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I was told I need a new auxillary pump, however, I have no indication that there is a need. How would I know?

replace water pump, timebelt,cranksensor,ECT, coil pack, fuelpump,sparkplugs,sparkplugwire,battery,mapsensor, coolingfan,EGRvalve,IAEmotor,

why is my check engine light on? i just put in a stop leak sealant because there was an oil leak and now my check engine light is on.

Recently, I had to get a new battery. When I did, I ended up having to take my car to the dealership to have the Idle Air Control Valve cleaned. Since then, there has been a hesitation on acceleration in the car. Also, when it is started, it also hesitates for a second before idling normally. I want this fixed.
What should I try or look for to fix the issue?
I appreciate any help.


How much to purchase and install an alternator belt on a 2006 kia sorento?

When I drive and hit the accelerator the VSC and ABS lights come on. The VSC light blinks and the ABS light stays on. Every time I turn the car off the lights shut off. I went to get a diagnostic test but the lights were off so they couldn't do one. I have no idea whats going on. Any suggestions??

I've opened the trunk and unscrewed the two screws. This only loosens the red and white plastic, and the manual simply says, remove the lamp assembly. How is that done? There are small, white plastic screw sockets in back and a small bolt. I removed the small bolt, do I somehow need to break those plastic nibs off, since they turn and turn with no results?

My key has turned off a couple times when driving. I had to put in nutral and start it again. I called the dealer and he says tha my model van is not on the recall list for this problem. He says do not put any other keys with me starter key. May be to heavy.
Well hopefully this does not hurt me and my family.

Do the transmission and differential fluids and filters need to be changed at 49000 miles?

how much is a fuel spider and labor to replace it

the fuel guage suddenly goes to full when i start it up and stops at 1/2 tank when i shut it off. i know the tank is only about 1/2 full how do i go about repairing it or replacing it?? i know about the recall but i have 107,000 miles on it and hadn't had a problem with anything.

is this serious

My car has 26000 miles. When cold and hard acceleration it falls flat. After warm up seems to run perfectly. Any ideas?

sun roof not working,checked fuse fine,how to replace motor