component loction where is the fuel pressure regulator can't find it

Here is a run down of the problems. Listed as running lean I have a fuel pressure of 30psi not the 48-55psi required. all lines checked and good. Fuel pump is good. Have been told that the piston rings may be out and need replacing. Also got told that problem might be in the fuel injectors may be clogged, but wouldn't the lines be over pressure if at the end of line. However car starts fine when cold. Will not start when hot or has been running for more then 30 minutes, car must sit for an hour at least to be restarted. Makes chugging sound when initally started then evens out. Also car shimmies at 42mph and 74mph. No idea why the shake but rides fine at any other speed, odd.

all elecyrical options go dead while driving and when i hit the brake it comes back on for a short distance

i just started fixing my own car want to know how to put on front brake pads on 1997 toyota tercel its a 2 door 4 cylinder if that helps

My daughter is a student in Fulton. Her steering has become very labored, i.e. she says she can barely turn the steering wheel.

My Explorer "whines" loudly on the road. I thought the tires were pitching the noise, but they are relatively new and I rotated them and no noise abatment. Could this sound be signaling more signifcant drive chain issues... differential? I've driven the vehicle 1500 miles in just the past week and nothing has broken down, just noise.

the car starts and idles fine when put into gear it loses all gauges and check engine light comes on and runs rough

1994 Lexus SC400 running hot has 182,000 miles what could it be?

happens after 3-4milesof driving tran does not slip fluid full

can evap system leak cause bad gas milage in 2002 f-150

how to replace cd player

The thump thump thump that seems to be associated with wheel speed---it is worse when driving straight
I replaced the front outer tie rods on both sides but the problem was not corrected. Any ideas?

Only at night can the digital dashboard lighting be read. During daylight you have to look direcly into it. Can this be changed out witout a great deal of expense and hoorah? I love my 4runner otherwise!

this thing will start and run fine but will not shut down with key i've changed the ignition switch and even with the computer disconnected it still has power to dash light like the key is in the on position??????????????

I'm new to the area and am looking for a good mechanic that will replace my timing belt for a reasonable price. Any suggestions?