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does this mean my power or my turbo is out or ?
for some reason my air bag light is on all times now and my abs comes on some times
Could you please tell me the how do you replace engine coolant switch? Do I need any special device to pull that out ? Thanks
my a/c just stopped blowing one day and now it only blows when i drive over like 55mph, plus it only blows like its on low when it is turned to max. Any suggestions...
I have coolant leaking and it is puddling under the passanger side of my 2000 Grand Am SE 2.4L 4 cylinder vehicle. I have taken it to several shops and they say i have an oil leak but its obviously coolant by the smel...
Hello everyone i have a 4 cylinder highlander bought used at an auction at 49k and now im about to reach the 60,000 mark and i was wondering what type of service this car is going to need and whats the total cost will...
My ac isn't blowing right, i have water on the passenger side floor board. Freon is where it is supposed to be, could the evaporater be bad?
when i am driving at 55-70 miles /hr and iam steering my wheel veering to the left i feel the steering wheel is lock,hard to steer and if i do it pulls the car feels unsafe
on the righr door,the module that control all the functions for the seat adjustment.window,and heat on the chair stop working
I need fixe belt diagrama, but I do know.Whow I do that?
I test drove a 2001 Volvo S 60 and the dealer said the overheat sensor was broken and the cars gage was just stuck on overheat; the engine seemed to be running hot. Is this a major problem?
I have no brake lights. All other lights and blinkers are working. I have did everything as far as what the manual says with the bulbs and fuses and they still don't work. (At least I think I have). Also had someone l...
how much should it cost to swap an engine in a 2003 honda accord 2.4 dohc
were is my fule filter located