reverse light stays on

Hello, I really want to have the chrome roof rails on my 08 gl450, the one I have now is black . Can anyone tell me how to install them.the dealer has to charge me for $1900. thank you

Suddenly experiencing a loss of power but no check engine light on......could this be the recall thing? Or, if not how expensive of a fix is it? And what could it be?

with the air conditioner on the fan cuts on and off???

Recently had the following work done: replaced Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Spark Plugs, PCV Valve, Coolant Hose, Timing Belt/Tensioner, Water Pump.

Both before and after these repairs were done... this is what happened: When I went to start the car there was a severe shaking/chugging of the car. The first time this happened I turned off the engine and did not try starting it for a while. 3 months later I tried starting it... and it ran without an issue. I then had all of the above replacements done thinking that one of these things was the problem. However this same chugging problem happened again recently. I started it and it was shaking and chugging. I decided to drive it home from work... which is about a 5-10 mile trip. At first I only went 25-30mph. I eventually started speeding up... after about 3-4 miles it stopped doing this and then ran like a charm the rest of the way home. Ever since then it has not done this. However I'm nervous it is going to do it again. It does need a new muffler. This seems like a more significant issue than just needing a new muffler.

wher is the thermostat located on a 1997 lexus ES 300


what is the cost to replace ac unit

my son went out to leave and the gear shift lever came out of the column in his hand------- i have taken the column apart and it seems as there is a spring and rod keeping me from lining up the hole and putting a bolt in there--- can someone help me fix this???

My 92 Buick Century Wagon just had the following work done on it: both wheel bearings, left front brake hose, left front caliper, clean/adjust rear brakes, remove/install right rear wheel cylinder, turn/machine rear drums, replace front rotors.

Now from the rear of the vehicle there is a thumping noise when I apply/release the brakes. It almost sounds like the rear drums are sticking. Is this a common problem? What else do I need to have done in order to fix this problem? What would likely cause that noise?

I have a 2001 Mercedes Benz E20 Sport. When I drive it and the engine would run for a couple hours it shuts off and I have to wait 15 minutes to an hour and it will start up. It is happening now after around 15 minutes after starting and takes at least an hour to start. It's getting worse. I was told it was the crankshaft position sensor and told it was the Oxegen Sensor. I would appreciate any kind of diagnoses that maches the symptoms.

Thank you

Hello. MY truck's halogen headlights are just so dull, I've seen some HID conversion kits just about $70 on Ebay. Some people said that don't change Mercedes electrical items because of troubles later,sometimes burn the whole car.Need advises and products recommendations
thank you

My service engine soon light came on and I noticed I had driven for about 3/4 of a tank of gas without the gas cap. I prchased a new one three days ago and have driven about 550 miles and the light is still on. Also I have four green service lights and only three are on. Should the service engine soon light have gone out by now?

The water tank is full. The rear sprayer is working perfectly and fluently. There is no noise coming from the pump. It happend around a week ago after I took my car for an oil change.

How much should it cost to replace a bad oil pump?