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check engine light is always on
I need to know torque and procedure for installing new head gasket Ford 4.9 inline 6 E250 1993
July 25th and july 31 @ norm reeves honda, cerritos I believed they did not do a good job on wheel alignment as I am coming for the the 3rd time for the same problem. Today Aug 1 just found out that when filling up ga...
overheats , see green pooling of coolant low in engine, steams out of a top left hose, opposite of the radiator hose?
My car does not have heat on the passenger side. This isn't happening with the air conditioning just the heat.
needs cluch rpm s dropand winds out
the code reading is KWP add link error, what does that mean?
ok so when the car stop at a light it starts to get hot then as i pull out and rpms go up it cools back down cant figure it out got new radiator and hoses pluse caps?
I am experiencing vibration and noise inside the cabin and from the engine when I switch on the A/c. This happens at low speeds. When I switch the A/c off, there is no noise at all and the engine too gets back to its ...
when should i change the transmission fluid
I have a 1992 suburban k1500 i just bought with a bad tranny. Had the trans redone and I reinstalled it myself. Took it for a test drive and everything was great till 4 miles into my test drive my speedo went way f...
steeling wheel not allow me to controll it to turn right and left, it just jam. that is after i started the car like nomally, only things not funtion is to turn right or left, what cause that problem?
What is the cost and procedure to replace deployed air bags.
It ran fine when it is first started but when warm it backfires thru intake and exaust so I replaced the cam and crank sensors and the problem got worse. I also replaced the idel controle assembly. It is worse then be...
i Have a BMW 323iC. I had a guy replace the alternator (it was dead & had been draining the battery previous to it finally dying). The alternator now works, the starter seems fine, everything engine-wise seems fine....