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the AC compressor do not have electric power going to it. I tested with a probe and is not receiving juice.
how to i get the water pump out
My car overheats when it is driven for an extended period or if it's really hot and it's idles in traffic. It does not actully get into the red but it runs hotter than normal. As soon as I park and turn the engine o...
i replaced a fuel pump with a after market one and i still dont here the fuel pump running i checked the fuses and relays but i dont know how you would check a relay to see if its bad i undid a fuel line and turned th...
Earlier last week I noticed when leaving from work that antifreeze and water had leaked out from underneath....I put water in and the next day it was empty again...Yesterday on my way to work it started getting hot no...
I replaced all plugs and wires. I figured at 93k miles it was about due. I cleared the codes and drove for 3 days and codes and rough idle returned. It doesn't seem to have an obvious misfire until the code comes back.
There is a pulsing vibration only at 15-20 mph.
my car will not start. It seem like it want to start. This is the first time this has happern.
Is there anything unusual about changing the engine oil on this car? I've always had older cars and have always done all my own work so I am mechanically inclined. thank you
the front window washer stopped working. Want to take apart to be sure no garbage is locking impeller. Where is it and what's the easiest way to get to it? are there any good weebsites showing where parts are for su...
How do I get at the drivers power window switch cluster for replacement?
the dealers in my area are quoting over $900 for 90K service, thoughts? they probably want to replace the drive belt, is this neccisary on a 3 year old car with 90K miles?
How hard is it to replace the blower motor resister? And where is it?
When I use my ac, the blower only blows hard on the highest setting ac max. the 1-2-3 settings do not blow very hard at all.
check engine light is now on, vehicle does not idle very good, will even die at times.....vehicle runs great down the highway.