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My lexus with 117K miles was running great until a few days ago. When my wife used it to run errands and returned home, the next morning we got in to take off, it cranked but wouldn't start. It's been doing this for t...
When I drove my car in bumpy roads the front tire on the passenger side make noise but in the normal/not bumpy no noise at all. The sound of the noise is like opening the can. Is it the Front Shock problem or somethin...
when turning our wheels we are feeling a draging or a pulling. we rotated the tires &changed the brake pads but with no luck.
front end shakes radically even at low speed.
please can you give me a detailed cost and to to replace the fan clutch
Diagnostic test showed cylinder misfire detected-cylinder #1. Do I have to take vehicle into the dealer for repair?
put the truck in park.went to shift to drive,and the shifter moves freely.won't shift gears,but cable still moves. will only shift gears manualy from underneath.
How do you remove a 2003 deville driver door panel?
There are times when I turn my car on and it chokes up. This tends to happen more often when I use the air conditioner. Should this be happening? What can I do about it?
ac doesn't blow hot nor cold. Blower motor just wont run. Motor is new. Fuses are good. There is power to the motor but I don't know how much it should have to run.
My wipers only work on high speed, my CD player displays Err and my mileage is no longer displayed (even when I push in the button).
lately my truck has been losing power randomly. it's getting worse. took it to auto zone and the code said ftp sensor. when that fails can it cause the engine to lose power, or even lose fuel pressure? if so where is ...
Car was parked and locked for a period of time. The battey lost charge, and now the key will not open the car door or trunk where the battery is located. How can you open the car or the trunk to access the battery.
Approximately every year and 1/2 depending on how much you drive the car in a year's time,it seems to lose power or feel like it is out of gear. Then, when you accelerate heavily to keep the car moving, the RPM's go w...