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I'm a single woman and have to wait for the parts to replace the wheel bearings. Is it safe to drive a short distance to work? They are making a loud noise.
Instrument panel fuse is OK, but the lights do not come on. How do I access the main illumination bilbs for the panel cluster and the AC/radio area? If the bulbs are OK, what else could be wrong?
i need help please my truck stalls at a red light or stop sign then it starts right up again. now it stalled when i was driving it in traffic. the engine light dosent come on. i changed the pcv but still does it...
anyone know where the cam shaft sensor bank a is asked an auto parts store they dont have a clue this sensor is need to replace it
carpet on drivers side floor gets very wet after a/c is used. do not really notice it dripping while a/c is in use.
after driving a few miles ,and while stopping at a light or coming to a stop(or even when in drive or reverse). My oil pressure drops.But once i step on gas pedal the oil pressure returns to normal.
Hi, change the timing belt, and 2 seals in belt,do need any Special the seals do need any special glue. thank yoy.
Auto trac off light keeps coming on and the brakes are sometimes hard to push. I cannot stop too quickly because it is taking me longer to stop. The problem didn't occure to often, now it is happening more. I had new ...
Noise in front-end when going over bump, also steering wheel moves from side to side when you hit a bump on the highway. Please advise... Don H.
About 4 days ago we had a ton of rain the roads were getting flooded but not to where I should not been able to go through the puddles went through 1 then the second 1 when I came out of the second 1 sounded like my c...
The a/c vents will not change position. Checked all fuses and found to 20amp's blown but everything was working except for the vent problem. Replaced fuses anyway but still the a/c blows cold air out of all vents.
My 2007 honda fit is all of a sudden making sounds when I put on the brakes. Have 69,000 miles. sounds like a rubbing sound when I am driving, after taking my foot off the brake. I'm sue it must be the brakes, but ca...
where is the cabin air filter located
have a dodge caravan 1995 v6 3l evry time i put on the ac it keep blowing the fuse why ? please help me i like my van .