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It's there a special tool or what i need to replace the yellow corner or side light?
gear shift tight hard to shift gears a little off on gear shift like almost between gears after u drive a little while
where are the timing marks. i'm having hard time setting the timing.
I need to take a replace the A/C clutch
how do you replace lr window in 98 4 dr. accord
How do I remove the spark plugs
Location of power steering fluid reservoir
My passenger seat wont lock into position. Just keep sliding to and fro. Can you help? Eugene
My air conditioner qiut working, blower; compressor; display everything and it is not the fuse, what can I check next.
Ford Taurus. Doesn't appear to be any bolts that travel horizontal through back of hub, that can be loosened to permit removal of bearing from hub. This possible? Did they make boltless hubs, held only by suspension s...
How much to convert my A/C from R-12 to R-134 at an auto repair shop
Batteries just died at 191000 miles.
The screen of the VES has developed white lines on the right half. They were there intermittently at first, but now are there all the time. Any ideas? We took apart the screen itself and the wiring appears intact th...
3.1L V6. Sometimes, the blower on for my AC and Heat works fine. Other times it doesn't, no matter which speed or setting I have it on. Being as the car isn't worth much at this point, I'd like to try to fix this a...
My airbag warning light comes on I had it checked at the dealer and he tells me there is a TSB 18280 dated 11/01/2004 and that to replace harness assy it costs $300 is there some way to disconnect so light stays out