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every time I start the car the oil pressure warning light stays on for about a minute. the oil is full what is causing this

Cats and sensors replaced with Bosal and Denso about 2k miles ago. Code returned recently.

Exhaust is now new from engine to tailpipe.

LTFT at 2K is at 16%. Have smoked it several times, repairing leaks as I find them (leaking EGR to intake gasket, cracked upper resonator tube, cracked intake tube, cracked EGR vacuum control valve vacuum tube).

After repairs, the codes are cleared and we attempt to set readiness, but code returns, and LTFT really doesn't drop.

Only one code appears. I have the graphs of the o2 sensors (a/f sensor) as well as freeze frame screen shots, but I am not sure how to post them.

Will not start

fuel odor coming from rear

where is the fuse or relay located

when i start my car in the morning its fine however after driving it and when ignition is off i could smell gas/fuel from the back seats. Is my fuel tank leaking and not visiable? I have a 4 month old baby and concern for her.

all the time i changed the massive air flow sensor and the 02 sensor this the codes that showed up but it didn't make any difference

I'm replacing gas filter and would like to correct procedure.

I saw on the 2000 Impala it did, so does the 03 have one too? I can tap my hazard light switch and the blinkers will work one time or maybe 20 times, and then it stops again.

The lights, radio, dashboard lights and everything come on fine. But I have to rev my car while turning it on or it turns right off. Problem happened this morning when I tried to leave for work. All my fluid levels are fine. Please help .

how much to replace the timing cover gasket

The neutral safety switches are different. 2000 tranny has 3 prongs and 2001 has 5 wires

p0340 code...where is the cam sensor located?

gas tank is full, car cranks strong, just won't start

when my car is turned off the running lights come on also the blower stays on at times when the car is turned off