the starter make a sound of grindig and the truck dont start. i take off the starter and take a look and the flywheel look ok

AT what mileage should the timing belt or chain be replaced on a 2006 3.8 V6 Dodge Grand Caravan.

the key will not turn in the lock state at all the key moves freely in and out the key will not turn it stuck in lock, I did the standard check list and even removes the plastic sleeve around the steering claim. nthing is working .

The passenger airbag, abs, and brake lights came on in the dash, all at once and together.

Both low beam headlights do not come on only high beem if I hold the lever and I changed both bulb y won't the low beams work

Has anyone seen a handprint on the inside of the head light. I have one and have seen them on other s60's at the dealership. Volvo said they would not replace the lamp

For the last month the above lights have been coming on intermittently whenever I use the brakes to slow down and stop at a stop light; when I'm backing up out of parking spaces. I've contacted a toyota dealership who tells me the lights have to come on and remain on for them to do diagnostics and the diagnostics will cost $110. Any ideas what might be causing this to happen? This all began with 3 weeks of having the vehicle serviced..

where is the back up switch located on a 1997 jeep wrangler.

300zx runs for about 30 miles but needs recharging. Dashboard lights are always on (battery,anti-lock,lights,door,seat belt). The alternator was replaced just a couple of years ago.

How much will it cost me in parts and labor to install control arms?

i changed the air filter and now i have a wrench symbol and no throttle responce at all anybody got any help could i have dissconected the throtle cable sum how?

Just got a 2002 jag Xtype with navigation the touch screen worked good for the frist few days and now it stopped working - the screen works , you can change it with the buttons but the touch part no longer responds - anyone have any idea where to start to figure this out ? THANKS

I have my O6 Azera in the shop for the third time for
timing chain tensioners first at 14,500 miles 26,000 miles
and now at 36,000 miles . I had it to two different dealers
What is going on???? Any help is greatly appreciated
Thank You Mike

Is there a way to check the timing on a 2001 honda civic lx coupe? Is it possible to use a timing light?? Thank You

instructions to reinstall exterior door handle