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i need to no how to change door pins

The CL500 takes 16 spark plugs correct? How many ignition coils does it take?

Recently had the timing belt and water pump replaced on my Avalon and have noticed a significant decrease in mileage. Took it back to the mechanic who couldn't find anything wrong. Any suggestions?

my battiery in my car keeps going dead and I changed my battiery and my alternater and my battery light keeps coming on and then shuts my car off what could be wrong with it???

How would I go about replacing the bulb for the dashboard? I've already checked the fuses and they are fine.

coolant has been running out the overflow tank. changed thermostat,lower intake gastket, coolant sensor, radiator, radiator cap.... and i've ran out of ideas can anyone help me..

will not start after it rains until it dries out

are they easy to change?

Can the cabin air filter,not changed be the cause of water inside the driver side floor?

brought the car feb.12,11 now when i hit the gas it slows up on its own, my first car so im a lil nerves,can any 1 help me please!!!!!!

What does diagnostic code 3 1 2 mean? How can I fix it?

after installing rear air shocks,there is a "clunking" noise heard.When the air pump comes on and raises the rear,it goes away but comes back in just a few minutes,until the pump raises the rear again.

I'v put four starters on this 1992 Ford Tempo in the last three months. Am I just buying bad starters or is there something bigger wrong?

My car shut off today..I started it back up then I put the car in drive!It felt like someone hit me from the back...Then it started to grind very loud when ever I put it in drive.The car starts but will not move forward at all...So how much will it cost to have it fixed????

This just started happening today. When I turn off the car, the fan keeps running. I had to disconnect my battery for it to stop. How can this be fixed? Any clue?