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repalced thermostat, did a pressure test on the coolant system for leaks and found none. Did a pressure test on the firewall port to the heater core and was able to see coolant rise in the resovoir. Lack of hot air i...
My passenger side window doesn't come down. Passenger side heated seats don't work. Passenger side power locks don't work. All passenger side components stopped working at the same time. Now, my driver side window d...
hello, When I depress my clutch it makes a slight rubbing sound. Does that mean my clutch needs to be replaced. I have 140k and it is the original clutch.
Check engine light came on. Had car diagnosed. DTC P2112, "throttle actuator control system stuck closed" is the problem. How do I correct the problem.
i have replaced the gas cap. Cleared the code ( but it has come back. Vehicle is hard to start after fueling and has about 60k miles. Where is the the EVAP emission solenoid and the casister Vent solenoid. What cou...
when i start up my tahoe its really rough but after a minute or so it idle's fine..and when i checked my fuel pressure it was at 100psi when it only suppose to be around the 60-65 psi mark what can be causing the high...
This is the code that came up and I need to know what it is and how u fix it. P0304
My Mercury Marquis has 115,000 mile on it how often should you replace the front wheel bearing hubs?
my cruise control stopped working in the looks like everything is hooked there a fuse for this?
doors are suddenly locking themselves, going down the road we can hear it, remote doesn't work now and the liftgate door won't unlock. This all started Monday while trying to load up the car in the rain.
Car was driving with no apparent problem. Then it just suddenly wouldn't start. The igition, starter and battery seem to be okay. It seems to want to ignite but then just rolls over and over with out starting.
i need a diagram of timing mark for 1999 chevrolet 4 cylinder
brake warning light with good fluid level
I can hear it when I turn on the air condition