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2 of my intake fuel hoses burst after finishing lunch about to drive the car, with gas all over the ground. I got it replaced and about to pick up the car, but just worried, I mean a fuel line just doesn't burst like that right?? That's a deadly hazard. What may have caused it, I haven't bruised anything because it didn't burst when driving but during lunch(assumed). High fuel pressure??
I've also been having the engine codes for a while p0170 and p0173, saying burning rich. Anyhow related?

This started happening about 4 days ago. I have to step on the gas and the break to keep the car on. When it just idles it turns off, and also when I start from a complete stop. Please help. Thank so much

It starts perfectly on cold engine. When the engine is hot, many times, it won't start. Sounds like it's choking. If I put the gas pedal halfway maximun when starting, it helps. Once it starts, even if it was hot, it works perfect and never stops on idle.

bought the car 6 months ago and first time happened

need to know what all do you have to replace when your airbags are depolid

Recently I went into have my usual oil change and air filter change. I asked if the fuel filter needed to be changed, since my car is at 170,000 miles. He informed me my car had no fuel filter but would require a fuel system service. Is that right? I thought all vehicles had a fuel filter?

Stuck in ignition and tumbler set in lock position. Does anyone know how to remove theve tumblers without seting it to the accessories position? Steering wheel is locked and car will run but cannot steer. Thanks

It occurs sparingly, never know when. The truck could sit for days and all of a sudden gas is leaking. I can go in the store come out gas is leaking. But, for the first time Friday it leaked while I was driving. I eve changed gas caps. Some mechanics say they can bypass and use just 1 tank, but I'm just curious is that stopping the pressure. And, can I BLOW up with gas leaking from the truck?

how long to replace water pump

took to shop, replaced oil pump and then oil leaks, replaced the dipstick tube, timing chain gasket, and other gaskest, still getting leaks, dude says its the tappet pan cover gasket, replaced that, still leaking and smoking, got second opinion, its the oil pump gasket, get that replaced, then the oil pressure drops again, take it back, they claim the replaced oil pump, says the dipstick tube was leaking like a siv, so the replaced that and the timing chain gasket too. then he says, if the pressure drops again, it's your bearing!? Really? is that the case, our maintenance book doesn't say anything about a bearing regarding low oil pressure. help please? Is this guy telling us that he's done doing business with us?

Had a rebuilt engine put in, then had lifter noise. New head and lifters done, still has lifter noise. Has anyone experienced this?

My check engine light came on, and the code indicates that I need to change out the oxygen sensor. I do not know where this is located. Can you please send me a diagram, and instructions? Thank you

I noticed that my "ESP" showed up on the screen two days ago. It comes on, but it always go off. I don't know why it is showing on the screen. I haven't had that much trouble with it at all. Can I still drive it in this condition? How long can I drive it? How much will it cost to get it repaired. Can my husband repair it? I don't want to take it to a Mercedes Bentz Dealer because they are going to charge me a great deal of money that I don't have. Can anyone recommend something different? Thanks for all of your help. Rose

how much would it come out to be to change the four shocks absorbers