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The truck ws operation on I 45 north when it begain to slow down from 65mph. Continued to slow with white smokie out the tail pipe. Mecdhanic advises it must be warped heads. This truck has a desel enging and they are talking $5.000 to fix it. Anybody got another idea

I have a 07 Ford Edge that I have had the axle seal on the driver side replace 3 times already. The first time this happened just happened to be 1000 miles past the warrenty.The dealer said there not sure what would cause this to happen time and time again however they are covering the replacement of the parts and labor.

Need to replace the windshield washer pump. How do I proceed?

how to change the power window motor

how to replace motor in door when motor doesn't work?

have a bad vibration at 30-55 mph noticed that the upper motor mount or stablizer that the bolt is out out alignment. could the lower mounts cause the vibration? also it only occurs under power, decelration has no vibration the left cv jount was replaced cv and balance rod I need to try and fix this before I buy the car.......

i scan the car and give me the crankposition sensor the crankposiyion sensor is bad

problem started when i changed the cat / converter

Volt gauge stop working,service light comes on,check gauge light comes on,speedometer stops working,fuel gauge stops working,turn signal/hazard flasher come on but don,t blink.Could the powertrain control module be bad. Car runs good.

anti- lock light is on.

is their a third brake light fuse or what brake lights work but not the third brake light

.....low coolant light keeps flashing on and off, the radiator Is full of fluid?

What size wench and type do I need to change my egr valve on my explorer?

my trailblazer runs fine. just started to make noise, either fan clutch or waterpump bearings nothing is leaking thermostate was replaced no engine light on ? the noise sounds like a diesel and seems to fade at higher revs,how &what do i check first?????? please help

I need the location of the Resistor or Relay switch for the blower.