location of the oil pressure s
light switch? please

Does anyone know approx how much it would cost to replace the ignition switch?

My Yucon air doesn't blow out at the front,but does in the rear.also blows when turned off. Thank's Don

The shift lock override button is stuck down, and I cannot remove key. I have tried lubricating and prying up but with no luck. How do you remove the panel so I can clean around the button?

hello how are ya guys i just went to the repair shop to check on my ac they take a look at it could not find anything when i drive when i turn on my AC it works fine 30 to 40 min then it stops when i leave the car off for like and 30 min to 1 hour when i turn on the AC it starts working again first i was thinking it has some whole but repair shop could not find anything so what could be the problem that causing this kind of problem

The dealer is saying just under $1000! I've had this done on my Acura, and it was nowhere near that expensive. Is a mini-van *that* different? Is the dealer ripping me off?

I live in the country and travel on part gravel & dirt roads. My PT Cruiser leaks like a sieve, even with the windows shut tight. Any suggestions on how to fix/deter all the dust coming in. I have 39,000 miles on this car. My old 1997 vehicle doesn't leak this bad! Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated to this city girl turned country!

vehicle is stalling when you turn the air on. had oxygen sensor code in it and we replaced it. has an electric throttle body.any answers would be appreciated my email is

I just change a egr valve on my truck when press the pedal its tight and I not getting any power sound rough like it gone dead but dosen't. want to know what i am doing wrong.

Just about once a day, my transmission will stick in second gear (fail safe mode) and will not clear until I turn the engine off. Once I turn the engine off,and then back on, fail safe clears and the transmission returns to normal. I had the tranny rebuilt, and the repair man states it could be the power module, he claims the transmission checks out with no detectable problems. Could it be the power module?

where is the expansion value located. i think my mechanic is working on the wrong thing

what weight oil is to be used in a 1999 F-250 Ford 4 wheel V-8 pick up truck

side mirrors not working - replaced switch-still not working

I had just spent $1388.00 on having the timming belt,tentioner,water pump all new belts,oil change with 10w30 syn oil.I was driving the car at 45 mph and the motor quit.Oil was leaking under car.Motor turns over and belts are turning.Took it to dealer that did the work and they said there was nothing wrong with the work they did but for a extra $200 the check to see what the problem is.O there is not any compression in any cylnder Any suggetions.Thanks Randy P.s i know this is a long one

when I turn the car off the on board computer stays on, and the windows still work after I turn the car off, and open the door????? How can I fix this? Please I need a jump every morning to get to work.....