outside lock panel on driver door broken. at first when locked door upon getting out of car, all the door locks would lock except the driver door lock but I would manually lock it and get out. explorer would still unlock for a while when i used the door code to get in. but now when i use the door code, the locks would not unlock.

How do you get access to parking light bulb?

i am having problems with my starter. it turns on by itself. i have replaced the siliniod, starter, ingition switch and wiring from the starter from the siliniod. this problem still happens. what can cause this to happen?

I have looked a bit , but I don't see an easy way to replace the head light bulbs ? Does the entire assembly have to come out ? Hoping to get a brighter bulb ? suggestions ?

My ac just stopped working can anyone help me?

how do i change spark plugs, step by step instructions

my engine light remains on as a permanent display i have no idea what could be causing the light to remain on

Having a hard time finding bleeder valve.

some times when i start my car and shift it into drive the check engine comes on. and the car is real slugish. what causes this and how can i stop this from happening

my battery,fuses, cap ands rotor are good, but it won't turn over

Hello guys,
The 300E and the E320 do they have the same engine oil pan and ABS control module?

The "Service Ride Control" message appears on my 2004 Escalade ESV, every time I start it. I think the problem is the back left sensor. I removed the back left wheel,so I could get to the sensor. I then remove the sensor from the bracket and moved the are up and down several times. I thought I had the problem fixed because the message went away, but now it it back. Can anybody help me? Also does anyone know if that sensor can keep the little air compressor behind the back left tire from coming on? Thanks in advance for any help that may be offered. Spearchucker

I have a new battery, fuses, and starter. When i turn the key on it show's i got power, but it's not turning over.

dimmer needs to be replaced but I'm wanting to just connect the wires behind the switch since I never use the dimmer anyway.There are 2 red wires and 1 black wire.How would I go about connecting them.

I shut the car engine off and the alarm tripped, now the alarm won't shut off so the car doesn't start. I tried the key in the door and disconnecting the battery but no luck. Some one told me to splice the orange wire in the door harness and ground it but there are so many wires in the door and none are orange. Please help!