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When putting fuel into tank it backflows like tank is full.I have taken apart fuelfiller line and both vent lines and cleaned. I am still having the same problem even gas is coming back up into the vent lines.
My 99 has over 300k miles. I've already moved on to a newer car, but am trying to keep it running for a family member. A year ago it began stalling with increasing frequency and growing difficulty restarting. Mechanic...
Jumpstart works for about half hour and then when I try to start again, I see the lights for some time, would not start and head light turns on and stays on. So, assuming battery is fine. What could be the problem?
Check engine light P0443 EVAP canister purge control valve circuit fault came on. I replaced fuel cap light went off then came back on. How do you check sensor and valve?
I have a 1996 Honda Civic ex, bought just a few mths ago. Check engine light came on, took it to get tested and was told it was the cat. converter. Took it to a friend of mine that said no, if it were it would do this...
I am trying to figure out where to loosen and not to loosen the auto tensioner for the drive (serpentine) belt... Chilton only gives info and photos on the civic and says they are similar... NOT!!!!!
I drive my 1994 buick lesabre and when i go to get off the freeway or have been driving for very long the car dies like it is out of gas and won't start right away. it acts like it is out of gas. If i wait for a few m...
ac not working the clutch isnt engaging. seems to be intermitent power to the compressor is this normal
It seems that a "door" is not shutting on the a/c unit. It is blowing cold on the driver's side and the passenger side is hot. We have tried cutting the system off for a little bit & when it starts back it is a litt...
My air bag ligth came on, how much is this going to cost, could it be a sensor or is there a real problem?
the check engine light constantly stays on,and cold starts dont wanna idle at all,but once it gets going,it starts and drives fine afterwards,till the next morning cold start,pleaseee help!!
The fan....heat.....air conditioning.....NOTHING IS COMING ON! It was working Saturday night and when I got back in the car two hours later NOTHING!!!!!!!!
When my car is running there is a hissing noise. The noise goes away if I move the steering wheel just a tiny bit in either direction and hold it. If I let go, the noise persists. The power steering pump was replaced ...
A/C works in the back but not the front..what can i do?
just noticed today that when i turn my blinkers on (right or left) the left side of dash goes black and does not come back on.