I was wondering if thiers anything I need to know about the wide track befor changing my transmission

I recently purchased a 94 Crysler LHS. I have had numerous problems within the 1st 3 weeks. I've had the axles replaced, the pulley replaced spark plugs, ball joints and the map sensor replaced. Now the gas and rpm gages will drop then the car will jult after a couple of seconds then the gages will go back to where there suppose to be. The checke engine light still comes on occationally. What can it be? 8 reaaly love this car dispite the dent it put in my wallet:-)

my car seems to cut off while driving but still have power for everything else. Each time i driving it the car stays on for like 30 minutes and cuts off. I can't start it untill it cools down but the temp. reads find and no check engine light comes on. Can anybody tell me whats wrong. Contact me at crownvicboy9922@yahoo.com

I have a 97 ram van 2500 3.9 I have 2 codes p0132 and p0138. I checked the voltage with my scanner. With the motor at operating temp. I have 4.90 upstream and 4.98 dowmstream. I unplugged both sensors and I still have the same voltage on the scanner. Should I have voltage with them unplugged? How can I test them?

I have a 2005 Chevrolet cobalt an I am leaking water (very clean and cold water) leaking from under the dashboard on the passenger side. Was told that it may be the heater core but it may also be a seal? Wondering if you can give me some insight on how I can pinpoint the problem. I have done most repairs myself thus far but I'm told that this may be quite the chore. Do you recommend I do this myself or have a professional do the job. If so how much should it cost me to have it done by a pro? Also a am getting heat and it only seems to leak when the ac is running.

something is draining the battery, I had it checked and they couldnt find the problem

the problem occurs everytime I shift gears.

how do I change the day time running light bulbs on the passanger side of my truck

the rear door lock keep bouncing w/ noise sometime lock but the window working no problem

i have a 95 trooper and the tranny light comes on and it slows down but it still shifts and doesnt slip what could be the problem

Have back off the star-adjuster and the rear drum move freely, but still cannot pull the drum out. The metal part of the shoes are probably into the drum, but I did not hear any metal noise. Hammering on the drum did not help. The two small threaded holes in the front are striped. Can I chisel out the hold-down pins on the back of back-up plate to release the break shoes to get room to pull the drum off?

how to change the rear brake cylinder on 98 chevy lumina

Do the power steering pressure hoses have to be bleed when you replace them, or you just replace them?

how to remove and is emergency drum a part of it

where does the brake switch goes in my 1997 328i?