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At first the passanger seat would move back and fourth slowley and now it does not move at all it also dose not heat or cool when features are turned on
this is actually a 1988. 3 months ago replaced the water pump and thermostat. Started running a bit rough and I smelled oil leaking from the valve cover on to the exhaust. Engine light came on a few times but the radi...
Yesterday the abs light came on and stayed on for a couple of minutes before going off, when I started it up today the abs light came on for a few seconds
My problem started today,car was runing this morning, then i changed trans-oil-filter.Went to start it and it ran long enough to move off my ramps and then it dyed on the spot and didnt want to start again.It cranks o...
My car was given to me and everything works fine except it won't shift into any other gear but park. It sat unused for quite a while what can I do to fix the problem
Hi, I was told by my mechanic that the AC Compressor and the Power Steering Belt are all in the same compartment so that the entire thing has to be replaced for a whopping $800. Is this true? The car is a 2000, but ...
rear windows do not operate. lockout on drivers door does not affect operation.
When I turn on the car and press on the gas the engine sounds like water swishing through. This happens even if the air conditioner is off. A/C is working just fine.
At different times of day and night, car security goes off and we have to unlock car and then relock it so that horn will stop blasting. There is no rhyme or reason for this, but we would like to make it stop. Is th...
How much should I be expected to pay to replace the timing belt? Thank you
Lost my last key (I know - stupid!!) Any way to find key code - I'm told dealers don't keep them on car this old - 1995
I was taking off my sun visor and touched both wires together. Now, neither my clock nor my inside lights work. How can I fix this problem?
How hard is it to replace heater core on 1998 Volvo S70?
My car was serviced at my local Nissan dealership and they diagnosed it as needing to have the timing belt replaced, and brake pads replaced. Can you please give me the legitimate estimate of what this would cost?