I have a 2006.5 Optima Lx, I need to have my serpentine belt replaced and since its a mid-year production car I wanted to know if anyone has had to replace theirs and if they were going by 2006 or 2007 (or if it matters). I wanted to find a deal online and then go have it installed. Thanks

The cooling fans quit in my 2002 camry. I replaced the fans and they still don't work. i replaced one of the fan relays and checked the others and the fans still don't run. i replaced the temp sensor and the fans still don't work. What else might be the problem? I also checked the fuses and they are good. I need help.

Can the blower motor be replaced without disconnecting air conditioning line? It looks like the battery box will need to be removed also. Is this true?

When I drive my 06 Range Rover Sport. I get a message that reads Leans in turn. And the amber suspension light comes on. What does this mean?

im looking to improve the brakes and the rotor on my 01 tyota solara

The codes are 0440 and 0441

drivers side door switch doesn't work, how do I replace the switch and where is the best place to purchase one

The rear wiper was working great, stopped and when restarted it was hanging straight down. Tried ro readjust but it would either hang straight down or wipe 1/4 of the window and then the the car body itself. My wife has the car now so I haven't checked to see if the nut is just loose but wondered if there might be any other solutions for this problem.

how do you replace up and down stream on the oxygen sensor?

Occasionally with the engine warm, it will start and immediately die. If moved backward in neutral, about one truck length, or if left sitting 2-3 hours, it will start rite up and run great. Happens with no warning. Have replaced the fuel filter, pump relay and TPS. Bewildered...

I found about 20 small ball bearings laying in my drive way! Was wondering if they could have fallen out of my 2007 Escalade?

Where is the power point under the hood

My driver side power seat recliner will not recline I hear the noise but no movement the seat does go back and forth but does not recline any quick fixes???

my 07 1500 LT avalanche has 100,000 miles,wont start battery good alarm still working,makes a click noise when i try to turn it over,i even tried to jump start it,

Will a 90 model transmission from behind the same 2.3 Tempo engine fit in my 94 Topaz