How much would it cost to replace the alternator on this car

Horn it self is good, fuse is good, relay is good. Any idea? I have checked everything with light check. What could happened? Emergency Horn does not work ether.

Charges on start up @14.2 volts then stops charging. Dash lite for battery is off for 15 seconds then lites at same time alternator stops charging. Alternator was checked off vehicle by shop that rebuilds starters & alternators so I beleive it is good. Battery volts after charging out of vehicle on slow 2A charge is 11.5 V. Would a bad cell cause no charge condition?

UPDATE: Alternator was replaced and problem solved.

I was told that this maintenance is a costly one because they advise changing the timing belt, etc. This has been garage kept and always receives the recommended maintenance on schedule. Is this really necessary...and if so, what should it cost?

my 92 cavalier runs great then she decides to spit and sputter then die like its starvin for gas. fuel pump works fine(its new) new crank sensor plugs wires and all that good stuff. once it dies you can crank and crank and thepump is pumpin gas like crazy but it wont fire. had the car 6 GREAT years and ran the guts out of it ( my daily driver/race car lol) and this is the first major problem i had out of it HELP!!!!!

car hesitates and bogs like straving for fuel.

mass air sensor changed out

I have a (tan) colored interior ford freestar van, the factory installed overhead (drop down) dvd player was stolen out of the van quite a long time ago now, and i was wanting to replace it. Is there any information that i can get to finding out what type of dvd player it may have been?
Every time i look for information about it online, i cannot find anything that looked similar to it. I suppose i am hoping that they did not have too many different models of dvd players used in the factory for that year.

Thank you, for any help answering this question, my kids would greatly appreciate it too...

I'm having a problem with my rear brakes. They lock up when I'm driving and smoke starts to billow out. Sometimes if I sit and wait for them to cool down for a while, I can drive it again but sometimes not. Highway driving seems to make the problem occur more frequently. Is replacing the RABS sensor the answer? I just had new rear brakes put on thinking that was the problem.

always pushing heat . even when its turned to off position

day time running lights go off when i put on blinker. any ideas

What should it cost to replace an oil pan

My stock radio was replaced with an aftremarket JVC deck. will this affect things like vent lights to just flash but not come on.

My car didnt pass emissions, will be the fourth time I am going back. Didnt past the nox and the co for the gas tests. now i take car to get vaccum hose leak fixed, new spark plugs, and new fuel filter put on car. Pick car up and car is hesitating worse than before I took to shop. Why is is doing this? EGR valve?

The door was slammed shut one day and won't open anymore. pulling on the handle causes the door to make a "clunk" sound in the back like it is released, but it still won't budge.

What does it mean when you say the charger system should be checked thoroughly after replacing a battery? My dealership is replacing the battery. Is this something I should ask to be done, or is it standard?