My radio will be playing fine then the sound stops as if the signal is lost. Without doing anything it will start playing again. The antenna looks OK.

how do i tell if my car has abs

were is the fuel filter at on my car

were is the fuel filter at

My 2005 Buick LaSabre blower motor slowed down and would sometimes make weird noise, this continued for a couple months. suddenly it stops working and now I have no heat. I suspect that the blower has gone bad, if so how do I replace it?

first and reverse are hesitating and then jumping into gear. The servo might be at fault???? If so, can this servo be serviced without pulling the trans on this 4WD? It looks accessible in the manual but I question how it holds onto the 1st to rev band. does it just sit in the bands socket?(if it has a socket to receive servo rod)

I need to replace A/T transmission oil on 1997 E-280. How much oil

I bought my ciera used with 140000mi on it and it has served me well. I believe it has the original plugs and wires in it. It has just started missing intermitently. No sign of coolant leakage and uses about 1qt of oil between oil changes (3000mi). How difficult is it to change plugs and wires and what kind of plugs should I use.

can you drive the vehicle at all with the gasket blown.

Have replaced 2 batteries and 4 alternators ( 3 under warranity) Light still goes on and off

wont go into drive but will go into reverse?

if i take off a water pump will it affect the timing or timing chain

Is there a fuse for the dash lights. If so, where is it.

dear sirs i have a problem with my ford expeditions A/C. it gives hot air. i changed the compressor,still have hot air, i found out that the A/C its not working after a new installation. could you please tell me what can cause that trouble. my E`mail is. many thanks in advance for your prompt reply

My car has been run for almost 40,000 klm now , the dealer told I have to change the both brake and disck,that costs me around $600,but I think the brakes are fine,those people behind me, so I want to know how often should I change my brakes and disck and how much does it cost