How do you change sparkplugs

my check engine light does not come on how much should it cost to replace the bulb

what could it be when the vehicle pulls to one side; first lets eliminate the wind and if not the brake caliper grabbing, and stabilizer bar; what else could it be?

My car gets really bad gas mileage wat can I do to improve my mileage??

On about 4 occasions this year when I go to put car in drive nothing happens and I keep moving the shift and finally it will go into drive

how much it will cost to peplace the blower moter resistor on my car. doesnt work at all anymore.

All of my lights work, except for my headlights. I checked the fuses, and they are good. What else could it be? How can you tell if it's the actual light switch?

My handle on the glove box is broke, can you repair and what is an estimated cost for the repair.

hit a pot hole and the next day it said service battery system battery not charging

There is a hesitation of several seconds from when the car starts to when the gauges engage. How can I fix it?


Had a headligfht replaced last fall, and they found moisture in tthe lens housing. They drilled a hole to drain out any water, but the bulb has burnt out again. You can see moisture on the inside of the lens. Have not checked, but have been told that it is very expensive to replace this unit. It replacement my only option

We recently went on a highway road trip and on the way back we ran bone dry of oil. Nobody at toyota can tell me where the oil went or why the oil idiot light did not come on warning low on oil, any ideas?

what is the best pads for my cl600 2002

I cracked the case on my key holder. I want to purchase another shell for the key. Will it be easy to transfer the chip from the old one to the new one then get the key cut? Do I need to get the key cut first before swapping the other one? What is the do it yourself way?