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There is NO change between Max/AC and the A/C dial. With the air on it barely blows air.
once you pull the pigtails from the top and disconnect the wires and air line what holds it in place what do i have to do to get it out any info would be appreciated very much thank you
will not start ,engine will not turn over ,all lights comes on,battery is good 12.6 volts, have checks fuses,front lighter will not work
I've owned my car since march 2010. Its a 2004 new beetle/turbo convertable. It's been running just fine up until last night. When I went to start it up it had symtoms of a low battery and wouldnt start. I got a j...
question on line already
need to see pic of timing marks on 2002 kia sportage are done
i have opened the injectors and it still wont start
What Brand is recommended (DENSO)(FOUR SEASONS) OR (BEHR)?
Car worked perfect in Houston. It has automatic transmission. Towed it to Pittsburgh in neutral last December. when it got to Pittsburgh, it did not want to go into reverse. could "fiddle" it to go into reverse, ho...
How do locate the valves for recharging the AC?
Does a 2003 nissan altima 2.5 have a fuel pressure regulator?and if it does where is it located at?
i tried replacing the sunvisor mirror and shorted out my inside lights i have now replaced the sunvisor and need to replace the fuse or whatever i shorted out so i can have light...please help
Where is the cabin air filter located on 1997 Ford Explorer Limited ? And how do I replace it ?
It snap and the door just doesnt close
still have power at the blower and windows when the key is in the off position