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Check engine light comes on frequently,Diagnostic Codes P0442 and/or P0445, and/or P0443. Also red flashing warning gas cap open? Just replaced with new cap still says open? After restarting the engine and drive for a while the same red message appears? Can anyone help! Thanks,

light flushing on overdrive on and start then went off and it takes high rpm before it shift to 2nd gear

starts fine and than idols real hi. than when hit the gas pedal it die's and wont start until

ok i started my truck and a little smoke came out of the two vents and i smelled just a little atafrezze but when i turned one the heater it stoped

My a/c compressor wont run cooling fan doesnt kick on and it blows warm air

took to dealership they want 750 dollars is this the right amount to charge me?

Rear Brake line corroded and needs to be replaced.

How much would you say it would cost to repair 2 shocks?

does the 2009 toyota corolla have a timing belt

dose anybody know where i can get a flow chart that shows the rpm breakdown per speed

My check engine light is on and I had it checked with the result being error secondary air injection low. Is this something I can do on my own and how expensive?

My check engine lights came on,I saw that the battery state read ??????,what does that mean?

Looking for suggestions, my air condition will now not get cold, the blower is working, it has been recharged, fuses are good, also noticed the compressor is continously kicking on and off.

Under modest driving in a 2011 Turbo S with PDK, red transmission overheat light occurred. Dealer believes problem is a faulty temperature sensor in PDK and not a mechanical problem. However, dealer says that sensor cannot be replaced.

ac doesn't work. how about the compressor if it's bad? what about an oxygen sensor, and a catalytic converter?