I just got my 2002 pontiac grand am gt two weeks ago. It drove fine then three days ago i shut it off the next day wont start. I changed the fuel filter and camshaft sensor. The fuel pressure is reading 50 pounds. Im at a loss. Shot of ether it starts right up and will start all day when the engine is still warm but once it cools wont start again. Help?

The air blower doesn't come on when you turn on Heater or Defrost.

Rough start out of my garage and at stopping places. When warmed up, it is still rough.

the engine misses, not all the time, but on hills, or when it gets hot. When it get hot and I shut it down and restart it runs ok? I have put 30,000 miles on the car since I've owned it, I bought is used at 68,000 now has 108,000.

my e-mail address is wcwizard55@gmail.com

How much would it cost to replace the alternator for a 1999 mazda millenia

i just changed the timing belt,all pullies, water pump over a week ago and it was running great, now it has just died while idling and won't start,i have changed both relays and still have no power to fuel pump fuse,i have jumped a wire from the battery to the fuse and i can hear the pump run and it attemps to start but still no go,what else can i check or do? thanks

i have a 2000 intrique and my problems are;my rear wheel shakes and vibrates hard when i use the brakes when slowing down----also the rear wheels lean in at the top and i dont know how to get them back straight can anyone help?

My truck has 310K miles on it and just got a new alternator. Normally in an older vehicle, I'd think I should replace the regulator too but it seems this is incorporated into the ECM. My lights blink sometimes, usually just after startup and battery charge guage dips at the same time. Is my ECM on it's way out and if so, where's the best place to look for a new/rebuilt one?

what do i need to remove to get there and how the markings should be adjusted at

back wheels locked up could it be transfer case on 98 gr cherokee or could fluid b low put truck in reverse then drive and it went

wont start without either then runs fine replaced fuel filter fuel lift pump heater block batteries everytime i try to start cold or hot

dtc code c0141 and turbo not pulling properly under load

I have two code readings which I need to understand the meaning of and what I posible can do to correct
#1 is PO 325 (pd) knock Sensor 1 cirquit bank or single sensor cirquit.
#2 PO 304 cylinder 4 misfire
any info on the above would be appreciated

Didn't pass the smog test because the timing is off. So I want to know the procedures in fixing the timing on a 1991 Honda Accord SE