problem just started.

replaced the fan and the hydraulic pump and the fan still wont turn

I'm having the same problem as far as the ABS and Traction control light coming on. I have a 05 chevy Equniox and when ever I start the truck and go to pull off the brakes starts to vibrate and is hard to stop until the ABS and Traction control light comes on and then your able to brake with no problem but the lights stay on. I just replaced the rotors, brake pad & abs wheel speed sensor and still have the same problem with abs and traction control light coming on...Any advise of what next to do??

where is the fuse box in the car

my turning signals do not work at all they wont come up on the dash or make the clicking noise nothing. The left light comes on manually if i keep moving the lever but the right doesnt come on at all. My hazard lights come on on the dash still though.

Do any of the shops in or around Cedar Rapids, IA program th remotes for Land Rovers? Or do I have to drive to Des Moines?

My right blinker isn't working in the back only. Could this be the fuse or do I have to replace the switch?

My interior lights don't work and my tail lights don't turn On either. But my head lamps work and my brake lights as well. I checked the fuses and wiring and everything seems good.
The problem started ever since I replaced my shifting sensor.

not that often every now and then the words (main request) comes on or lights on

The car is parked on our driveway away from the road, and if the doors are locked either with the remote or manually, the alarm goes off from time to time for no reason. It also happens in parking lots; the battery is quite new in both the car and the remote. No-0ne seems able to figure out how to fix it.

the power point in my center console is not working i have looked and can not find the fuse that belongs to it, did i overlook something? how can i get the powerpoint to work

my drivers seat is wore out,will the drivers seat and passenger seat swap out?

as i said i changed the oil and filter . ran car for about 20 miles parked it light did not come on the whole time. Then noticed oil leak at oil pressure switch for the light was leaking pretty good. So I want down to autozone put the one they gave me in now light and buzzer go off again above 2000 rpms. Oil pressure at normal temp is 2.5 bar and goes up with rpm. Maybe wrong switch? The one I took out is original equipment. says 1.6-2.0 bar on it. Maybe something in oil screen at oil pick up? I don't know because I have good oil pressure.

Thank You
Matt 95 Audi Quattro 90

how do i change the master cylinder break actuator valves

this happen all the time,