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I have huyndai tucson 2009 and i have a problem with the automatic transmission, i notice that when i drive for a distance and after that i accelerate from a stop, the transmission does not shift to the next higher ge...
when driveing it stays somewhat cool . replaced relay for rad fan . thermastat , good fluid , rad cooling fan just will not engage when temp gets hot.
problem occurs during ruff roads and sway at average speed
is it hard to chang a water punp in a 2004 vw jetta
Hello; My radiator coolant fan does not come on. I hot wired directly to the battery and it spins. Fuses check out ok. I want to test the fan relay, but I can't locate it on this 199
The engine started fine. I backed up a ffew feet and the engine died when I turned on the AC. Will not restart. The engine turns over, but will not start. The headligts will not come on, the rear AC fan will not work,...
I have a 2003 mercedes E500. I love this car. However, a number of issues were created after I brought the car in for repair/maintenance for 2 issues. I brought the car in because at higher speeds, when I went ove...
where is the oil filter
A short time ago my car developed a shimmy that is felt when driving slowly any ideas?
Interior thermostat at MAX! Pulled over and resovoir water is bubbling. Cooled down for over an hour, now no water in resovoir and raditor mostly empty but not try. AC fan blows but not coolant fan. Fuse to coolant...
i went for an oil change yesterday and the mechanic told me my car needs balljoints/ this possible with low mileage.he said the bar could snap .he gave me a price of $ don`t know what to do
My Temperature donot work on dashboard but my other guages are working.