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my car has upper and lower valve gaskets that neeed replacement. Is the estimate you are giving me for both or only one? I do not Have email call me at 281-392-7482.

My impala has about 42,000 miles on it and today the check engine light came on. I put in a can of dry gas and fuel injector cleaner in and tightened the gas cap. It is still on. I know when I had a 98 sable, when the light came on, the manual indicated to put in a can of dry gas. I did and the light went off, never to come on again. But this is a chevy. This is the first time the light came on.

i recently had an oil change and the tech left the hose off the air filter after he checked it. I have had the car back to the shop three times for high idol and engine light issues. They are now telling me there is a problem with the idol sensor and the cam position sensor that are unrelated to the hose being left off. I had no problems with either of these things prior to the oil change. Are they pulling a fast one on me or could the problems be completely unrelated?

How much to replace the distributor?

I drilled a hole in the firewall and nicked a ground wire(a small cluster,5 wire by brake pedal) and had a small spark. the wire appears to be intact, I also checked all the fuses and they look good, but the engine still will not start. It sounds like it's not getting fuel, but i'm not sure. Any Help out there?????

getting wind noise from sunroof when closed

Replace fuse and relay still wont work.
Driver side back door don't open

Have had our 93 4x4 suburban for about 6 months now. It has 50,000 miles on the rebuilt 350 motor. Just a few weeks ago we changed the spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor. It seem to run fine until last week. We were driving at 55mph and it just died. We pulled off to the side of the road and it would not start back up. It would turn over but didn't start. Changed the fuel filter on the side of the road and it finally started back up. We thought that it was just a fluke and kept driving it. A couple days later it was the same thing. Just died and after 20 min of fiddling with wires, battery, computer, checking if the fuel pump was still turning on it decided to start. It did that two more times and just yesterday it did it again but this time refuses to start. We replaced theaaa distributor itself, the ignition control module, the ignition coil and it is still not getting spark.

When I turn off the motor with my headlights on, my headlight warning bell no longer sounds. This has led to my leaving them on and having my battery run down.

re signal functions.I can see that the bulb is black. how do I get to the bulb socket to replace it?97229

How do you replace a water pump on a 1996 Fleetwood Cadillac?

has people always complaining about the brakes
last week i loaned my truck to a neighbor an she said i took her a couple stops to get use to the non power says i paid fo power brakes but i had one of my kids say almost the same they don,t have them or they are just crummy brakes?

I took my 1998 Trooper to a mechanic, he went to recharge the freon, but noticed the compressor wasn't turning on. He checked the fuses and relays, aok, but he said he was getting power to the third lead, and suspects it might be related to the thermostat. He thought that the thermostat wasbehind the glove box, but from other posts, it said it was under the manifold.
Any suggestions.
Love my Trooper,

Sometime when I turn engine off the key is not is slanted to the right and I have to push gear shaft hard in park before key is able to be parallel...any suggestions

i had to buy a new battery and when they replaced it they lost the code