My wife drove her 2007 Corolla to work this morning, everything was fine, she went and run an errand, and now the car want start. Could it be the fuel pump or filter?

Checked battery, battery good. Check starter, good. Checked key, not coded, good. Check alternator, good. Replace fuel filter. Fuel pump, good.

the battery anchor bolt(s)is/are not visible. Is it in the center at the rear like many batteries? Also what is the size of the bolt so I at least have the right size to bang around with?

my convertible top wont go up and down it is out of hydraulic oil where is it located to put the oil in

stereo reset code

This car will stall when braking from speeds of around 55 mph. It has done this for several months and each time restarts easily. Completely random. We replaced the battery and no change. Had fuel system cleaned no change. Other weird symptoms are that the window lock no longer works and a few of the back-lit items do not illuminate such as the shifter indicators. Finally would not start one morning, but boosted very quickly with minimal effort. Three different repair shops could not detect any drain on the battery. Got it back Friday, drove fine all weekend and now Monday it stalled again. Please help.

The driver side Window master control switch has a problem, All window up/down buttons are inop/dead. Even the door lock at the master control is dead. all other door / window switch work, on the passenger side door all buttons work, the window and inside door lock both work, the back window buttons all work. But the master console seems to be dead, (note) the driver side window does work and the button to disable all window from working seems to be good. Please note the car alarm is not working correctly eather, it will go off when you open the door, even with the door unlocked. but the wireless remote seems to be working fine, to lock and unlock all doors.
There seems to be 2 power sources for this Master control, I have checked the 25 amp fuse and it is good. Can any one help ??????

I need specs for 2005 ford expedition eddie baur timing belt

I need a blower motor resistor wiring pigtail.. can't find one ANYWHERE.. tried all the parts houses and the dealer.. anybody know of a pigtail for something else that might fit??

This morning when I got in the car it shows a front passenger seat lock malfunction and indeed, the power seat does not move. I cannot find anything in the owner's manual aboutit.

It seems that sometimes after refueling ithe check engine light come on. I have tried tightening the gas cap. sometimes the light will go off sometimes not. Other than that the car runs fine I even drove it to a new home a five hour drive, and the car seems to be fine, just this light won't go off

i have a 1996 ram with 140.000 miles and when i put the truck in drive only drive there is a clicking noise sound like its coming from the bellhousing.The clicking noise speeds up as i accelerate.

How do you replace heater in 2000 Ford Windstar? Two days of "clicking" sound when ignition key turned. Now no heat at all. Fan is fine. No more clicking. Need instructions for replacing heat/AC for backyard mechanic husband.

the car engine light is on and says power reduced. and only goes 10 miles per hour. what could it be

i just bought a 01 impala, it used to be a police cruiser! the transmission wont go into third or overdrive i just replaced the filter and added new fluid which didnt correct the problem whatsoever, im cluless as to what it might be! the guy i bought it off of said he replaced the transmission before he had to get a transmission from out of state because of it being a police car the gear ratio he said was different from normal 01 impalas!