my stereo equiptment has been stolen twice trying to install alarm system adding electric door actuators is my escort pre-wired for door lock sctuators

can you tell me where the blower motor resistor is located on my 95 chevy 4x4

I finally found signs of a coolant leak, besides slow level drop in the overflow coolant tank. Lot's of pink crystals in the area of a water pump, on the left side of engine, right under the belt.

I had freon put in but it didnt work. The airconditioner actually blows heat not just hot air but heat

Having problems starting my car because the key will not turn all the way down to start the car?

i was changing the transmission on the car.when i turn on the car it stays accelerated

the reset fuel switch on my f350 is located where

the reset fuel switch on my f350 is located where

Always, when A/C is on ....We get cold air on driver side but warm air on passenger side (tested at approx 12-15 degrees difference. Fan pressure is excellent

where is the transmission control module found on this car?Please help me to locate this part

will not start gets gas has spark

after driving for a while then stopping and putting car into park the accelerator sticks. accelerator also sticks at times while driving.

seen like my fuel switch is not on there is no fuel being pumped could the fuel switch be off and if so how do i turn it back on or reset it and where is it located

I have had a 8 mpg drop from one tank to the next during identical driving and weather conditions. Have there been any major issues with fuel injector gumming? Recently replaced air filter (600 miles ago)

Occasionally, often when car is parked on a sloping incline, the car will not start in the park position. If I move the shifter to neutral power returns and the car will start. The radio preset are all erased at same time. The radio stations change from station to station on a continual basis without stopping.