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where is cam position sensor
My 3VZ-FE 3.0 L, 6 Cylinder, 92 Camry failed the Calf. smog test. It passed everything except the 25 MPH CO test. Max Co: 0.60 Ave CO: 0.07 Meas CO: 0.80 The max allowed is 0.60. and mine was 0.80. Going from ...
How much difficulty is involved with changing the right front wheel bearing?
ok So i have recently ripped apart this horrible car to work on(specially if your doin it at home). i have taked the Alternator to Advanced they tested it said it was fine. took my battery back to walmart got a brand ...
Can someone give me an idea of price. It is leaking and will probably have to be replaced. Whining on turns and when it gets cold. Thanks, Ray
my 95 dulley was running find and lost compression and killed. now it want start back. we put a code reader on it and itshowed something wrong with the accelarato. what could that be?
I don't drive my car much. It has 13,000 miles. When I tried to start it this Spring, the battery was dead and needed to be jumped. When it started, it ran rough and the engine is not responding to the gas pedal. ...
The van started a clicking sound then broke down because the belt stretched and slipped off. The belt was replaced but broke because the pulley assembly is bent.
I went throught inspections and my CO was high and failed the car runs fine I don't see an ajustment I can make, is there something I can do?
How can I adjust the valves on this engine?
Hi I have a 2002 Chrysler 300 M Its going in to its limp mode(shifting in to 2ND gear hard) When i come to a slow down or stop. I can turn the car off and start it back up and it will go fine till well again u stop. I...
ABS & ESP lights came on. How long do I have before I see my mechanics? After I drive for a while (20 minutes), I hear a constant humming noise.
How much does a Transmission Control Module cost for a 2004 Hyundai Elantra? What is the cost of the TCM and the labor to put it in?
I dropped a bolt down into a spark plug hole. I have tried a magnet but no luck. I believe that the bolt is agains the wall under the hole so whatever I use would need to turn 90 degrees after it clears the opening (I...