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how do I get a rear roter off

for one i have an 89 2.8L mpfi not the 90 3.1 but they didnt have that listed. but there isnt any spark and the fuel pump isnt turning when i turn the ignition. i know the pump is good because we jumped the pump and it started working. all the relays and the coils have been check and or replaced crank position sensor has been replaced aswell and so has the ecm. what the hell is wrong with this car???

Hello, I replaced both drive axles and thought that they were properly seated in the transmission. They seemed to go into the splines and bottomed out. I reattached the knuckle brakes and all that fun stuff. Since I lost a lot of transmission fluid I refilled to the proper level. When I went to test drive the car would not go into gear. When I put the car back into drive after attempting dive and reverse there is grinding.

What could be wrong? Not seated properly?


I wrote a question a while back about a clicking noise from my rear passenger tire. I have had the back brakes inspected, new brake adjusters installed, tires looked over and still I have a clicking sound with every rotation of the tire. Do you think it could be the CV boot or axle? Please let me know the costs for repairs.

Thanks, Shawn

I need a tune up and probably a fuel injector

2005 T&C Limited - The cruise control won't turn on about 90% of the time, but occasionally it works. I can't identify any pattern to predict when it will work. When I push the cruise "on" button, the "cruise" light on the dash doesn't light up (90% of the time), and the cruise doesn't work at all. Once in a while, though, when I push the cruise "on" button it will turn on like it should, the "cruise" light comes on, and the cruise works. When this happens, usually it will shut itself off within a few minutes and the cruise light goes out, but very occasionally it will stay on and work normally for the rest of the drive. This has gradually gotten more frequent since 2007. Dealer has replaced BCM (under warranty) which didn't change the symptoms, and they have no idea what else to try.

my ac wont switch from defrost

have 94 voyager 2.5 TBI engine. for past 2 years engine would occasionally refuse to start but when "wiggling" the connecter @ bottom of coil the problem would resolve for a day, a week, a month but just wiggle it and it was fixed. not anymore. replaced the 2 pole connecter on the black and grn/w orange stripe coil feed wires, installed new, coil, PCM, ignition switch, repaired broken light gauge ground wire to engine block, different distributor all to no avail. Am told by manuals to fabricate a "jumper wire" to condemn or exonerate PCM (known to be good but for the sake of completeness....) and this jumper is to be made of a .33MF (micro fared) capacitor BUT @ what VOLTAGE RATING??? 12V 24V, 400V????? this test will supposedly cause either a spark when grounded which says BAB PCM or noo spark which means an open circuit. Any ideas AND what VOLTAGE RATING on the .33 MF capacitor????

rear window was smashed and needs tobe replaced with with a new one

My 04 acura tsx was making a loud almost knocking noise the entire time it would be running. Last night i was sitting at a red light when the battery indicator light came on and the car just lost all power. i thought it was the alternator and replaced it and charged the battery, but still nothing i also checked all fuses. any suggestions?

How to replace door Speakers?

I turn fan switch and no air is blowing out.

how does the rear rotors come off to change them

how do I change a headlight of the right and left side of the headlight of my truck. It looks like it will be a tough change

Mitchell repair info.possible causes
1.lock-up solenoid open or short circuit
2.lock=up solenoid malfunction
3. ECT-ECU malfunction
truck has three senors in tranny
part # 85420D (no-1) two of these. part # 85420D (no_2) one of these. both (no-1) read 11.9 ohms,(no-2) reads 235 ohms. what are the correct ohms when working correctly