how do I fix my inside light panel on my nissan sentra '05

We have begun to smell a burning odor frequently with our VW. The temperature gauge does not show hot, but if the heater is on, the inside of the car just smells burny. If you don't have the heater on, when you step out of the car, you still smell the burny odor. Had it checked a while back and were told we ran over a grocery bag, but the odor continues.

When should the transmission on my Mazda CX9 be serviced? I have 65,123 miles.

No compression all. Cylinders left. Bank. Inspection of valvetrain operation ok timingchain. Ok

I have wd-40'd all the doors and the lights still wont shut off back floor lights will not turn off, help!

need to change timing belt ,tell me the steps to change the belt
thank you,

loosing a half guart of oil per week

My car had a rear end collision. What checks should I ask the Honda shop to do to verify drive train is in good working order?

I blew a radiator hose replaced it then realized head gasket was needing replaced. I replaced the gasket got new head bolts new intake gasket spark plugs & wires new air filter changed oil with stp treatment cleand radiator & car will not turn over what's. The problem...plz help I'm a single mom of 2 teenagers I have 2 have myy car

the ac starts suddenly while it is turned off.
sometimes it blows cold air and sometimes it blows non cold air.
Remark: this occurs every time i drive my car
Thank you for any help....

houston texas need to know where the camshaft position sensor is located under the hood

Sometimes it blows out cold air, but only on low speed.

How much should an expansion control valve cost.

My brake lights won't work unless I have my headlights on. The 3rd brake light on the hatchback door does work all the time. Is there a fuse or something or is it electrical?

loosing 1/2 qrt oil week