1st time happend yesterday

On average, what's the cost difference in replacement for a typical trans vs a CVT trans?

codes p0441 and po133 had charcol cansiter solenoid replaced
still gives code po441 and now the new code po133.idles at stop then dies seem sometime like sometimes not getting enough fuel and other like get to much.bad gas fumes.i cant find anyone that trace this problem had smoke test ran on it the first time the guy said the canister so fixed that then it ran worst than before took it back ran smoke test agin and oem new code po133 and po441 and he said something wrong in gas tank. i am at the end of rope please help

We were told our AC Compresser was going. The other day on my way home, my engine light came on, then my battery light. I drove the last half mile home and when I parked, I lost my coolant. Refilled that and now when I start the car it makes a grinding/grating kind of sound. Not whining and the belt looks good. What now? And would an AC compressor, when it is off cause all that noise?
Got codes of P0137, P0138, P0157, P2503

How long will it take to replace a VRIS Solenoid #2. It give me a code of P1522.


About how much does it cost to replace a blown head gasket? I'm being told it costs over $1000. Thank you for your time.

How do you use the navigation system? I'm unable to enter a destination. Doesn't this work like a Tom-Tom? Please help. I have tried several times and also have read and re-read the user manual without success.

when passing a car, i lost all power to car [lights and everything else stayed on]. i pulled over and tried to restart- car turned over but would not start. theft deturent came on. horn and headlight don't come on like when alarm is tripped. is there any way to go around or how do i fix. i have the actual shop manuals for this year

The starter won't turn on. There is a full battery charge. The starter has 250,000 miles and 22 years of use. How much should we expect to pay to have it replaced?

My check engine light just went on. I was told several months ago that I would be needing a transmission pan seal...could this be why the light went on?

While driving on freeway, engine will shut off by itself. It will slightly hesitate then I have 6-10 seconds to get off the road before it stops running. Also have problem w/headlights and running lights blinking back and forth. Problems related?

I need to change my timing belt. I am told I will need to change my water pump as well. What will this cost?

I have a manual transmission. Sometimes on 1-2 and 2-3 shifts I get a "tick" or a slight grind. It happens more when the weather is cold. I'm worried that my synchros are going bad. I'm thinking about getting rid of the car before this happnes because of the expense of a new tranny.

we tried to use the overide button and that did not solve the issue- the override button is working. we looked under the vehicle and the shifter arm is trying to work and there is no diagnostic code -- this is the first time that this has every happen -- the fuses have all been checked--

im trying to do a tuneup on my van but im haveing trouble takeing the inside engine cover off to get to the plugs and wires.