does the passenger side of engine need raised or lowered to remove pump? there is no room between pump and frame ,i have removed motor mount on passenger side and raised engine but still not enough room ,so should i lower the engine to get it out?

I was thinking about purchising a CAN CODE READER/EOBD SCANNER to use on this type of van and wondering if it is comatable to have in cheking and troubleshooting my electrical problems on this type of van before I take it to my mechanic to have it serviced.

Installed a new alternator then the problem startded.

high pitch squealing, as soon as the engine starts up the noice comes up but then stops after a few seconds and then again when i turn my air conditioner on and accelerate

The kia dealership said our problem may be the PCM. What is a PCM?

There is a loud grauling sound when vehicle is in motion


My car hesitates in drive but runs fine in park and the transmission is fine. What could cause this problem when the transmission is perfectly fine?

This is the second time Ive had this problem,its overheating i put coolant in it and it leaked all out once i parked,last time i had this problem we replaced the thermostat and everything has been fine since i fixed it but now its doin it again,and that was about a year ago....please someone help me.

i need a new or used valve body for my truck but can't find one where can i get one

How do I adjust the windshield wiper arms? The divers side keeps banging when going back to the parked position.

it is plug or sensor on engineblock with maybe 17mm bolt with a plug or wire attached to it.

1998 Jaguar XJ-8...Tried to fuel my car (tank near empty) and fuel bubbled out the top. The fueling station hose would automatically stop when this happened, but still excess would come out the top. I could only get about three gallons in the tank before I gave up. The car seems to have no other issues.

My dealer told me that mu ml350 has idler gera problems and needs repair. The gave me an estimate of 7k dollars.. Has any body come across this problem? my suv has 78k miles

It's been an ongoing thing for about a year.