how do we get to to the hose and where is the motor?

All the time

My car is a chivrolet Lumina 2006 model and done 98,700 km. its been a while since the warning (service vehicle soon)when I first start the engine or every time I stop by a traffic light or even when I reduce speed.

check engine light yesterday, oil light today.

Neutral pressure switch (NPS) circuit failure/ Circuit open. What does that mean? where is it? how much for the part and can I do it myself. Thanks.

I need to know how to close my map dvd

1991 ranger 4.0liter 4x4 Ignition profile pickup (PIP) circuit failure fault code came up...what is this? where is it located? and is it expensive.? Help please/

1991 ranger 4.0 liter 4x4 failure code is saying Canister Purge Circuit failure...where is it? how do I fix it? Price for part?

1991 ford ranger 4x4 4.0liter ran fault code tester and said mass airflow circuit below voltage. What does that mean? where is the sensor? and how do I fix it and is it expensive? HElp please. thanks

turn key 3 4 times will start for the rest of the day 2/3 start fine then same thing battery fine 1yr old dealer said system check fine

I found a car that I think I would like to buy. My question is how much would I have to pay a machanic at a dealership to give it an inspection.

can this cause loud clunking noise......transfer case sounds to expensive to fix on 4x4 models

my clutch just started slipping a little hard would it be to change it?

My 2000 rav4 needs a new starter. How do I remove and install a new one?

when you quote a labor price, what hourly rate do you use