window not going up and down motor ok

How can I replace the switch without replacing the complete pull-down motor assembly?

I am having a problem when I run AC hot air comes out of passenger side and cold out of driver side. Is there a cheap fix? I am recently divorced and broke...any free help/instrcution would be appreciated.

started about 2 months ago. i changed the spark plugs 7 months ago, i dont know what else to change or do

What are the manhours required to replace the heater core on a Chevy Suburban?

how do i remove the battery of my 2000 VW cabrio?

My 2005 GMC Envoy has recently started cutting off while in park and still on and while driving. The Check Engine Light came on and then another light that looks like the CEL that has an arrow in it came on. I looked this one up and it said emissions control problem. The mechanic says the problem is we have a broken wire in our wiring harness. Has does it get broken if we've never done anything to it? He just replaced the thermostat (it never actually overheated) because the gauge was reading hot and the water pump. Could this have anything to do with the wire being broken? Could the heat affect the wire?

Ac compressor is running but it's only blowing warm air. I don't think it's switching over. What can I do if anything.

How do you remove the rear seat? My Doberman broke thru it and you have to remove the seat to get to the outside belts.

Thank You

After driving the car I always see coming from the bottom driver side of the engine

how to fix cooling temp switch ,both elect fans not working how do i find trmp switches

diagnostic code is PO 708 not sure which sensor I need have never worked on before need as much information you can give me. Thanks In Advance

both cooling electric cooling fans not runing how do i check for promble in temp coolant switch

speedometer not working i have changed the speed senor and panel and it still working even had wiring checked

The cup holder will Not close and hold. It stays open all the time. Can this be fixed by owner or does it require a Lexus tech to handle?