Regardless of setting, auto, low, high, the windshield wipers will work fine for several minutes, then suddenly stop in the middle of wiping stroke. Turning the switch to off and then back to any setting 2 or 3 times allows it to start working again for a few minutes until it stops working again.

I have an intermittant problem with my radio. Whenever car sat with all the windows up in the sun whenever I started car it would show CD LOADING. If I hit the FM button display would change to FM1 LOADING. Eventually when car cooled down it would go back to the way it was supposed to. Radio and CD would work correctly it was just that LOADING display that was wrong. Any ideas?

gear shift cable won't come out of park. the brake light works. when i disconnect the cable from transmission shifter cable works i try to move the shifter on the transmission with my hand it won't move, what could be the problem?

Just about to buy a used e320...but the LCDs are starting to go. Wonder how much it cost to get the unit replaced. Thanks

5, 6 weeks ago the truck wouldn't start; mechanic said it was the ignition coil and replaced it. Last week it wouldn't start, they replaced the ignition coil. 5 days later, ditto. Note that each time the engine would turn over, but the truck wouldn't start. Any ideas on why the ignition coil would keep burning out? Could they be replacing it with a substandard coil that can't handle the current?

I was wondering if the ford f-150 xtl lariat was ever recalled. I just bought one from a friend for 600.00. He said, The fuel pump is bad. I was also wondering were the fuel pump is located at. In the tank or some other place I can get too it.. Thanks for your help

my 2006 tucson waring light is blinking and 4wd is not working just all of a sudden this happen i dont no where to start its like it didnt lock in i think its stuck between it did work i was just wanting to know if there is a linkage or something that ican check or do

I think I locked my keys inside my car, and I don't have a spare set of keys.
If they're not inside the car, then they are lost, how do I get a set of replacement keys?

it wont shift out of 2nd to 3rd overdriver check engine
have not had diagnostic code one guy told me it could be a sensor

How often do they bteak

Ok, I'm going to try to explain the problem with my 2006 Dodge Stratus the best way I can. This only seems to happen when I've been driving the car for a while. The car spontaneously drops out of cruise, the engine light comes on, and the car makes a beeping sound. I am not able to accelerate very easily, and the car will not run above 60 mph. Any ideas what's wrong?

how to remove the compresser from the car

One of the daytime running lights is out. I have changed the bulb but it still doesn't work. Someone mentioned to me that it may be a module controlling the light. Is there a module controlling this light and if so where is it located?

While driving over a small bump slowly or a manhole cover, etc. I hear a faint noise. Do I need shocks? What should I pay

The blower motor just start to blow at low speed i beleave it the blower resistor what should it cost to repair this problem