What should I expect to pay for a new/rebuilt transmission for my vehicle. I was driving the vehicle on Sunday when suddenly it just stopped going, the engine was fine, plenty of transmission fluid, no leaking of fluid. would appreciate an answer and estime on repair of said vehicle. Thanks.

code p0106 where can i find picture of location,know it's on right side but can't see it

My wife notieced that white smoke started comming out of the tail pipe and the check engin light is now on. Engin sounds fine and oil level is ok.

The horn started to blare by itself. The battery was disconnected and it reset but now it does work. The fuse looks good. What should I check next?

When the switchpasses thru AC, it blows the fuse, thus vehicle will not start, and no cold air also before fuse blows.

I need detailed instructions on how I can replace the outer (passenger side) CV Joint boot on my 2004 BMW 325xi automatic sedan.

Car surges and sometimes has no power. Sometimes when idling it shuts off.

I just completed replacing the rear engine seal on my G20 with 195,000 miles. The seal was leaking and no transmission problems.
When the car is in park, reverse or neutral it has a severe vibration, but when you put it in drive it is smooth until you brake and as you approach stopping the vibration returns until you come to a complete stop. I put everything back together and replaced the transmission filter and pan gasket and refilled it with DEXRON III. Can anyone help.

Need to know where the vacumn hose goes from bottom,center front of intake. small line

fast idle new iac cant find vac leak?

My husband has a Ford F150 and the starter is so hard to turn I have to use two hands. What could be the problem?

what would i have to do on my 2003 dodge ram 1500 3.7l to convert it over to a 4.7l

changed head remove cam gears dont have a clue how to get back in time with cam shaft

changed the spark plugs, checked all fluid levels,changed air filter, when the car is cold it does'nt idle on regular & has weak rpm until warm but now it lost power & does'nt want to run normal, i just bought the care a few weeks ago, so i dont know the condition of the battery, gas filter or anything else

Ok I can drive my truck and it will leak anti freeze but its not coming from the radiator I check it and its fine but it keeps emptying out the resivor even when its parked it still leaks...but never emptys the radiator I keep thinking water pump then I have someone tell me it could be the timing gasket but dont make sense because you would think there would be some type of oil leak or oil in the water but theres none at all does anyone have any ideas at all about this I personally think these people are just really wanting to charge me alot more than what the problem actually is?? Im not good with engine work so any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you