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emmissions incorrect purge flow
click pop all the time when making left or right turns from the front drive shift or hub
how hard is to replace front axel (driver side)any step by step
my f250's speedometer recently quit working, it would start and stop for a couple of days. have changed the sensor on the rear differential, still does't work
how do u reset the oil light on a 1994 bmw 740il
My car got rear ended and the car got totaled out because it broke the unibody but i bought the car back and want it to be fixed. It damaged the rear bumber, the unibody, right tailight only, the trunk latch, and righ...
it will only go into first second and neutral. i cannot get the truck into any other gear. what is the problem?
when i am driving sometimes a massage comes on the panel that says" stop engine , no oil pressure." i will stop the engine and wait 5 minutes than start driving again and no massage . i changed oil pressure switch and...
power steering hose replacement pressure line
The air conditioning on the left side of the van all the way back does not blow cool air. The right side works great. What do we need to do to fix this.
If I have had my 2000 Acura RL transmission fluid changed recently do I also need to have my differential fluid changed or do the two systems share the same fluid?
Driver side sun visor gets stuck half way up. Eventually becomes inoperable and needs complete replacement.
look for labor cost to change motor
Both CV joints are going out on my car. I want to know what it would cost to have them replaced.