front wheels are not locking in. what should i check first

temp. gauge will go to hot in a matter of minutes, but engine is not hot.also is running a bit rich. after engine is warm i have a hard time getting it started if i turn it off.was told temp. control unit was the problem. I changed it out but still having same problem.

Gas pedal seems to be loose when I step on the gas. Engines surges but when rpms' are down when I start it 3-4 times, my car cuts off. Any recommendation on how to fix this?

What is the fair value of my above car ? or am I better of trade in (at what valUe?)

had luggage on rack semi truck passed me and rack pulled out of roof. my E-mail address michaelthayersixty@yahoo.com

When I start the vehicle is shuts off if I release the gas pedal. I had a diagnostic done with a code scanner and it passed ok. I checked the altenator it is ok. I checked the vaacumn hoses they checked out fine. What could the problem be why the car can't idle when gas pedal is release.

after starting car INFL.REST blinks 5or6 times in instrument panel

i need a picture of the routing for a serpentine belt for 1990 buick century 2.5 engine w/air

I just bought this car. The battery light and then check engine lights blink. I bought a new battery and that didn't fix it. Replaced the alternator. Still no fix. Replaced the battery connectors. Helped but didn't fix. After changing the connectors I didn't have to periodically have it jumped in the morning. When I step on the gas (in drive only) the lights get brighter. When I let off the battery light blinks and get brighter and the car almost feels like its gonna die sometimes.

left car for water pump replace. mechanic also replaced belt, tensioner, said transmission module leaking (no fluid on my driveway), replaced with rebuilt ($375) said needed to swap core. trans malfunctioned, said bad rebuild, swapping out. am i getting screwed?

oil indicator light comes on intermittlly

i have searched and searched for a graphic with the timing marks for my 1989 Nissan pickup D21. Can you please show me the markings and how i need to set my timing?

Have tested completely sensor, etc. and it's a cluster problem. Speedometer and odometer does not work. Is it hard to take it out and put back, rebuilt?

How do you fix electric window control? No power to passenger side front only. Window is down two inches, live in wisconsin.

My daughters Altima began shaking at times when first started and sometimes continues to shake when put into drive. It almost feels like something is plugged. Could this be the catalytic converter beginning to plug? It usually takes care of itself if you turn the car off and re-start it most times.