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Car was driving with no apparent problem. Then it just suddenly wouldn't start. The igition, starter and battery seem to be okay. It seems to want to ignite but then just rolls over and over with out starting.
i need a diagram of timing mark for 1999 chevrolet 4 cylinder
brake warning light with good fluid level
I can hear it when I turn on the air condition
My gas tanks rattles. I have installed foam tape between tank and Pass side tank shields. This stopped the shields from rattling, however, I have another tank rattle when tank is full or empty
where can i hook up a vacuum/boost gauge in a 2001 pontiac sunfire with a 2.2 ltr
I understand that there are three bolts that hold the starter in, but I can only see two. how do I get to the third bolt?
My rear power window has an issue rolling back up on occassion not everytime, What should I look for?
When I take off it won't catch into second gear but as soon as I turn the overdrive off it works fine
Where can I find one? How much does a tank cost? I've looked all over the net, & 3 parts stores so far ... no luck! Do you have one handy?
Occasionally, when I'm stopped at a traffic light and then release the brake and apply the gas the car seems to jerk/slam into gear. I presume this may be an indication of transmission issues to come. I recently rep...
change my intake manifold and now my truck does start, it just struggling to start. is it my timing?how do you fix that?
I had the speed control module replaced due to the check engine and trac light both were on. My xb died when these lights first came on. Since replacing the module my mileage has gone from@26 to 23.
Service seat belyt light stays on on DIC Been to the dealer 7 times for repair with no luck.