My email address is tpersley@gmail.com I would appreciate
any help to fix the water leak in my volvo

Everything I read seems to have a different answer. Exactly where do you put the oil in a replacement compressor? andif I have the flush can, but no compressed air, what do I do?

Okay I have a 2000v40 1.9t and I need to change the map sensor. Can someone tell where it is at? I have surfed the web, without success, and need a detailed description of its location. Volvo parts are expensive enough and I do all the labor, but I am strictly an amateur so all the technical terms are wasted on me. One site claimed it was on top of the manifold, another under the air filter!!! Help Me and pics are great!

I'M having problems with my 93 nissan 240sx , it will crank when it sits overnight , but after you start it , and cut it off for a few minutes it wont crank back until it seats along period of time , but when it doesn't start it still is firing , has good fuel pressure , and when it wont start I even sprayed some starter fluid into the chamber , and it still doesn't crank .

temperature gauge remain normal on the highway,in traffic temperature gauge starts to rise

very hard to bleed brakes still very sponge wont hold the bleeding

Has a hissing sound from the back whenever I break but braaks are ok could this be the boots? The problem is getting worse when I break abruptly.

the goose neck is leaking around top cover how can it be repaired

please tell me why there is not juice to the fuel pum[?
and where is the fuel relay switch?
and is this a typical problems for this truck

where is the thermastat located and how long will the job take

I have antifreeze on top of spark plugs. Is it the head gasket? Its on cyl 1 2 &3, butnot 4. Please advise.

how do i get it apart to change the pickup in the distirbutor

oil leaking from rear part of engine by the oil pan and the transmission flat cover plate. could this be bad rear main seal? if so how do i replace this?

At first, the ac would work, then not work, etc, while driving without shutting it off or on-just started and stopped on it's own. Freon checked, not the problem. Now, ac doesn't work at all-mechanic says maybe loose wire, probably not compressor, but needs car for some time to check it out. How much should the compressor cost, if that is the problem. Also, 80,000 miles, 8 years old-worth it?

does shocks need replacing after 11 years