken....It has been fixed by kia dealers, Firestone,midas,merchants

While driving the speedometer needle bounces erratically from zero to whater speed I am driving, sometimes staying at zero for a mile or more. The odmeter is not recording correct mileage. What would be the cause and the repair needed?

Just about every day the service light and reduced power lite comes on. Several times the transmission locked up in low gear. When you shut the engine down for a few seconds the problem goes away momentarily. We have changed the throttle body and cleared the codes. Recently we changed the electronic gas pedal, cleared the codes and 15 miles later same problem.


It leaks under passenger side dash and when I take off it pours out when it rains alot. I only had since october so I wasn't running ac only heat probably during this time but this really hasn't anything to do with it.