How do I turn off the heated seats on my pt cruiser. I just bought it 4 days ago it doesn't it didn't come with a manuel , thanks

is the torque converter clutch circuit on the outside of the transmission.

when driving at highway speeds(60-70mp) the loud exhaust drone is overpowering. Suburban is quiet and smooth when coasting. However the drone is overpowing during slight exceleraion which is especialy noticable in highest gear.

egr cooler replacement

it has tubro kit labor cost ?

could an unprogramed key affect the start of my car? had it checked out and mechanic said it was the key that was causing the no starts.

the front heater core do you have to pull the dash to replace

I have a 2003 Dodge ram 4.7. When changing the oil I noticed some brown goo on the oil neck. The engine runs fine, no knocks. This appears to be coolant mixant in the oil. Could this be a head gasket or an intake gasket? Any suggestions? I just bought the truck 4 months ago :(

need to replace the headlight on the passanger side of vehicle...need to know how...can't seem to figure it out...

where is the thermostat located and how do you install it

I have 41117 miles on my Jaguar. I notice that when it sits during the winter months the Fault Brakes will not release and the light shows cannot apply Park
brake but park brakes will not release. I took it in to the dealership they said it was the battery after being ripped for $165.00 its still doing. Called back and was told to gun it and it should break loose didn't work.

I just replaced my water pump. But 3 days later I went to go out and it would not start. I turns over and i can hear my fuel pump kick on. I also have spark on my plugs. Is it possible to be my fuel filter or is there something else that it could be with car?

no voltage at fuel pump, where is fuel relay location

there is a leak in side the car and the water gos to the back floor and it,s very wet the leak seems to being in the front seat .no ones seem,s to know please say did i dropp a bottle of water please help me

how to remove belt tensioner pully assembly