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why does my transmission seem to shift gears fast

Air no longer comes out at the feet nor at the windshield for defrost. It does come from the driver and passenger side vents and the middle vents. I do still have heat and cold but something's amiss with the air flow to these 2 areas. Do I need to take apart the dash to get to whatever it is I need to fix, repair or replace?

does anyone have a clew what the average miles you can get to on a 1997 chevy blazer thats well maintained.

tell me how to replace serpentine belt?

does any one know how i can fine out what remote fobs i need to get for my 1999 mazda 626 es i just got the car and no remotes thanks for any help

my car had been sitting for a few months and started fine i drovove it about 10 miles and battery light came on a
nd doesnt seem to be charging

Attempting to change the water pump but can't get the outer timing cover off the engine. Think I have all the bolts removed but are there bolts hidden from view? Any input would be greatly appreciated as I have fought this issue for almost a week on and off.

the transmission shifts normally until the last gear and will not shift also the cluster is randomly going out with a engine dianostic light.

This is great for an estimate but where do I go to get the vehicle fixed?

my truck wont start

When I turn the fan on 4 the lights on the AC and no outside air flicker. I took the console apart and when the fan is set to 4 the wires get hot.

While I drive my Cad I notice the voltage dropping from 14.4 down to 12.9 volts and the car running rough. Could this be a faulty alternator because I replaced it a few weeks ago and shortly afterwards the battery.

How long is the average time to change the water pump on a 1997 Saturn SL1 ?

sould front and rear brake pads be replaced at the same time ?

This problem started when I change out the streening column. The switch turn on the dash lights. and the starter motor.