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I am just wondering if anyone knows the average cost to fix the air conditioner

i just put a new starter in my truck but when i go to start it nothing happens, i can remote start my truck with a remote starter but it will die out after one second because i can only remote start the truck without the running wire hooked up to the starter, when i hook up the running wire to the starter i cant remote start it at all

When I press down on my brakes they are very hard and it is difficult to stop. It sounds like the brake booster to me. Please confirm

My battery indicator light on my dashboard just started coming on, but so did the 'VSC', 'ABS', and 'VSC Off' indicator lights. The battery indicator goes away after a few seconds, but the other indicator lights stay on. When the battery indicator light comes on, it and the other indicator lights glow brightly, but when the battery indicator light goes off, the other indicator lights dim. This repeats while I'm driving or while the car is on. I did the obvious, replaced the battery, thinking that might be the problem, but no such luck, I still have the same indicator light(s) issue. I'm thinking I might have an internal regulator problem in my alternator, but not sure. Any guidance or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

When trying to pass at 65 Mph, the car would not downshift or accelrate. It operates fine with slow acceleration. Also, the left window will not return to up position after top is raised.

we replaced the water pump, but now it appears to be leaking from behind the timing cover. Help! we do not know what to do now, thanks

HOw can i get to the air line and top of the rear air bags to remove

My 98 Avalon AC has now stopped blowing any cold air. I have all the controls off and the air nob is turned to cold but I am still getting hot air blowing out of the vents continuously. We tried to charge the AC but it is already fully charged. When you turn the AC on all you get is hot air. I live in FL so even with my windows down with all the hot air blowing out of the vents its unbearable to drive anywhere.

Engine cooling fans do not come on when needed. Fuses,all I could find, are good. What's next? Burn it or what? Nobody seems to know. No accident involved....just quit wooking, Why?

the air bag light always stays on. the dealer has reset it twice. it will remain off for 10 to 20 miles and comes back on again.

What are the necessary steps in replacing the fuel pump.


will resetting the timing keep the check engine light from coming on?The egr,iac have been replaced?

Does anyone know how much dealer(Houston Area) would charge to replace rainsensor type front windsheild. Dealer says part alone cost $ 853.90. My insurnace company (Geico) only allows $1189 which include parts and labor.

i am trying to remove my rotors on a 2005 durango i have loosened the em. brake , i have used penetrating lube on the hub and i have tried beating it , i am wondering if i have to loosen the em. brake more or if you have any other advise