my car would not start and someone gave me a jump and my car started but as soon as i shut my car off, it would not start again.should i replace the altenator?

What is the cost of a Power Steering Pump? Should i be concerned if the pump has leakage and how many days i can live with it without fixing?

level suspention control on rear d/s lowel control arm

I had recently been to firestone and had been told that the Oil Pan is leaking. On the estimates they have put JV8 Oil Pan set and the cost is mentioned as $ 62.78. Labor has been estimated as 158.40 is tht a fair estimate?

Every so often the engine will die for no reason. There is no sound or anything. I shift into neutral and start the car and keep going.

lights wont come, lights will come on when egnine not running.1999 gmc yukon thinking it the multi switch

My car wont start, the fuses, starter and battery is good. when you turn the key the car will not crank and the wipers don't work. Any ideas

engine knock under load

will not shift into third or fourth gear

It goes in reverse but as soon as i step on the gas, it cuts off. I dont think that its the trans but i need to know whats wrong with it. Help!!!!

I have had this car for four years now. I recently replaced the alternator and battery. But still having power problems. It runs great but it will turn off after 20 minutes (shorter if running headlights,radio,etc.) My infiniti G20 alternator keeps going out and battery dies.
One thing I noticed is the ABS light comes on shortly before the car is going to lose power and die. Please help!

I get a strong smell of gasoline when I start the engine especially in cold weather. During the summer months it seldom happens. Upon inspection I do not see any raw fuel seeping anywhere. Any clues?

I have the OEM PCV valve and have a hard time getting the
hose to inserted into the PCV valve and the other end that
going in the manifold, please advise.

The rear gate won't unlock electrically. Can it be opened manually from the inside.

1) Once you get the front engine pully bolt off, do you need a special puller to remove it.
2) The left cam seal has blown out, assuming I can replace it is there a high incidence of this happening again? The care as 180k on the engine but still runs well.
3) To replace a clutch does the entire engine need to be removed?