cost of replacing lower ball joint on PT Cruiser

my lincoln town car when i first start it up it will run smooth as silk for about 10 to 15 minutes but after that it will start to miss fires. then i let the engine get cold again and it will run smooth again until about 10 to 15 mintues

Problem occurs at every startup. The dealer wanted to recharge the AC, but that is a joke, as the AC is plenty cold once the compressor kicks in. 5 to 7 minutes is an unacceptable delay, as we are hot and sweaty by the time we get cool air from the AC. Thanks!

We bought our van used and a computer was supposedly put in right brfore the sale. Well, for three years now it intermittently stalls and stays broken down for hours at a time. The windshield wipers come on for no reason and we are scared to drive it anywhere. Mechanic shops have looked at it, but no one can figure out the problem. We think it is the computer any suggestions? P.S. it not any sensors because most have been replaced already. Thanks in advance.

How do I change the oli and filter and how long to do this job?

I can feel the roughness thru the steering wheel the worst when first leaving the house. then it is much less of a noise or feel the rest of the day. I can't feel this when I make a right turn. I have had all parts replaced on the front end of the Buick Lasabre. Took it to the dealer and they wanted to replace the whole power steering rack. Could it be just the power steering pump, since there are no leaks anywhere?

I have heat all the time, cant get it to turn off. Any ideas

how to change air breather

How do you change the gear selector on the transmission, It is worn out and will not shift into all gears

Ready to pull oil pan. Please advise... cautions, insight, tips and traps will be very much appreciated prior to warfare.

How much does it cost to change to fluid?

My engine won't turn over. It will crank as long as my husband sprays ether into it, but it dies as soon as the ether burns off.

One the car is warmed up there is a loud clicking noise coming from the engine when idling and accelerating. car seems to run fine other than that.

how do replace a positive cable that attaches to the starter

went i turn the heater or air condtioner i hear a noice coming from the front passager front compartment inside, also went i turn the car off it run for a few second making the same noice. i could be reach by email: joetex57@yahoo.com.