Car is up to date with maintenance. The battery was being drained while the car remained parked/off. We would start it weekly, then sooner after we saw the car needed a jump more often. Now no kind of charge is delivered even with jumper cables. Battery is brand new. No other lights or gauges turn on when key is in ignition. Ideas what else it could be? Battery cables look good. Car is at shop now getting formal diagnoses. Just want to see opinions.

driner side wheel is shaking slightly making sterring wheel tighter during turns and it stalls just had fuel injection system replaced tie gut said its some type of pad under hood that is worn out?

I do have a Mazda MX6 2.5 V6 1997 MODEL. I had to replace my old motor with a import motor exact same as my old one. Ever sinse no results no spark on plugs. I did replace the distrubiter and cranckshaft sensor replaced Icnition rest ECU - stil no results. please help my car is standing now for 8 months

engine sometimes stalls while driving or will not start/turn over at all. There's no power wheen this happens. I will wiggle the cables from the battery to the starter and then it will start and run fine until next time

When I try to warm up the van first thing in the morning, it will not idle to get warm. Once it gets warm, it runs find.

1991 chev. s10, 2.8l, manual transmission.electrical connector on the transmission. no problem, want to know what it's for. thanks

MY turn signals stopped working all fuses and relays seem to be fine what or where do I look now?

i would like to know what it will cost to has a radiator installed in my car?


When I stop my car my engine shake, my whole car start to shake. I pop the hood to see what is going on and my engine was shaking. I already got my serpentine belt and water pump change, I also just got a tune up on my car two days ago. I have 107,301 miles on my car.

on start up in morning and when it cold.

After pulling a 35 ft fifth wheel about an hour I downshift from 6 to 5 on an uphill pull, the clutch is stiff and the truck will be stuck in gear until it cools, usually about an hour. I took it in and a bad slave cylinder was diagnosed. had it replaced but the same thing happens? Do you have a suggestion, truck has 70K

am replacing water pump on sons car and need advise on how to

The car shakes when it goes above 50 MPH

check and fill trani fluid