Had a new transmission installed in my Cadillac. When I got it back the cruise control no longer worked. They said it needs a new switch and the cost of the part was $190.00, plus the cost of installation. I told them it worked before they started on the transmission - they said it was probably ready to go out and they were not responsible for it.


I've got a 07 Murano SL and since a couple week i've got this annoying issue where by switching from 18 to 19 degrees (celsius) the temperature is either very very cold or very very hot. In other terms, it is impossible to get warm air as of right now. I'm pretty sure it's only a calibration issue or something like that. Please help

how many quarts of trans fluid are in a 2004 grand am.


Water is leaking on the rear window and getting inside at the passenger seat side wet. Is seal bad or is the channel drain possible have trash in it?

i am trying to remove the overhead console to fix the connection of my dome light to actually engage the lamo to turn it on

1996 sts installed new battery after i thought the one that was in there was bad - I put in a goo napa with 1000 cranking amps. car runs for a few weeks then sits a couple of days then dead.. voltage is showing good 13.5 to 14.0. when running & checked by my mechanic what do i do

check engine light soon came on. disconneted neg.bat.cable. light off. came on again 800 mi.took to Advance. No codes came up while light was off. Thoought I would start with changing the oil & filter before I plunked down money with a "real mechanic"Changed 3500mi.ago.So where is oil filter?other ideas??

Looking to see an approximate cost for a 1996 Grand Marquis 100,000 mile engine inspection, complete tune up and diagnostics.

Just need a estimated total cost for a rear brake job

is leaking water from a part on the motor it sits like in the upper front of the engine, whats the name of it and how much it will be to get it fix?( is not over heating my car but the way i notice the leak was becuase i will find the container of the antifrizz lower every other day.

My car started showing hot on guage.when I would check engine all looked well fan was running fluids were good. Proceeded to drive and after a day the temp went from normal to hot and came back down went hot and then went all the way cold while driving. The engine light came on so I pulled over. Checked under hood and the coolant was coming from the radiator back into the coolant resevoir. Which was causing the resevoir to overfill. Coolant started to come from cap on resevoir. I'm not sure if the radiator is clogged or if its the water pump or the themastat. Please help so I can be more clear of what the problem may be. Thank you. Eric

I got my car a year ago and as soon as I got it I found out the lower intake gasket was bad and I had it replaced. Recently after having it fixed my car started blowing steam from the right side and overheating. The heat stopped working and only blows cold air.

We replaced the water pump, but the problem has persisted.
I thought it could be the thermostat. I am at a loss for ideas.. Any suggestions please?

My wife sitting in driveway. Key in ignition. Engine off. The parking lights flashed (as if someone used the electric key fob to set the alarm). The doors locked. She tried to get out and it autolocked the doors a few times. She tried to start it and there was no click. After 5 minutes it started and hasn't happened since. Now the electric key fob locks the doors but the alarm system doesn't set. It doesn't flash the parking lights and make the little chirp. And today the AIR BAG light is on and won't go off. Should I be parking this thing in the driveway in case it catches fire it doesn't burn down my house????

I was told that my evaporater was bad and needed to be replaced and to also change the heater core. I had a friend do the work and now the only heat comes from the passenger side dash vents. The AC seems to be working well. Will I have to have the dash removed again in order to fix this problem?