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Is it difficult to replace the alternator on a 2002 Acura RSX? If it can be done by a novice, is there a place that I can get instuctions?

Heard grinding noise at rear of truck during decelleration

put rear on jacks spun tires noise at differential, I thought bearing(s). Took to dealer he said Driveshaft is the problem and needs replacing.

the front bushing bolt keeps turning , the top of the bolt its hard to get to and is smooth , how do u get it off?

I have a water leak somewhere causing my floor on the drivers side to be soaked 24/7. It's worse when it rains.
Anyone have this problem and any ideas on how to fix.

engine light came on a week go ,had a diagnostic test.
code 2 or bank 2

What do need to do when a light comes on with check abs system and also, a light comes up with check traction system?

on my 1999 ford ranger 2 weel drive heard a banging when i started to pull forward climbed under truck and found what looks like a 4'' pice of pipe on the front of the drive shaft is loose seems to be some kind of guard ? can any one tell me what this is and what i need to do to fix it

the website does not list my year or model. i have an 1986 toyota van. started it and put in reverse died. checked batery terminals positive was very hot.found short in cable to starter and fixed. now engine cranks but wont run. replaced fuel filter. no fuel getting to engine.have spark. cant find fuel pump relay. anyone know where in the van it's located.

What causes oil blow by to coat air filter , is there anything to stop it?
Why does my key light blink after I turn off engine?

my check engine light came on and the code was for the coil pack. i replaced them both. before the light came on my car was losing power in first and second gear and hopping a bit. after i changed the packs it got way worse. i have to keep the rpms atleast 2300 just to keep the car from hopping. the check engine light turned off when i changed the packs so i have no way of checking codes. it is my only car and it is driving me insane.

Car will not warm up unless moving engine will be warm and the second you move warm air comes out. A/C works no matter standing still or moving no antifreeze has been changed for a while (2 years or more) so I cant imagine it would be air needing to be bleed. possible thermostat but why not all the time is there a sensor to prohibit cold air blowing going faulty? IDK any help is appreciated.

Window seems to get cocked when raised. Can be assisted by hand.
E Mail is

will not restart when engine has been warmed up.

intermittent wont start ,,,has no check engine light when this occurs ,,,have replaced used ecm and new ignition switch in collumb

my 97 subaru is making a loud noise when i put it in gear. It also make the same noise when we make turns. You can feel it too. It seem to come from the rear of the car.