It happens the 3rd times in the last 2 weeks. After driving the car for 45 minutes or more the engine stops and a message comes up on the left side of the dash "El.Power System Service Required"
After 15-30 minutes sitting on the side of the road it will start again and goes for another 20-30 min. and do it again. When it starts there is "0" message, no engine light on what so ever.
Any idea what could it be?

my car just died while at a stop sign tried to start it wouln't i had just replaced the battery so i decided to tap on the starter well it started had starter tested it was bad replaced it and now im getting clicking under the dash gauges won't work then they do car will die and won't start without ajump please i need help need car for work

Belts squeal on cold mornings till engine warms up. Can engine be damaged if belt breaks before I fix it?

What type of coolant do I use in my 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 pick up?

i have replaced the engine with a 302 out of a Lincoln that’s all I know about the car it came out of. Swapped all stuff from engine to the other. NOW,@#$%^&^&$. when it warms up, and when you come to a stop or it is idling (after being warm) it changes from a regular idle to a rough running all most wants to die (but does not) shakes, needles on the dashboard wig out, If I step on the gas and rev it a little it quits for a while, but dose it again a few minute Later and on and on. Also, when driving it has a little trouble shifting from 2nd to drive. @$%#%^$%^%&, I HAVE REPLACED:
Spark plugs
Spark plug wires
Airs throttle control motor???
Timing chain
Cleaned the injectors
New map sensor
O2 sensor
Smoke test for vacuum for leaks (one found) fixed, no change.
Spayed carb cleaner all over to see if I could find any other leaks, (none found)
I Did the do it your self-test with a 4” wire to get the on board computer to kick out the problem codes by counting the number of blinks from the check engine light, i got a 114, 116 told me nothing!
Full tank of high octane gas just for kicks nothing.
The Ford dealership in my home town said they didn’t have the diagnostics computer/equipment to go far/deep enough into the engine to diagnose the problem, and referred me to another bigger ford store.
They also, forgot to put the EGR line back on, causing the check engine light to come on freak me out. They said wasn’t anything they did, and sent me down the road.
5**** F-I-V-E**** mechanics have looked at this van. Yet the dam van is still STILLLLL! not running right!!!! I do not know what to do. Similar problem have been discuss on line and in forums but no one will say what they did to fix the problem. It’s just the problem, or they want money for an answer that may or may not work, $48 flippen dollars for a maybe is too much after all I have spent. Though I’m still ahead $150, for the van $350, for engine and about, and $600ish for the list above. Though I’m coming to my limit. Has anyone experience this problem or silemer problem, what about the on board computer, should I replace It I can get an aftermarket for about $200. Where do I go from here? Thank you for reading. Jon

Noise from front end when turning steering wheel.

new brake caliper applied

My 2002 Saturn has been burning oil for quite some time. It now has about 147,000 miles and the oil burning seems to have started at about 60,000 miles; it's been getting steadily worse. The "Service Engine Soon" light never goes out. I've spent hundreds of $ to have mechanics solve the problem - no one has been able to fix it. Should I (a) have the motor rebuilt; (b) replace the motor; or (c) get rid of the car entirely? Thanks.

one differential bearing went out replaced bearings and wheel bearings. sounds fine when accelerating but when i let up on gas pedal and coasting there is a growling, rubbing sound. can anyone tell me what might be causing this?

Maybe I'm just not too bright, or there is something wrong with the stereo in my x90...but I CAN NOT for the life of me figure out how in the world to set the clock, or the presets for the radio. I've tried EVERYTHING I could think of, all of my buttons are probably about to fall off i've pressed them all so many times...Please help!!

in the back of the motor at the bottom of the intake water or ant freeze is comeing out is that an intake leak

where is the exact location of the ground straps on a 1993 bmw e36, photo or link would be great, thank you

Engine missing through rpm range, fluid in spark plug hole #7 cylinder. Sever ml of fluid (antifreeze,water) in hole before pulling plug? Head gasket? cracked head?

I need price for repair, and how many days you repair, or you know place where repair this

Car sat for several months during Seattle cold wet winter months. Upon startup the tranny slipped at take-off. Fluid was a little low so I added Dextron3 to fill line everything seemed normal drove fine. Sat again for two weeks without battery. Upon next startup the tranny slips quite a bit at takeoff and seems to be mushy throughout all gears. Reverse is firm and solid. Thinking time for fluid and filter change . . . if what else ?