Ready to pull oil pan. Please advise... cautions, insight, tips and traps will be very much appreciated prior to warfare.

How much does it cost to change to fluid?

My engine won't turn over. It will crank as long as my husband sprays ether into it, but it dies as soon as the ether burns off.

One the car is warmed up there is a loud clicking noise coming from the engine when idling and accelerating. car seems to run fine other than that.

how do replace a positive cable that attaches to the starter

went i turn the heater or air condtioner i hear a noice coming from the front passager front compartment inside, also went i turn the car off it run for a few second making the same noice. i could be reach by email: joetex57@yahoo.com.

i have power to my turn lamp but it does not light i have changed bulbs

Used a gallon in one week recently

I turn the key and all lights come on but the truck won't start. It does not make any sounds indicating a dead battery.

consistently water is shooting out of the back side of motor near firewall about midway of the motor. are there any water valves or heat gauge in that area?could it possibly be a head gasket?

can EGR valve be cleaned somewhat without having to take it off?

I need to replace my high mounted brake light on my 1995 explorer and I have a 1996 explorer that I can take parts off of.

i think my fuel pressure regulator is down . I have new plugs and wires , new radiator, new waterpump,,i checked the catalytic converter...i still wont run on all cylinders. where is the regulateor located?

What kind of brake fluid should I get. The indicator light has been on for two days. Thank you

where is 4x4 transfer case shift module located