happened yesterday not able to drive the rav4

My Lexus ES300 wiper on driver's side does not come all the way up on the windshield. It comes about 4/5 the way and goes back down. I tried tightening the bolt per suggested solutions on internet. Didn't work. How do I fix this, and what would it cost if I take this to a mechanic to fix it?

When I get in the afternoon it takes the ac forever to start cooling down then will freeze you out seems like the fan does't blow full force

The front ac works great but not the back, with the same low temperature as the front I get hot air

I was told that if the timing belt broke I needed a new motor is this true ?

My 96 ES300 runs perfect and everything works great except for this noise coming from the hood when A/C is on and the car is accelerated, meaning noise occurs only when I step on the gas pedal. This noise sounds very much like engine revving sound. The thing is A/C works fine. What could be wrong, and what kind of repair cost should I expect?

first the low coolant light comes on, then check engine light.
antifreeze is everywhere, then is bigh to smoke, and eventually the car stops. is it a such thing as a electric water pump?

Does anyone know the torc for the rod caps on this POS car. My sons car-mamas problem. Please help, my friends are trying to help me fix it.

When I turn on the car the ABS, seat belt and so on come on. But the fuel, speedometor, illumination light does not come on. I have tried adjusting the lights and so on but it went out like as if it was a fuse. I have checked all fuses but there ok.

how do i change it and where is it

need to set the belt on and cannot find any data on how to align marks

the car was running great until the inspection was up needed a camshaft pos. sensor and a o2 sensor replaced both then the motor started running very rough and felt like it droped 2-3 cylinders have spar at all of them then pulled the injectors one at a time and saw that there was no change in cylinders 2 4 aqnd 5 then hooked it up to a scan tool and it will not respond im startingto think it may be the pcm can anyone help me?

The A/C runs great on short trips around town. Fan works fine. After about an hour in the car on the interstate at (70 mph) there is a strange smell and then the air temperature begins to warm. At first it is cool and finally is as hot as the heater. This first started last summer and took to two different shops. Last one wrote "components freezing replace evap core, receiver drier, expansion valve, and thermistor and all o-rings. Drain evac and recharge." Obviously not the problem. Heater worked fine all winter. Help! I LOVE this car and everyone is telling me it is time to sell.

Windshield Wipers don't return to the starting position, they stay on the windshield.

I replaced the alternator and the indicator light still comes on intermittently. I paid to have a full diagnostic check and was told that everything was fine but the light still comes on.