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My passenger window on my 2004 honda accord went down ok but when I went to close the window it went up very slow then stopped. I have 1inch of open space. Is there a way to manually roll up the window or do I just h...
After taking the steering wheel off to diagnose the problem I noticed when moving the shifter that the prndl indicator moves in sync but the bottom of the shaft where the cable attaches does not move until approx 45 d...
My Yukon has begun to run a bit rough and when I get the engine up to 2000 rpms it begins to make a loud noise and runs very rough. This only happens when the a/c is on.
What is the average cost of an oil change with this car? I'm considering buying this car used, and I need to know.
the fuel system
Could you please tell me the firing order of the sprak plugs on my 1990 Isuzu Trooper 2.8L V6
my brake bar on trunk has lights out how do i fix it and how to get brake bar off?
I have an AT and after driving for 20 minutes or so the check gauges light comes on and my oil pressure gauge reads almost zero. When I start it in the morning it idles at 40 and I drive 30mi to work. About 20 minutes...
i feel a slight rub in the right front break would that be pads or a rotor
Every time I use my air conditioner, water leaks into my passenger side floor board. I called midas and they told me it should be a simple fix and shouldn't cost anything. However, when I took it in they said that t...
The heating and cooling fan switch in the cabin is no longer working when turned on to all levels. Is this a DYI repair? If not, how much?
i replaced my fuel pumped every couple months for the last year.. im wondering why i would have to replaced them every month..
the wheel came loose and some one said it was front axle
load rattling noise when engine starts