when i put the car in reverse the pin the holds the reverse in place when i siff gears is broke in the transmiision

My Volvo V70 XC uses about a quart of oil between changes. The car has 143,750 miles and seems to run and operate great. Just a little concerned because it has a turbo, and I don't want to overlook something that might be more serious?
I have crawled under the car and there is no apparent leaking, so I am curious if it is fairly normal or something to be concerned about?

what are the signs of a bad coil pack? the engine was shaking when the gas pedal was pushed but smooth when coasting, now the engine is running very rough and we replaced the crank shaft sensor but it did not improve.

driving the truck yestarday and the transmission started to miss it races also my check engine light keeps coming on and then going off before i can test it

Checked fluid level there is no dipstick just a cap. Ican not see any oil in hole put 3qts in already still cant see any oil in hole. Should I keep adding oil? Also when driveing car it makes a weird sound between 20 to 30 mph. Checked wheel bearings and cv jionts they seem fine . any ideas what else to check ?

I have a problem with my 94 Isuzu Pickup with engine power. It seem to be weaker all of a sudden. It happened when im driving to work and my truck slow down to a point it seems i put on some brakes on or was pulling something behind me. I pulled over to see if my brake were the problem but didnt seem my brake were the problem. Now im thinking it has to do with my engine. When i step on the gas it seems to have a hard time moving forward. Its even more obvious when i go up hills. Whats worst is my gas consumption has gotten worst. If there is any additional information you need i would be happy to tell you. I hope you can help me with my problem.

Labor cost in installation of pacesetter headers + Y-Pipe in 1997 Pontiac Trans Am?

it is nothing wrong with the car except for this engine light. how can i get this off

need location of fuse for dvd player

I was driving on the freeway, car felt like it jerked a little, the EPC and engine lights came on and like 15 minutes later the car lost power, I know what EPC stands for,any idea as to what it could be? and can that be expensive to fix? need help

My oil light lately has been constantly coming on it was coming on and had the oil changed on 4/28/11 then parked car i drove car sunday for first time since oil change and when i was stopped in traffic oil light kept coming on but when i drive it doesnt come on could this be a sensor gone bad or a faulty fuse please help before i spend too much to get repaired thanks.

check engine light is on .had it diagnosted I was told the gas cap was causing problem,I changed cap and light is still on.

i need to know what kind of oil my 1995 gmc yukon take 5w?

I have a 97 pot grand am and i have been having problems with it. after i going to town or try to park the theft system light comes on when i go to shut it off. the key will not go in the off postion. when the engine is shut off. Is it the ingiation switch?

I get a p0420 trouble code anyone with any answers very welcomed