My car has a fault code for CAN Communication, then ABS light on, what should I do

When I lower the window about 2 inches, it drops down inside the door. If I lift it back into place and push the window UP button, it will stay up and in place.

My brake lights have stopped working on my 2003 4runner. Fuses are good, bulbs are good, checked with a voltage tester. The hot wires at brake switch are white and green. Where do I find 15 amp STOP fuse for brake lights?
Please Advise ASAP!!!

where is the fuel filter at

My car is loosing all power when driving after about 5-10 minutes. It acts like it isn't getting gas when I'm stepping on the accelerator. When I come to a stop it boggs out and dies. after it sits for a long while it'll start right back up again and we start over with the same thing. every time. I have changed out the fuel filter, the spark plugs and wires and all 3 ignition coils. What the hell is the problem. Oh and my fuel pump is making a whinning noise when the key is in the on position. Is the fuel pump the problem?

How much should i expect to replace master fuses? Is it difficult to replace them

hi ... i have a problem whit the codes p0750`po745 can u tell me what is tha thank you\\\\

odometer does not illuminate when the headlights is turned on ..Is there any settings i need to change?

dummy light (light) comes on when brake pedal is pressed

motor was rebuilt less than 10 months ago and now i have the clattering coming from the passenger side head which is where the original problem occured the code that has come with this problem is 0300 multiple cylinder misfire and i have no past experience with the overhead cam. if nothing else i need to find a GOOD mechanic please

trunk will not open at any time


would like to know where the 02 sensor is located

My son changed the ignition switch in his pickup and now the computer is not recognizing the new switch. It is throwing a security code and won't start. How do you get it to recognize the new switch?

I really need some help with this issue. My 96 850 GLT has been giving me problems with non-starts(just had complete tune-up,fuel-pump fine,relay), I took it to a mechanic he did a diagnostics and said it was the ignition module. It turned out not to be that then he said it's my ECU so, I went on ebay and found one that is supposed to be compatible with my car. Here's my question the ECU I found was for a 95 but the guy said it would work on 95-97, do the numbers have to match my original ECU or does this matter? My car still isn"t starting with the replaced ECU. My original #0261204224, replacement #0261203165. Do I need a new mechanic? Thanks!