After taken my car to Mercedes-Benz for a diagnotic test I was told that the car have a fauilty cam sensor. The fuel injection module as a faulty cam sensor and the cam solenoid is not adjusting the cam. My car use to start/crank over with no problem. Now my car want start/crank over. Some time the car will start/crank if I take the car out of park and put the car into N and back to park. My question is it the defective cam position sensor preventing the car from starting/cranking over.
Thank U

vibration at highway speed with no warning. The fluid level increases on the dip stick as i keep checking it(running in park) is it the torque converter splines? also it works in reverse in driveway then stops with no noise at all.

I have did the replace air in all tire including the spare drove around for 10 miles light is still on? what next.

2004 dodge ram 1500 4.7 liter quad cab 2 wheel drive. replaced front pads , calipers and rotors. have bled the system for 2 hours and no brakes? tried every trick i know and no results. pedal gets hard whe pumping to bleed as soon as i start the truck the pedal goes all the way to the floor. test dive and after using brakes several time pedal gets firm but then will go soft and push to the floor?

i replaced the fuel pump and delivery system and now my truck will start but will not stay running at idle. if i keep on the gas pedal it will run nice but when it idles it will die and doesn't want to to start again for a while. what can i do now??

My message board readout just stopped. It shows the MPG, miles left in fuel, any special info., etc.

How do you remove excess play in steering?

Can you troubleshhot code P0071?

allways never different i understand its cacuum but where

I went to get a tune up and when the mechanic finish now my car will not start.He said that the fuse 10 that starts the car is not working,plus the car is not letting the computer diagnostics know whats wrong.It was starting before but now its not.this is a headache my car been there for almost a week.What could be the problem.

2003 explorer sport 4 litre 6cyl. starts and run for about 10 to 15 seconds then dies. won't restart for about 15 to 20 minutes

the check engine light will not light up. how do you repair a check engine light?

how to reset "oil change required" message after serviced.

My car won't start unless I press the accelerator

Does not charge.