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Wondering where I should listen for the fuel pump to activate, I can't here it from inside the pickup? At the fuel tank or open the hood and listen at the engine?

I have tried to put the ac on auto and changed the mode . It still blows full blast . What is causing this ?

I have checked fuses, starter, alternator and replaced battery.

It's a 93 ford e-250 base 4.9l straight 6 . I have looked everywhere for the air pump alt bracket , being that I broke mine trying to get the alt out. Any help here would be great . Thanks

everything is working fine just the maintence minder went out and have to get cluster replaced, I cant affort alternator to, it starts fine

After I changed the head gaskets

What kind and color coolant

05 ford focus ZXW 2.0L motor-automatic-T.Makes a very loud grinding/clunking noise only when the starter is turning over..when starting....


My car sounds like a airplane when I go over 35 mph. What would make this happen?

Both cars are manual 5 speed ! An my son has a 2000 honda civic an I have bad safety switch on the clutch an was wondering if I can put the switch from his civic

When I start my car in the morning and just start driving it, I hear a very loud sound when turing the steering. Its even more when turned to extreme. However, if I first let the car idle for 10 mins or so, the noice never comes up. Any ideas anyone

Trouble shooting code PO442 locating purge valve canister

just started doing this, also the battery light is on.

Due to high mileage, and still intending to keep the car, was contemplating replacing with smaller engine with much lower mileage. do you advise? Car is Executive Edition with excellent body/exterior.But front struts are worn ans the climate control needs work.

My traction control light is on I looked online it said it could possibly be that but tried multiple things but it still flashes any help would be great. Thanks