fuel gauge needle stays at empty after refueling, will not move towards full.

Driver's side headlight is dim and doesnt change to highbeam so what do I do?

where is the o2 sensor bank1 sensor 1

where is the 02 sensor bank1 sensor1

A/C blows through Defrost vents. Fuse chart shows # 28 which serves the back-up lamps too, which are not working. Vacuum Pump (Source on Diesels) has no power to it. All pointing to fuse #28. Fuse good. Power on both sides. Any suggestions?

my transmition doesent shift in to overdrive sometimes even when its in over drive.

stops when brakes applied about 10 miles starts up put in drive dies again

when engine is running the sound runs through the speakers.get louder the lights come on or any electral componets come on

I need to replace the spring for the fuel door.

2007 4.3 silverado stalls and start wright back up. no codes,replace cam,crank sensor. coil still stalls, check the rpm signal ok check fuel pressure 60psi at all times. any ideas, i will try any thing at this point thanks bob

gas gage quit

The engine light is on, took it to autopart store, they checked with computer , was advise they got codes P1444 and P1404. I don't know what theses codes means and I need to take it for inspecsion. 1998 Nissan Pathfinder. Thanks

Just got truck home from repair shop now Driver's window won't
go up. probably the switch(no noise, will not even attempt to go up)

Do you know where the expansion valve is located in the a/c of a Mitsubishi Eclipse GT?

Carpet cleaning van. Cleaning unit is van powered by a driveshaft engaged with an electric clutch. Van drives fine with no temperature issue.
When I engage the system it will slowly go to overheat. When the system is engaged the RPMS are ramped up slightly, to about 1800.
Flushed system. Replaced fan clutch, thermostat, water pump. Water is circulating well.
There are no leaks I can find but I am loosing coolant. After it cool down and I open the radiator cap I've lost a lot of coolant.