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I have to replace the fuel filter for my van but I don't know where its located
When does the transmission have to be flushed?
What is the name of the ac hose called that goes to the top port of the ac condenser and where can find one quickly in the Detroit Metro area?
My 96 Pontiac Grand Am runs quietly while driving. Turn the A/C on and a roaring, humming, almost like hearing race cars off in the distance sound occurs. Sound only happens when A/C in on. Cool air does come out just...
Gas is pumping out of the top of the carbureator and the car won't start.
Just sitting at red light and air conditioner just went off and at same time looked at gas hand and it showed empty when it was actually full. Prior to this happening it would not start, just connection problem there.
I have tried different gas pumps, different gas stations, and holding the nozzle in different positions. Nothing works. This problem began suddenly a few weeks ago. I can only put in gas for a few seconds before it...
my vans central locking system stopped working
The car says "gearbox fault". Takes a while to go into gear. I can be driving and without warning, it will not do anything but raise the rpm's when I press down on the gas pedal. I have to "slowly" accellerate, as th...
Rear brakes locked up in parking lot. Brought to shop.Replaced rear shoes,spring kits,wheel cylinders.Had drums resurfaced.When engine is started and brakes applied rear wheels over adjust and lock up.
I have lower back that requires a back support. Since this is a vehicle that I plan on keeping quite a while is there someone or business in Houston, Texas area that can re-build the lower back area of the drivers sea...
After water pump and timer replacement, coolant leak fixed, I get a low rattling noise when accelerating. Check engine light came on. Has 109k miles. What we can do about it? Great site!
it is overheating and grey smoke coming out of tail pipe.
The car dies, then runs for two minutes, then dies again. My battery is new as of a month ago. I know my air conditioning has also worked on and off the past week. Are the two related, and how do I get my car to stop ...
Hi, I just want to know if I am trying to use less gas, is it best to leave the car in overdrive or turn it off? When should I have it on and off also?