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The key will not turn, happens alot.

The pressure builds up and it runs hot. Have put on a new water pump and thermostat.

Engine red light comes on & off. I always make sure I have enough oil in the engine. Does the red light indicate to replace engin oil sense switch. I have checked & cleaned the wire connection to the sense line. The temperature on desh seems to be fine.

The air conditioner blows cold on the passenger side and hot on the drivers side. What causes this problem?

Iforgot which side of the flexplate goes to the back, does it matter.

I programmed a new key fob and it works, however, now my gauges, dash lights, stereo and air/heat do not work! Please help!

I recently had new brake pads put on my grand am and now when I drive over bumps the front brakes rattle.If I apply slight pressure on the brake pedal it stops. I took it back to my mechanic and he says there is nothing wrong.How do I get rid of this problem that I did'nt have before I replaced the brakes

How do I know its the motor in the third row seat if the seat would not recline

How much should it cost to replace an O2 sensor?

my headlights would flash when I would lock or unlock my jeep and now they don't why?

I can not find the pcv valve on my 1991 mark7

it only makes the noise in gear any gear even reverse, driving on highway when it started, doesnt hardly move now

The first thing that happened was that it wouldn't start on the first turn. Then it stalled at a red light - then, I was driving 45 but the car was trying to go 70 - it was like cruise control was on - I had no control of the car. The breaks felt weak. At the same time, my temperature guage was going up to almost the red area and then dropping to the bottom then back up to middle ( normal) - all this was happening within seconds/minutes of each other. The car would calm down and the temp gauge would be normal then, it would accelerate and the guage would react - this went on for 10 miles before I could just park it. The shop replaced the idle air control valve and said it was fixed. I drove it off the lot and with 27 miles it acted the very same way. They have been test driving it for the past week trying to make it 'act up' again but it hasn't done it for them. I will not drive this car until I know the proper part/sensor/module has been replaced! It is too scary and I will have an accident or hit the car in front of me. Can you please help!

Clutch slipping during has about 125,000 miles on it.

how do u take the head off a 1996 honda passport 3.2 liter engine