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power light on because computer bad

Recently the chimes for the blinker, seatbelt, front driver's door speakers (top & bottom) and voice for built in navigation ALL went out at same time. Looked at the fuses, don't see that look burnt.

how to install the whole mirror signal light of Mercedes e320 year 2003?

At times I have a clunking noise on the drivers side. sounds like around the brakes. And noise appears when turning. Everything has been checked by 3 mechanics, including Honda. Cannot find anything. Could it be the brake callipers?

when i start my car blueish white smoke comes out

My vehicle was running along fine until one afternoon when it wouldn't start - turned key, and got absolutely nothing. Was diagnosed with code P0615, dealer replaced (under federal emmissions warranty until 80,000 mi - mine had 77,000. . .) however charged 2 hours of labor "rewiring" the 32 x 1 starter circuit in engine compartment harness = $226. When I picked up the car and started it, the Service Air Bags light came on. They cleared the code and assured me air bags were fine. Now the radio clock resets and the 6 cd cycles through all cd's when I start the car again. And now the Service Tire Monitor light appears.

My 2007 Ford Fusion has a diagnostic code of P0128 which comes back as needing the low coolant or that the thermostat is bad. The coolant isn't low though.

P0748 indicates that the control unit has detected and electrical problem (open or short) in the shift solenoid "A" circuit. This could be caused by a failed shift solenoid "A" or a problem in the wiring between the solenoid and the control unit.Can you tell me where is that in my car

My S500 - 2000 MBENZ is - Eleven years old orginal rubber seal gaskets worn out falling apart - car's excel - been in TV shows - etc. custom look from europe - just replace worn parts to keep it up, thanks for your help! The exyerior -
paint is a Black greenish blue - with gray leather int 90K miles second owner- took over at 40K miles

no check engine light come on;it works but has not regestered a problem. have changed plugs, wires, cap, button, ignitor, coil, and egr valve. runs well but still misses bad. is the head screwed? could this be something else? Compression test is ok.

I am having trouble filling the fuel tank. Tank always seems like it is full

my head lights turn on wen I star the truck including on the day and sunny an my control lighs donth work only wen I STOP THE ENGINE

Well I just recently begun to have issues with my 2006 jetta volkswagon. It idles up really high, but does not pick up speed, and when it does increase in speed, the car bucks. My engine also makes a rattling sound when I accelerate. I went to a repair shop and they told me I needed a tune up and a new water pump and I let them them fix it, but I still have the same issues, does any one have knowledge and experiance with these issus? Thanks in advance!

I need to change my oil pump in my aluminum oil pan. I have took it lose but can not get it out How can I do this.

abs and traction lights stay on after starting t.bird; may stay off after recranking.What to do? Expense?