car is hard to turn when at idel

I came home from work and got out and heard the fan running.It wont shut off,so I took off the battery cable to make it quit.A friend said it might be the fan relay,so I want to check it and see,thanks.

When I put the van in reverse nothing happens. Ok in all the other locations.

I locked my car with my handheld remote, when I went to unlock my car, my remote would not work. I changed the battery and still got nothing.. My ignition is in lock out mode, due to remote control failure.. Is there anything I can do to unlock my ignition switch without having to reprogram my remote.. I can't drive it to get to a dealership.. My sister's boyfriend disconnected battery cables to car,trying to reset everything, but nothing worked.. Had to get the car towed home..
Really don't know if my motor is a SOHC OR DOHC
Thank you...

I got an oil/filter change recently, and the tech said it looked like some oil might be leaking from the rear main oil seal. He suggested going to the dealership to have them look at it. But I'm planning to call around to different shops about the work. What's the typical book time for replacing a rear main oil seal?

I have a loud tapping noise in the engine several people told me it was the haarmonic balancer. I replaced it but engine still makes tapping noise also my speed has been hesitant since the tapping started. I also need a MAP sensor could that be related to either issue.

when i fill up

fuel gage not working when i had a quarter of a tank it said full and when i filled the tank it was on full still but low fuel indicator was on how can i fix this problem?

I recently had a rough idle so I changed my cap rotter and spark plugs. I also took out the mass air sensor to clean it. Now my truck won't engage into reverse and when in neutral it lunges forward like its in drive. When i shift into reverse it sounds like it engages but when I push the gas nothing happens. I changed my tranny fluid and filter but still nothing. What could be the problem?

can i put 19" or 20"rims on my 1997 f 350 duelly

I'm leaking water....need to know if there are hoses, perhaps heater hoses, behind the water reservoir. There is steam comihg from the left rear of the engine compartment and I am loosing power to the engine. At first I thought I had a bad head gasket. Hoewver, in viewing the side of the engine, there is no steam coming from the engine itself. That I can see, that is. The steam is coming from between the fender (on passenger side) and whatever is behind the water reservoir. I do know that there are a number of wires and fuses, etc., back there. So, I can only think that water is leaking from something and landing on sensitive wires and causing the vehicle to misfire. The vehicle is parked miles away from my home and I need to attend to it in the morning. Perhaps someone can tell me what type of tools I should take to the site where the vehicle is located. I want to find out where the steam is coming from. Any help at all would be grateful. Thanks....JJ Knight

door key pad lights up on its own then dome light comes on every 3 to 5 minutes causing battery to drain

Belt, Replace

I need to replace my airbag because the horn is stuck and the horn wont stop honking. Do I need to pull the fuse first for the airbag before changing the airbag and can do it myself? I bought used airbag.

brake light not working nor high brake light