Problem starts after the a c is been on for about 20 minutes

i would like to know what other engines can fit a sho taurus 98 other than the original with out making modifications to the car or the transmision

it started the other day started smoking got new wiring for switch but still gets hot thank you ignition swith

I've had my AC service and a lot of parts replaced. Now I'm told that something under the dash needs replacing and it will cost $1200. What ist it and can I reach it?

my battery and alternator are good but the battery wont stay charged why

Car sat idle for 5 weeks. Started + ran. Dash lights went out. Shut down. Thanks!

I have a 2000 suzuki esteem and car had died in the middle of the road and nothing would work, not even the lights, at first i thought it was the battery but it wasnt. I took it to a garage and they said it was the altinater but that did not fix it either then i took it to another garage and they said the other garage hooked my altinater up wrong and shorted out the computer and now im trying to sale it and cant get anyone to buy it. What is wrong with the car?

I need to flush my radiator but cannot locate the drain plug

my van cuts in an out an has hevy black smoke coming from tail pipe and it is realy bad on gas


I have checked out the fuses under the hood. all other lights work just find, lamps look good. I don't know if it is the switch on the steering colum

Diagnostic error code P-0492. faulty air solenoid valve and air system relay

Vehicle hesitates before slowly accelerating after stop. Will sometime "jerk" before picking up speed after stop. Problem is worse when going up hill. How much would it cost to repair?

Wen u crank it up it has a lil skip to it but wen u push the gas it wants to spit and sputter and die. Wat could it be?

do i need special equipment?

ok i got the order and thank you for that but can you show how the wire run because my son took them all off so dont know if there in the right spot on the dis,