my transmission slips in 1st gear then slows to a stop after it gets hot.once it cools down it will move again and this is constantly.what can i do?

My TT developed a strange problem after a pretty heavy rainstorm. The car is completely dead - no lights, no dash, no starter turnover-not even a click. After a half dozen attempts the lights came on when the key was inserted and the car started normally. It idled normally... I turned it off and immediately tried to restart - dead. I let it sit in the sun for a second day to "dry out" but had the same problem starting. Once it started I drove around for about 20 minutes, pulled in the driveway shut it off and had the same start problem. Any ideas?

engine replacement has been suggested by mechanic. What is the average cost of engine replacement for eclipse. Code is P0 442. This code says evap. system leak.

i just want to make sure i have the proper tools and the process of canging my fuel filter. have done it before on a different car but my first time on this car

I have a 2005 Chevy Astro Van I use for my job. I went to get it inspected in Feb and now its April and still not inspected. I went to my mechcanic and he put in a new oxygen sensor. drove for a day and it came back on, now I just got a catalic converter put on. I keep getting it reset, then not enough data, light goes back on. Still not inspected and i got 1 ticket already. I am going back on mon for the scan of the car for $80.00 .I put in 600.00 so far and it still isnt fixed Help I am so frustrated. Any Ideas anyone

how hard is the timing belt to replace and is it worth taking to the toyota dealership for that complete tune up

May have to have brakes replaced.

what does starting disabled mean

car starts, let foot off excelerater it kills. also has black smoke

just came back from having the left rear caliper replaced, when I put the brakes on the first time my foot went to the floor so I drove around the block and kept trying them still to the floor unless you pump them 3 times . So I took it back and they tried to bleed them 10 times , still no better. Now I have to take it back again. Any ideas what is wrong . Pedal was fine before they worked on it. Thanks


I turn my car on and it starts shaking, I go to drive it and it cuts off.

How do I adjust the throttle position sensor on my 95 Corolla, 1.6 liter engine?

Code P0733- incorrect ratio in gear 3
Code P0734- incorrect ratio in gear 4

I noticed a little difficulty and shift handle getting stuck but then it would move into reverse..Now my car is sitting at the store and I cannot get it into gear. Starts fine..Any suggestions?