where are the freeze plugs on the front of the engine. I think one is leaking behind the idler pully assy.

During the winter the temperture hand on my car will barely move, and the car runs badly.It idle from real low to real high. the more I drive it the more the hand drops. During the summer the hand is good and the car runs great.

something is draing the battery, change the alternator but it still wont stay on (CHARGING AND 4WABS) LIGHTS COME ON

How much does it usually cost to replace GMC ABS sensor system

Car won't turn left or right

Although it sounds obvious its not where is the battery located on a 2008 Mercedes Benz C 300 4 matic the manual says under the hood ... but its not visible...help

we had the engine replace, because after rewiring it was having problems starting, so we started off by replacing the battery, starter, alternator, then the low oil pressure light came on .. no compression so we replace the engine, now the security light comes on. this was the problem prior to replacing those listed parts after we had a mechanic do a full rewiring, which was done first, then replaced the engine now the car starts, wont start sometimes and then start, but cannot be driven due to the security light. could it be a cross of wiring? or is there a way we can reset the security system? it can be started manually from the engine but it wont start the gas pump.

I have a Rendezvous with 95,000 miles on it. If I pay to have the head gasket replaced along with the 100,000 work done at the same time, 1.) will the engine last another 100,000 miles? 2.) Can I drive it once a year to Florida. Thank you, Patrick

I am taking out the engine in my lumina and need to know how many bolts hold the engine to the transmission. I have disconnected everything else. I can see 5 bolts of which 3 have been removed thus far.

Just want to know how to change plug tube seals and if any specialty tools are required

A check engine light came on and the code read that it was the variable valve timing gear. Does this car have variable valve timing gears and could it be something much simpler like a sensor? Dealer wants $1800 to fix. ouch Any ideas. Plus my usually reliable mechanic is a little unfamiliar with lexus/toyota and he says he doesn't think he sees thenm in this car. Go figure.

i had a leak in my fuel line now it wnt fire up i need to know if u need to bleed the fuel lines cause theres air i n them? i changed the fuel filter too it wnt fire but it cranks over good.

heres my problem i changedthe fuel filter. i need to know cause i had a leak in the line too so i replaced the filter an part of the fuel lin. now do i need to bleed the line for air cause it wont fire it cranks but dnt seem like gas is gettin there?

We have checked the fuel pump relay and fuse and both seem to o.k. but the fuel pump will not prime. We have switched out the like relays and still no avail. There is less a little less than 1/4 tank of fuel.

My electric door locks & the electric fuel door quit working at the same time. I checked the fuses under the hood & under the driver side dash. They are all OK. Is there something in common for these two things? Any Ideas? Thanks.