air conditioning doesn't work put in new blower motor only works on high for heater

just had a new rebuilt transmission from aamco put 7 m ago.

the nut on the end of c v joint need torque

When sitting in drivers seat my tailbone seems to be resting on some kind of electrical connections no matter how i try to ajust the seat.My dealer has replaced the seat with a new one only to have the same results is their any answers to this.I bought this certified pre owned 6 weeks ago.

I just bought a 2003 pasat glx 2.8 with a bad motor I replaced it myself it will start but it has a really rough idle. I know on some cars there is a sequence to resetting the computer is their anything you recommend I try or will it need to be reprogrammed by a professional anything will be helpful

where to order the key ignition barrel.


car key can not take out after parked, don't know where to buy the key ignition barrel, I am in Italy right now.
second problem, engine check light on, after replace the two sensor, only work for 1 day, the same engine check light on come back again.

I have a 02 avalance z71...has anyone changed their own? Can you help walk me through mine. Thanks.

I was told by a mechanic that my 2nd gearbox in the back drivers side is the cause of my car making a loud hammering sound. But this was after he told me it was a differential? He also mentioned something about pins going out? I'm the worse person to speak car terms with:-(I don't know if the three things work together or connected in any way but he came back with a quote thats more than my mortgage. The hammering sound comes on for about 5 seconds then it'll stop, all you hear after that is the sound of grinding brakes. He went on explaining that the pins where the brakes rotate were out...I couldn't make any sense of it. What could my problem be? Is it possible that it's just the rotors that I need to replace? Or it is something that I could maybe fix on my own? Is a differential tied to the gearbox and pins at all? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for all your help.

where is the pcm located?

makes noise when backing up and sounds like it catches some time.

I have a 97 nissan pathfinder, 3.3 liter has 137,000 miles.. cranks but doesn't start, has new fuel filter, and i changed the timing belt and water pump at 107 000 miles, i can hear fuel pump hum with key on, I disconnected the line after the fuel pump and is shooting fuel with key on. I used my code scanner and it said camshaft sensor circuit P0340,EVAP SYSTEM P0440 I tested for battery voltage going to distributor connector, where the cam sensor is located when key on and and i get voltage, plus I checked the ground wire of that same connector with an ohms meter to ground and that's good. I'm suspecting either a camshaft sensor or PCM. problem. I'm getting spark to the spark plugs, it starts when I spray a little ether starting fluid in the intake, so i know it's a fuel problem. I've always worked on my own vehicles since working in the auto repair trade for 7 years, back in 1988-95 before switching to the equipment repair trade..

could i be missing something else to test.. before i gamble on buying a distributior, since the camshaft sensor isn't a seperate part and built into the distributor. what's your thoughts.


this came o after jump starting another car ? what is it and what do i need to do for repirs?

my pickup goes into 4H and engages but will not let me go into 4L, anybody know y

When the car is started the reduced engine power light comes on. After turning the car off and on it works