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i had a new radiator installed a few months ago and the car was running ok, with the radiator maintaining the antifreeze at the full level. Then I brought the car in for a tune up at another location. The mechanic sai...
When I come to a stop or just slow down for traffic or go around a corner, when I reaccelerate, the car gets "stuck" in second gear (it's an automatic transmission). I then pull over, stop, put it in park, turn the e...
i got a grind between my front two axles on my 97 tahoe
the keyless enter only working with drivers door and hatch
What is the cost to replace a transmission for a 1994 chrysler town and country van. Also what would be the cost for labor to do it. Would it be better to have the existing transmission rebuild as opposed to having i...
After replacing the gas cap with a new one, they turned it off with a computer and it still comes back on after a few minutes. Could it be another problem?
when to replace spark plugs and wires
need correct cylinder head bolt torque and sequence for 2002 hyundai santa fe 2.4l
what is the viscosity of the Differential oil for the above vehicle?
i was thinking about replacing my axles.i wonder if there is a difference in my audi.i have an 03 audi a6 3.0 non there a difference in the front axles my car from a 3.0 quattro. how much will the cv shaft ...
check engine light come on when starting to climb then goes off when back on level ground
The remote entry, dome lights and sunroof all stopped working
how do I remove headlight
I was told my front motor mount needs replacement. Can I do this my self and if not what is the typical cost to replace this part?
This has been going on for several months. Brakes have just been replaced. Roders are fine.