The panel light flickers daily.The dash light setting is at it's max, otherwise the radio panel will go blank.

When I started my car up, the light stayed on, car appeared to be shaking, it also blinked. My steering wheel has also been shaking pretty hard.

I just bought a VW Jetta with a 2.0L engine, and 69000 miles. when does VW recommend you change the timing belt? I can't find it in owners manual...Thanks in advance

the starter rod does not come out to remove the upper section

Brakes out, had to push down pedal to the floor to stop.

need an estimate on how long it takes to remove and reinstall a manual transmission in a 99 hyundai accent

Regardless of what mode or fan speed, I believe it may be associated with the temp control thermostat

My fuel gauge would only read 3/4 full after fill-up and then it became that I was unable to fill the tank completely before the pump would shut off. The dealership said the rollover valve was defective and that the entire tank had to be replaced. However after spending $1,000 on this I still had the problem They then said the sender valve was defective and replaced it at no cost.The problem then went away. My question is was it really necessary to replace the fuel tank or were they trying to cover up an unnecessary repair?

On my 94 C4 Vette Coupe, I need to change the outer door seals. Is repo parts from the major Vette vendors as good as GM seals and what is the rivet size? Thanks

I lost break lights and cruise control fuse is still good any suggestions?

the check engine light came on while driving. the diagnosis gave code po736 and po700. what does this mean and is it expensive to fix?

at the cold winter time air suspension dos not work, some times it takes an hour to run the engine until the car comes up

Intake manifold has a hole in it a new one cost is $700.00 dollars, what is the cost for labor to get car running

a dealer has tried to tell me that i had to have my fuel rails and injectors cleaned every 25,000 mi.at a cost of 100.00, is this another scam

the car will not come out of park unless i use the release button .