Was checking fuses takeing them out one at a time
Now the car cranks but won't start.did I touch something that I should of not touch and how do I reset the cars computer.

engine starts normal but when i drive on dont go more than 10mph. what is the problem.??

I just want to drain the radiator without changing hose.

does anyone know where i can download a free repair manual for my 99 durango?

my oil pressure gauge seems to be too high. ive changed the oil and oil filter but have noticed no drop in the oil pressure. ive also noticed that it seems to lose power and wants to putt a little bit at least until the engine is running at a warm temperature. any ideas?

Brown Automotive diagnosed "oil in coolant with internal engine light" as internal engine damage (possible cracked head or block or head gasket but not the intake gasket). Their paper-work shows "34 engine cooling" and "32 engine mechanical". They recommend an engine replacement. Should I consider this an accurate assesment or get another opinion?

seat won't move up or down, and seat back won't go forward towards steering wheel, it will go back. anyone have a place to download a service manual?

Have a broken motor mount. How much to replace both motor mounts. Engine is leaning back toward the fire wall because of the front broken motor mount. Do not see any engine damage other than the cracked motor mount support bracket.


my car would not start and someone gave me a jump and my car started but as soon as i shut my car off, it would not start again.should i replace the altenator?

What is the cost of a Power Steering Pump? Should i be concerned if the pump has leakage and how many days i can live with it without fixing?

level suspention control on rear d/s lowel control arm

I had recently been to firestone and had been told that the Oil Pan is leaking. On the estimates they have put JV8 Oil Pan set and the cost is mentioned as $ 62.78. Labor has been estimated as 158.40 is tht a fair estimate?

Every so often the engine will die for no reason. There is no sound or anything. I shift into neutral and start the car and keep going.

lights wont come, lights will come on when egnine not running.1999 gmc yukon thinking it the multi switch