Car sometimes runs hot. The last time it was used, it overheated and had to pull over. After cooling down, the engine cranks but will not start. No water/coolant was observed in the engine oil to indicate a blown head gasket.

I need to replace the starter and I cant find it its under the car,thx

been informed that there is seepage from rack and pinion steering.

can't get starter out. removed tranny brace and all other brackets. won't slide past engine mount. what's the deal here?

Let me start by saying that the volt meter in car spiked at over 16 volts. at this time lighter works, red light on radio works but nothing else. Checked all fuses all look good. Anyone have any other ideas??? Worried might have fried computer not sure. Is there a test or something im missing please help... 911 Cab. 996, 1999 manuel

Raised sunshade and now cannot lower. It will lower when in reverse, but will raise automatically when in drive or park.
Has only been used approx. 5 times in all.

I need my waterpump replaced on a C 28o mercedes year 1996
How do you think I have to pay

i removed the camshafts on the right cylinder head. gears moved. how do i alaign the drive gear to the sub-gears , what are the timing marks ?

I have removed caliper bolts but can't remove caliper to remove and replace shoes

The heater and vent air will start blowing out of the defroster on moderate to hard acceleration. I looked for a vacuum leak, but did not find one.

the radiator appears to be leaking at the top. probably needs replacement. Look easy. Am I wrong.

cannot find the power window fuse for chevy trailblazer2002

Charged it..changed the dash control,changed the accumulator switch...still warm air at all times..It's been going on for a week...

it come on occasionly when l start the car but before l move the car, it goes off.

Where is the fuel tank pressure sensor located.Is accessible
that I can do it myself or would I need mechanic to install it. diagnostic code 0453