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When travelling at 55mph or more, there is a noise like a thudding or shudder sound in the rear when you let up off the gas to slow down. Must have something to do with the gas flow, but can't imagine what. Any ideas?
HI my dad just bought me a new mercury mystique and i havent really heard of that kinda car i wanted to no if they are a good car? I will be living 1hour and 1/2 from my dad and to vist him will it be a pain??
I am only getting 160 mile to a full tank of gas. When on the highway, I am pushing the gas petal to the floor to get up to speed,and it feels like the gas goes in and out. Feels like the motor might be getting floode...
My truck is having intermittent starting issues and i found the black wire from the frma to the neg battery post loose..theres also three other black wires at the terminal and the main one...could this cause the truck...
I have a sort of grinding noise at the left front of my car - especially when turning to the right. I first noticed the sound about 10 days ago. A friend thinks it might be the bearing. I've got an appt. tomorrow @ t...
what will it cost for this repair
How often should the oil be changed on a 2008 Toyota Corolla and does it require synthetic oil?
where can my coolant be leaking from?
The small plate on the back of the compressor looks like it is leaking oil and or feron. Is there a o ring for this plate that can leak. I have both a 2005 & 2006 and both are leaking. Can it be fix with a new o ring...
was working fine then stoped blowing cold. The system is fully charged and the blower is working fine. can here the compresor click on.
Some of my tire sensors go off at diffrent times. Is there a recall on these sensors?
Hi, my light engine came on and the eroor code is P2422- Evap Vent Solenoid is stuck shut. Can anyone tell me if still is a major issue and also what should I do to avoid this in the future ( as using better gas mayb...
price on front struts and strut mounts
my car wont start = have tried all the starter tapping and such - can the anti theft system keep it from starting? Is there a reset button somewhere in the car?