Both of my keyless entry remotes have quit working. I replaced the batteries and reprogramed them but they still don't work. Also every once in a while when I start it the alarm goes off even those I am not turning on the alarm.

I was sitting at a stop light, car had been running fine, it just died and would not start after that. My husband changed the coil pack because it wasn't getting any fire, but that did not help, checked the fuel filter and fuel pump , they are working fine. Any suggestions?

transmission fault sign came out on the screen and the car has only third and fifth gear. any clue ppl what to do?

My 2007 G6 has had it's driverside door ajar alarm activated and I can't get it to deactivate. I can't find the door switch/sensor to test this out. where is it located?

truck is putting out white smoke when engine is cold. smells like antifreeze but no radiator leaks.

The fuel gauge on my 1992 Mercedes 400E is always set in the
middle (half tank full) when I turn the ignition key, it doesn't matter if the tank is full or empty, when the ignition is off it goes back to R (empty). How would I do to check the Fuel Level sensor and replace it if that is the problem?.


Police have pulled us over saying the bumper is too high but noone can tell us what the factory height should be

My wife is concerned with the noise that emits from the steering column of her 1998 Toyota Camry. The noise is difficult to relay into words, but it is emitted only when making turns. The noise can be discribed as a squeek but it more closely resembles air escaping from a balloon when air is released while pinching the air hole.

wich side of motor is bank one,and where is sensor one

when car parked with alarm on it sometimes goes off at random maybe once a week or every other week

leaking hydraulic fluid and we cant get it to release manually

I just replaced my bank 1 O2 sensor twice but I am still getting the following codes P0031 and P0135. My mechanic suggested I take it to a dealership ? Could it be a bad 02 sensor this guy is putting in or maybe he just does not want to check the wires ?

how to removed ignition coil

Which do you recommend is the best gas that I use for my CLK 350 Mercedes, is it okay to use regular or should I put in premium gas? I have only had my car for a month and wondered if it made a difference? Thanks, Bebe

When I drive over a speed hump, even very slowly, or just small bumps, I get a strong groaning noise when the car rises and settles. When on smooth roads, no problem. The car is a 2009 Mazda 3 with 38,000 miles. All service has been through the dealer.