could someone tell me what a ubec looks like?

the power steering pump sealon my 2009 Toyota Camry is leaking - is this covered under a basic warrenty from Toyota?

My VW- 4 motion, runs roughly or a lack of power upon acceleration and The Check Engine Light will often flash.

My GMC 3500 diesel will turn over fine, i checked fuel filter and it is pumping through, but seems like it gets no spark.

The battery is good, the Neg battery cable is bad. I think its rusted kind of brown, the positive is fine. It seems like one cable that becomes two cables and appears to be grounded with more than one wire. Can I change this myself not being a real mechanic, and is this only a chyrsler jeep product? What is the best thing for me to do and is $80.00 for a mechanic to do it reasonable?

There was a loud popping sound under the car! The car will not go into gear! Could the linkage to the transmition be broken?

Hi I just recently replaced the ECM in my 96 Sunfire and now my gauges are going crazy! My speedometer is jumping all over the place in idle and is registering way too fast when Im driving, causing my trans to shift through the gears too fast, Im in 3rd gear when Im going about 20 but the speedo says im doing 60 or so.. Also check oil light is on and oil is not low, and coolant light is on but also not low on coolant...Is it possible I got a bad ECM (bought it from AutoZone) or is there something else I should be looking at? P.S speed sensor was also recently changed

help! we need to replace our ignition/key lock cylinder and we can't figure out how to do it. do we have to removet the steering wheel, if so, how do we do that!? please help!

I am able to take the key in and out of the ignition and the annoying beep still goes when the door is open but the key will not move to start the car. What should I do?

When accelerating, it feels like a pulling a slow start. Once the speed is up to 30 or 40 car runs smooth

lights flash, wont start, security light flashes.
-replaced battery
-locked and unlocked drivers door, passenger door, and hatch
-disconnected negative terminal for 20 min.
i need detailed description on fixing problem or removing security system

do brakes get wet? over the last rainy week I noticed when I take my foot off the brakes when parking (not while driving) or pulling out into traffic where you move an inch or two and break is not smooth, but makes a crunchy noise as well.

I have been told by two garage mechanics that my power steering fluid should be change and flushed. I am told the fluid has a dark color and should be changed. I have looked at the power steering well and the color of the fluid looks pink color to me. I have only had to add fluid once since I bought the car in 2004. Should I have the fluid changed at different maintenace intervals or wait until I have to have the system repaired.

The break lights are not goin on in the back of the car. I checked the fuse and is good. I need help in replacing the break light switch.

how do you replace a power steering pump on a 2003 ford taurus 3.0 liter engine