Recently,both keyless remote controls have not been working, the red key light sometimes blink. I am not sure if there are bateries in the remotes as there are no obvious signs where you can open up the keyless remote

I took my car to a mechanic yesterday. I mentioned to him it was making a rattling sound and asked him what might be the problem. I was charged over $500.00. This seems like a lot of money for a wheel bearing. What should I have paid?

1- its a 91 dodge dynasty Le 3.3L/v6: I just picked something.It starts great 1st thing in am, but after 2 mins. of sitting--i have to prime the gas(fuel) like a race car to stablize the fuel in motor then go/ its a fuel-injected motor, whats wrong-how to correct it???, ive changed the fuel filter and checked for vacuum leaks....no change.> some tells me the fuel pump is going and yet others say no its not. I want the straight answer to correct this now.

the power windows and half the digital display stopped working at the same time

they stopped working at the same time

after 1.5 - hrs of travel [city/highway no diff]

When driving and I slow down and try accelerating again I get a hard jerk and the tcs and check engine light comes on and car don't want to go then code PO740 comes on

there is a bad grinding sound every time i press the brakes to stop.

my kia optima front driver turn signal only works when my lights are off? if i turn it on it dont work at all and when it does work it blinks real fast, i changed both the rear and front turn bulbs and still got the same issue what could be the problem?

Why is it that my head lights flicker when when the anti tracson kicks in. If my tires spin a little in the snow they flicker.

When I am driving down the road, either with the cruise on or not, the engine will simply stop (as in it is not getting fuel)and the fuel peddle will not work. After I pump it a time or two the engine again comes to life and I am on my way. The check engine light stays on for a day or two and then goes out until it happens again. If I am on cruise control the peddle drops to the floorboard and will not reengage until I have put the transmission into neutral. Help

Steering Wheel feels choppy when turning...
Not all the time, it's inconsistent.
Maybe not exactly choppy but feels more like something's slipping and I need to hold on to the wheel tight

vehicle seems too soft riding, sways in even fairly slow turns, does not give feeling of control

I have no tail lights, fender lights or tag lights. all cab lights, turn lights back up lights and head lights work. I can not find what fuse to check in the owners manual they don't list a fuse for tail lights. I have checked the plug from the frame to the bed.

new starter, new batteries, no blown fuses, maybe unrelated but radio quit working. truck won't start. cranks over good. can hear fuel pump working