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If the restior fails will the compressor turn off
I was driving on the highway and I heard a popping noise in the right front wheel and when they removed the tire something is broken and it is a piece that is attached to the wall and it is near the spring and shock \...
After 5 minutes my Van stops working. I have changed the gas filter and checked (removed the fuel pump for inspection) everything is fine. A mechanic asked me to sit in the van and watch exactly what happens when the ...
My 2006 Chevy Malibu has 31k miles. Cruise will not come on. When it does it goes off by itself. many keys came with this car when it was new? 8/16/10 I purchased it, only received one key.
where is the fuel pump relay located?
my abs light came on today and its maken a noise in driver side front tire dont now if its break problem or bearings.
After driving about 15 miles why do the front brakes hang up. This happens all of the time. Have already replaced the brakes and the calipers and hoses. Thank you.
igition 1 fuse blows intermently
I am looking for information on how to properly change the heater control valve.....please help
How do you replace the interior door handle, it is made of plastic and now I have to roll my window down to open the door to get out.
The problem just occurred this afternoon. The ABS warning light is on as well as the brake warning light.
The engine idles fine but will not speed up
Im told that the ball joints are worn out, I want to make sure I'm not being taken advantage of.
I removed the motor in my bravada. I replaced the motor back but now i have starting issues. The battery is charged but the starter will not rotate or make a sound. I took starter off and had it checked but it was ...
I went to move my car into the garage and started it. The gear shifter felt like it slipped out of position and now the car won't go into any gear - I also can't remove the key because the console shifter won't go al...