the car just start skipping

i replaced my battery 4 days ago. Now i find that it is flat, so i assume that it's not being charged. i need to find step by step instructions for identifying, finding, removing and fixing the alternator. I hope someone can help me! many thanx, Russo

what causes power steering fluid to shoot up out of the center of the pump cap.

A friend of mine took her 2008 A3 to an auto tire repair shop to get a new fuel pump put in. I told her it would be a big mistake but she went for the lesser money. To make a long story short the monkey didn't know what he was doing when he messed with the electrical system when he was running a service check and he tripped her computer and it says the top is not secure when it is closed and it will not open. I know where the key is and I know it goes somewhere in the trunk but I do not know where. So can I PLEASE get some info help on these two problems. I don't want to have to take it to the dealer again this will be the fourth time in 5 months.

car dies when i stop, then will only crank over like its out of gas, let car sit for half hour and it will start, i can hear fuel pump kick on when ignition is on.happens twice a week. car has 63,000 mi and is immaculate.please help. engine light does not come on when this happens

where is the egr valve located on the 2004 monterey, and do you have an engine diagram?

Car runs great good response runs smothe Service engine soon lite comes on and goes off. Has a small crack in intake manifold gasket,it takes maybe 1/2 pint of coolantevery two to three months.

where is location for bank1 sensor 2

put new starter in tested all wires, ran switch it starter it worked for a couple hours, i dont know what to do,

ok so i unplugged the battery and the radio went into code mode. i took the serial number went to the dealer they gave me 3 codes none worked. they said they cant help what can i do? how do i unlocked?

My engine keeps shutting off while driving slow making turs and it slightly putts when driving slow i think it might be the gas pump but not sure because it doesnt do it all the time just when im taking off or driving slow

After having my wheel bearings replaced, my ABS brakes randomly come on, sometimes without applying the brake.

The shop claims I need to replace both front bearings, shocks, knuckles, stabilizer links. The labor for all but the link pins is nearly 600 bucks.. the labor for the pins is another $170.
I can see replacing the bearings, shocks and and links. But is it common that the knuckles need to be replaced?
And does the labor cost seem right? Especially to replace the link pins when a lot of this work has to be done to remove the other stuff anyway?

The power window on my passenger side does not go up with the passenger switch, but worked from the drivers side, now a couple of months went by and it quit working from the drivers side - took the door panel off and did not see anything that looked wrong , played with the wires on the passenger side crossed a couple and got the window to go up but still can't figure it out - both switches will power it down but not back up - unpluged some of the wires from the motor so no one would send it down = big mistake half the stuff on that side of the car quit working - took it back apart and pluged it back in , now have air bag light on - Called the dealer said bring it in , said sounds like it needs new window motor Apx. $ 500.00 + labor = I think its not the motor = just can't spend that kinda money right now ! = SEND HELP ! Larry

need to floor it to take off after it shifts the rest of the gears seems fine just when im stop and try to take off it feels something is clog or ect.. code that show up are po135.. po304.. po740.. po753.. po758.. p1406 .. p1655.. p1675 im just try to fix the shifting problem first