air conditioner collant is leaking from both valves on the

air conditioner hoses. Can the valves be repaired?

My odometer light is out for days at a time, then it will just come on for a few days then go back out.

trying to replace rear widow motor need to know how to take old one out and put new one in

Is there any way the oil pump can be checked if the truck does not start.I have been told by a mechanic that either the oil pump is not working or it is leaking(0 rings)How can I believe him if he says it is the oil pump.I was told the pump is worth $1400.00

loud popping sound often. Kia dealership said it's catalytic converter. Popping continuos and
And very annoying. What are the solutions????

Where is the bleeder valve for the cooling system on a 2002 Escort ZS2 I was told that it has one and I cant find it

How do I disconnect ignition switch (mechanically)?

After I fill my tank, I drive approximately 115 miles, and the car dies exactly as if it ran out of gas. After turning off the car and letting it sit for a moment, I could turn it back on (no problem) then drove for about 100 yards before running out of gas again. I was able to repeat this until I reached a gas station. When I filled the tank, it took only 3.7 gallons to fill, so it definitely wasn't empty. I've had this happen three times now, so it's not bad gas, water in the tank, a malfunctioning fuel gauge, or cold weather. Please help!

when driving with no load

1998 Pontiac Sunfire, leaking antifreeze, but not sure where the leak is. The coolant is dripping off of a flat metal piece that runs around the oil pan on the passenger side of the car (when laying underneath it). But as for where the leak is coming from , I have no clue. Someone told me to change the freeze plugs on it. Could that cause this problem and if so where is the freeze plug located on this particular engine? (2.2L)

evertime its cold outside my check engine light comes on and the scanner reads system too lean bank 2 ,evap system not ready not vacuum leaks in the engine changed gas cap

clunk from right rear

how do you replace the outside door handle on the sliding door,

Is there any page on the net that shows how to change the front wheel bearings on a 2005 Volkswagon Jetta TDI

I would like also a website for diagram of location and how to proceed to change purge control valve. Dealer wants $362.00 why?