Every time I try to put gas in the car the nozzle jumps and stops repeatedly. It will take 50c max of gas at a time. A friend had the same problem with her Hyundai. Is this issue covered by the manufacturors warranty? Car has less than 100K on the clock.

the wipers are not working because the switcher is broken and I bought a new one to replace it but I do not know how to do it

I don't really know how to describe it. Car starts fine. Start driving - seems fine - then all of a sudden I lose acceleration power and have to sit on the side of the road not being able to accelerate. I've had luck driving it around a parking garage until the problem goes away but then when I get to my destination and get back in the car - the same thing AGAIN!

Need to get papers back that went under the front of the console, off the cover

The red brake light always on and i checked the brake fluid,it was full.Please what could have cause this

Please help me,I always in panic each time i service my x5 with 8litrs of oil because it'll only torched the tip of dipstick, it will never get to minimum level.

How is the cabin air filter replaced?

Help please, 1999 taurus wagon, high miles, no other problems, like the car, had since new.
a/c works fine, engine never overheats, sometimes when a/c is on engine overheats, shut off a/c engine cools off, 5 minutes later turn on a/c all works fine. Last trip I drove 250 miles with a/c on working fine, stopped for gas and when resuming trip, no a/c and engine overheats. Drive to rest area, turn off car, wait ten minutes, continue trip and all perfect. Took to Ford dealer, they replaced thermostat, (broke bolts by the way, $500.00) drove 20 miles and same problem. They say I'm nuts, it works fine for them. I'm beginning to think they are right. Any suggestions

I need help!! I was driving my truck and pulled to a stop light. When the light change I pulled off but once I exceeded 50mph the engine reved up like it was in neutral. The truck kept repeating this until I cut off the overdrive. No signs or lights. Pease where can I start? Is there any fuses, relays or sensors that control the overdrive?????

I had a mechanic recently told me he cleaned something on my car that is "like carbon" on American cars. I left a message and he said to call him Monday, but he has not gotten back in touch with me. He said it is round. He did not know what it is called on a Mercdes. Can you help me out?

Would a failed timing chain damage the valves/pistons?

I am also wondering how much struts are to replace and what kind of anti freeze should I use?

Ran out of oil now knocking sound when rev up passed 2500 rpm. Never owned a vw before so do I have to split cases to replace rod bearing or whatever it is and can it be a bent pushrod or something not so extensive?

car has 150,000 miles I was told the supercharger needed to be serviced on these vehicles at 80,000

I have a 1993 Olds Bravada with a Vortec V6 engine it has 163000 miles on it, I have taken it in for a diagnostic on why it takes off very slow sometimes, no codes come up showing problems, all the fluids are full, I have had the fuel injection system replaced from the fuel pump to the injectors as well as the whole exaust, all the vacum lines are new, the trans has been serviced and it had a recent tune up, so what else could be wrong with it.