drivers side shoulder seat belt does not retract anymore

have to keep putting fluid in every few days to keep the steering from squeaking.

Does the computer [brain] have anything to do with the injector pump on a 1993 300D 2.5 mercedes? The two wires going to the injector pump, I know one turns the pump on what does the other wire do... I still am having problems with no power under pressure... sure could use some help and suggestions. I also need to know the torque setting for this car...

shudder when switching into overdrive runs good other than that i have changed plugs, coil packs, no codes. also have just cut off but starts right back up, but only does it every once in awhile

quoted me 850 dollars and said both sensors are bad at shop and said "both" need replacing. This price ounds very high-also, car hesitates at times-would that be caused by primary sensor?

my transmission coolant line hose broke off from metal piece that holds and clips is the hose on the left side if you were facing the car

no codes cames up on coder reader but i left the gas station and i had a trailer on the back .then it just stop hitting its passing gears i changed the strainer still no change /speed sensor no change so now ..i may have to change my trans.shift sensor silonoids u think this will solve my shifting problems? can u tell me where the shift sensors r located. is it where th strainer on trans?where? please help..

Showing an ESP sign each time you start a car. and there is high consumption of water/coolant have to refill every two days. cylinder head gasket and timing chain replaced.

The first time I turn on the ac for the day I some times have to hit the dash above or below the electronic controls

The truck starts everyday and runs fine..but it seems like every 10th or 12th start i will get a grinding noise (once or twice) then it will turn over and run fine. Could this problem be the starter? or the teeth?
The start did just get replaced.

Have checked owners manual,there is NO mention as to where the relay is for the directional,I have the pane off under steering whell and there are 2 relays on the outer side of the inside fuse box,however they are not marked so I still don't know where the directional flasher/ relay is located.Need help.Thanks.

From the start the machine starts to move in first gear, then the acceleration goes to the second, then third, etc. After stopping with the engine running (for example at traffic lights) is not transferred to the first gear. Remains at the third, which therefore makes it difficult to follow the beginning of the movement. Said that includes a third emergency third gear. After turning off the engine and then turn it on again triggered the first program again, etc. What could be causing this malfunction.
Thanks in advance.

I have an oil leak from the rear engine near the intake manifold by the 6th connector. The leak was just happened today. Is it part of the PVC? There is a series of 6 of these connectors just below the intake manifold. Not sure what the exact name of the part or what part needs to be replace. Oil is found around the section connecting to the manifold near the engine firewall, and its dripping down to the lower engine block and onto the exhaust manifold causing some unpleasant oil smoke. There is no trace of oil from the valve cover gasket near the rear of the engine. When engine idling , unable to detect where the leak is coming from. It is possible the oil leak is coming from PCV intake system. Please advise on potential problem and solution. I have done majority of the repair on this car and I'm fairly mechanically inclined with technical stuff.
Thank you for your time and assistant.
Richard Hoang -

before top centre or after to dead centre

i was driving and warning light on the dashboard came on indicating car to low and to park car.