my drivers side headlight is very very dim ,,i changed the bulb and still its dim ,,could it be a bad socket ,,?? bad ground i need any help to fix this

At start the engine knocks and an extreme white smoke comes out the exhaust. It will stay running and move (although seems unsafe) continues a constant loud knocking and white smoke from exhuast. Can this be fixed or does the engine need replacement? How and which be more cost efficent?

how long can i use a gas if i fill up my tank and how many litre fill up a tank

When I brake the car tends to woble a little bit.
The car has 88400 miles.
Should I wait for the 90000 mile service and have it checked or should I do it now.
We only drive the car about 80 miles a week at low speeds.

Instrument panel lights and head lights flicker, radio flicks off and on. Yesterday, all panel lights were flickering and the engine died. I was able to start back up with no problem. This has been happening for about two weeks, intermittingly. The car has 98k miles

motor is good and fuse is good is there a relay or resister that could be problem and where is it located

My cruise control recently just quit working. When I try to set it it won't set. Is there a fuse that may need to be changed? If so, where is the fuse box? I am really lost without this as I travel 50 miles 1 way to work everyday. Other than this I love my truck!

blower motor is good and fuse is good could it be a relay or resister and where are they located

My seatbelt won't latch on passenger side. Dealer wants over $200 to fix. Says he has to take seat out. Is this right?

when i go any faster then 40-45 mph my car starts to shake. Now I can go faster then this speed, but then my car starts shaking like the wheels are gonna fall off or something??? Someone told me it was the barrings?? Could they be right? Will someone please help me out with this. I have to go out of town, and its the only car I have to drive. But I dont wanna get into a wreck on the highway.. Please let me know ASAP!!!! Thanks for your time, and your input,

Before my car use to burn tire on 1 and 2 gear my car is a 5 speed but my car was parked over 8 months now that i been driving it i try to race and on either gear my rpms goes up for a second or two, then down where it catch the speed and dont burn tire no more i hear thats normal on LSD lock differentials but my car is a open differencial i dont have complaints on regular driving conditions but when i try to race it does that it is normal?

transmission works fine on first gears. up shifts and downshifts without a problem, the only thing is that i can't get to go on o/d gear. i tried the overdrive switched on the dash, and changed fluid and filter. no luck.

i was going about 65 when i heard a loud pop and transmission quit working when u release cluch transmission makes a noise but truck dont move

My gas pedal sticks. My brakes squeal and I put brake pads on the front. The back didn't need them. Replaced the brake line on the left front. The dimmer switch seems to be going out.

how long will it take to replace pressure and return hoses on the power steering.