I poped the hood then started the car and i can see gas leaking out of the injector every time i try ta start the car

engine has never over heated but the check engine light came on and stays on the trouble code is po128 and last night the red light came on that looks like water level on radiator but it is full.

no compression in #1 cylinder redo the heads is that the solution and how much should i pay thanx

I have a sputtering problem that happens once or twice a week and my check engine light is on. I went to autozone and had it diagnosed as having duct tube damage caused by a large vacuum leak on engine or faulty MASS sensor. Is this something that can be fixed by someone who knows just a little about repairs, like myself or should I take it to a mechanic and what should I be looking at price wise on the repair? Also what is best website to go to on how to do repairs on BMW's?

we just recently bought a 2003 volkswagen jetta gls 2.0. after the car warms up it shifts hard from 2nd to 3rd gear. what would cause that to happen and what is a fix for that

i disconnected the battery and now the radio says to enter a code,where do i find out what the code is

Hi, this is Ed and i just drove my wife's 2000 Nissan Altima about 30 miles and i noticed the temp gage fluctuating up and down while driving at 55 to 60 mph. I was wandering what would cause this and how to fix it. No engine light on at this time. Thanks, Ed.

have to fix po442 code check engine light

I just want to change the fluid for the first time, i noticed that when clamping a hill it slow down my mechanic to told me to change the transmission fluid

i changed three catilytic converters.new plugs.it will not get over 35 mph.converter gets red hot.

location of directional flasher / relay

how do i drain out all the oil and water to put in anti-freeze

passanger power seat will not respond to controls on door. it is locked in position. Manually i can move the seat so a person and enter the back seat.

my engine lite came on and i would like to know some reasons why

fm radio and 2 program buttons don't work. Any way to fix I can repair them?