I just change a egr valve on my truck when press the pedal its tight and I not getting any power sound rough like it gone dead but dosen't. want to know what i am doing wrong.

Just about once a day, my transmission will stick in second gear (fail safe mode) and will not clear until I turn the engine off. Once I turn the engine off,and then back on, fail safe clears and the transmission returns to normal. I had the tranny rebuilt, and the repair man states it could be the power module, he claims the transmission checks out with no detectable problems. Could it be the power module?

where is the expansion value located. i think my mechanic is working on the wrong thing

what weight oil is to be used in a 1999 F-250 Ford 4 wheel V-8 pick up truck

side mirrors not working - replaced switch-still not working

I had just spent $1388.00 on having the timming belt,tentioner,water pump all new belts,oil change with 10w30 syn oil.I was driving the car at 45 mph and the motor quit.Oil was leaking under car.Motor turns over and belts are turning.Took it to dealer that did the work and they said there was nothing wrong with the work they did but for a extra $200 the check to see what the problem is.O there is not any compression in any cylnder Any suggetions.Thanks Randy P.s i know this is a long one

when I turn the car off the on board computer stays on, and the windows still work after I turn the car off, and open the door????? How can I fix this? Please I need a jump every morning to get to work.....

i recently replaced my struts due to a thumping noise but i still have the noise, any idea on what it could be

I have brake pedal pulsation due to warped front rotors. Brake pads have a lot of life left. Should the pads be replaced when the rotors are replaced?

Just had the rear brake cylinders and shoes replaced now the vehicle slows down to a stop without applying brakes and the front smells like plastic burning

At a stop my a/c blows warm, but when I accellerate, it works fine.

AAA came to my house and determined that the battery is OK (only 1yr old). When he tried to charge/start it - it would not turnover and catch.

if the ground wire is not connected to the back of starter but connected to the frame will that affect the performance of the starter and will that give you a clicking noise/ won't start after truck is hot

Hi, soon after starting my Lincoln LS Sport the cooling fan runs at high speed and is loud. I replaced the cooling fan as I thought that might be the problem. But the fan still runs at full speed and is loud and very noisey. The temp is the half point on the gauge. I am not rich and I was hoping you might have heard about this from some one else, so I might have a better idea on where to look next. Thanks, Bob

it has 3 spots to attach wires 2 on the the solenoid 1 on the motor body the 1 on the motor body does a ground wire needs to be attached if not what