i was told by a mechanic friend that my compressor had gone out but couldn't tell me about how much it would cost me to replace/fix it... hoping some one might know.

my 2004 jeep liberty is overheating i just changed the thermostat and it still gets hot!whaT other possible things could cause this to happen? how could i tell if the water pump has stopped working?

98 lexus will not start. Makes clicking noise, All lights flicker slightly. Tried jumping and it started. Charged it. Then turmed it off. tried starting again. Did not start. Made clicking noise again. (solenoid)

my check enger light is on. how do I fix it.????

how do you replace rear side window in a station wagon

My tail lights and interior lights dont work

My Check Enger Light Just Came On. Y is that

i have low fuel pressure at my schrader valve that is inbetween fuel pump and regulator,regulator is right before injectors,can the regulator cuase the fuel pump not to run.?

I am at 85,000 plus miles. Should I get the transmission fluid flushed or just exchanged. Service manual says "service" but does not specify.

i have an e320 benz 98 that as soon as u turn on the car the left turn signal stays on. Can you tell me whats wrong? how hard is it to fix the problem?

told a friend i would help, wanna know if its a bitch!

how hard and how long should it take

The cable is broke inside the regulator in my drivers side door. I have a wedge in the window to keep it from going down and inch or so.

was driving truck it started running hot and started blowing out black smoke after I added some coolant. This was thr first time

my fuel pressure is low at schrader valve,can this be caused by regulator? or just the fuel pump?