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my 3.0 v6 1996 mazda mpv wont start , was driving and just died , i checked battery and its good and fuel and spark plugs ,leads and etc and seems ok . just winds over over and over but wont start
it over heats while driving and when ac on
My check engine light came on and took to autozone and they gave me the code P0335, p0170 and p0173. What does this mean?
how do i refit backup light lens in rear hatch door? it fell inwards, i don't see any screws to take panel off.
The parking lights remain on even with ignition and rotary light switch off. When car is on the fade and balance on the radio is wrong. These occurred at the same time so I guess it is a bad ground or a short. Where d...
i have a 95 t100 sr5 with an automatic transmission that has 181k miles on it. Just recently it has started to knock hard when shifting into reverse after the truck has sat for a few hours. It will also rev up to 400...
My Toyota Camry has been making funny noises for the last couple of months. It's sometimes a "groaning" kind of sound and other times a high pitched whine. It occurs some times when I'm braking, and when I'm at a stan...
My dials that control the fan speed and the temperature setting don't seem to be communicating. You can turn and turn them and it does nothing. I have been stuck on AC high since May, which is fine for now...but win...
I changed my AC compressor and it blowed cold air for 10 days, now its not. Went to mechanic and he says, the actuator must be changed. Will this rectify the problem?
Here lately when I push on the gas to go from a complete stop the engine makes a loud noise and it has little power in first gear and the temperature goes up until it shifts to second gear and the temp goes back down ...
what is the cost to replace head gaskets
what is the approximate cost to repair ball joints
does this engine have a crank sensor?
where is the blower motor located?
why when i hit the break pedal some light comes up the directional sighnal and then it shuts off my car