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1999 lexus lx 470 step -by- step front brake rotor removal

I have an intermittent code 452. the service engine light will come on, check the code get 452. Without doing anything to vehicle the light will go out in couple days. No code. then couple days later will come on again an repeat. Any thoughts. Also how can I turn off the module/switch that turns on the headlights when it is dark/dusk?

I parked the car in the garage on friday, started it up on sunday and realized everthing went metric even the thermometer reads in celcius

My Daughters Mini speedometer is off by 7 MPH. It reads 67 when she is doing 60. The car has the factory 205/45 17 Perelli tires and wheels. Is there a way to recalibrate the speedometer?

Think someone tried to break into car marks on front passenger rubber and torn slim Jim makes weird sound when use key or remote. Today my window was being rolled up and heard a crunch like glass breaking and window will not stay up how much is this going to cost and can I fix?

The engine light comes on frequently even after servicing. What is wrong?

Can't figure out what is going on with my AC. I just quits working every once in a while when its hot out. Ive replaced my compressor the fan work not for sure what could be going on anyone have any idas

timing belt replacement cost

broke timing belt

in two weeks mustang gauge showing rapid change in overheating then cooling down on its own. I've changed thermostat and heat regulator. car runs fine over 50 miles but then I exit in a town and engine shuts down overheating, yet temp gauge only shows half that its overheating, after cool down car runs fine again. I've yet to flush out cooling systom as my next step.

when the message rear is open

My car used to be so quiet when I turned on the engine. So quiet that sometimes I would switch it on again forgetting it was already on. That was a 100k miles ago. Now it's not as quiet and I definitely can tell the engine is on with a little vibration, with 170k miles on it, that is expected and acceptable, don't you think? I had an earlier post about the coolant reservoir replacement, now that that's resolved, my new mechanic tells me the engine (L & R) and the transmission mounts (both) need to be replaced because they're getting old and loose hence the vibration. There were certain services on my car that my old mechanic suggested to ignore, unnecessary repairs on an old car is truly a waste of $$. For as long as it did not affect the car performance/engine, leave it alone. (1) I want to know if replacing the part in question is one I can ignore, after all, the little vibration I feel on the car is not really bothering me? (2) How much does it normally cost for this kind of service if I took my car to an Audi Specialist? (3) Can you please recommend a trust worthy one within 15-30 miles from 92336 area code SoCal? Thanks in advance.

I had to change the power steering pump and now cannot get the serpentine belt back on?

Just got the van a couple of months ago and tried to use the air inflator. Hooked it up right but still not working. Can you help with this?