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Hi it just happen I turn my car off and my turning lights and rear side marker lights stay on the only way I can get the lights to turn off when I disconnect the battery
Husband took radio out to connect to the stock radio. After putting everything back together the emissions light and air bag error light came on. Now car wont crank. He took everything back apart and disconnected al...
I would like to get an estimate on repairs for Fuel System Service, Tune up and shocks..oh and possibly brakes. I've been experiencing problems with acceleration. Thank you.
When I turn the ignition off and open the door the radio and lights and dome stay on like key was in acc position tes.
car would not start, jumped it. It started just fine until the following night , went to leave and realized I did not have headlights, then battery was dead once car shut off. Now car is being jumped constantly to ge...
I recently purchased a second hand dodge magnum and the front driver side wheel was loose so I checked it and tightened. I was told that the nut size is 32mm but I had to use a 36mm. Are these cars able to be modifie...
when u turn the key to start the car sounds like it wants to turn over but jist cant
I replaced oil pump pretty sure I put it back on time now it cranks starts then immediately dies help!!!
How to reset red control on dash
I Had Left upstream and downstream oxygen sensors replace and the engine and traction control light won't go out.