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i just changed the engine in my 98 passport and this engine turns over great but it just wont start. We have check and everything is plugged up and we have spark through the coil packs, resistance to the fuel injector...
And does it use regular gas
When I press down on my clutch, it feels as if there is no resistance. It's almost like it doesn't engage until I'm nearly on the floor. Is this a common problem? It just started. I've added clutch fluid and my shift ...
Where is the outside temp sensor located and are there any recalls for the sensor?
have to replace evap purge valve soleniod (code443)near fuel pump.
I installed a new engine in my 1991 Chevy C1500 and I need to reset the computers "Service Engine Soon" without using a OBD-1, the local auto shops will not rent one to me, and I can't move the truck to the stores lot.
my durango will shut down like its lost all fuel i dont get any codes could this be the map sensor or something it has only done this when driving at 45 mph or stoped at a light
where is the low service port to recharge the a/c
If it has a rear speed indicator, would its failure cause by brake and ABS lights to stay on, and the speedometer to remain at zero until I reach about 30 mph?
Dashboard gauges no longer light up and have stopped working. Could this be a blown fuse?
can you send a diagram of the location of AC blower motor and how to install it?
My emissions light came on while I was driving, and I need to know what this means.
I turned on the car and a type of grine sound started, mainly when I try to turn the wheel
I have a 2002 Escape that has developed a skipping problem when taking off but no check engine light is on. The car also has a bad noise coming from the steering. Had it in the shop on the steering, changed the fluid ...
The valet mode on my 1998 XK8 will not disengage. I have called around and searched the internet but have yet to find an answer. Unlocking the truck via the keyhole between the "X" and "K" at the rear of the car did ...