I'm trying to locate the fuel pump so I can remove it and replace it. Can you give me some assistance with this please?

the coolant boiles out of the coolant recovery tank about ev
ery 2 days. not in the mornings but in the evenings.what could caues that? can you help me figer that out. thanks

My wife drove the gas to the red zone and she finished mailing her letters at the Post Office and came out tried to start the truck but couldn't start.This is the first time it happened.

when im driving i hear i huming nosie in the rear it gets lounder when i go faster,also whe im stoping feels like the abs comes on and the nosie fom abs comes on

can a disfuntion on the Block vanos cause shaking the engine

Greetings! I am having problems all of a sudden with my car skipping at times when I press the gas as if its changing gears and then it jerks. I was told it was the egr solenoid and it still is doing it but was told it may have a blockage from of carbon. It runs so smooth and has been a very great car. Thank you

I am new to this forum and I have a 2002 Taurus SEL and my security system seems to malfunction when locked during a rain storm or after driving on a wet road. I have had the hood and the driver's side sensor disengaged and it still seems to go off....sometimes just the lights blinking and then others with the horn and the lights. My mechanice states he does not have the Ford diagnostic tool to determine the last 5 transactions to help him pin point which sensor it is. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am a single mother of twins and my funds are limited. Thanks!

How do you replace a license plate bulb

Where is the switch for the auto leveling system my rear seems too low?

The garage opener quit working, light blinks, but no work. Tried everything in book and what the dealer said. Cost to much to have them fix. Went to take the assemble out, found two screws, but it still wont pull out. Am I missing somthing?

how long will it take to change a transmission

engine start on very well but 15min later engine looks like out of gas and after 5min of engine still failing it going off.

I bought a replacement key cylinder and the book has me a bit confused. when i replace the key cylinder do i need to reprogram the PCM? Or rather need to reprogram anything at all. I dont see how you would need to reprogram anything when the chips are located in the keys and the sencer should be with in the key cylinder. could you guys help me out with this?

my 2003 jeep wrangler just started over heating, and it does not when the heater on a/c is on. i have flushed the radiator and its full. now it is when the the heater was on and backing up into the resivour.

I just bought this car thinking only the bolt for the shifter was loose. Test drove great. So on my way home it got stuck in first gear. So I ripped the cover off in a hurry so I didn't hold traffic up to long and seen the sleeve that protects my cable slid back and my cable bent. Is there an easy fix for this or do I have to replace the entire cable? If so how do I install a new cable?