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How do I recgarge the A/c on my car? Where I work we sell the cans of refrigerant but how & where do I put the stuff into the system?
Diagnostic code P 1491 - Malfunction in EGR System. Check engine light stays on however ports were cleaned one year ago. Light stayed off until one week ago (6/1/10). What is code 1491 exactly.
blower motor only worked on high speed. not doesn't work at all. Motor or resistor?
I just purchased a very clean 2002 TDI Jetta Wagon, w/automatic transmission. It has 148,000 mile. It runs fine, but seems to have a slight delay in the shifting sometimes. I was told this is a common 2002 only probl...
my 1995 nissan altima will crank ver bt will not start. i have changed the cap rotor coil and spark plug wires and thecr stillwill not start. i have no i d not know what else i can do can anyone help me.
tried to shift into 4WD low and the dash indicator lights went out. The service 4WD light came on and the truck is stuck in neutral
Rack and pinon was replaced because of leakage. After the repair when the care was started (cold starts) it would jump to 2000rpm. Returned the car and they manage to drop the idle to 1600rpm on cold starts. I know th...
air conditioner still cools, but blower does not work. can't hear the motor working on it
the car at low speeds around town, after stopping and then accelerating to go it acts like it wants to stall. It hesitates. Had injectors and the throttle body cleaned. Changed the plugs. Cleaned the IAC valve but pro...
How are liftgate strut supports removed and new ones put in?
I was told I'd have to replace the fuel pump in order to replace the fuel level sensor. I have a late model 2001 Buick LeSabre Custom. Can anyone tell me if this is correct?
We have always had this issue with this van. Bought with 48,000 mils and now have over 160,000 miles. The car will slightly surge/slow during driving steady at one speed. More noticable with the cruise on. You can see...
How do you replace the power steering pump?
My car has started making a very loud noise when I drive. At first I thought it was tire problems. Put two new tires on front and it didn't help. Noise kind of a roar sound like you are driving on a bad road.
There is no motor sound, nothing happens when you try to open a window What can be the problem?