slow on take off rpm`s go up but power doesnt kick in right away

My wife shoved the cell phone charger into the lighter a little too hard, and the radio seems to have blown out. Please tell me that it's more than likely just a fuse issue.


my infiniti q45 keeps cutting off when stasrting it in the morning it screams reall loud and when turning the wheel when first starting its really stuff so i thought alternator when i got home i was parking and it just cut off then it started and shut off by itself then after a moment it started then this morning it will not start and all the light and radio are all ok but it makes no noise trying to start it just wont and before this started i heard on the passenger side a slurping noise like the listers.

Blower motor just started working again so I think there might have been a loose connection but now I'm still not getting any heat. If anyone knows what's going on with my car please reply to this. I have been working on this problem for a while now and I'm so close to just giving up. Thanks!!

Just purchased used. found electronic door locks won't open and rear cargo door is hard to open.I suspect electric locks or actuator problem.

have engine miss

when turning there is a grinding sound

I just replaced the starter. Still it acts like battery is dead. I can jump it off and it works fine. As long as motor is warm, I have to problem. It started the fisrt time it frosted after I bought it. Have checked everything i can think of. The chek engine light has never come on. Minktwn@aol.com

I recently noticed an engine skip on my way to the airport it cleared up over the course of few miles, the engine light did come on. a week or so later I dropped it off at the dealer to have the checked, they are telling me that one of the oil pumps is bad costing 6500.00 seems a little strange since it seems to somewhat unrelated. anythoughts?

got a 1994 b2300 mazda truck turns over wont start, changed battery, plugs, wires, starter, ignition module, fuel pump, fuel filter, had entire electrical checked at shop came back fine. have paid out almost a grand and it still does not start. my mechanic has given up on it and towed it back can someone please help

I have a Honda Accord LX 1995, 4 door, 4 cylinder A month ago it quit on me, would not start The next day it started, two weeks later it quit again,I put a fuel pump and filter on it Last week it quit again! When I turn the key I cannot hear the fuel pump at all A few months ago my check engine light came on, when I had it checked they said there was a small clog in the gas line but not to worry about it If it is clogged completly now would that still cause the pump from not turning over? Some say it could b the relay switch can give me any idea of what is wrong?

why would the truck have a crack in the cylinder head?

where is the heater blower resistor located? how do i get to it?

this just startrd a buzzing inside of car gages dont work lights wont work park light dont work brake light stopped working

my front ends rattles when i hit bumps. I have replaced the tie rods twice already. My mechanic says that everything looks in place structurally but i still hear it. Im think my sway bar bushings. Any idea???