My rear wiper is not working and stuck half way through cycle, washer is not working nor is the defroster and electric hatch window. I have checked the fuses and are good. The wiper worked sparatically but did not follow the pulse or all on, only as it felt like working. Now it does not move at all. In the fall, the defroster worked on half the window, now not at all.
Any suggestions on where to look?

How do you access the upper bushing nut to remove the shock absorber?

My aztek is currently leaking power steering fluid and the mechanic told me that I need a new Rack and Pinion and alignment. What is the likelihood he is going to get into the fixing of the rack and pinion and tell me I need new tie rods too?

i don't know how to put them back to getter i've done took everything apart how do i do it its my rear right side brake

My wifes 1998 RAV4 is leaking oil - it looks like it's coming from the front oil seal area. How much does it usually runs to replace this seal? Engine is running smooth - accelerates good - nohesitation - would that rule out head gasket?

Engine light came on - took it to Advance Auto - indicated cylinder 3 - misfire in first 1k rpms. They suggested I change spark plugs. When I removed the 1st plug, it was covered in oil. No oil leaks around valve gasket and no oil leaking from seals. I replaced 1st plug only - engine light went out after driving for a few miles but car stillmisses intermittently when at idle or stop light. How do I get that oil out?

told I needed an exhaust sleeve to repair the exhaust pipe connected to engine. The clamp
was rusted and hanging. I looked up this part in Audi parts and could not find one. They mentioned that the exhaust system had some welding done to exhaust system at one time and a sleeve was put on the pipe verses a clamp.

Does this sound correct to you.

can I change it myself and reset the cabin filter sensor

The manual says transmission and brake fluids should be changed at 125,000 miles. The dealerships insists it needs to be done at 30,000 and 100,00 miles or 65,000 and 125,000 miles. I want to do what is correct not what the dealer wants in order to make money. Please advise.

Engine cranks with fuel pressure at rail.Checked ignition relays.Changed engine control module.Still no spark.

tested code came up po113 open or short circiut,poor electrical connection or faulty iat sensor

The passenger side controls do not operate. I have tried to purchase a new control but I notice only see the driver's side control is available

When I pour water in the channel outside of the trunk seal, water immediately pours through to the trunk area. All of the plastic parts seem to be in good condition, but I feel like some seal is broken. I'm not a mechanic and I have not tried to disassemble these pieces. Any help would be appreciated!

key switch is broken

what is the direction of the oil flow in relation to the pump, filter, and engine oil cooler?