when driving my blazer with no heat on i feel heat coming from floorboard by my feet what would be causing this problem

where is the front eveporator coil located and how do i remove it?

Where the actual vent for the car by the windshild wipers?

no air I checked the fuses they are fine but getting no electricty to the clutch

Comes on when the car is started

car was scanned and came back problem with shift solenoid a. need to know where it is located and how to fix.

problem started about 2 weeks ago

Please include all details and any tips, would be greatly appreciated. They got down to the 3 bolts behind the wheel, but couldn't reach, it seems like the axel has to come off first? Is this a job that can be done in the driveway?

Problem is all the time

The a/c blows out the defrost and heater vents

what tool is used specifically to remove a transmission coolant line from the radiator? i have tried two different cool line tool removers, to remove pressure clip fittings...please help

replaces the coil pack wires plugs and it backfires when started and switching gears , wont stay started acts like it wants to stall out

head lights do not work and need to know where the fuses are in the car

labor price to replace universal joints

The trunk lid cannot be opened. The key turns, however the lid will not rise. This is the first time this has ever happened. The interior trunk lid opener is in the disengage position, so that option is of no help to open the trunk. This Lebaron is the conv model. Is there anyone who has an idea of how to open the trunk? Is there an easy way?