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losing oil from top causing smoke

I have a misfire on number 5 per code p0305 I have changed plugs, wires, distributor cap, gasket motor mount (front) and my care engine light is still on, My problem is that when I get between speed of 38-40mph the motor feels like it's shaking (very bad) after I get up pass 40mph or below 35 it smooths out, it does this every time. I have done a lot of work to this car with not true results, Can anyone help or have any suggestions. Thanks


My drivers side window is off track and stops about 3 inches from top. Please, if anyone can tell me how to remove the door panel and put it back on track I will be forever grateful.

Thanks in advance

my problem is this, when driving at any speed, going through dips, or on series of small bumps, I get a rattle sound coming from the front. It definetly sounds suspension related.sounded like loose/worn struts, but after replacing both these the noise persists.I too have replaced the steering rack, which did not change the noise either, although reason for that was fluid leakage. I have spotted some leakage on the inner cv joints, which tells me they may be worn. anyone have solutions/experience with this? sway bar/links?

is bumpy ride because struts need to be replaced? is there something else that gives a car a smooth ride that i should consider? never had them replaced b4. how long should they last? 5 spd

when i first turn a/c on, makes high pitch screeching sound that fades out; doesnt just stop, noise fades. i will turn a/c off during drive, then on again when it gets too hot..i hear this noise when i turn a/c on each time during same trip.a/c works pretty well. could be a bit cooler/colder; but good, not enough for me to take it in for more noise indication of something worse to come? should i take it in NOW? ive had the freon topped off once b4, yrs ago. (or so i was told...dealership, not sure they did anything). ty

truck was over heating put new water pump on need to know if i have all the correct lines hooked up corrrectly need to see a water system diaphram if posssible .

new battery.had batt checked.if i dnt start daily,its dead nxt day.had part replaced that causes spark which enables car 2 start. jump starts work, but, same thing happens if i dont start every day. security feature: press unlock button on drvr door.if u isnt prssd, alarm sounds n light flash. secrty feat. dsnt fully work anymore, only light flash. not concerned @ fixing. think this may be what is causing drain.this added feat. has blinking light on dash. when i get in car,its blinking,then,slowly fades and stops cause batt is jst about dead,then is do i disable this feature? again, not concerned about repairing it, so, dont mind if it doesnt work @ all. if power doesnt drain after disabling this feature, ive found the answer.

The steering wheel makes a dry sounding noise every time I turn the steering wheel and it seem's to get worse over time. the steering fluid level is good every time I checked it. Could it be a tye rod or a ball joint going out? Is it dangerous to drive?

does any body know were the cabin filter is located in the car and will if affect the air conditioning

I tried to fill ac with freon but it would not take it the port by compressor is to small. which is the lower port to fill. there are only two. but which one is it.

every time the brake is applied I get a beep sound

where do i find it

well maintained car. automatic..when driving, car will jerk when trans shifts from 1-2nd gear. np after that. has been like this for about 5 years. no worse, no better. want to give to my daughter. no funds to get her better car. anyone else have same/similar prob w/ trans? any speculation of whats to come/how long trans will last this way b4 giving out totally?