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When you put it in D it won't move or accelerate very slowly.

Just purchased the car. Noticed oil leaks at the bottom of the car after a overnight park at the garage. What could be the problem? Does the NYS lemon law warrants such repair from the selling used car dealer? Please advise. Thanks.

Our vehicle has only 27,300 miles but is 6 years old. We do mostly local driving so we did a pre-emptive brake pad replacement on both front and rear. A caliper seal was leaking so we had to do that replacement also. Does this seem early or is it a function of brake time like the pads?

asc light is blinking

Car not started for 3-4days. When trying to start it clicks. Had two new batteries plus same problem. mechanic said diagnosis shows no problem but possibly a short of some kind drawing down the battery when off. any answers?

need to replace the cv-shaft for front axel(cv-shaft, or axel)also replacing the upper control arm and lower ball joit

when the engine is cold it starts rough and will not idle, but once the engine warms up it runs smooth. what controls the cold idle function

how much for radiator and labor on average

What makes a lexus leak gas out of the exhaust pipe

Seat beat cord gets stuck and is worn thin-about to break-difficult to use seat belt-please help!

The rear heat is not working in my car, it just blows cold air. Sometimes the front passenger side will do the same thing while the driver side is blowing hot air. Any suggestions on what this could be?

it happens every time i drive it. always at lower shift speeds never at higher speeds.

How do you remove and replace the front door seals on a 1991 Jaguar Vanden Plas?

The knocking sound just started after i reversed the mini van from a pot hole. What can I do to put it back in order?

what dose it take to remove the engine from a 1991 E350 van econoline has a cleveland 351 in it...dosr the front clip come apart to enable this removal?