No start, no spark. replaced starter relay, ICM, dist. cap, rotor. Has good compression and fuel pressure. Old sparks were spaced wrong. this is 5.8L 8cyl superclub.

how much fluid do i use when i empty the transmission pan

What kind of manual transmission fluid does a 2005 Volvo S60 2.4l need and what are the changing intervals recommended?

cooling fan only one come on

my battery light was on my car... brought new battery drove car for 60 miles battery die... change alternor battery light went out drove car 20miles then car went dead... took car and gt new battery. they ck it and it show a read of 12.5 reading... when u take off the neg terminal car cuts off. can u tell me why my battery is nt charging and if there a electic problem.. please help

My heater AC front fan has quit working completely and I would like to know where the fan is located and can it be romoved and replaced if I have general mechanical skills?

Are there special tools required to replace the serpentine belt on the 2005 ford escape?

first time problem is there easy fix can I buy a cheap replacement to put in I dont care If there no more keyd ignition Ill just keep car locked its old any way wont to keep repairs simple and inexpensive

This problem happens daily now and the DIY will show the pressure increasing and decreasing until it finally tops out at 131psi and my oil light and alarm will stop finally.

I have a 2003 Cadillac Escalade. On the way to taking my vehicle to be serviced, I began to hear a low humming noise in the center rear of the car.I had the oil changed and was told that I needed rear shocks. Considering that I was not convienced that the shocks where bad. I went and had a second opinion and was told that the shock wear ok and the vibration was due to the rear differitial and that possibly some bearings had gone bad. Needless to say I am exspecting a nice price for repairs, but I wanted a ball park figure to work with. So at least I will know if I am being ripped off. Thank you.

Any idea of the aprox cost to replace the front crankshaft seal? Could this be done by myself or should a garage?

Anyone ever change the starter battery yourself? Does the system need a reset? I am told not by one informed automotive buddy but Sears would not touch my car. I have used two Lexus OEM starter batteries and going on a 3rd in less than six years. Lexus warranted the first two and the third would be prorated but still cost me over $100! So I can get a better battery (based on my research) at Costco for $60.

this the first time I believe that something place in the trunk got jam in the locking device

Hello, I just had my fuel pump replaced,(fuel tank lowered). 20 miles later now I have an p0455 code. Do you think its related. Thanks, Frank

what is the correcct gap?