I took my PT Cruiser to a local shop to make the AC blow cool air. They put it on the maching and filled the tank with coolant, which cost about $160. When it still was not fixed, they said it needed a VOV liquid line and some kind of tube, which would cost an additional $250. Was that reasonable, or a rip? DG

how to replace blower moter

I Have a 1993 Buick Regal, and I was just wanting to know how anybody would boost the Acceleration an a 3800 TPI???
I have already put in a new Air Filter,got Colder Plugs, working on Throttle body, and I have a Tornado put in it already... any answers and opinions would be greatly appreciated...


I was wondering why my car smells like gas inside of it, could this be a fuel filter problem? Or what could it really be?

I have a gmc sonoma its been a great truck 2nd one. Now its getting old and has miles on it but still runs strong. When I turn on my ac it only works sometimes now its not working at all. When i turn it on nothing but dash lights come on and millage goes off when i turn the ac off millage comes back and dash lights go off. I think its a short but i cant find any wire pinched or cut checked fuses and everything i could think of. Thanks if you can help me.

oil pump failure

Recently replaced a fuel filter on my car, and when i replugged the battery the anti theft alarm re armed itself, stopping me from trying to restart the engine( won't crank at all) and i can't find the stupid sensor that's stopping it from turning off. Any ideas?

Just discovered behind the passenger seat floor is sopping wet. Took the floor mat out and trying to air dry the area - I have no idea what has caused this - we have had a huge amount of rain lately and the car is parked in driveway (no garage). Any help would be appreciated.

My 2010 Accord has 225/50 17 tires. Those low profile tires ride hard. According to a tire chart my tires are 26" in diameter. A 215/55 17 is 26.2" in dia. Would the down size to get a higher profile for ride quality cause me any issues. Both sizes are 94V rated.

The blower fan on 129 not working. How to check.

Speedometer, horn, and cruise control have suddenly stopped oprerating. what has happened?

at what mileage should you replace timing belt

How much should it cost to replace the head gasket and how many hours is the job rated for?


How do I change the heater core. I have been told I may have to take the dash off to get to it.