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My vehicle began to overheat so immediately parked my vehicle and let car cool, the very next day i allowed a "so" call mechanic replace my water pump, thermostat, and radiator now car just reads hot but isn't.

while driving on-board message center indicates check charging system and the battery indicator light comes on, the spedometor goes to 0 however RPM's remain normal the radio cuts off, my sterring becomes tight and the car shuts off and will not start, no lights working in dash and hazard lights go on and off outside the car.I get a jump and the car starts but shuts right back off immediately. New battery has been replaced less than 90 days any suggestions/ideas?

My 03 Cadillac CTS shuts off while at an idle but will turn on after sitting. Took it to a shop but no codes. Never shut off. Any ideas as to what it may be.

Sometimes, the brake pedal will go all the way to the floor.
The fuid is at the correct level and I see no leaks. I do not see a booster on the master cylinder. And how long should it a non-lexus shop to fix?

How do I replace the exhaust flange gasket on a 1994 GMC Sonoma with a 4 cylinder engine and manual transmission

pitman arm,gearbox,idler arm need to be replaced after about 25k miles,when they were replaced in 2006 supposedly with new parts

I live in the Northeast, several months ago my MIL lamp posted a P0401 code “EGR Insufficient Air Flow” The following parts were tested and replaced where necessary: VSV for ERG, EGR Vacuum Modulator, and Vacuum Hoses. The passageways for the EGR valve were also checked for carbon buildup but it was clear. The EGR valve was OK.

The MIL Lamp was reset, however after driving approximately 30 miles the MIL lamp tripped another P0104 code. A qualified technician checked the system again but to date no reason could be found to trip the code.

Since nothing could be found I was wondering if this might be a possibility, could a cold running engine cause the MIL lamp to post a P0401 code. I noticed that this past winter with extremely cold weather that my engine was running below the normal temperature, around 160 degrees, since coolant temperature plays a part in determining EGR function I was wondering if a faulty thermostat or coolant temp sensor would cause the EGR system to not work properly? It’s the only other thing I could think of as a remote possibility. Before I change the thermostat and or Temp sensor I wanted to get your opinion?

Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you,

map lights stay on all the time. now the dash lights are failing. I have had to charge battery twice. Any HINTs?

How to replace turn signal wiper switch

p0410 secondary air injection fault
Engine has a slight low rpm roughness but top rpm is smooth

i cannot find the service for harmonic balancer replacement.

I need to get a price on how much it will cost to have my front right axle seal replaced. I just got my transmission flushed so i only need the seal replaced. How much?

When the car is first started and I put my feet on the gas the car acts as if it want to go and it feels as if it stalls put once it is going it picks up speed the way it is supposed to. I changed the spark plugs, wires, and coils.

i asked the question a few weeks back about service light coming on after starting car and then noticed snow built up in engine compartment, was told to check air mass sensor. car runs smooth except for heitation at beginning of acceleration i disconnected sensor wire and still have same issue does this eliminate air mass sensor as problem

My 95 4r uses a lot of coolant and i have to put some in the reserve tank every other day No visible leakage Should i dump it?