Recently experienced that my 2003 93 Convertible top would not close due to a hydraulic leak/reputered hose(s). I found out from the dealer there are 10 hoses at $250 a hose plus labor. It is hard to believe all 10 hoses are bad. Any help on a fix for this and can you buy the hoses on line, it appears to be a dealer item Saab owner in Naples, FL

I have a 2005 Mercury Monrego Premier AWD w/ the CVT transmission. I have owned it for 5000 miles. I love the car and had no problems until I started it one night and had only idle, no acceraltion or would it shift into gear. The check transmission light came on. After several tries my husband got it to go into gear if he shifted while turning the ignition switch to start. We then could put in in reverse or drive but it wouldn't go much over 30-35 mph. We have had it to a dealer with no results other than telling us they put in a different transmission for $5600 and no guarantees that that is the absolute problem. We now have it at a transmission specialist who is trying to figure it out. My personal belief it that it is some kind of sensor or electrical issue. It's been 1 month since this all started and still no answers or car to drive!!

Do u use water and antifreeze in radiator,or just antifreeze coolant??

How difficult is it to replace the theromstat in the 2005 Ford Freestyle?

My 1991 S-10, the engine will surge while sitting at idle,
whats going on??

Hello sir,
Problem with my is that when switced on everything works but the engine never cranks. Will you please diagnose the problem and a solution.

Hope to hear from you soon.



i bought car n jan my kids were messin around n put wrong code in how do i get it reset itjust says wait but when i got car it said code i have code now but dont know what i have 2 do toget it 2 reset

radio works then it does not. Checked fuses in stero and fuse box . Soped working and I do not know why. This car has 6 cd changer and nav.
Is there a relay for this stero or amp? Is the computer keepin it from working because I am changing speakers.

cost to replace timing belt

What tools will I need to remove and replace the a/c compressor on a 2001 dodge neon?

Not sure if this site covers painting but someone keyed both sides of my XL-7 and I was told that they would charge me $250 per side to paint it. Does this sound fair? Thanks in advance for you help.

The drain hose goes down from the ceiling down the right side of the windshield through the dash and ends in a little 90 degree plastic knuckle that goes through the wheel well...THAT little 90 degree angle is plugged and causes the right side interior to FLOOD when it rains or when going through a car wash! Which is how I found out it was plugged up! Fun..Fun..!. HOW can I unplug it?! I have the hose pulled off (and don't know HOW I'll ever get it put back On to that 90 degree angle knuckle...I'd have to have an arm like ET...) and I put it out the passenger window so it drains out that way when it rains. BUT HOW do I fix the stupid thing!??


of the two adjustment screws, which one adjust the low beam height. at present my low beam is not far enough foward. About three car lenghts. Its hard for me to see ahead.

How many hours does it take to replace a water pump from a certified mechanic?

How do I fix the Sliding Panel that covers the cigarette lighter?