I am on a trip and my teenage son has taken the car in becasue the alternator belt broke
he is being told now that the alternator is no good and needs to be replaced
how do i know? and what is a reasonable price range?

temp guage gets to the middle, then when I turn the heater on the temp guage goes to C

Had a check engine light come on this weekend both times were when I was accelerating up a steep mountain pass. The light would come on and then flash throughout acceleration. Eventually just staying on. The code said it was a Cylinder #4 misfire. Don't remember the code number though. This is the first time this has coded this code. Just recently replaced an o2 sensor that was coding Bank #2 Sensor #2. Any relation? And should I start with the plug or is this something bigger?

We live in Minnesota and it has been below freezing for a couple of days and this van sits outside. Yesterday it was driven and was fine - then parked for a few minutes and when restarted and driven - one of the back wheels is frozen. It doesn't roll at all. What do we do?

I had a new weld-on catalytic converter put on this morning. I noticed a low exhaust sound that didn't go away after the car got hot.Was something welded wrong, or is something else wrong with the new converter? my last converter was bad but quiet and i thought, the new one would be the same.

How do you remove the dome light lens in a Jeep Wrangler 2007 in order to replace the bulb.


How can ifix the noise like tik tik tak didn't stop when iturn the car

Not sure the diagnostic code but auto zone checked, they said it was the mass air flow sensor. I've upgraded in gas, checked the fuel cap, new oil changed with new air filter...have not changed fuel filter thought. Then replaced the mass air flow sensor...two weeks later the check engine light is on again. What gives?

My horn is not working. I would like to check horn button contacts. To do so, I must be able to access the interior of the buttons.

My SES light was intermittent for about a week when a technician told me the engine thermostat was going bad. I drove with it for about a month longer when the light came on and stayed on--this was during the winter, since I was running the heater, I thought I'd be okay for a while longer. Last week I smelled an odd (smoky) smell when driving my child to school, but by the time I made it back home there was no smell, so I attributed it to all the other vehicles idling in the drop-off lanes. I took the vehicle in that day for a diagnostic and the result was "PO 128B ENGINE TEMP BEFORE REGULATING TEMP." They reset the light at the shop and said to come back if it came back on. I drove another 50 miles over the next 3 days, and it came back on shortly after I began driving 65 mph. I've been doing light driving in the car since then, but we notice a smoky smell this morning while driving to school, which I may once again be able to attribute to the TransAm that was revving its engine in front of me. Do I have much longer b4 I MUST take it in, and will it be expensive?

Seller tells me that it had a heavy ticking sound, when he accelerated down the road, that ticking sound went away. Upon slowing down and ideling, ticking comes back. After about 20 miles he felt loss of power and oil light came on. He immediately stopped car and it has sit since then, (2-3 weeks).

leaking fluid in the front and i can't tell if its brake fluid or transmission fluid. looks like it could be either but i smell the radiator

It wouldn't change gears so we took it to a transmission shop. The mechanic there said it had an open circuit but he would have to search for it. I am wanting to know how to check the input and output speed sensor. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I have an antifreeze smell coming from my heater when turned on. I do not smell it all the time, but most. I do not see any antifreeze on the floor of my garage thinking there might be some type of leak. Also, after driving the car for awhile and then parking it in the garage for awhile the garage stinks of antifreeze. HELP!!