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As many others on this site, our Audi has started filling up with huge amounts of water when it rains....and dumping it on our feet and out the rear a/c vents etc. The plenum tray is clear....but we have been unable ...
when I put it in drive it takes off but revs up real high a want shift into second or third but first and reverse work fine
Check engine light on got a PO410 code what's wrong g
then it wouldn't start at all. it would turn over but wouldn't start.
dose not work. when i clear codes the gas gauge gose to full and back to e
When I first got it;it ran fine then I noticed the timing went out of whack it runs hot and when you drive it maybe 9 miles after it hears it will not start after you shut it off. Looks to be rebuilt? Suggestions?
I've driven to Oxnard, Carp twice & Gavitoa / Lompoc turn off and back to SB to try and reset OBD on alternator, it's still not ready.
The vehicle squeaks when driven over bumps. The steering is a bit loose as well. Not sure if they are coorelated...
The smoke goes away after a few mins. But once the car has been sitting for a while it does it again.
We were hit on the side door, no external damage was noticed but the windown falls down the door slot. I have manualy pull it up and tape it up to hold it there.. When I push the the up/down button, you can here a mot...
the car beeps a few times with all the above symptoms and will not shut off.