I need to replace my driver side exterior door lock (the handel is broken) can you tell me what do i need to do or how much would a mechanic charch?

remove rear speaker

How do you replace a fuel pump in a 2000 Town & Country, 3.8 motor?

I appreciate your help!

loses power going up a hill put only in overdrive

where is the fuse for the turn signals in a 1996 buick regal?

every one or two days when playing the radio etc, sound will start making loud noise like Static then all sound goes
off for hours at a time. Sound returns after car is parked and of for a couple of hours.

how do i change the brake pads on a 1997 mercedes benz s420

I replaced the battery with a new one and now the power door locks, windows, fan and air conditioning don't work. It runs great except for that. I did have the alternator replaced two years ago .. It does make a clicking sound now but otherwise seems to work fine.

Nose and hood crushed in rear end accident. How replace hood?

Friday after work I started the car in a sheltered car garage and as soon as I started the car the after the initial start up sequence the check engine light stayed on and the traction control (ETS) light stayed on and right next to it on the left side the "VSC Off" light kept blinking and flashing. I turned off the car and started it several times to see if that did anything and to no avail nothing happened.

While I was driving those lights stayed on and the VSC off light kept on blinking.

I also checked the brakes and the brake fluid and they all seem to be fine, I even checked the gas cap and fuel door as well, also I checked the air filter, the MAFS the intake box, the Vacuum hoses, also used a fuel injector cleaner to see if the problem was caused with a dirty injector, but the light stayed on and blinked constantly.

I am not sure what is wrong. I was looking at some of the complaint sites and most people say it happens when you drive through a deep puddle or if it is cold and wet outside. But that didn't make sense because I drove in the snow and those lights never turned on. The only time I used the ETS button is during the snow storms and I drive at low speeds. Also when those customers went to the dealership and had it checked out the dealership told them that it was because the gas cap wasn't tightly shut but even after that the customer's ETS light, check engine light and "vsc off" light kept lighting up.

I need to know why this VSC off light is blinking? Is it a bad sensor or is the ABS/ETS brake system broken or is it an ECU issue or is it because of an alignment. Also is it the cabin air filter because I didn't replace it and it was pretty dirty when the technician at Toyota showed me. Since I was told to get an alignment soon. I just got the oil change, the 50 point visual inspection, tire rotation, and wiper blade insert replacement back on thursday February 24,2011 and the technician told me that everything was checked out ok except for the dirty cabin air filer

my 1994 mazda protege is leaking brake fluid

what can be done if the motor is locked up

I own a 1986 BMW 524td turbo diesel that needs a head gaskt. The local machine shop said that the head has a .010 warp. I am not a fan of machined heads. Can I use a three notch head gaskt instead of the stock two notch thinking that the thicker gskt will absorb the warp? I am a 1950's motor head and remember spray painting a new head gaskt before installing it because of the same problem. Will this trick work here? I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks, LR.

what is the name of the part that the rear strut goes through that holds it in place?

heater blower motor fails to operate, where is the relay?