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the code p0420 comes on on my 2006 ford taurus, I have been told there is a test to find out which one if any of the converters are bad. how do you do the test?

How much does it cost to have a starter for my car replaced?

My engine light comes on after driving approximately 30 miles.
It then misses, bucks and jumps periodically but has never stalled comepletely.
In a day or two it must reset itself as the light goes out untill I take a trip over 30 miles.
I had a tuneup awhile back, no change.
My air bag light stays on all the time also.
Thanks, Dennis

would like to see what this looks like and where located and any other info on this item

I was told had a vac leak and needed to change o2 sensors. It's a rebuilt transmission fluid is clear . What could be the problem

the power window on driver side does not work. the window is inside the door

my name is archie i have a 96 ford explorer eb 4wd 4.0 i chaNGE the spark plugs the ingtion coil and the fuel filter i had some body take it out on a long trip and he told me that it just died i didnt know what could be the problem there gas in the tank any suggestion

The radio will come on but I cannot hear anything.

I let a friend work on my car last year from August to February this year he rebuilt the engine and a lot of other things that Im not aware of when I got my car back the check engine light come on and wont go off with this problem I cant get my car inspected and I refused to take itr back to the person who worked on it last. Can you tell me what the problem could be with the check engine light staying on.

i have to keep jump starting it it runs but as soon as you shut it off you have to jump it again for it to start.i have had starter and altenator and battery checked all good i have even checked the connection on the starter in good shape we are stumped

My minivan, runs really rough anytime I turn the air conditioner on, and the vents in the back dont seem to blow cold like the front one does, any ideas what it might be?

My minivan runs great but when I turn the air conditioner on, it seems to bog down, and has hardly any power, and seems to be missing a bit. what could be causing this? it will still run cold, not really cold but cold enough,

driving along car just stalls? happened before changed fuel filter and fuelpump kept stalling. changed crank indicator kept stalling found a bad elect.ingector seemed to solve problem until today it did it again 5 months later.blowing black smoke when put accelerator to open up engine,it sputters then after that it stalls. someone told me it could be the egr valve an idle air cotrol valve. do you have any solutions to add because the process of elimination can become quite costly!!!

Sometimes if i hit a bump in the road or make a sharp turn, the blower will engage. I have heard it's my blower motor and I have also heard it might be the switch....which is it?

The front driver’s side wheel won't turn. We started hearing a weird noise/ with a slight vibration when in a right-handed turn. We had just replaced the two front tires shortly before we started hearing/feeling the noise. The tire shop advised us that this was happening due to a tire out of balance. Now the car is sitting in the middle of the road with the two front tires going in different directions. Please tell me some thing to look for that may be the issue.