The car was running fine yesterday. It didn't act like there was anything wrong with it at all. I drove it, parked it for the night, went out today to try and leave, and it wouldn't start. It cranks over, but it won't start. It's not a battery problem, checked that. It has plenty of gas in it, and even added $5 from a can just in case. Everything appears normal under the hood and in the car, I just can't get it to start, and not sure why.

can the passenger airbag be turned off?

My clutch is feeling soft and kind of slipping. I'm wondering how and where I can check the clutch fluid to see if that is the issue. The car has 87,000 miles on it, and I'm thinking that the clutch should last longer than that.

the problem just start i was driving my car & it stoped it would'nt start i waited a few mintues it started the it stoped again i disconneted the battery cable & it started

automatic transmission light

I have to change the rear disc brakes, I got the driver side rotor and pads changed yet how do I change the passneger side rotor?

the check engine light came on, it requires a front catalytic converter, i took it to a shop and they said i need to just replace the two front ones. they said i have to buy the oem version, in order for the check engine light to go off. do i have to buy oem? i found an assy by Eastern will that work if its direct fir and to the 2003 IS 300 standards? i am so fed up i just want to sell the dog gone thing...

I just purchased this car. It is a nice car I've had one like it a 1999.The car served well I had some problems with it. Can you tell me what I should expect from a this car witrh 137,238 miles? sandracole89@yahoo.com

changed fuel pump and relay switch and i am still not getting power to fuel pump. any help appreciated.

I had my car washed today and since then my front and rear parking lights will not turn off. Could this be the result of getting the car washed? It's never happened before.

Suv heater won't shut off

My turn signals and hazards dont work. I need to know where is the electronic flasher switch located I need to change it?

how difficult is it to replace a power steering pump on a 2003x-type 2.5?

engin light is on. engine runs rough at idle, auto zone can not read the computer, why cant they get any info from it

Located the two fuel pump relays up and down with one empty slot in the passenger fuse box, checked all connections and wires except the wire leading to the powertrain control module, and verified the first relay clicks and the second does not when turning on the ignition switch.

Is this a faulty PCM?