Bought used well maintained but the bands are slipping and a friend says i need to replace transmission filter and have them adjusted. also, check engine light just came on and at times the engine gently races when in gear when car is moving slow-kind of like a throb that seems to dissappear when it accelerates. when i put it into gear sometimes it ker-chunks and i think the ujoint might be going out. any ideas of cost of bands adjustment and about the cost of engine race problem that appeared with engine light?

How must should it cost to replace a power steering hose. My car is leaked all the power steering fluid out quickly

What are the procedures for changing front wheel bearings?

it was raining hard the intersection kinda flooded cars going by fast other way felt funny i put in park and back into gear and it would not Go in any gear except P & N

These lights have been on about 3months. I was told it was the clock spring, but I don't agree.

My Pacifica will turn over but will not fire. Sonds like fuel pump is coming on when I turn key to on , I can hear it humming. Not sure what else to look for.

Just purchased car used. We do love the car but it does eat alot of gas. Is this normal? Do you think there could be a problem?

Just recently rpm's at idle go from 1100 to about 700 then up to about 1200 then down again. rough idle. Then often power loss during acceleration.Shakes, drives rough and feels like it's going to stall. I have tried new plugs, air filter,pcv valve. If it is the IAC valve, where is it located?

The above described Vehicle has a 3.0 V-6 engine. The Automatic Transmission is a 4R44E. If I hit a "bump" in the Road, the engine would temporarily "die" and immediately come back to life.

I have changed the Shift Position Sensor and the Speedometer Sensor on the Side of the Transmission. I also took the Pan off the Transmission and checked for loose connections going to the Servos. The Connections to the Transmission was also observed for Loose Connections and Burnt Wiring. Nothing seems to help. A local Garage placed a "hand held" Analyser on the Truck. Some kind of "open circuit" was shown. Can the Computer be analysed?

I was "forced" to take a temporary route to my home. The Road was a "washboard" and rough. The Overdrive Light would repeatedly come on and off. Finally, the Truck refused to pull or shift gears. The Engine ran extremely rough and would not run faster than an idle.

the volvo is a late 93 there is oil on top of the engine and under the plastic volvo cover its all in the spark plug cylinders.... im thinkin its the valve cover gasket but i dont know how hard it would be to remove them and if it just isnt the oil cap i need a repair book or some one tlk me through the steps if that is possible its my only vehicle it still runs but i need help

the wipers on my 2006 325i turn on by themselves

The breaklight are not turning on when stepping on the break but the top cab light works. The fuse seem fine, and the light bulbs were checked and also seemed fine. What else could it be?

I want to repair the horn in my 2000 Ford F-250 but cannot find the original horn to remove it. Where is it hiding?

just wondering if im higher then the high mark about an inch can that be bad for my tranny? thanks