Hi, Im trying to find an all inclusive estimate for a ball joint replacement. The estimate only lists lower ball joint replacement. It does not list upper ball joints as an option.
Is there another option I should select or does this model only have lower ball joints.

I've had the car for 5 1/2 months and driven 10,000 miles, when the clutch went out and the spider gear exploded from the transmission. I was coming up to a stop sign and depressed the clutch, heard a pop and the clutch would not come back up. When taken to dealer, they will not cover under my bumper to bumper warranty.

What is the proceedure for changing the
Spark Plugs on 2003 mercury Marauder?

I was told that the waterpump needs to be replaced plus all belts when timingbelt is replaced, when calling for price quote. I have had other cars with timing belts replaced and didn't replace waterpump and had no problem. What is is the normal

i just want to know how much it will cost me to get my valves adjusted profesionaly and i want to kno how much would it cost to get a mechanic to replace my timing belt

Coolant leak at the heater core. The core itself is fine; the leak is at the inlet/outlet connections. The repair is not difficult, but I am unable to find the parts I need - O-rings & quick release clamps. Checked auto part stores, radiator shops & GM dealer.

Whwer is cam sensor located and how do you change it dealers want 175.00 labore cant be that hard to change just dont know where its at on the motor 2008 dodge avenger 2.4L

Car has 117,000 miles. Makes kinda loud winding like noise when accelerate or idle. Seems to minimize afysr car has been driven a bit. No engine lights, oil changed regularly

could a bad coolant temp sensor, egr or map sensor cause lack of power, slow pickup of speed when I slowing let off on the pedal. I get a pop through the TBI when I gun it and want to stall. and also been wanting to stall and rough idling. please,want some one answer me.

where is it located? what is the best way to change it?

I want to replace my automatic trans with a zf 5 speed.
will I have any problems with the ECM.
any input will be great
thanks Warren

My left turn signal works normally but my right signal is flashing at 2-3 times the rate of the left one. All else works fine.

what repair is needed to correct this problem

my mazda is not geeting the fuel its suppose to it even miss sometime while escellerating, i even put new plugs & also my engine light isnt on if thats any help......And i changed both rear struts and I still hear a banging rattling noise coming from rear even if a hit the smallest bump what could cause this

how can i found out what is wrong with driver side power seat that just stopped working all at once?