as i said i changed the oil and filter . ran car for about 20 miles parked it light did not come on the whole time. Then noticed oil leak at oil pressure switch for the light was leaking pretty good. So I want down to autozone put the one they gave me in now light and buzzer go off again above 2000 rpms. Oil pressure at normal temp is 2.5 bar and goes up with rpm. Maybe wrong switch? The one I took out is original equipment. says 1.6-2.0 bar on it. Maybe something in oil screen at oil pick up? I don't know because I have good oil pressure.

Thank You
Matt 95 Audi Quattro 90

how do i change the master cylinder break actuator valves

this happen all the time,

no power to right front door at times. example window, doorlock and mirrow wont work and sometimes it does.

Just appeared this morning.

Have a 2003 camry. Got stuck in the snow the other day and reved up the engine. After getting unstuck the engine started making a small tapping noise. Oil light came on. Stopped car looked at the oil and it was fine. Started the car and noise seemed to be gone. Drove for a while longer noise came back very loudly after being on the freeway. Was a loud knocking noise. A mechanic friend checked it out and drove it and as he drove it the noise went away. Now I have been driving it and today it started to make the noise again...turned car off for a few minutes started it again and the noise was gone. Has been running all day fine again with no noise. Very puzzeling...any ideas. Thanks.

van runs great except sometimes it will stall in traffic like at a light then it will not start back up. Most of the time it runs great. Please Help someone said it was the computer behind the transmission

I purchased a used high mileage 98 Acura TL with 2.5 but seems to be in overall great mechanical condition. Several weeks later on a very humid/damp morning, it simply would not start in its usual short -less than 2 seconds -starting cycle. After numerous attempts of off/back on/crank cycles it did start. Has happened a few times since but always starts eventually. The problem only seemed to occur on really damp or high humidity mornings. I had a similar problem with a 92 Honda Accord, but resoldering a broken/cold solder joint on a main relay (posibly a fuel relay) way up under dash on driver side corrected that problem for good. My online research suggest a faulty coil wire in a main fuel pump relay for this vehicle as well. Anyone have a similar problem and know a likely fix? If so, I would REALLY like to hear from you. I am a DIYer mechanic and actually taught basic automotive mechanics at the HS and college leverl years ago.

1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager with 135K miles on 3.3 liter 4 speed (Ovr. Drv.)
At about 40 mph is starts to slightly shimmy in the front end and at 50 mph it is the most extreme, then will settle down at about 55mph.
Had the front end aligned and tires balance checked. The mechanic says they've run into the same thing and it turns out to be either the Tranny lock-in solenoid or the torque converter.
If it's the lock-in solenoid, is that one of the solenoids in the solenoid Block (mounter outside of the tranny? If so, I can replace that.
Is there a way to determine for sure which it is before having a shop tear it apart?
Is there an easy way to determine internal transmission problems yourself?


Schriever Auto Parts changed a timing belt in my quest and there was water gushing from what was thought to be the water pump. I changed the water pump and the problem persisted... Their was never a leak befor the quest went to this supposedly auto shop. what should i do to fix this problem??

I am being told I need to replace the bearing as well as the ball joint. I do not hear the noise describe on this website for failing bearing. So I am wondering if I need to replace that also?

car won't start clicking sound, i already replaced battery and alternator now what?

What does the DSC System Fault code means it comes on after driving the car about 10 mins sometimes it stays on the whole time the engine is running.

While driving vehicle suddenly shut down, radio, a/c etc.. continue to function as normal, unable to restart, engine will not turn over radio, a/c continue to function as normal.

I can't fine no one to that know wher the water is coming from it seem to occar in winter Not heater coil aircondition disconetted