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I had to roll the driver's front window down at the atm and could not roll it back up. It had quit working. The other door windows will roll up and down. I've checked the window lock to see if I had pushed that button...
i own a 1993 cadillac sedan deville, Im haven a problem with the car the check engine light and the service vehicle light are flashing the car is running rough like it has a 350 with a sic cam in it, it lets out alot ...
auto door locks will not lock.unlock ok
I took my truck in for a diagnostic check. My oil was leaking and they said that my oil pan gasket needed repaired and would cost about $600 this is labor the parts would cost about $20
having problems with altenator...have changed it out several times over the past three weeks..have even up=grade to a larger battery...but something keeps draining the battery...autozone auto parts says that the alter...
car keeps running hot
how much will this cost me
Firestone charges $875.17 for this procedure while your service shows not more than $461. Quite a difference! So where in Memphis TN does someone charge not more than $461??
should anything else be replaced at the time of the timing belt replacement?
having a used car check up before purchase, what is needed to check and how much should it cost
What would cause maintanence light come on at 65000 miles