My car temperature gauge not working, when start the car it goes right away on RED and remain there.

Since its not rechargeable will it still allow me to drive the car until I purchase a new key

was told i put the serpentine belt on backwards, and it caused the timing to jump and bent the valves is this possible. as these are 2 completely different belts

it happen all the time i cut car off shut the doors the light on the doors stay on with the doors closed

when braking and while stopped

auto door locks keep unlocking and locking by themself.what could cause this?

Car screeches like a belt or tranny is slipping when it's warm and the gas pedal is pushed to the floor. After a few seconds of this the engine shuts down. After a few minutes it will restart normally. Sound seems to come from transaxil or rear of engine...

I've got a 1995 Mazda Millenia and it cuts off once it get hot and it will not start back up for 2 to 3 mins. Then you can drive it for a little while and then it cuts off again or you may be able to drive it for half an hour or 45 mins.

I just recently purchased a 2002 Nissan Frontier SE with 126K miles. My concern is after the truck has set over night or for an extended period of time, I have to go down the highway 6 to 7 miles before it will shift into overdrive. Before finally shifting into overdrive, my RPM range is 2600 to 2700 at 60mph. When it finally shifts, my RPM range is 2300 to 2400 at 60mph. After shifting into overdrive, it is fine for as long as I drive the truck. Is this normal? If there is a problem, where do I start the fix? Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I just recently purchased a used 2002 Nissan Frontier SE with 126K miles. My problem is after the truck sits overnight or for an extended period of time, It will not shift into overdrive until I've gone down the highway 6 to 7 miles. After the initial warm up of 6 to 7 miles, it will shift just fine. My RPM is running around 2600 to 2700 at 60mph before shifting into overdrive. After finally shifting into overdrive, it will run around 2300 to 2400 RPM at 60mph. Is this normal for this truck? Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas where to start the fix if need be?

My break lights and rear turn signals aren't working and I replaced bulbs and fuses.

I replaced the wiper blade. When I lifted the wiper arm, it locked in the up position. How do i unlock it?

my 4runner runs great at times but at times it has a skip it feels like it looses power u can mash the gas thoe and it will take off it feels like a solenoid is sticking or something the check engine light is on the computer said it needed a distributor i replaced that the plugs n mires new fuel filter it helpd a little any sugestions on what 2 do caint afford 2 take 2 shop everytime do something 2 it 2 have it put on computer

What is the expected average cost to replace the heater core on my 2003 Chev Malibu LS?

I have a 2003 Acura Mdx and the cd-player used to work fine... now it doesn't play ANY cds. I used to think that it was because the cd's weren't original cd's but I also tried original cds and it wont play those either... please help!