Why would my 2004 Anniversary edition Caravan suddenly start on its own while parked without using a remote starter

where is this located

In less than a year, our car has required three wheel alignments. The dealer says that we are hitting something and this is simply not true. The car has less than 65K miles. The dealer replaced the tires last summer and it seems the car has not been right since. The dealer accepts no responsibility and we have a car that needs another wheel alignment.

My 1999 accord V6 is kicking out a P05050 or is it P0505 Saying Idle management control problem but it hasn't got a TCV valve. I guess just unplug the AIC valve and see what happens?

Can the recall for the rollover valve be done without removing the fuel tank

When I give my truck gas it boggs down.I can barely get it over 30mph. Just replaced the plugs and it idles great,but give any gas and it simply boggs down and simply loses power.

Took my Sport Trac in because of problems with transmission (just had it rebuilt), now they have torn the engine down, and are saying it will cost more than the truck is worth to fix, as it has 3 timing chains, and they will have to be replaced! Does this sound even remotely right?

from 1 year ago my cluster illumination start getting low and low and lowwwww ? looks at anytime going off. I need repair

No lights are on.

I recently had my blower checked and they told me the blower was fine but there was a pig tail wire that cnnects to the back that had burned up. What is this wire andis it a quick,easy fix or should I just replace the blower

My driver side low beam head light will not ajust. The ajust screw just turns

need to replace a radiator

how much does it cost to replace an alternator

I cannot get the shift to remve from Park position. Looked in manual and found info to override the interlock system. I presed the pink colored tab of the shifter bezel ring. It still will not move. Now I cannot move my car because the shift won't go in Reverse or Neutral. I'm afraid I may have to get a tow truck to pull it from my carporch. Please Help!

alternator replacement