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need cost on new starter replaced,rebuilt engine with 85k on it new clutch installed, now starter went out. 5 speed,
4 cyl, mazda truck, yr 2000

how do I remove the headlight lens cover to clean?

how change wiper motor

rear swooshing sound ,I have checked the brakes and tires, all ok. How do I add rear axle fluid, there is no fill plug on, .Tcc is stuck off.locations.

the berake on the hose i found i need to know how do u take it off

air wont come out of floor vents or panel vents only defrost vents

I have a 6 cylinder / manual trans. After driving for a while & then stopping for 15-20 min. it won't stsrt for 45 min to an hour. This only happens about 1 out of 6-8 uses.
Thanks in advance for your help. /// Mark

No fuel pressure at fuel rail. Pressure out of fuel filter
on chassie okay.

what kind of transmission fluid and oil goes in a 96 mercedes c280

During winter months if i go on a long trip with the heater set @ 70 in manual settings and the blower set on low after awhile cold air starts blowing out. Why is that?

The serpentine belt comes off when it gets wet and I turn left.

Sometimes, after driving highway speeds for 20 miles, heat will come out the air cond. vents, even when the dial is on off or air.

will be sitting still and speedo reads 20mph. driving slow it is reading 65mph. did anyone fix this prob. themselves? if so what was it? I am thinking its the speed sensor. Had a similar prob. in another vehicle I owned and that's what it was.

my question is why is it that every website says that i have to get an additional o ring gasket for the water pump? where do the o-ring gaskets go and why do i need 3 of them? and another thing is do i put gasket sealant on the coolant tube. and how do u suggest i do a coolant flush on a turbo motor?