I have replace the bulbs and fuses and looked all over for a burnt wire and it still doesn't work.

my 2004 a8l starts fine after 30 seconds it stalls then can be restarted like nothing ever happened then repeats this process every 30 seconds at an idle or going down the road at any speed. if im going 50mph or above when it stalls i can mash the gas pedal and it will recover and go for another 30 seconds under 50mph i have to restart.

Can I put a motor from a 1998 jeep grand cherokee in a 2000 jeep grand cherokee. Also would the transmission and 4 wheel drive work in the 2000?

We recently moved from WI to Houston, TX and have found that our Jetta has become increasingly harder to start in the morning. Sometimes it takes more than one attempt to keep it running, and we have to use the accelerator to keep the revs up enough to prevent the engine from dying. After the first start it is fine for the rest of the day, however we do notice that the revs dip initially after the engine turns over, and then return to a steady idle, as if some sensor is kicking in. Just wondered if anyone has dealt with this, or if they know what the problem is.

can not get out of park have to use manual over ride

Had clicking with intermittent starting Would start when starter was pounded on.. replaced starter still no start.. replaced the neutral safety switch still no start.. Now what ???


My car failed smog for the 15mph max is 64 I had 66. I failed by 2 points. 1) Will it help to drive your car for about 1/2 hour before. 2) but before doing that, does it help to put in fuel injection fluid when 1/4 tank of gas run car hard then take it in for smog, then put in the gas?
3) I did not do my spark plugs for 3 years. Will it help to get those changed before my retake on my smog. 4) Does it help to drive the car in the rain? Thank you

Thursday, 02/10/11, car door auto latch started making bad noise in driver's door. Friday, 02/11/11, in afternoon it sounded worse. That same night, at 7:30, drove to store, locked car - sound even worse. And when drove home and tried getting out - door would not open. Latch would not pull up. I had to use remote to unlock my door. What went wrong SO fast?

I have a 91 mazda miata. just bought the car so i am tuning it up. changed the plugs, wires, and air filter. now the car wont start. i have checked the firing order 3 times. so i put the old plugs and wires back in and it still wont start. any suggestions?

I have a '93 Ford Escort that I am trying DESPERATELY to sell (for a lousy $500 yet). The battery would not stay working so I just finally started taking the cables off when I turned the car off. That has worked.However, before I figured this out (and had the battery charged at Auto Zone) a guy came over and I would have definitely sold it but-well you know-the battery would not stay on. Anyway, like I said, I charged the battery. But then he calls and says, "Well, I'm really worried about maybe it's the alternator. So I asked this guy that works in the shop down at the Shell station and he said the sure-fire way to know if it's the alternator is to keep the car running and then take off the positive battery cable. If the car turns off, then the alternator's bad". Of course, my car turned off when I did this. This sounds funky to me, though, but hey, I'm not a mechanic. I don't want to be a chicken**** and sell the car if there really is an alternator problem.Does anybody know what's up?

Right rear axle leaking grease. Have found several different sets of instructions for replacing bearing and seal but none seem to accurately describe this vehicle. Axle appears to have part of the abs system (looks like a gear)on the axle on the inside of the bearing. Apparently this must be removed before the bearing and seal can come off. How do I do this? Is it pressed on and off. Is there a bearing retaining ring in front of the bearing? Thanks

ok replaced fan,coolant temp sensor, still running constantly,and loudly too???? Any suggestions???

some of the lights on my dashboard do not work. Is this a fuse problem or light bulbs?

transmission went out, I am looking for a used one. Which model years would have the same transmission?
thank you