Odometer light out on my 2006 Ford Taurus. How do I repair it?

Car wat for 1 month in winter. Battery had to be charged. A few days later it won't start. Batty strong but nothing happens when key is turned. No sound at all. there's a remote start in the cfar. That doesn;tg do anything either.
Put in new starter with no good results. Still no start.

what type of transmission oil does this model take ? thank's

What is the bestway to remove A/C compressor from 2001 Honda

The key intermitently comes out of the ignition, but sometimes it will not allow me to remove it.

car has a bucking sensation at 45-50 mph. Most noticable when you lay off the gas pedal. Odd sensation.

the motor starts up but immediately stalls????

my truck is turning of when i turn but it acts like it wants to turn off just when i stop at a red light or stop sign it is also making this terrible screaching noise when i press the gas i have changed the brakes and the belts please help.

Does this make/model come with some sort of internal air conditioning filter? THANKS!!!

how to replace the lights on the air condition contol


I'm the owner of a 1999 Porsche Boxster and the battery regularly go dead on me. This happens a lot in the winter and if I have not used the car for two or three days.

I have to continually charge the battery and wasted two batteries already.

What can I do?

My 1990 GMC suburban just quit while driving it. It lost electrical power and the only thing that works is the head lights. Is there a fuse or fuse link some where that has blown.

where is the idle screw located

Some of buttons on my display unit (GPS,SAT radio, etc.) stopped working. Dealer says $7500 to replace unit. Are there used ones out there somewhere?

I have a XL Ranger. Need to raise the steering column, At 6'$', 235lbs.it's a real pain to to get in and out. Only need another 2 or so inches. Anyway to raise up the steering column.