Need oe part numbers for 2 speed sensors mounted on transmission 2003 acura 3.2tl a/t

Are the brake line fittings SAE or metric?

How often does a sway bar link have to be replaced? I had one replaced in 2007. The noise appears to be coming from the rear. I hear it when I go over bumps.

There are no diagnostic codes. I just had the front axels replaced, Air filter, one ignition coil, spark plugs, fuel filter (A complete tune up). My car vibrates when I put it in gear. Nothing was wrong before, until they changed all those things.

Radio volume won't go up, stays low but gets slightly louder when the radio is warm.

A few days ago drove my car through a deep puddle and ever since I, sometimes, can't get my car to crank, and when it doesn't, it won't even turn over. I read that it could be moisture in the distributer cap. Does this sound right? How do I get to the distributer cap to dry it out?

I need the Honda part numbers for the 2 speed sensors mounted on the transmission--2003 Acura 3.2tl 19uua56683a032623

Recently my van's shift has all of a sudden locked in Park. We are currently using the overide button to shift temporarilly. My wife noticed that there was a 15 amp fuse on the floorboard at the time the shift was noticed to be locked. Also since then we have noticed that the gear shifting has been a little more jerky at times. Is this related? could this fuse be the whole issue? Also i have noticed that while the cruise control feature is engaged, the dashboard light flickers on and off sometimes.

the light that came on is not the check engine indicator light, but looks like a pump or tube-a cyndrical looking picture

My climate control has developed a mind of it's own. The fan motor gones on when it feeels like.. Could this be the BCM? And if I go for a used module is it just plug and play.....

My transmission slips after acceleration from a stoplight or stop sign. It does it quite often. It feels like it falls into neutral and can't catch back into drive. Lately, it feels like it won't go. I have a hard time accelerating when getting on the freeway. It sputters and just won't go.

can't i buy just the handle pull mechanism for driver side of a 1992 pontiac grand prix.

i have 2001 lincolin ls we i am driveing my belt make noise when i come to a stop the noise is not loud. need help. william

how to diagnose and repair oxygen sensor code po 141

I cannot take my left rear wheel of because one nut is somehow welded