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wont charge and have changed the battery and the atl what could be wrong
engine will turn over but will not start, not firing
Hello. I just took my 1994 Chrysler New Yorker to get e-checked, and it failed on NO (NOx). HC and CO were within specification. The reading for NO was 830.2 @ppm and the spec is 796.0 @ppm. The Vehicle was at normal ...
Alternator belt broke when alternator locked up. Replaced alternator 3 times, battery replaced along with starter. Third alternator still will not charge. Replaced Meter fuse inside of car. What do I do now?
My rear airbags stay up for a few days then won't inflate again for a few more days. I want to find the location of the pump to see if it might be a loose connection.Can someone help?
i would like to check into getting my engine replaced
Both keys are locked in the truck. I've been to two dealers and neither one can cut the right key. Both have given me keys with the part# of 158026223. Does any know the right part#?.
i change the spark plugs,and now i have a malfuntion,showing code # po 305-306,i need to know the piston location on the firing order for a 2003 honda odessey
2000 mystique the signal lights stop working. the flashers and the park lights work fine. bulb are all good. fuses are all good. two fuses wont give a reading in the slots they are placed in. i moved them to another s...
When driving at speed of 40 plus on the drivers side I hear a whistling sound. sound not audible when window is closed
I got 2009 chevy express. When i open the door domelight wont come on. My overide button is pulled out. I can turn on the light by moving the button all the to the right but then light stays on. any thoughts?
my 94 toyota is not cooling as it should.
I can’t shift gears at all it has to be done manual with a key. Why is that’s and how can it be fixed?
I started my Ls and white smoke came from the exhaust tail pipes in the rear for the first time ever. I have a 3.9L which I turned off immediately. The oil level was low on the dip stick barely reading oil measure. ...
The brake warning light stayed illuminated after a cold start. No issues prior. We did have two brand new tires installed on the rear a couple days earlier. Could this be related?