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My car can't shift out of park and the dealer said that the solenoid is bad. He said he just can't replace the solenoid and has to replace the whole shift assembly for $!!00.00 dollars. Is that the only solution to fix the shifter?

after my hoda civic is warmed up and in park or stiting at a stop light the rpms get very low and feels like my honda is about to die and it happens more often when it is hot outside i have already changed plugs wires coil cap and rotor and still has not gone away? what can i do???

No problems yet I only have 38800 on my car right now, I was just planing ahead

i need to locate the purge solienod on my car can not locate it and can not get a corret answer

my cruze control works then doesnt,how can i fix this problem?

Just happen 6/2011. New brakes were installed brake wear light still on.

Fan at higher speeds sounds like a paking coupon fell into area of the fan. Trying yo figure out how to get into cabin filter area for look and replace filter??? 111,000 miles. JC

no lic. plate or back up lights. have already replaced fuse and bulbs. could this be the ground wire and if so . where is it located

water leak driver side

Auto stick freely flows and the engine is not shifting gears. When i checked in meineke they said it would cost 680$ (400 Parts and 280 for labor)? Is it true?

AC blows cool on passenger and rear but not drivers side.

Water pump replacement on a 1995 BMW 530i

Air conditioner and electric windows stop working at the same time and them start to work.

Is there a fuse for the check engine light and if so were?Also will unpluging the wire that goes to the low coolet sensor hurt anything?Will driving with the check engine lights on hurt?

my car is wobbing, and i need to know what to do