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i was going about 65 when i heard a loud pop and transmission quit working when u release cluch transmission makes a noise but truck dont move

My gas pedal sticks. My brakes squeal and I put brake pads on the front. The back didn't need them. Replaced the brake line on the left front. The dimmer switch seems to be going out.

how long will it take to replace pressure and return hoses on the power steering.

I just changed my blower motor resistor for the front and now I have AC/Heat again but the heat does not blow in the rear but AC doest. Any suggestions?

I have constant hot air coming into cabin even when ac or heater is off.also hot air on driver side only, when ac is on,passenger side gets cold.any tips on problem

I did the brake recall last year, I put 3 master cylinders on, I have replaced the calipers twice and I still get air in the system and the brakes go out. I have had several close calls on having wrecks. I have had it at Cadillac several times. They keep it for days on end and can not fix it. Does anyone have any ideas? I cannot get Cadillac to do anything to help.

i think there is something wrong with the transmission, its an automatic but it doesnt switch into gear smoothly i know nothing about cars but when i hit about 20 mph it jumps into another gear, well thats what it feals like, help

I have a 1990 Nissan Pickup that idles poor. I did the diagnostic for it and it said there was a problem with the "Air Flow Meter". Could there be another problem with it? And how much should a mechanic charge to see what the issue is?

does the dash have to be removed to replace the heater core

my headlights flash on and off after I drive for 5 miles or so help please.

what is the most likely source of oil dripping and slight burning oil smell

how you know when your catalyast converter bad?

Engine shut down and timing belt was broke, how much to repair that?

does infinity have a map sensor and where is it located?

What is the + or - on the shift lever used for?