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the check engine has been on for weeks now , in nthe last two days the car has stalled twice but i was able to restart after waitinga few minutes then 15-20 minutes. What should i do ?
When I come to a stop at a traffic light or in traffic my vehicle wants to die.
How to replace a charcoal cannister in my car?
how do you get to the air filter under the dash?
I am trying to track what I think is an electrical problem with fuel system, no power to pump. All fuses ok. I cant get power to the plug, on the main harness, for the fuel pump. Any idesa on where to start?
I replaced the spark plugs and was wondering if I should replace the wires also. Sounds like it is missing
my honda crv 1997 runs only at 3km/l. it consumes a lot of gas but it runs great. already had a tune-up, change oil, change transmission fluid, valve clearance checked. what could be causing this?
The driver's seat chair won't move back and forth. I hear the motor clicking, but the seat won't move. Is the chair broken, the motor, or both?
My 01 S80 clunks when going over bumps 30-40 mph. I have replaced the struts, upper mount plate for struts, sway bar end links, and lower control arms. Everything else is tight, or seems to be. This never happened un...
No problems with the timing belt now; just don't want to spend money unnecessarily if not needed.
i have a 1994 land rover discovery that is leaking antifreeze, because of that its overheating and stalling. i refilled the antifreeze and it stayed in a few hours and then leaked out again. i had a power steering p...
I need to replace blower final stage fan resistor.where can i find it?
not getting any spray from injectos gas is getting to the bowls but not spraying out when trying to start could they just be dirty or could they be faulty
The bulb that lights the floor mount shifter is burnt out and needs replacement. How do I get to it?
This happens when my car is hot, sometime I can restart it right away some times have to wait a while, what can this be