Where could I get my car serviced with reliable work, I live in Petersburg, VA/ also a reasonable pruce

how to cahnge transmisson fluid without changing filter

The car makes noises that are consistent with strut/shock absorber related sounds

i have a 2004 chevy 4x4 with allison 5 speed automatic when you put truck into reverse it will come out of gear like it is in netural and dash says shift range inhibited and will not move put into drive and it works fine, tranny shop has rebuilt transfercase and replaced transmission internal wiring harnes and replaced reverse selinoid, tranny throws no codes, but still go into shift range inhibited mode 50% of the time and works correct 50% of the time, any ideas thankyou

97 Plymouth Voyager SE, 3.3L

Code: PO700, 731, 720
When the van is parked on a slant & I turn it on, it takes 2-3 secs to turn on;
There is high fuel consumption;
When the speed gauge is stuck on zero, the car feels like its choking and loses power yet stays one;
While that is going on, the rpm gauge revs even to 3-4 before shifting;
When it finally shifts gear, then the speed reads the actual speed and the acceleration returns to normal;
it does this more often now especially after a stop or a slow down;
In Feb i changed the fuel pump. This problem showed up after i changed the fuel pump.

In changing the sensor could I be refreshed on the steps that are need to be taken?

How does one replace the starter in a 2000 Chrysler Concord LXI? Approximate cost?

how to change a air bag module?

How do i get the check engin light to go off ?

How to remove rear left door panel and door lock actuator

What is the problem when the check engine light flashes and what do i do to fix it

Oil light flickers when I stop at light and rpms go below 725. Oil level is full, but I also smell hot oil when it happens. I don't smell the oil any other time. Just had an oil flush and pressure tested before this happened. Everything ok.

Just found answer here: Question: Why would oil pressure light come on when car is idling in park or in drive??

Answere from valleyautotech:

You need to have a shop check the oil level and pressure as a mechanical oil pump has low pressure at idle then as the motor revs if gains pressure. If the screen on the oil pump is beginning to clog or the oil pump itself is beginning to fail it can do major internal engine damage if its not addressed,

My engine light was on. The code checked was p030. Also my car always hesitates when I drive .

i have it check the motor works we jump it could it be a fuse and where is it to be found

No air coming out air vents. I can hear the blower run.
I checked fuses and are OK. I disconnected the battery
and reconnected it. If there is a relay where is it located.
All controls seem to be fine. Help!! Denny