i have same problem with face control switch,planning to buy one from junkyard ,but as $80 and not operate well,makes me thinks new from dealer ,but expensive $225 ,by the way junkyard $125,some folks said may be evaporator any help,thanks

replaced wires and plugs engine has miss under load normal driving through gears. heavy missing under exrtreme load through gears. can hardly pass a vehicle but i just got 36 mpg also

The cold air comes out below the dash or above the dash out of the vents next to the windshield. No air comes out of the center or end vents in the dash. I suspect the duct from the air conditioner has come apart. How do I get to it to repair it?

I have a D16 1.6 non vtec and I have replaced the feul pump checked the relay for it and replaced the Distributer (coil built in) Checked the timing belt and feul filter, I can't figure out what is wrong with my car please help.

Engine light came on, took it in and the Fuel solenoid is faulty. Is this located in the fuel pump in the gas tank? If not, where is it?

I have a 1996 Olds Aurora with the 4.0 aurora v8 ( caddillac Northstar basically). I cannot locate the TCM. Is it outside or inside the transmission.
Here is my problem... The transmission started slipping about a month ago. It would go from redlight to 40 mph no problem then it would slip right out... all rpm and no torque. Then about 3 weeks ago it will now go as fast as i want and its just has high rpm like it is stuck in 3rd gear or something. I thought it was the TCM not telling it to shift and I haven't got alot to spend repairing. I put money into it and it only has 81,000 original miles on it...runs excellent till recent problem with tranny. even with tranny problem it still has power in it, so I don't think it is the trans. PLZ HLP

My service engine soon light when on 4 days ago and stayed on. Today, it didn't go on when the car was started. Car runs and sounds the same. Could this be just a short? Have an appointment to have it looked at, but, now that the light isn't on, should I still go.

I recently bought a 1993 toyota camry and noticed the clock stays on all the time. is this normal?

I cant seem to figure out how to get to the pedal inside to hook the cable up.Do u have to remove alot of stuff like the fuse box.Where can I get a diagram to look at without buying a manuel or step by step directions?

When I crank up my truck I smell gas, but the smell goes away and it does not do this every time I crank it up and the smell is coming from the engine, not from the exhaust. Also when I turn on the ac I hear a squealing sound briefly, then when the truck sits the temp. guage starts going to the hot mark? Only runs hot with the ac on. 146k miles is on the truck. ibutterflyval@yahoo.com Thanks Val

is it still ok to drive my car without this belt?

I just replaced the front brake pads. I bled the lines & refilled with new fluid. I retightened the lines, put tires back on. I pumped the brakes to get them tight. Now whenever I put the van in drive or reverse and apply the brakes, it takes a long time for the brakes to hold and stop. What did I do wrong???

rough idol to stalling at red lights after driving the car for about 20min in town. i have also just clean the whole system myself and i am wanting to know why this is still a problem. my only guess could be is that is the sensor on the bottom of the egr valve? any help would make my life so much better=] because i love my lexus and want to keep it tell it dieds at 600,000 miles=] lol well thanks to all that can help

where is ignition control module on 1997 Ford Truck F350 1 ton P/U 2WD 5.8L EFI 8cyl

Where can I get a online diagram of the timing chain installation?