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My mechanic states that I should replace the water pump and he also advised me that the timing belt also has to be replaced! Another customer that I met related to beware and start cheap, for example a thermostat! What should i do?

how much oil is needed in the differential ?

GPS give warning that I must delete an address since it is full. However, I deleted all addresses. Is there a manual reset somewhere?

Not only jammed but no CD is able to play. Is there a manual eject button somewhere?

high beam only, replaced bulb, not the problem. low beam lights will not come on. been checked, not in headlight what could problem be?

used car parked it and an hour later went to use it and the car won't turn over. Had car jumped and it wouldn't turn over. What could possibly be wrong?

my jeep runs fine but when ur in park and rib it up it goes dead but it idles fine when i crank it up just doeant want to idle when i hit the gas and let off theres no check engine light on does it have a idle sensor maybe? and info would be appreciated...thanks Bobby Jordan

The water flows out as soon as I put it in whether the truck is running or not. The hole seems to be a design feature as if it was plugged at one point.

I have escalade ext and I installation k&N 77 and rpm is up and down and tuyn off went is ruanig

Actually, my car is a 1989 Nissan Sentra. The water pump is about 3 inches from the wheel well wall, hence not much room. So, what's the best way to remove and replace it? Am I going to be forced to lift the engine? Is it best just to take it to the shop at a cost of around $500?

how do you replace blower motor resistor?

one week noticed a skip

car starts most of the time but once or twice a month it wont start then about 20 t 15 mins later it will start

Can't change heater from hot to cold /cold all of the time/ Air conditioner runs heat all of the time. Went from being cold all the time to hot all the time. has plenty of coolant and blower works fine and does't over heat the engine

How do I turn off brake light in center of dash cluster? (circle with 3 lines on each side)