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What is the best summer time oil for Taurus LX with a 3.8 engine? (10-40,10-30,5-30?)
Im trying to bleed the clutch hydrolic system and i cant find the clutch slave cylinder bleeder valve!
The manual says to replace spark plugs and spark plug wires at 100,000 miles. I have 108,000 miles. What would be the cost of doing this replacement?
getting bad odor from a/c when first turned on, goes away after about 10 minutes smells terrible!!!!!!!a/c works fine. just the smell. also got trouble code 0410 secondary air induction problem ...
It doesn't make noise and it usually happens when the truck is cold. How much should i expect to pay.
i changed my thermostat, my fan clutch, and temperatue sensor and my truck is still overheating according to my thermostat. would exhaust bolts have anything to tdo with it. it measures at 3/4 on the guage. please help
Paddle side mirrors constantly slip out of position. Any simple fix to make them stay in place - or simply purchase new mirrors?
both back up lights are out. i changed both bulbs but there is still no back up lights. could it be a fuse
When I turn on the left turn signal it flashes properly. When I turn on the right turn signal it flashes very fast. Yes I know one of the bulbs are burnt out wrong. All the bulbs are fine. Hazards work fine also. I ha...
but the engine doesn't rev, it seems like it slips a little, and the brake lights work sometimes, what can cause these problems, thanks for any help
engine light comes on and idles rough. code states battery tempurature problem. runs fine other then that.
how to change the oil filter on E320 Mercedes-Benz 1996 ?
The description on this site regarding struts seems to be in twos. Either front or rear. My mechanic recommends 4 struts at $785.98. I guess that includes the alignment. Is that a pretty fair estimate?
One estimate I have is $785.00 for 4 struts. Is this reasonable?
I always have to turn the engine over twice to get it to start. It always starts on the second try but very rarely will start on the first try. Any ideas?