steering wheel is hard to turn the problem just happen

Rear door window drops an inch down by itself. I cannot use the button to close the window.

when th air condition is running sound like it come from the back

the traction control icon in the dash blinking all time,the swicht a thing don,t work

i need to now how to change the fan belt

When I start the truck it doesn't want to start. It doesn't want to change gears either. It's like it doesnt' have any power.

My 95 E420 was running real bad so I had it towed to the dealer. They replaced the trottle body and now i dont have reverse. I had experienced no problems before. When you put it in R it feels like the the parking brake is on and when you give it gas it wont move even on a hill. Could they have hooked something up wrong when they replaced the trottle body to cause this?

I went to the store for about ten min. when I came out my pathfinder started up good no reverse 1995 pathfinder has no reverse has anyone else had this problem? If so how did they fix their problem? All other gears work fine engine runs fine. the pathfinder is a 4x4.

just replaced plugs wires cap rotor ect ect now it starts and runs beautifully but when i put it is gear it dies anyone know what the problem might be

valve lifter tapping cost to replace lifters

I have no brake lights. I have changed fuses and light bulbs. What else can I do.

it nevers cut off itz always on even wen the front control is off gas is to damn high for dat problem i need it fixed

i bought a new dipstick and its not reading my transmission fluid

how do you replace the front axel bearings ,this is the bearing in the diff that the cv joint slides into

how do I reflash the ECM on a 98 dodge 2500 4x4 24 valve diesel jeff