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I'm the owner of a 1999 Porsche Broxster and the battery continually needs charging especially in the winter. It happens if I do not use the car for two or three days.

I have already changed two batteries. What can i do?


David Richardson

I have the part. BMW wants $350 to replace. Has anyone done this? I'm a fixit guy but this thing has incredibly tight access. Can you help me?

I have a 1995 c280 mercedes. How do I remove the front turn signal assembly and replace it with a new one? Thanks

i was woundering if any one out there has had a problem with there 90 crown vic with losing all power no lights nothing i have check all fuses but they are good so if any one can help me out i would be greatfull

We replaced the Mass Airflow Sensor in 2007, and now (2011) it's failed again, after about 3 1/2 years. Is that normal? We also get the Check Engine light for the knock sensor, but that comes and goes, and comes and goes. I'm assuming we can ignore that for now.

mercedes 2000 year s430 keyless remote won't turn to start the car?

water pump & thermost at are new, radiator lines are fine and circulating along with fan going on and radiator cleaned. Am I missing a sensor somewhere??? Doesn't appear to be a head gasket either. HELP Please!!! THANKS, Robbin

my radio has no con were tttttthe station post to be

Can anyone help me and tell mw the drive cycle of my car

Bought my truck from a State auction. AC wasn't working. Took it to a repair shop this time last year. They replaced the compressor, accumlator/drier. Worked great for six months. Trouble started last Sept. It would blow cold for a while then fall off till it was warm them after a while start cooling off again and get real cold then start back towards warm. Took it back three times and the last time they said my condenser was partially clogged so they installed a new one. No change but tired of spening money I waited till spring this year and took it back. They kept it for two full days and called me on the third to say they found some trash in a line and had it fixed. No charge. Picked it up and headed back to work but it didn't last five miles before same trouble started.

So, I am having major issues with my 2001 VW beetle. Over the past 3 years, I have replaced the mass air sensor, coolent temp. sensor, knock sensor (twice within 3 years), timing belt, belt tensioner, roller, break caliber- front, and 4 coils. I'm sure there are more parts, I just can't remember them.
My car is acting up once again-- by the way, the second knock sensor and the 4 coils were replaced this past week. My mechanic is blaming on a "bad coincidence" that I picked up my car from his shop last night, drove it twice and then it wouldn`t start. It won`t even turn over, but the lights and radio are working fine, so it is not the battery. The mechanic is saying it is my starter that has gone out now. I have about 134,000 miles on it.
I don`t know what to do. Should I believe him? Is it really just a coincidence that this all happens with a new mechanic and all within 2 weeks? How much does a starter cost? I have already paid him over $700 for the coils and knock sensor.'.

i have white smoke coming from my tail pipe even when it is warm i checked my antifreeze it was a little low so i filled it up dont see it leaking anywhere does anybody know what my problem might be?

my 95 laSaber seems to idle high it goes down then back up it does that driving or not.

someone bypassed the heater how can i undo this and make it right

when we put the care into reverse the car stalls but it runs fine in drive.We have been trying to find out the problem can some one help....