I have a 93 Lincoln Town Car, and over the last few months, the gear shift has been loose/sloppy. Going from reverse to drive required a little guess work. Getting the car in park also required me to yank it to the left multiple times, the faster I jammed the shifter over, the higher the odds of success. Tonight I tried parking a slight incline, but there was also ice. After several failed attempts to get the car to stay in park, I yank a little harder than average and I felt all the tension drop and now my gear shift will move freely left right as well as forward an backwards, which is new. My car is automatic and not going anywhere. I think it's in neutral now, or maybe park, and it won't start. Please help as soon as you can. Also if you know how expensive this would be to fix a shop, or if this can easily be handled by myself and a friend if necessary.

Just bought a 1996 Acura 2.5 TL the radio need the code. Is there a way to bypass the code other than purchasing a new stereo system?Bought the car a week ago and the owner does not have the number..

My car has 40,000 miles. This morning car would not start.
Service diagnostic said EIS problem. Dealer estimate $ 1,200. to replace. Is EIS a common problem onE-350?

what should i look for if the steering is really loose. the truck is a 92 f-150 with new 6" lift new wheel bearings but has a lot of play in steering. i just bought it and the man said the steering pump had been changed but the steering had always been real sloppy

I have had a loud high pitched noise coming from under the dashboard for a couple years that comes and goes and now my headlights have shorted out first the low beams now high beams

need to replace the starter on the 97 Ford thunderbird. is it easy to get to?

I own a Mercedes C230, 2005 with 65K miles, bought the case actually with 34K miles, no major problems, other then bought a set of brand new tires, also changed the brakes/rotors/pads around 40K miles, from time to time the "check engine" came on (2 - times so far, if recall correctly), one time it was only a inexpensive pipe (some air related, was about 5$ to change) and the other time it was the charcoal filter (near canister tank), but after 2-3 days the check-engine turn off.

Now I have again the check-engine on and paying again 100$ to run a diagnostic is annoying while diagnostic tools are around 200-300$ (at amazon) the bests! What diagnostic tool would you recommend to buy ? Thanks

how do you know if the problem is with aux relay,would it make the fan run all the time or would it not run at all??

it will turn over but wont start seems like it is not getting fuel. changed fuel pump still dont work

no heat since radiator trouble, blows cold air how do i replace or clean heater core

rear alex seal linking both sides

occurs about 50% of time-anywhere

Apparently in this model, per BMW, 75% of the gas is in one side of the gas tank, the other 25% is moved over when the tank has used the 75%. This is done by a computer chip. When the car was 1 year old, it died with 1/4 tank of gas while doing 55 mph on a highway with a car on my tail - almost got rear-ended. BMW replace the Fuel Pump - no change, it did it again at 1/4 tank of gas. BMW replaced fuel pump again, no change. This went on for over 1 year in and out of the shop leaving the car for weeks on end and BMW could not solve the problem. I asked them to check with headquarters to see if anyone else had this problem and was told each dealership tracks their own repairs, there is no major database listing all issues (hard to believe espcially in light of the need for recalls). I gave up finding a solution and now simply keep the car filled with gas and pray it dosn't happen again.

Has anyone had this problem?

at highway speeds engine hiccupts and cruise control deactivates.its rare and has happened 6 times between 5000 and 11000 miles of use. at 10000 miles car was serviced by dealer and the motor/ system computer was reflashed. at 11000 miles car hiccuped twice within a few miles at highway speed. driver can not tell if motor hiccup caused the cruise control to deactive or if the cruise control deactivation was the cause of the apparent hiccup.

check engine light came on and a P1740 code came up.