The illumination of the gear shift indicator in the instrument cluster is sometimes very dim or at times totally dark. (P R N D 1 2 3 ) Can I purchase the parts to fix this myself. I have already replaced all the stepper motors and led light bulbs myself. Thank you for your help

abs light comes on sometimes and stays on. When I restart it's off for awhile.

The thermostat is not opening correctly and the temp hits the red line before it will cool.

My husband replaced the solenoid pack on our 2003 Dodge Caravan. When he started the vehicle, transmission fluid starting pouring out from somewhere. To insure that the pack was in correctly, it was taken out and put back into the van. He started the vehicle again and the problem still exist. The transmission fluid is not leaking, it's pouring out from the bottom. Could there be a loose hose?

have pin hole in tank and need to replace

Rattling noise in engine area not a constant sound while idelingkh

When I try to start the truck it cranks and acts like it's going to start but won't. I have to hold the gas peddle down to start the truck as soon as I let off the gas it dies.

I just can't find the right answer to replace and add gear oil. The book says use honda gear oil and when I called the dealer they told me I need to bring it in for a tech to check. I am quit capable of adding or changing my fluid myself but no one gives me the same answer. Can anyone help me?

When do you know it's time to change the timin chain

When i backed up today my truck had a Loud rubbing noise from the pasanger side rear end. We checked it out took of tires etc. cant find the problem

How do you take it off?

I noticed in the maint. schedule references to the above filters. No problem so far.

Suddenly happened last summer but have procrastinated in the T/S or repair ...perhaps if i force the knob it would move but at least it froze in the most important position. Temperature select knob works fine. I am mechanically challenged but willing to try to fix this myself.


driver side windshield wiper arm flops to the side and gets hung up with the side mirror and the passenger side doesn't move up & down at all, but I can hear the wiper motor running, what can cause this?