mileage dont work anymore it just quit been working fine

I paid $350. at the dealer,a year ago,to seal the evaporator pads.And the leak is back again ,Did they do the wrong repair?Or was I taken for a ride?

a small battery shows up on the dashboaed and stays on

replaced heads timming chains an guides ,will turn over but will not start no fire crank sensor good ecm good

Ever since we bought the car the tires continuosly loose air pressure. I have had to replace two tire pressure sensors at approximately $200 a piece do to the valve stem cracking and snapping off. I recently replaced a third sensor with a $25 valve stem and the tire has held pressure for the last month. Thesystem continuosly flashes an annoying text message to service the tire system. How do I stop the text without replacing a valve stem with a part that will leek air.

There really isnt any problem except the fact that I dont know the location, the type and how to change the fuel filter out.

airconditioner drain tube plugged

today a wrench appeared and there is B 16 code what does that mean

I have a light that goes on sometimes and I would like to know what it is. Is there anybody that has a sample of the display of the instrument panel warning lights of a 2000 ford windstar

codes 17522 and 17526 have poped up but car seems to be running fine cyl 2and 6 are saying fule inj.sys.short to B+ wats wrong

the car was cranking fine the day before the next day it wouldnt start usually i can hear the fuel pump come on but now i cant the fuel pump relay was burned. i replaced it it still no power to the fuel pump what can i do. its just odd how it will do when i havent been having problems with it

Will not close it stays in the down position.

My 1994 Isuzu Rodeo is leaking from the right side of the engine? Is it the head gasket?

how do i replace the passenger seat module if seat has no power for me to adjust to reach module?

transmission slips a little at takeoff but shifts fine through all the gears and od. but in reverse slips bad like a bad clutch then shudders and goes into gear.let off throttle it acts like its in neut. again. i have to get the rpms up to 1000 to 1500 the car starts moving shudders then engages in rev. 130,000 miles on car. any help would be apreciated thanks.