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the tie rod snapped. can i unscrew this rod and just replace it and if so how can i do this?

every time I turn on the headlights the clock fuse blow off and my dashboard light doesn't work as well the power locks
please some help

new plugs all filters

The crack in near the passenger side drive axle also near where the exhaust flows down.

My continental has broken springs on the strut assembly.

i would like to know how much does it cost to replace my rear springs

it will shift if I turn the car off and restart or keep car at a steady speed for a short distance (300 feet or so). Could it be the computer.

when the truck gets hot

car is hard to start when first crunk up engines idles and sometimes dies it drives good when i kill it and retart it after driving it cranks up first turn

also when i turn the head light on high beam lights began to fliker off and on

why is there water in the fan compartment? should there be a drain hose to get rid of the condisation. if the is where is the hose located under the car. i think the hose is plugged. When i unscrew the housing for the fan i get about a cup and a half of water to run out. i can't find a drain for the fan compartment. how the water is getting in to this compartment? this happens after i run the a/c for a couple of hours or a couple of days use.

Starts good in the morning, but then very tough to start after that unless sits for 4 hours or more.

ok about a 2 weeks ago my a/c was working but was leaking behind the A/C clutch... so, i ordered a new Compressor with clutch,dryer,orifice tube,relay,high and low pressure switches... on in the mean time i was still usning the A/C while the new parts arrived... and the next few days after i ordered the parts the a/c stopped working. but the a/c fans continue to work like normal... no codes no messeges on the dash... so the new parts arrived had them installed at our local garage so the cleaned flushed and all the goodies you do before installing the new parts... they installed the new parts and vacuumed the system down to -30psi they said the left it like this for 45 minutes, SO... when they started putting the freon in the system they had to manually ingage the compressor at the relay so they got the system up to the right pressure and the system is acting just like it was before the new parts... the a/c fans are operating like the compressor is running but it not... CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME.????

It might get louder when the air conditioner is on, but the whine is there always.

I'm looking in the engine comp. but I can't find the fuel pump.