some times i can not get the windows on both side of the ttuck to go

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My dealership put 3 new drive belts on my car in Oct, 2010. They said the old ones were showing wear and could leave me sitting. When the cold set in this winter, I started noticing a loud screeching sound every time I turned on the defroster. Then in the warmer days of Spring this year the upon turning on the a/c, the engine whined in a loud shrill and was laboring to run. Now, I have no a/c. I did take my car back several times to my KIA dealership and they could not find anything wrong except to try to talk me into changing all the fluids in the car!!

Wher is the port located to recharge the A/C

The lights and radio come on but the car won't start.It does not crank or make a grinding sound or anything.

The last 4 months my car has been hesitating with check engine light on.I took it to Auto Zone and 2 codes came up to replace the air intake sensor and knock sensor. Now it doesn't happen consistently,some days are worse then others whether the car is warm or cold.Between 1500-1800 rpms the car starts chugging after 50 mph it smoothes itself out. Replaced the air intake sensor at a mechanics garage but not the knock sensor, and it is still doing the same thing but check engine light is off now. Mechanics I have spoke with said there is nothing they can do because the engine light is off. They said if its your fuel injectors you won't get a check engine light. What could be causing this?

why cant I use regular gas if there is no noticeable affect with performance in my c 280

My 1999 Acura RL (3.5L) recently had a used engine swap and upon reassembly the car developed a gear grinding noise that sort of came and went. It definitely changed with the rotational speed of the car and not the engine RPM. In fact, it even happened when the car was put in neutral when rolling. My 1st exception is I believe that it is unrelated to the engine. Yesterday after only about 75 miles after the repair and this sound coming and going, the car violently came to a stop when it sounded and felt like a set of gears broke apart. The car was still running after that scary stop which confirmed that it wasn’t the engine. It actually was still drivable after that as I nursed it home. The transmission still seemed to shift through all its gears smoothly. So the tranny seems ok.

The mechanic is attempting to claim innocence as his job was to just swap the engines which he did by dropping the engine and transmission out of the bottom of the car. The only thing that seemed strange to me was that he used the original old splined right side axil instead of using the axil that came with the new used engine. My thinking is that why wouldn’t he use the splined axil shaft that was already “worn in” with the replacement engine drive differential (final drive?) it came with? I’m wondering if the noise I was hearing was the meshing of the two dissimilar gears from two different engines and most likely from two different year cars.

My concern now is what froze up that caused the car to lock up the front wheels and what needs to be done to rectify the situation. The gearing I am talking about is located in the oil pan of the engine. Is that engine oil or are those gears in a separate compartment that is fed transmission oil? How about any metal filings that may have been created as a result of improper gear mesh? Ouch! I could be way off on my diagnosis what else could it be? Your advice or a post on the Acura forum is welcome.

Right side, front door outer (belt line) molding....
How To remove and replace? My window became stuck on it; and bent it as I was raising window.....

when the honda is drove on freeway at speed of 65to75 the trans light comes on flashing the honda still drives fine.if I slow down to were the trans has to shift again or get off the trans shifts hard until I turn off engine and restart.

1991 chevy blazer s-10 4.3 v-6 truck was running prefectly well went home after a day of driving shut the truck off went bact to crank but will not start..vehicle is getting fire and gas but will not start

My car cut off on me while I was going down the street and now won't even turn over

Could the oxygen sensor malfunction cause the car to not start?

What type of tranny fluid does it take?

whenever i am driving in the vicinity of 45 mph and above the car sometimes starts shimmeying and wobbling..

Is it spark plug wires/plug that needs replacing? Camshaft sensor code also came up (P0304) and losing coolant(does it cause more oil to burn)