When I bought my car, the seller said it would need a new CV boot and it was relatively easy to replace, because he did the driver's side. I have asked several mechanics and they said it's hard to replace the boot w/o replacing the joint. How do I get to the boot/how do I replace it? Am I safe for now to load the cv joint up with grease so I don't end up with serious problems?

lighting on floor for both front and back does not turn off while driving. there is a push button on passenger front door, when manually pushed turns off lights. All four doors have a push button but only the push button for the front passenger door turns off the lighting.I also get a message on the dash that the front passenger door is open but it's not. Thank you

will hitting the side of the inner joint with a heavy hammer while prying, help seperate the shaft from the housing?

Repair shop estimate to replace both head gaskets on V-6

The dvd changer will not eject or play the disks now in my Range rover sport 2007. I open the window and push the eject button, but it just flashes blue. Can I take it out and un-stick it myself? or is this a very difficult procedure.

After driving about 4 miles, or as it warms up, it begans down shifting back & forth.

My husband changed my dad's oil in his 2002 Ford Taurus and put 5 quarts in. He said it was a little over, but that it should be fine. My dad then took it to a friend of his that is a mechanic who proceeded to drain 1/2 qt. of because my dad's manual says the car takes 4.5 qts. Is there that much of a difference, would it really hurt the car??

how long does it take to fix a wheel baring and how much does it cost to fix?

My steering wheel is not centered. What is the solution?

What is involved with adding daytime running lights?

I am selling car, just want to do cheap clutch job - - what do you recommend?

Seems to be oil collecting in the number three piston causing a misfire...What could cause that to happen?

Is there a main harness connection that may be loose?

The dust cap on the front pass wheel is that OK?

i changed the oil but the light still comes on (theres knocking in the engine)