my speed sensor went out and the diagnostic test came up with the MLP or Manual Lever Position Sensor, OR position sensor assembly. apparently it has a billion names.

car started to shift funny, and i need to fix it for a road trip.

Does anyone know what this piece is and what the part number for it is? i cant buy it till i find it and i cant seem to find it.

The mechanic indicated that two O2 sensors...both upstream...needed replacing. I was told only a dealer would be able to reset it so I would need to go to a Toyota dealer. I am told by more than one dealer that the cost would be $700+ tax...$430 for parts. Is there not a cheaper way? The dash lights won't go off so I won't be able to pass the emissions test to renew my license plates unless something is done.

What should I check if the heater blows air that is not hot?

The coolant level is full. Fan blows air so the fuse and switch are good. Engine temp is not high, but engine is warmed up.

Can not drive van in drive gear, but in the park gear. Hard to shift the handle into gears.

I'm getting 280 miles to a tank of gas I drive on the freeways alot but live downtown. On the weeks I spend my time in El Cajon I only use Chevron 87 sometimes 91 depends. Is that good mileage?

car won't start, lights and radio work...

we changed the cam sensor and crank sensor new distributor cap, ignition switch is good. getting low voltage reading from coil. gets no spark and sometimes it does get spark.HELP

when stopping a with the car in gear the oil light come on. When you accelarate it goes off.

will a bad crank censor stop the fuel pump from working

i have a 1990 grand am with a 2.5 liter engine. someone has put a transmission off a 2.3 engine in the car and the vehicle speed sensor is different. the speedometer will not register right. is there any fix for this other than changing transmissions?

It is making a sound and have replaced the bears

lights work door locks work no power to ignition wires

my car year doesnt even show, it is a 1988 dodge aries k 4cyl. 2.5 low beams does not work BUT high do, check fuses all good, anyone can advice me plz.? I HAVE TO CHECK THE ABOVE BUT JUST TO GET HERE

Hello my guages is not working properly.

water leaks into drivers side floorboard when it rains