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I recently had my transmission rebuilt. I still have a problem shifting out of first gear. My RPM's go to almost 4k before shifting. This doesn't happen when I first drive my car it happens as the car gets warmer. It...
Intermittently my 94 Lumina won't start. I have good spark etc. The car runs great, when it’s running and it will always start right up in the morning or after sitting. The fuel pump is a bit noisy but I have 35psi, a...
it's making a noise all the time, just did brake job on it and it has been good, about a week ago it started with a sound that is constant. squealing noise. it is about every half turn, i looked around when i did the ...
while driving front end rattles diog. by ford as sway bar links worn, needs replaced
Where is the alternator output located on a 2004 Mazda 6? Would the installer have to remove the alternator again to find the alternator output?
The clutch runs 5 to 10 seconds
How can I change the coolant air bleeder?
I purchased an OEM replacement and it still does not work...any ideas what my problem is? Fuse maybe? But where is it :(
when i turn left, even a lil, it makes a groaning noise. but when i turn right its quiet
were is it located indash or at fire wall i have high speed blower only
My car was running perfectly until i parked it at work and it will not turn on ,it is not the battery or starter. The security light keeps coming there a reset button on the alarm that I can reset?
You have written that some autos have one ingition coil for each engine. or one for each cylinder I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHICH MY iNFINITI HAS
vehicle jerks or stalls at speeds in the low range up to 65 mph then it tends to remain reasonably good. seems to have poor power all along its building rpms.
just need to put fresh anti-freeze in my truck for winter repairs