leaky exhaust all the time

since i bought car, there has been a glitch in starting. some times it will start , sometimes not. i have to "play" with the shifter to get a "connection". I even bought a new battery.

I have seen a GM bulletin on this but it does not mention the buick. Has any one had this code and what did you do

we get a whistling sound when the air temperature is over 65 deg and our speed is over 65 mph. Dealer checked window seals and said ok. It sound like it is coming from the front. It app eras to be wind related as we also heard it on a windy day when a strong gust occurred. Turning ac off did not help.

coolant of color green is leaking at rear of the vehicle
next to right side rear wheel and also cold air is blowing
when i use heating.No coolant leak under the radiator.
why and what is solution?

When driving my RX300, just after going over a speed bump (almost stopped), then start to accelerate, I get a noise in the front right hand wheel area...kind of a bu, bu, bu,bu, quickly, like a shaft is slipping in splines all most...and when it does it, the car basically stops moving....Took it to a local Toyota dealership, and they said the traction control sensor had rust all over it. They cleaned it and "0" calibrated it?.....seemed ok at first, then about 6 miles from the dealership, it did it again (just once).....Did they over look something, or could I really have a real transmission issue??

When A/C is on, it blows cold but eventually, water accumulates on floor pan, heater will not blow hot, Heater core isn't leaking and I assume the water is condensation? Any suggestions? Have taken to shop, for dx, but they didn't seem very confident. Thanks in advance for any advice.

my sunroof has locked open with vent up. The motor still works. It looks and feels like the cable has locked up or rusted in a locked position

Check engine came on (02 Grand prix 3.8L), Cleared code P0442 (Small EVAP Leak), Check engine came back on and noticed gas cap gasket was cracked, Replaced w/new and cleared code again.. Ran very good for roughly 70 miles after topping off the tank but did notice the needle took awhile to drop from the (F) mark, I then had lose of power with no additional codes returning and now it is very difficult to go over 30MPH without having serious hesitation. Changed purge valve, fuel filter and check vacuum lines for the obvious....All looked good from what was visible... Hooked up the OBDII with laptop and noticed the 2nd bank O2 Sensor was showing voltage but showed N/A for the fuel trim as O2 bank 1 show voltage as well as a percentage reading for fuel trim... Any Thoughts?

i hear a whining noise from rear diff. whats the estimate on repairing or to built it.

what is the name of plastic shield under the engine that protect engine

Problem is fuel gauge has not worked for a long time, has fuel in tank 7 or 8 gals. Where to start looking for trouble tank or gauge?

oil pressure drops at idle

first time it happened, do not diagnostic code

My wife got in the car this morning and went to close the door. The door would not latch. What could be the problem