they would come on and go off

how do you access the diagnostics for the eatc

what is the best way to test for spark

Am replacing a leaking water pump. The replacement looks FFF identical BUT it leaks in the same spot as the old one. The installer I'm using is getting another pump but before it's installed I would like to know if the pump gasket can be installed, reversed?

What is typical dealership cost to replace AC Clutch Relay

issues with the oil gasket or related isues

The car is totally dead. Ignition switch will not turn any light on

When car makes left turn, the right reat wheel makes loud clank, cannot tell if it's suspension or drive shaft. Has anyone else experienced this?

all my electrical is going haywire and screen flashing display not good. lights,door locks, ignition,

car was hard starting now wont start just cranks 1/2 tank of fuel has gas to fuel rail

I remove my antenna (unscrewed) to run through remote wash, replaced antenna and it no longer works, what can I do? will not tighten down and looks like lead is broken off?

I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla-S, 5 speed. The maintenance required light is on, usually then this light come on I'll get an oil change and the light will go out. This time the light came on not long after I had gotten an oil change. I was told I needed to change the spark plugs, which I did and the Maintenance Required light is still on, what should I do next, besides taking it to the dealer?

With my DRL front lights are working but the rear lights just turned off. I checked all four rear bulbs, they are fine. I checked the brake lights, they are working fine. Is there a fuse for the DRL rear lights? Please advise.

My speedometer stopped working last night, but it is working again. There are no warning lights on. The odometer is working just fine. I do notice the speedometer randomly jumps around about 1x per week. Could this be a bad sensor?

I have a 2002 hyundai accent. I just replaced the battery yesturday because it went completly dead. my battery light and parking brake light is on and wont go away. THis morning my brand new battery is almost dead again. i just repaced the starter and alternator less then 3 months ago but it seems the battery isnt getting charged back up. Can some please help. Thank you Jennifer