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When I turn on the heater or the air conditioner in my truck and I set it on the floor setting nothing comes out on the floor. It will only come out of the defrost. Any ideas of what might be wrong?
How many fuel injectors in 2000 Chrysler Concorde 2.7LV6?
bat went dead, top was down, now top only goes 1/2 way up
when i press the rear window defrogger the light came on but the lines is not working any more. What can the problem be?
I have put new parts in and changed all the fuses. the rearend sensor was also replaced. I had it at 3 dodge dealers and the have not fix it. hope you can help
How do you remove the front hub on a 02 Xterra, 4x4, so you can repack bearings and change rotor?
how do i change the sparnk pluge in my 2004 pilot?
I just need to know how much freon it holds.
abs light comes on and brake light keeps flashing
hey i been having problems with my 90 bronco 5.8L about 2 weeks ago it started turning off suddenly we changed the distributer control module and it seemed to have worked but later that day it wouldnt start now it doe...
my tachometer reading is false. checked the blak wire with the coil. still in problem.
i have a 2001 lexus gs300. i took my car to big o for wheel balancing and a tire rotation. after i got my car back, it made a creaky type of noise which seemed like it came from the rear driver side. i immediately ...
My blower quit working, can't get any air flow at any speed. I can hear the AC kick in when I push the AC button but no air flow when I turn on the fan switch at any level. I changed the fuses both at the inside fuse ...