This volvo has 56k turbo is making a whining noise when idleing no oil leak should I replace now or wait awhile

I do not know what category a drive shaft or the U joints would go under to get a price estimate on how much it would be to fix this. Please help.

when unlocking the doors,it seems a relay is constantly allowing the door mechinism to continue to engage to unlock.While driving a sound of moss code can be heard under the dash area.The doors cannot be locked as a unit, when turnig the key in the drivers door,only that door locks. If I lock the passenger doors,get out and lock the driver door with the key, all passenger doors unlock.

2.6 runs on only two cly after head job gets gas, spark; timing?, exhaust?

The arm on the rear window wiper does not go back into its holder after the wiper is turned off.

Car occasionally stalls at low speed, not always, it just dies.

Any response can be directed to jwag722@embarqmail.com I still can't find marks for cam timing.I have taken plugs out to locate no 1 piston location(I wasn't owner when belt broke or when new belt was put on.Timing was marked on crank with marker wrong.Previous owner had put plugs wires new cap trying to get started.When I acquired car it had no compression.Owners were told by a garage timing belt had broke.As I crank engine over it hits something near top dead center AS I have been told this is free wheeling motor can't figure out what its hitting by moving cam it releases it.I tried to use leak down tester (which doesn't work correctly) to establish compression in cylinder.So at this time Im still working to find marks on cam

I ran out of gas, I put one gallon of gas back in and it will not start. It will crank, but after 10 - 15 seconds it cuts off, when the throttle is pressed the rpms do not change.

my car started clattering when i went to lunch yesterday. i drove it carefully home, 20 miles. as i turned on my street it shut off with low oil pressure and both service lights showing. engine would turn over, but not restart. i have no code reader to retrieve error codes.

how to replace front heater blower motor

The right front wheel makes a knocking noise when driving on a bumpy road or over a bump.

I bought my Saturn in 2007 (new) why in just four years, I now need to have new struts installed?

dash cluster blinks and stays on when i not even in that gear?

manifold absolute pressure/barometric pressure circ. code p0105 on/off

What is the typical cost to replace the rear window in a Rav4?