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the driver side power seat can only recline and will not return back up nor will it move forward/backward what could cause this.
Air Conditioner worked fine night before - next morning air simply did not work - no fan working to blow air
Where is the A/C relay located on a 1993 Ford Taurus?
Brake light will not turn off and draining battery
Wehn at an idle, the a/c blows warm kinda cool air but when driving down the road , it's fine. I bought one of those a/c recharge kits and when I hooked up the gage, it showed in the red and said mechanical failure?
no check engine light but the car failed low idle emission and passed high idle what to check? new air filter new pvc valve new oil change new plugs(bosch fusion) cant figure out why but u can smell the richness of th...
Transmission fluid is fine. Will not shift out of first gear when driving down the road.
We replaced our battery and now the radio will not work. The fuse is not blown. Any ideas? We are getting no power to the radio at all.
after changing battery ac ,and other staff doesn't work Fuses looks OK and engine work fine
how much does it cost to change an ignition switch
Check engine light came on. Ran the scanner and got the codes p1083 and p1084. Engine idles rough, hesitates slightly. Temp on catalytic converter read hotter in front than in back. Had spark plugs and wires repla...
I received a code suggesting the fuel tank pressure sensor was not working properly. Where do I find the sensor?
I have the same problem as first anonymous, Rochester. Do not see an answer. Fuse blows to compresser when car is started.
I have a white vapor from a/c vents when sitting at red lighs,cools fine riding down road what could this be?
a/c clutch will not kick in. Where is the a/c relay located?