Hi ! i own a volvo xc90 and i want to refill with water the windshield wipers but i cant seem to find where.i found where to fill the back window wiper but i cant find the windshield one.please help !

My car has about 31,000 miles on it, with no major problems to date. Driving is about 60% city and 40% highway at or near maximum speed limit. Noticed spots on garage floor (near front under engine)past 3-4 weeks, and oil level down about 1 qt. No warning lights have appeared on dash, no smoke or other indicators. Is this typical of loose bolts on pan....or something more serious? Thanks for your input.

How do I find out what size and make and type the differential is when the tab on the housing is missing?

i have 2001 c70 conv purchaced it at an auction.drove it home(3mi)the smoke was so bad you could not see the car .done a compression check and it was great.no smoke when cold runs great

My 1999 Ford Explorer keeps blowing the automatic doorlock fuse. It was working fine. I am not sure where to start.

Where can I get a diagram of the fuse box and wiring on a 1995 Kia Sportage.

Is there anywhere on this site that I can go to view a complete diagram of the Audi A6 Quattro 2.8L exhaust system?

I have a 2005 CAD SRX,the number 4 injector is misfiring,and the dealer says its the ECM.I bought a used ECM from a 2005 SRX with the same first 8 numbers as my vin:1GYEE637.Both have the same Service number:12592124.Can I just plug it into my car,or will I need the dealer to reprogram it to work. Thanks Carroll

The supporting structure for my exhaust system eroded causing the middle of the system to drop almost to the ground and caused cracks in various places. Is there any way to repair this without replacing the complete exhaust system? Can only the faulty parts be replaced? Can the support structure be repaired?
Thanks ray-audi

after i have been driving for a while

I just bought my bmw and the driverside window does not roll down. The light where you press the button to make it go up and down is off too but all the others work. I have no idea why. Please help? Also my sunroof just quit working right too. It tries to open but something slides and tries coming through the roof and then doesnt take the sunroof with it. I thought it was gonna rip through my carpet on the roof.

Cord that controls the door latch busted off, wont open from inside. Anyone have any idea how to fix it or how much it would cost to get it fixed?

has new plugs wires cap and rotor button has rough idool worse when in gear but smooths out at higher rpm

Interested in the R&R time for taking apart the dash to access a problem with the airflow system. The dealer seems to be on a wild goose chase. 4 visits and no results!! Now they're threatening it might not be covered by my extended warranty. Trying to find all the realities! Thanks!!

woothe cars acceleration goes up and down dont know what it is