timing belt replacement

once the gear is shift into reverse it feels like a gear is turning slowly and all of sudden it shifts itself in reverse mode.

The ac works great blow cold out of the front.The problem is the rear ac will not blow out of the vents.

My 2007 Lucerne bhas 75,000 miles and I have never had a tune up. When should I have one done?

what is the cause of #4 cylinder to misfire on a chevy silverado 4WD HD 2500 6.0L . already replaced spark plugs, wires &coils with new parts. P0304 is diagnostic code

ticking noise while moving but not while stopped

i need to recharge a/c and find the low service port

how to replace wheel bearings assembly on 2003 chevy crew cab 1500 hd.

No Sign Of It Happening, Got Into It Put It In Reverse, Worked Just Fine... Drove About 15 Miles Then When To Back Up And I Couldn't...

Problem started about 3 weeks ago. Stalled once, ran for a week,stalled again. One week later stalled again and began to trouble shoot,( replaced fuel pump, fuel filter). Also, check out battery and alternator. Both are fine.

63k on car. Usually very smooth feel when clutching until recently. At the top of clutching only there is feeling that the clutch shaft has developed a "rough" spot on the shaft or a feeling of a slight vibration when shifting. It occurs, seemingly, when the rpms are 3k or above more than below 3k. No other symptoms; fluids are topped off. Thank for you help.

i have a 1996 jeep cherokee sport. i was driving down the road and everything went crazy the radio start to mess up and the turn signal started messing up and started to tick like a ticking time bomb and died it wont start someone told me it could be ecm or battery cables or could it be something else

everytime i hit a pothole or go over a bump, it sounds like rear wheels are loose and are gonna fall off. can i check the rear wheel bearings myself or do i need a shop to look at them. it seems when i hit 55mph that the rear wheels get louder also.

Started up my car the other morning, picked a friend for work, stopped by the store, turne it off, got back in it and nothing. No click, lites dimmed, but no start. Battery hot, pushed it off, went to work. Could this be the starter or neutral switch. Plan on pulling off the starter and having it checked. Don't know about the switch. Thanks