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when i drive a car for long time like 30 minutes then oil leak from oil pressure switch

on a 2005 malibu maxx ls 3.5l where is the vent valve solenoid located a picture would be nice. auto zone and advance doesnt have them so no pic. code for this is P0449
thanks for any help

I have a trunk leak issue....specifically once it rains or after washing the car a large amount of water gets trapped between the layers of the truck deck. It is noticable two ways...first, you can hear it "shoshing" when it opens and closes. Secondly, the water tends to find its way out around the latch as well as the seams. The seams being along the edge where the two layers are attached. Where and how does this water enter the cavity of the trunk deck? I have a concern for rust developing over time.

I have a issue with the system check light. Our BMW used his diagnostic tool to check on the issue but he got 158 code which is not in his manual. I thought it was just bad gas and only started putting premium in the tank. That help for a little while but the light came on about a week. Also could you help me figure out why my cigarette lighter don't work. I am not sure which fuses is for the instrumentations or accessories for this function.

when starting accelarate to high rpm not all ways disconect air flow meter on passenger side very little change in rpm disconect air fiow meter on driver side rough idle loss of power accelerate fair when park could this be air flow meter issue or stopped up converter

Bad squeak in drivers seat. Loudness is worse when engine is off. When I reach behind and pull up on seat belt covers -noise stops. It seems to have started with pretensioner recall. When it went in for squeak complaint-nothing was done. Was referred to an upholstery shop but it is not the seat itself. What is my next step? My '07 Yaris only has 4K miles on it-I rarely drive but it is out of warranty.

engine light came on. Diagnostic said these codes.PO151,PO131, and PO455

I have removed all seven bolts, but this thing does not want to come off. Is it connected somewhere I can't see?

Changed a seized caliper after installing the new one I have no break peddal Tried bleedinit , but to no avail. I thought it was master cylinder Changed that also. Still no peddal

replaced slave and master cylinders..still no resistence.. but when i bleed it keeps taking fluid..i put two cans in so far and the level is still droping .where is it going if i dont see any leaks.can it hold that much??It just out new slave cylinder and the back seal was torn ???

Just purchased a Audi A8 Quattro and after driving for a while, a loud smell of fuel appears in the passenger compartment, anybody familiar with this problem

I have a 2006.5 Optima Lx, I need to have my serpentine belt replaced and since its a mid-year production car I wanted to know if anyone has had to replace theirs and if they were going by 2006 or 2007 (or if it matters). I wanted to find a deal online and then go have it installed. Thanks

The cooling fans quit in my 2002 camry. I replaced the fans and they still don't work. i replaced one of the fan relays and checked the others and the fans still don't run. i replaced the temp sensor and the fans still don't work. What else might be the problem? I also checked the fuses and they are good. I need help.

Can the blower motor be replaced without disconnecting air conditioning line? It looks like the battery box will need to be removed also. Is this true?

When I drive my 06 Range Rover Sport. I get a message that reads Leans in turn. And the amber suspension light comes on. What does this mean?