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how do you replace the front axel bearings ,this is the bearing in the diff that the cv joint slides into

how do I reflash the ECM on a 98 dodge 2500 4x4 24 valve diesel jeff

is it unusual for a starter to be replaced at 65,000 miles. i was told the starter was no good not the battery which was replaced in just under 3 yrs (2nd battery.

i have had the misfortune of getting in a minor accident where both airbags were deployed in addition to some body damage on the front right panel and door. My insurance company is stating the car is totaled primarily due to the airbag deployment . My question is how much does it cost to replace the airbags?

Love my discovery despite some sensor issues, but it does have over 107k....

Just changed radiator due to accident. Now truck will not go forward or reverse. Engine sounds fine, everything else works. Any ideas?

after putting a bunch of items in my trunk i must have got something stuck in it and the trunk wont open from the latch or using the key. ive gotten back there and made sure i didnt lock it on accident. Isnt there suppose to be a safety latch? i can not find one and i really would like to be able to use my trunk and get the items that are too large to pull from the back seat out of my trunk.

The car runs fine, then without warning will sputter and die. It happens under almost any circumstance including driving down the interstate, in city driving, while sitting inj a parkinbg lot waiting to pick up someone, etc. The fuel filter was replaced, and at that time the mechanic "checked" the fuel line pressure and found it acceptable leading us to believe the fuel system was "OK". We have previousloy replaced the alternator and battery thinking the problem to be electrical, but the problem persists. Any help would be much appreciated!

Sudden total loss of power...Will start and idle, but not accelerate aboe 1300 RPM.....
Changed the fuel filter...did not help....

my car leaks oil on the front of the passenger side and it runs on the pullies what could this be??

I have to turn key 3 or more times to crank car. It turns over, but will not crank--winter time, it cranks first turn of the key. In the summer, the more stops I make, the worse it is. I live in Mississippi, where sometimes its 100 degrees, I'm afraid eventually I will get stranded somewhere, where I can't get it to start--if anyone has this same problem, or solution please answer.

my 2004 pt cruiser turbo takes about 5 or 6 seconds to start. climbing a hill it will sputter unless you go about 20 miles an hour till it hits third gear. when you hit 65 miles an hour it will cough an sputter . whats this problem sound like ????

the crank shaft bolt was hard to remove but we were finely successful. my mechanic friend said he would normally charge quite a bit for just the water pump . i am curious how much the going rate is .

I replaced the rear wheel bearings on my car and now have a slight squeaking noise in the drivers side rear only when im doing about 40 or faster and only when i turn right. do i need to get it checked out or is it not much to worry about?

why is there coolant at rear of car

my car was acting fine i got up sunday morning to run sone errands i noticed a whining noise coming from the right side where the belt is. could this be a power steering problem or a transmission.