Why does the reverse gear in my car not working?

2007 Honda Accord @67K miles. Ck Engine light appeared. Took to dealership and diagnostic test showed CODE p0420. WARRANTY 8/80K miles covered the catalytic converter, but was told the warranty DOES NOT COVER THE O2 SENSOR.
Is this TRUE??

Was ALSO TOLD that the O2 sensor was "slightly bent" from "possible" debris from the road hitting it, but its no cause for alarm right now. QUESTION: Do i need to be proactive and go ahead and relace it anyway? If so, then How much will the O2 sensor cost to repair w/labor and all?


Vehicle sometimes feels like it takes too long to stop, I put the rear wheels in the air, using a floor jack. Put the vehicle in drive, and spun the rear wheels, when I would depress the brake pedal the rear wheels would keep spinning,and the anti-lock light is on. Is this normal? already tried replacing both wheel cylinders for drum brakes, and shoes are also new. Can anyone help me with this issue? any suggestions?

I have change the o2 sensor and the air control valve, It will not pass emmissions inspection. What do i do.

I have a 2005 F250 super duty and I can only put about 2 gallons of fuel in at a time. Fuel comes up the filler pipe and kicks off the pump nozzel. It's very frustrating to fill the tank this way. Any one no what's wrong?

code p2006

will start with quick start but dies after that burns out

im looking for door handles inside and out for my '95 geo prizm

I just bought a 2007 Ram 1500 that has 45000 miles on it. 2wd, 4.7l, quad cab, flex fuel. Truck ran fine for 700 miles, then I started hearing a ratcheting noise when I would crank the truck up and go from park to reverse. I crawled under it and it sounds like some kind of solenoid trying to engage, but it can't for some reason. Also, it only happens when the transmission is warm and idling fast. If you let the idle go down to about 700rpm, it doesn't make any noise. Only when it idles above 1000rpm does it happen. I have read several posts similar to this, but nobody seems to have an answer. I took it to a Dodge dealer and couldn't get anyone who knew what I was talking about. Took it to a transmission shop and the guy said that all later model Chryslers did this.

Another question - should the truck be idling that high after it is warm. It doesn't seem to matter how warm the engine is. When it fires off, it starts at about 1200rpm, then after 15 seconds it gradually starts to creep down to about 650rpm. I don't understand why it has to idle that high if it is hot. I did reset the PCM using the 31st fuse method and I unhooked the battery for about a half hour just for kicks.

About the only other issue with the truck is that it downshifts from 4th to 3rd very firmly. So firmly that it is almost a clunk. After I reset the PCM, this problem appeared to be resolved, but now it is back. Also, it would hold onto a shift longer when accelerating after I reset it. These two symptoms seem to go hand in hand.

Transmission fluid is full and very clean. Truck runs very smooth and tight. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

where is the fuel filter located on this car?

How do I reset the computer on my 2007 Dodge Ram 1500?

I bought the lexs gs300 about 6month ago and don't know if the water pump or timming belt has been change, how can I find out or would my check engine light come on.

Escort stopped on the highway. Turns over but won't start. Was running fine before this. Could it be the timing belt? How much to replace it and what else needs to be done at the same time?

engine turns over but want fire, have had two fuel pumps replace in two months. Started acting up again this week.Cant here the fuel pump come on, sometimes can try to crank it later and it might or might not. Its like its not getting power, what can cause this , also can something cause the pump to go bad

recently the interior lights stay on after shutting off the vehicle