Had a rebuilt engine put in, then had lifter noise. New head and lifters done, still has lifter noise. Has anyone experienced this?

My check engine light came on, and the code indicates that I need to change out the oxygen sensor. I do not know where this is located. Can you please send me a diagram, and instructions? Thank you

I noticed that my "ESP" showed up on the screen two days ago. It comes on, but it always go off. I don't know why it is showing on the screen. I haven't had that much trouble with it at all. Can I still drive it in this condition? How long can I drive it? How much will it cost to get it repaired. Can my husband repair it? I don't want to take it to a Mercedes Bentz Dealer because they are going to charge me a great deal of money that I don't have. Can anyone recommend something different? Thanks for all of your help. Rose


how much would it come out to be to change the four shocks absorbers

I do not have any fuel pressure.

I'm looking at buying a 91 BMW 325, 105k - really well maintained. Story - owner drives it around the park once a month to move it around. While stopped bearing in the water pump goes out - indicator goes to red -he moves indicator goes back to middle he gets home, which is about a mile away. Repair shop opens it up, timing belt is fine. Whats the odds of the engine being ok

When I turn on my A/C or Heater, the passenger side starts to hum under the dash.

When first start a cold engine and put the car in drive I get a noise that sounds like an exhaust leak. It only last for the first minute or two and goes away. I put the trans in neutral while moving and raced the engine and no noise. Put it back in drive and the noise comes back.

how do i reset my maintenance light when i change my oil back to green?

after intake gasket is changed so you add oil or do oil change

after intake gasket is changed is oil add or change the oil

All is well when the car is running.Once it is parked,overnight, the battery goes dead. Where do I start to look for the problen?

Anyone know how to remove the back panel of the front seats in order to get to the hog rings for re-upholstering? It seems like they are clip-on, but I am unable to reach behind the panel. Do I need a special tool?

engine light stays on.for last 2weeks.