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where do i find it

well maintained car. automatic..when driving, car will jerk when trans shifts from 1-2nd gear. np after that. has been like this for about 5 years. no worse, no better. want to give to my daughter. no funds to get her better car. anyone else have same/similar prob w/ trans? any speculation of whats to come/how long trans will last this way b4 giving out totally?

never had a problem with the auto od(overdrive) trans----------then suddenly all at once -it wont go forward -only reverse-help -thanks Joseph

four wheel drive engaged light blinks but will not engage

I have a well maintained 50,000 mile f150. I had a new ford fuel pump installed 2-3 monthes ago. The engine has shut down several times at different speeds and then won't restart untill about 15-20 mins. Any ideas? Thanks Bill

check engine light is on......scan shows 2 codes P0421 and P2197. replaced air filter today. praying it is not cat. converter(s).aceleration is perfect and I detect no foul odor from engine or emissions.Allroad did sit for 5-6 weeks and has 146K on it. Has been dealer maintained since new. Still runs perfectly Anyone have thoughts? Thank you all!

cost to replace timing belt

my fuel meter reads backwards sometimes

Okay Here ya go. The van has 105 plus miles. Run well. This problem has the repair station stumped too. turn key, starts no problem. move gear shift (no problem with it moving to gear) the little light under P doesn't shift to R or D when i shift the gear it's delayed about 8-10 secs. Drive down the road and the ABS< Security< Battery< Check Gages lights come on meanwhile teh gas gage need goes from half a tank to show empty w idiot light on. They last for about oh 10 secs. Replaced the alternator. remove the towing hitch plug. SO WHAT do you suggest is the issue? IS it sfe to drive.

Hello, looking for the best price for a good used, rebuilt or reman engine for a 1995 Ford E150 Cargo Van Straight6 300cu
4.9L Y series engine without O/D, Also looking for a good price to install engine. Thank you very much!

how hard is it to replace the heater motor?

coolant leaks out my 1991 caprice classic but its not the raditor nor the raditor hoes

just looking to get an estimate , for replacing rear brake lines. Left side ???

Lexus GS300 sitting up for 3-4 years was working before sitting in garage. Put in a new battery head lamps came on no interior or dash lights, it attempted to start won't turn over. Only have the valet key so limited on some access like gas tank and trunk

My car drives fine but I noticed that when I depressed hard on the accelarator I saw some white smoke from the exhaust. The car was not hot didn't drive any differently then the smoke stopped. I bought it used 104K the fuel pump was just changed from a recall could that cause the smoke problem?