Replacing engine coolant lines because they were broke in a wreck. Need to know how to take the old coolant line off the motor

Drivers side window works all others do not

overheated and wont start what now?

My battery won't keep a charge. it turns over once. what could it be

I have charged my battery.....It turns over once and then wont turn over again. Does it sound like it needs a battery?

car shut off while drivinnd turns over but will not start

can i put a 92 saturn twin cam transmission into a 1.9 1999 sw1?

can i put a 92 saturn twin cam transmission into a 1.9 1999 sw1?

when the gear change i hear voice from the transmission however i changed the oil and the filter

When I start the car up I get a noise, kind of like a pop when a sterro is turned on, but I get no sound from the radio or cd player. I am able to tune the tuner and the volume control appears to work, but no sound.

I have an 03 explorer XLS FWD does it have a sealed transmission so that your not able to check the fluid level?If not where is the fill tube located?

when I bought the truck in Jan. 2010 it got 21 - 22 mpg on the highway. In March or April they callad and said to bring it in for a recall. They re-flashed the computer and immeadiatly it went to 16 or 17 mpg and I don't know what to do to offset the reprograming.

How do you replace the backup lamp on a 2008 SRX?

car starts every time but stalls unless i play with the throttle by moving it up and down very fast

when do you change the timing chain? if it breaks will the pistons hit the valves?