were would locate my o1 bank1 02 oxygen sensor? Is located on the passenger side or driver side confuse its many of them when i looked.

The first time it's happend


have a real bad motor mount and thinking maybe the crankshaft sensor might be bad cause it runs good and then sometimes it run ruff! have changes 2 injectors the timing chain and gears and diatrubuter run out of money have know way to g=have it dianogest,could it be the brain box it was changed when it was wreacked 5 years ago and was a used part!

just need to know how boot under coil pack comes off ,, if just held by a lip or what

I want to change oil for the first time on my 2003 Montero Sport 4x4. Just wondering, if the drain plug in the front under the engine is the gear oil. Is the oil pan plug back by the passenger side door the correct one to change the engine crankcase oil?

MFA indicator(mpg,outside temp)does not light up.is this a standard feature or an option.i bought this car one week ago

resentley purchased,when i test drove there was a grinding noise in the front the seller assured me it was only because the brakes were wet. anyway i think it will need new brakes,my concern is that with it being front drive will that be a major problem to get brakes also what else could it be?I need this car to be o.k..thank-you

What is the oil capacity of the air conditioning compressor and what weight should the oil be.

how do you tighten the passagner door so it wont say door ajar and keeps the lights coming on?

engine does not start. replaced fuel pump and pcm. got 12v to fuel pump relay but pump wont turn on with key on. check engine light comes on dim. code scanner will not turn on when it is plugged in. no spark from plugs. no voltage at fuel injectors. i check ohms on relays. zero resistance.

I just finished installing a fuel filter in my car, and now I can't get the car started. Is there something else that should be done?

I lost power to the three controls at the same time, can't open the windows or turn on the cruise or control the ventilation/heat/AC no lights currently on any of the controls. I have checked throughly all the fuses on both sides and the main ones under the hood. What could this be, someone told me about the ignition switch, how could the ignition switch be related to all this?

it happens at least every couple of days.

just filled up gas tank drove about 5-10 miles stop for about an hour. went to start car check engine light was on.
sent to repair shop said that the ignition coil was bad put a new one in it brunt up as well. sent to chrylser said car may have been struck by lighting, needed a new pcm. My question. what is price of a new one. I see listed on internet $225 is this reasonable.