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i was driving the car then the car wouldnt go when i stepped on the gas. I stopped and tried all gears, like reverse and nothing happened, the car has low miles <60000
My husband needs to know how much fluid is held in the rear, transfer case and front axel (4 wheel drive) for his 3500 Silverado Diesel w/Allison Transmission. Hope I phrased this question correctly. Thanks for any ...
last wknd,went to start engine it turns but wont start.change plugs,wires dist/cap,rotor,ignition coil,ignition control module.where the problem?
had a bad button on the driverside so i took it apart and switched the buttons around so the bad one would control the back window instead put it back together hooked it back up and now none of the power windows will ...
Any tips on repairing a RH rear passenger fender on a 93' Toyota Camry? I don't think "bumping" and Bondo'n the fender will work too well due to heavy damage. Also it seems that the rear fenders are connected to the ...
I replaced the EGR valve and it is still stalling at redlights...could it be something else?
my truck has low oil pressure since replacing intake gasket. it reads 10 pounds at idle and only 20 at highway speeds. the check guages light comes on at idle. i had no problems before replacing gasket. how should i p...
Why does when the ac is on my right floor board gets wet
my check Engine light came on yesterday; also; VSC and
How do you remove the rear axles on a 1997 dodge 1500 p/u
When my ford ranger xlt hits around 50mph it acts like it is choking, sorda skipping,sputtering. What could this be also, the check engine light stays on and door ajar light stays on Don't know the diagnostic code.
truck has 58,700 miles I have had four axles replaced in 75 miles and need 2 more the grease boot closest to the wheel an all four,also the controler for the steepometer and curise control went out.
Where on the internet can I find for "free" a vacuum line diagram for my '91 s-10 blazer?
Cruise control works between 30 and 40 miles per hr. After 40 miles per hour it will no work. What could be the problem?