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air wont come out of the dash. Cant find vacuum line off so I assume its a acutator switch. Where is it? How do you get the dash off?

anyone know which is recommended? Thanks

How often should I flush the radiator on my 2006 Pontiac Montana?

How do I remove and replace the water pump?

sometims it shift manual and ome times even if i select manual control it wont shift

when I slow down to park in a parking stall and turn the steering wheel sharp to the left or right the engine shuts off, but will start right away.

I replaced MAF meter but CEL came back. engine is running fine, but bucked once when accelerating up a hill. no apparent vacuum leaks, air box clean, filter newer and clean. could i have bad gas? not making sense

I have noted the estimate for strut and shock replacement.
Along with this, I need new coil springs. What is the estimated cost now?

The headlights dim for an instant and the needle guage for the battery operation indicates loss of power then bounces back to normal position when this occurs. I have had the alternator replaced twice since they say this is what the problem is and of course this doesn't happen when the techs look at it. Have given up getting it fixed or running properly.

where is the pcm and how can it be checked

fuel pump and gauge not working. checked fuse and relay both good.can put a jumper on relay and get power to pump but gauge still won't work

I am not able to turn the key & start the car. It's parked on an incline w/ the wheel turned.

how do you replace the alternator/power steering belt

This sounds dumb but how do you remove the top cover on the engine to access the air filters? Also check engine light just came on yesterday my clk is a 1999 just turned 20k miles rarely driven.

When Van is moving the Interior lights blink because of some electrical short somewhere. I can hear it somewhere under the steering wheel column.