After oil change with the dealer, I need to put 1-2 quarts extra every month before the next oil change at 5,000 miles intervals. Is this due to the age of the engine or do I have an oil leak? No oil puddle observed when the car is parked.


My speedometer is not working anymore.. all the other gauges work, just not the speedo. I replaced the cluster along with the speed sensor. And it still wont work. any suggestions??

Where is crankshaft Position Sensor located on my car? Picture Diagram if Posible. Cranks but will not start.

does fuel regulator shut off the fuel pump to regulate pressure or does it just cut of the fuel to the injectors

i was told that my transfer case is bad it makes a loud clunk when starting to drive on awd mode when i switch to 4 low its way louder whats better...rebuild or get used one from salvage yard

i need to take the head in to be resurfaced and need instructions on how to remove it from the engine

Less than a year ago, I had to replace my air conditioning on my 2004 Civic Hybrid. This week, the AC quit working - meaning would not cool. I took it to the nearest Honda dealership and the service rep said that a fuse had blown and caused the air conditioner to overheat and that melted the cowling (sp?) and that's why the AC isn't working. I asked if it wasn't replaced when my AC was fixed (by the same Honda dealer)? He said that only the compressor and some other things were replaced - not the cowling. Does anyone know if this is possible or is this a scam?

i CHANGED THE MASTER CYLINDER and went to start the truck up and it did nothing. the lights and everything are on but it wont do anything else. its got a good battery

How much does it cost for a 150000 check up.

How can I replace Cabin filter location of filter

My engine began to whine and no power when gas pedal is pressed, Could this be because of a belt or does the tranny need service?

My sons Esccort died on the highway, had it towed home and when I start it motor will not fire and spins fast. Many people said the timing belt but I took the cover off and it is fine and in good condition.I can see a gear on the drive belt and it spins. He was driving to school and the car slowed down and smoked, there is anit-freeze on the top of the radiator. Any suggestions as to what may have happened?

i replaced the flexplate but the hole are about a 16th off i have tried everthing.2 of the holes are oblong side ways and one is oblong up and down

An a c check showed the pulley was bad. I was told that I had to replace the whole compressor Is this true?