How much should it cost to replace the LED lights for Gear and Temperature?

I had both hoses replaced and the A/C recharged, how much should this have this cost?

on what side is the transmission air module on for my 1995 mercedes c 280 on

My friend gave me the 1990 Mercedes-Benz. When I cranked up the car the radio shows the word WAITING. I read the owners manual and didn't help.
Please Help Me.

How to change spark plugs

car was fine it has not beenmoved for over 8 mos however always start to keep flow of lubrication thruout. now after 15 minutes or so it will over heat up to 210 deegres and lot of bubbling n reserve container hear noise from belt like broken or damaged bearing but no leak from wate pump. also removed termostat to see if creates better flow and no luck.please help.

I've seen the picture of the front wheel bearing and it is attached to the axle with 3 bolts. You have top remove the disc brake caliper and rotor and remove the bolts. My question is does the bearing assembly slide off or do I need a slide hammer or some other removal tool to take the bearing off the axle.

driving my truck and the tires will stop then i wait a few second and the tires will pull again then stop again. same thing over and over

2001 s500 85,000 miles, just service by dealer. bought new
and always service by dealer.... fire under hood after parked for 15 hours,,, total lost, what happened?????

the power steering is going out

my gas mileage has dropped to 25 I have 81000 on it

check engine light came on, had car checked code P0171 thru P0172, MAF Sensor, car is running fine, what should I do?

it just went out today

can you give me any hints why my change oil light won't reset, i have followed the owners manual for this and it won't reset...thanks

Fabulous vehicle-love it. Have driven it for 3 years with no real problems. I do routine maintenance. Now, car starts up every time with no problem. Runs for about 20 minutes before it fails. Starts right back up after it fails. When it fails it feels like it is losing power.Dealership says electric problem but wants tons of money for a diagnostic test it claims may not pinpoint the problem. It is not the fuel injection system-that has all been tested. Be gentle. I try to learn a lot about the car I drive but by no means a car expert! This is what I got from the divorce. Single mom, limited income now but I would love to keep her(the car I mean!)Towed multiple times to dealership and other recommended experts. Still no fix. I appreciate any insight others may have.