I have lost reverse...I am pretty sure it is a 5.2 but how do i check to be certain

where is my blower moter for my heat and ac?

just recieved code p0411 secondary air injection system incorrect flow detected. is car safe to drive and how to repair this situation. thank you

My engine light stays on and I get these diagnostic codes which are: P-1586, P-0442, & P-0507, also had to jump neutral switch to start engine & Tie release lever open to shift transmission. What are these codes mean, and whats the problem???

ive already gave it atune up, checked injectors feul press at 31psi plus installed a maf,egr and cleaned t-body. allso tried to retrieve codes but scanner just wouldnt pullthem

My Isuzu Axiom, has a rebuilt engine that was replaced, now when we picked up the vehicle the transmission light is on . What could be the problem? The trans has been rebuilt also . Worried. Shift slips...

When replacing a cracked exhaust manifold and bolts, are there other parts involved with the manifold that might need replacing?

(!) light flashes when slowing down then engine shuts off starts right back up. Just started to day. Fluids are fine and engine is not hot. only drove it about 5 miles. It did this 6 times. any insight?

How much will it cost in labor alone to get my master and slave cylinder replaced?

How do I find an exploded view of the inside locking mechanism on the drivers doors so that I can fix this thing. Went out of warranty by 6000 miles. Need to know how to remove the panel of drivers door also.

how do you repair damaged body panels

I installed an after market cruise control system and neither that, nor the speedometer works on their own, but they all work when I connect an OBD-II Ultra Gauge computer. The relay is good, the fuse is good, the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) is good, and no trouble codes or pending trouble codes detected. What else can it be if the speedometer and cruise only work when an OBD-II computer is connected, but not by themselves, without the OBD-II compututer connected?

what is the procedure in changing the air conditioner belt?

the auxillary fan was replaced but now very loud and does not cool properly - is it faulty or is it another problem

Car is at service station, needing plugs and wire replaced possible additional work to cylinders...Estimates given for plugs & wires approx $200, problem being cylinder isn't firing properly, if cylinder work approx then approx $500. Is this in the ball park? Thanks for your time.