I'm sure I need to replace the crankshaft position sensor/modul on my 1991 4 cylinder 2.2 beretta. I was told I may need to drop the oil pan to pry it out from the inside!! IS my neighbor just trying to scare me? Is this seemingly simple fix a nighmare waiting to happen?

driver side window works but passenger window and back windows do not

My car is acting like it wants to cut off at the light or stop sign...this only happens when I'm stopping....1st I thought it was bad gas...use gas treatment 2 separate times on full tanks...didn't help at all. What could be the problem??? my check engine light is NOT on, I have no problem while driving.

i dont believe it can be my battery we tried jumping it and it wont even acknowledge any life.

traction light is lit.displayes traction off..ABS light on,truck makes a grinding noise..feels like its not in gear...?

key is stuck in the ignition.

My left turn signal light will not come on ?

First this a 1985 944. How can I free up the oil pump drive gear to remove the pump and crank. The #2 rod bearing spun and I have all the rods out and still need to remove the crank, but the pump gear wont slide off the crank

what would make my headlights start flashing after about 15 minutes

at what time does my struts need to be replaced? on average it is of course 8 yrs. old.

driver side power window very slow to close

can you tell me where the oil pressure sensor is located and the best way to replace it?

I have trouble starting my truck with a cold or hot engine.
My gas guage keeps going from full to empty when driving.
Otherwise the engine runs good.

my truck has been sitting for about 6 months during winter months in oregon when i started it up and took it for a spin it ran great but when i braked the pedal wouldnt retract i oiled linkage but to no avail

I would like to retro fit a Taylor Vortex Throttle Valve "Tower" (plate i.e. extension) and it involves relocating the throttle valve out from it's original position. It seems to be a fairly simple procedure, with some modifications to some valve mounts, but the instructions that came with the "Tower" and the shop manuals I have do not tell me how to remove the throttle body cable or how to make adjustments to said cable. I didn't want to force anything so I have not tried again.
Any help would be greatly appriciated.