When I turned on the car it was shaking a lot, and then 3 blocks later on a stop, it turned off. A neighbor said that the power steering pump hose its damaged and it looses power, can this be true?

clutch on ac is not engaging seen a prong on top of ac compressor with no wire hooked to it. where is this wire? and what is its purpose? (clutch)

the engine is a 6.3, six cylinder. the caddy runs fine for a while, then it starts shaking, and engine light comes on. plugged in scanner and it comes up that fuel injector #6 is misfiring. i changed all the fuel injectors, all new plugs,and a new coil on number six cylinder. has not run more than 10 miles, and now its doing the same thing, with the same code, on number six. appricate any suggestions.

I am thinking about buying an eclipse, but the guy says it needs a new speed sensor. I want to know how much it would cost to get it replaced? Thanks.

I feel that there may be a clog. It has been sitting for over a yr

I need to know torque specs. and sequence for 2.5 v6

wether idling or going down the road car will stall, sometimes starts rightaway and sometimes takes half an hour or so to start back up.

My windshield wipes won't come on and neither will my a/c blower and the cooling fan won't come on I checked all the fuses and replaced them anyways and they are still not working now I'm lost does anyone have a idea on how to get them to work .


My windshield wipers continue to operate even when i set the switch to off. I need to pull the car over and turn it off in order for the wipers to stop. The service rep mentioned it could be related to the motor (estimate of $400 incl. labor). Is there anything I can check to verify if it is the motor or just an issue with the wiper relay? Is this something that should be handled by the dealership?

I just brought this car and noticed that when it rains, water is leaking into the trunk, there is some rust around the rubber stripping, but I am wondering is there a way to repair this or stop the water from leaing into the trunk, is there a product that can be used ?

How do i take the belt off to replace alternator

dealer charges $ 100.00

Car runs rough when cold, better when warm.
Monitor indicated MISFIRE CYL 1 and knock sensor as as pending codes and knock sensor as code. I spoke with parts guy said to replace cylinder coil, knock sensor was symptom

Per one mechanic, I need bushings(?) replaced, a wheel alignment, repair gasket leak in oil housing, transmission gasket leak, and replace coolant sensory (originally) but once I mentioned that I had a fender bender and the radiator and coolant sensory were replaced and I was going to submit a claim since the repair damage was under warranty which meant possibly taking it back to body repair shop, they called me back to say they were mistaken with the coolant sensory, it didn't need replacing, just the cap. Needless to say, it raised major red flags for me. Original estimate: $1,539. It's truly hard to trust a mechanic and the dealer is so darn expensive. How do we get around being taken for a ride when it comes to auto repair?