What is the size of the exhaust pipe for the 1994 Nissan Altima?

i had a leak in a hose and fixed it earlier that day. turned the car off and went into a store and when i came back out it would crank but not start. Put in a new control module and coil and no change.Im not getting any spark at the coil.

the overdrive light blinks ABS light is on Brake light is on He did not put in new Fuel injectors and has abad brake module and then clls and tells me it ready

Is the mech responsible for vehicle When theres more wrng with it after he changed the motor that was not before it was changed


Bought ls460 in December 10, and engine ran very quietly, not tapping, smooth and quiet. Had Valve Spring Replacement (per recall) performed at Northside Lexus. Now when car idles it has a noticeable clatter sound that accelerates when the rpms increase. One salesman said "turn your radio up." It is very frustrating in that this is an expensive car...supposedly the best Lexus makes.
Any thoughts?

i have a code po300, and po301, po302

my dodge durango will start and stay running at about 1100rpm if i let off the gas it dies it seems electrical if any ideas let me know

when driving down the road makes a low grinding sound at all times when driving . When put in 4 wheel drive it is worse not problem shifting

For: installing new brake master cylinder, four brake hose and flushing brake fluid lines.

Labor only, customer supplied parts and fluid.

The air circulation fan is on high all the time even though the power to the heat/ac system is off.

truck cranks but does not start and im not getting no fire to the coil

After changing rear rotors and brake pads I find the ABS lite is now on. I did not touch the speed sensors but may have affected them when removing the rotors. What sould I look for?

While putting in gas my fuel tank door fell off. More like broke off from the wind, the door is perfectly fine it is the part that it connects to on the car that broke. What would it be called?? its made of plastic and like a stick that makes the door open and shut, plz help!

Motor smokes when started and when running. It is worst when giving it gas, what would cause this, would it be rings or the head? How would I find which one it is?