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Recently when I pulled the switch to turn my headlights on, the dash and parking lights came on but the headlights would not come on. I also noticed that the hi beam indicator light will not come on or the turn signals. I'm not a mechanic but I can do most repairs if I know what the problem is. Do I need to replace the switch that is located on the upper left corner of the dash or the dimmer switch on the steering column? I've had a problem in the past with the lights going out when their on hi beam. I've already tried changing the bulbs, did not help. Any suggestions or help greatly appreciated.

It's been going on for some time but seems to be more previlent while pulling my 5th wheel or utility trailer. I can feel a thump through the seat when I take off from a stop. It feels like a driveline but have not been able to nail it down. I was told the springs on this year truck may be bad. Have you seen or heard of this problem?

i was hearing a roaring moise when i decelarated so i jacked it up and could move the driver side front output shaft up and down is this normal on a aed front differential or is there a bearing going out and can u take the axle shafts out and drive it until repaired

I own a 2007 saturn outlook with less than 37,000 miles. I recently took it in for maintenance and was informed I needed to replace the master cylinder, front and back brakes and also need to replace the left front strut... How often does a master cylinder, brakes, and strut(s) need to be replaced?

why the turn signals do not work?

where is location this switch ?


Does a 03' Cadillac DTS need to be lubed?

car doesnt start with grinding noise sprayed wd40 on coil

My dealer told me the headlight washer covers are hard to find and very pricey!! Where can I buy on-line and cost?

what are the intervals for tuning up a 2004 jaguar xjr?

No start, no spark. replaced starter relay, ICM, dist. cap, rotor. Has good compression and fuel pressure. Old sparks were spaced wrong. this is 5.8L 8cyl superclub.

how much fluid do i use when i empty the transmission pan

What kind of manual transmission fluid does a 2005 Volvo S60 2.4l need and what are the changing intervals recommended?

cooling fan only one come on