cost to replace transmission fluid?

Yesterday while driving back from work I suddenly noticed the temp gauge is all the way up past the red zone, but did not see any signs that my bmw was overheating, was able to drive the car to my house, turned off the car and ehen started it again it did not go back to the red zone. Insected the car but did not notice any overheating signs. I am stumped and do not know why this happened. The car has 178,000 miles and is due for OIL service in about 1000 miles. I have also noticed that when I am cornering left or right I hear some noises or even when move the steering let or right when I start the car in the morning I hear the noise. Please help anyone. Thanks

I checked all the fuzes I could find, and didn't find any burned out.

Is this a matter of a relay that might have a bad solder? (I had this problem with the windows recently, and a re-soldered connection made the problem go away.) If so, how to find the relay?

Of....is it something worse, likely? Any ideas appreciated.

Lifting up the latch on the side of the seat won't unlatch the seat-back so I can fold it forward and get into the back seat. Not a huge problem since I normally drive it alone, but....makes the back seat useless! Is this an adjustment I can fix? Or is it likely a broken part I can fix? I have no idea where to start.

Thanks for any help.


I had my radiator replaced on 2000LS2. The tech told me there were 11 hoses that needed to replaced. That doesn,t seem right. I can't find any parts house that has more than 4 hoses listed

hit a curb and damaged rim

need to locate the ACV on my jeep so i can clean i need a diagram have no clue where it is help

At cruise speed around 60 mph, I feel a slight jerk, almost like a miss in the engine. Is this a transmission problem or is it in the engine? Thank you.

my a/c clutch is going bad and makes a flopping noise. I was told i could unplug the a/c since i never use it and it would disengage the clutch and stop the noise. So i need to locate the plug to do so.

what does the indacator light mean with the circle beside the brake indacator light

my remote won't work on the locks and ignition. does anybody have any idea how much this would cost

After long trys to start it seems as if there is fuel going in and gets a start and for many times after that , but after sitting over night the same thing happens all over .Could this be small battery slow fuel pump or what ? Thanks !

For some reason the truck is burning the heater fan/blow motor and resistor. After replacing it, it burned again and i found iced water inside.


When starting the car, the engine will turn over, but will not stay started. The fuel injector has already been checked and it seems to happen more often when it's cold, however it isn't limited to it. If I give it gas, I can keep it starred but sOmetimes I have to floor it before it will stay on.