My van had been killing, every once in a while, for about 3 weeks and I thought I needed a new battery. About a week after I bought the battery, I was driving and the van just killed. I tried restarting it but it just kept spinning and not starting.

Does anyone know what to set the torque at on the crankshaft bolt for reinstall as well as where to put oil on the bolt

Front 3 spark plugs are loaded with oil. Whats the problem?

I took my car in for a burning smell and loud noise when starting the vehicle. (99 merc. sable). I was charged 800.00 for a serp belt,water pump, and alternator. Within a week the burning smell and loud noise is back along with a quote from the same mechanic for $1100.00 for the A/C compressor. How likely is it that I'm having a new issue? I feel like I was misdiagnosed the first round and now getting hosed. Please advise

my car wil start but only stay running for 1 0r 2 seconds.i changed the fuel filter and spark plugs...the only code is multiple misfire...the exhaust smells VERY rich and looks dark...any suggestions??

1989 (NINETEEN EIGHTY NINE) Toyota Pickup.How to change the water pump?

The air cleaner is non assesable. What would have to be removed to change the air cleaner?

does the 1998 ford tarus have a interfernce motor or not

Does the estimate range include one cylinder head or both?

replaced left rear stop ,brake lamp. lamp working ,turn signal not working

ive been noycing that lovely ticking sound of the timing chain on its way out. is there a possibility it can just be a tensioner so i can save alot of money? also i noticed my oil pressure light coming on and off is that caused by this problem?

my car does not throw out heat all the time

brake and 4x4 warning lights came on while driving. No change in driveability or braking, and the car is making no noises. Possible causes?

After the engine is warm and I restart the engine there is a loud grinding noise coming from the fuel tank just behind the
back seat. It lasts for about 5 seconds and then stops. It doesn't seem to effect the driving of the car. It's very smooth and the engine doesn't hesitate or miss in any way. Seems to be worse in warmer weather. Thought it might be the fuel pump, but the car runs great. The noise is at times very loud.

I was told that I needed to replace the valve covers along with the gasket because the valve covers could be warped. Is this a common practice or is the dealer just up selling?
Vehicle has 245,000 miles.