i got the car from my cousin she said she was driving the car and heard a pop she didnt think itwas her car so she keep driving then the car made a loud noise and she pulled over and the car shut off.

I order all four rotors and disk brakes and replaced the back and then the front: The back were replaced rotor and pads on the front the pads were not the right one could not fine them so i order them, replace the pads and started the can and got all kind of warnings and brake wear warning on the middle screen. What went wrong. ????

water pump is fine so is thermostat but gets really hot just taking it around the corner

Feels like the transmission thinks the accelerator is fully depressed, but it is not. Occasionally will shift down going downhill, just after the accelerator is lifted.

My timing belt broke. Is the Cirrus 2.5 v6 engine an interference engine? If I change the timing belt will the car still work or should I sell it?

Bakersfield, CA, February 12, 2011, 12:21
do i need a high teck divice to get my truck to work every time i try to start it or what do i need to do to dissalarm the alarm so i can start it every time this is stupid having to wait 10 mins for the light to quit flashing on the dash so it will start????????????????????????

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the motor is striped out and can hear the motor spinning

car shakes at 60+ mph. front end aligned, new tires (balanced ) bearings packed twice in two months, new pivot arm. 178,000 miles on vehicle.
What will stop the "shake"???

does a 2011 chevy equinox have a timing belt or chain?

97 Yukon has poor acceleration above 20 MPH. Sometimes problem goes away for a few days. Just replaced fuel filter, Had fuel pressure checked and is is 62 PSI. Had MAF sensor and injectors replaced a few months ago. Please help.

The engine was smoking, however the temperature was half way. The engine shut off. It felt like it was hot, however the temp gage was half way. Checking the engine the top water hose was sucking in while I accelerated. So was the hose going to the PVC. I replaced both, however the engine misfires and it get worse when it goes over 4000 RPM. The oils seems fine, however residues of oil were found in the radiator water. As it get running the water starts bubbling. What can cause this?

Directions on how to replace a power steering pump, please.

The back up sensor system is beeping continuously every time the transmission is in reverse. This no occurs even when there is nothing behind the van. The sensor system has always worked correctly until this weekend. The sensor system normally beeps when there is on object behind the van and the time between beeps decreases as the van get closer to the object until the beep is continuous.

car wants to stall when gas is slightly over 1/4 tank but runs fine when above any help

can you tell me bolt sizes for the calipers and the caliper bridge 1998 nissan altima