Where is the fuel tank pressure sensor located.Is accessible
that I can do it myself or would I need mechanic to install it. diagnostic code 0453

the wipers stay up when in the off position and works normal in the intermitent option, is the motor the problem or maybe a switch somewhere?

the engine and ABS light are permenently on

Just under 85K miles on car. A couple of nights ago I suddenly lost power and acceleration. Dash said "reduced engine performance". I pulled over, shut engine off and started it again. Light was off, and everything appeared back to normal - temporarily. Problem reappeared almost immediately. Found air intake hose loose both top and bottom. Looked like it was damaged at last oil change. Crack in it on the bottom. Temporarily fixed by applying duct tape, and reattaching hose securely. Performance immediately improved greatly; more responsive at slightest tap of accelerator, and light was again out. It ran great for the next 15 miles, then suddenly the same problem reappeared. It has the "feel" of a dirty fuel filter, but I don't understand how that could cause such a sudden change...? Help please! The car is no longer under warranty and I cannot afford a huge dealer bill, chasing what appears to be a very illusive problem.

Why my 1999 mazda protege cutting back?

My engine light came on and then my car acted like it wasn't getting enough gas. Took it in and it died and wouldn't start. It turned over right but wouldn't catch. They checked it out and couldn't find what was wrong with it. Now it is running just fine...What can I do >???

cost to replace return hoses on the power steering

there was a slight knocking noise afther it got low on oil the noise came from the top end any help would be nice....this motor dose not have push rods it a dohc

I noticed on my way to work this morning my car started to overheat. the temp gage went to a little over half way. When I got to work I noticed that coolant was leaking under the car. It seemed to be coming from the rear of the engine.
Is there any type of hose at the rear of the engine that might be leaking?

I need to swap out the engine on my LS. Does it come out the bottom of the car or like the old days out the top?

my blower motor on my ac will not run on high speed . It wotks fine on the lower speeds but when you turn it to high it just quits. Can some one please point me in the right direction .

my car starts but it idles low and then it stalls out after running a couple of minutes. If I try to accelerate just a little when it idles it dies but will start again. I scanned it for codes and got a code 33 and 35. Where do I start replacing IAC sensor or MAP sensor?

I have had issues with my truch starting at different frequencys, this happend a couple times over last weekend, also I can see corrosin around the terminals and have had to fill with water. The dealership said they couldnt find any problem, but this shouldn't be happening with a 2 year old battery. I had some issues with this when the truck was new.

front brakes release very slowly after applying.i changed fluid and bled front brakes so now fluid is clear,but still releasing slowly.any suggestion would be apprectated

It dosen't look to hard to replace. Any sugestions?