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and the price to repair it would 400.00 is that correct.
the main hose tha also keeps the cooling system?

How do i change out the brake booster in my 2000 328I Thanks for all your help

Car jerks when taking off and when braking kinda jerks

I just purchased this vehicle in December and its been running like a dream. Suddenly I am getting either a misfire or a slip in the transmission when I am in high gear around town running at about 45-50 mph. It sort of feels like the transmission but I can also see it being in the engine. It's also irregular which further makes me think its in the engine..?? Any previous issues like this before? Whats the fix? Local mechanic said take it to the dealer which we all know is going to be big $$$.

Front and rear fan switches only work on high setting. Lower setting of the fan switch does not blow air. Heat and air-conditioning works great on high. What is the problem and how do I fix it? Costs?

my transmission wont go into gear. when i accelerate it feels like im in neutral. i pulled the codes and it gave me PO 734

where is pcm located

There is a noise when turning to right and stepping on brake--problem just started when turning in to driveway and the abs light came on. They say it may be ringtone

Is this a sensor or does the cat. converter need to be replaced altogether? Check engine light came on, code P0420, failed emissions inspection.


I am planning on changing my serpentine belt on both my 2003 Camry and 2006 Corolla, and I was wanting to know what size would the pulley nut be?

The serpentine belt tool kit I plan on buying from Harbor Freight works on idler pulleys requiring 15mm or 18mm hex as well as 3/8" or 1/2" square drives.

my 1995 honda accord will start then quit over and over again. I got it to start after applying gas while turning over the ignition. While driving it the speedometer and tac dropped to zero while driving at 40mph engine continuing to run. then it corrected itself and worked again. and it did it again this morning what might be the problem.

i have a 1998 mitsubishi montero sprot 2Wd 2.4L 5 speed. i need to know what is the transmission oil pan gasket called and i also need to know what transmission fluid does it take? i have replaced the gasket once and used RTV sealant but it is still leaking. i have been looking everywhere and cant find that gasket only, because i dont know the name of the gasket. please help

How do you reset the speed odometer recalibratican for oversized tires

is it cheaper when i replace front and rear brke pads and rotors?