my panel lights will not turn on. its hard to see what speed im going at night. my friend changed the fuse but it keeps going out?. im stumped

Average price for replacing oil pump?

the throttle cable got stuck, we were on the highway, the car would not stop it kept going faster, we had 2 shut the car off.then we would turn it back on it worked 4 a min.do u how much it will cost 2 fix it, and where 2 get the part?

missfire at high speed. act like it wants to stall at low speed.

How do you remove the front seat of a 98 mercury, the seat wont slide back. cyberaries@yahoo.com


Radiator fluid mixed with the transmission fluid due to both going through the radiator and radiator deterioration. How much would it cost to replace the radiator and rebuild transmission.

Thank you

shifter locked in park brake sw ok abs light ok brake fluid ok

How do i tell which transmission is in my t-bird 1990 v-6

what would cause a big puff of blue smoke when starting the engine after sitting over night, it only happened once.!!

I have a 1992 dodge 1 ton 15 passenger van w/ 360.
New alternator(5months), new battery(5 months), but still not keeping the battery charged. No difference with motor running at battery or on alternator. I have taken the alternator back to get it bench tested 3 different times at two different places and it is cranking like brand new. Check engine light is on. I trace the wires back from the alternator and noticed that one goes into the ECM. Does the engine Control Module have anything to do with the charging system?

The Service Engine Soon light has come on. I was told this was due to my O2 sensor, however the last car mechanic I spoke to said this could be due to bad gas. I have had the light cleared, but it has come back on within a few times of driving.

I just hit 40k miles and the car has sat for long periods without being driven (now I am trying to be better about driving it at least 1x week).

It is unusual to have to replace the O2 sensor with this low of mileage? I am wondering if something else is the matter.

Toyota Sienna has leaking valve cover gaskets.Leaks about 1/2 quart every 3000 miles.

My Jimmy has a 4.3 vortex 4x4 4wd. after running for 10 minutes it will not rev over 2000 rpms. i can shut it off and start it right back up and it runs fine for another 5 minutes and then the same thing happens will not go over 2000 rpm in neutral. I did get a bank 1 & bank 2 O2 sensor code at one point

I would like to know how to disable the horn. Can I do it through the fuse box? Do I need to remove the steering wheel?
Thank you very much.