i have volvo v70 xc model 2002. my question can i buy thermostat without the housing because the problem is the thermostat. thanks

Where to check transmission fluid

My 1997 has a bit of a problem shifting from 2nd to 3rd, in the process the rpm's go up to roughly 3500 give or take then will shift to 3rd has anybody had this problem? if so what was the solution. Thanks

i got a1995gmc 4wheeldrive 5speed was coming home everything was working fine all at once kicked out of gear like somebody kicked transfercase out of gear will not engaged in nothing didnt make no grining sounds this like got no gears at all has never done this before

Am having difficulty getting dash out, somehow it's hooked-up behing steering wheel.


Looking at buying a used 2002 Accent with 88,000 miles. a check of the check engine light being on showed a code of P0734, fourth gear ratio. proable cause, open or short circuit condition, Pressure solanoid faulty, internal transmission failure. The guy at Auto Zone said if the censor is on outside of transmission easy fix and to buy, but if inside transmission pass. Anyone know inside, outside and other opinions, thanks

I am the forth owner of this car, the second owner had a diagnosis of a blown head gasket in 2001 at a mercedes dealer,but he did not have it repaired there. the car seems to run great and there are no oil leaks,in 2001 it had 60,000 miles on it today it's 73,000. I'm guessing it was repaired by the owner or at an independent shop,but I need to know for sure since I can't locate the second owner.

when i am traveling in my 1995 hardbody nissan somestimes when i hit a bump my dome light comes on. i have learned that i pull on the door handle hard enough that the light goes off. however i cannot hold it long. i have to let go to dive.

How much cost to replace roof and lining in lexus 460LS


A few weeks ago, the front part of my drive shaft broke off the transmission, but I was able to take it to my brother's garage. I then learned the gear shifting cable was snapped, oxygen sensor's wires were snapped, and the exhaust pipes were damaged. I would like to know how much it would cost to have it fixed.
The CR-V has 175,890 miles on it and it still runs as great as the day I bought it. Since then I have gone through 2 Chevy's and a Dodge. I know the model of vehicle my next choice will be.

what does the ignition module control on 2000 mitsubishi galant 2.4L...does it control spark and can i bypass it?

ok i did the fuel pump replacement estimate caluculator on this site an it came up with an estimate! now in that estimate for fuel pump replacement is that inculding the fuel filter as well in that cost. because it says to aways replace that as well when you get a fuel pump replacement

roaring sound coming from the rear end of vehicle begins around 35MPH, gets louder as speed accelerates up to about 70 mph. gets louder again as car is slowing down. Is there fluid in the differential unit & if so, how do you accesses it.