changing sparkplugs how much time

starts and runs good for a few miles then stalls. i have to wait a while for it to cool down

Lights not going off after car is turned off causing battery drain. Have jumped battery and restarted car, tail lights stay on after car is turned off. What can be done and what is the cause?

Am being told by a few different shops that in order to replace my heater blower motor I must replace the sensor and regulator as well. Total cost around $900 - $1000. Does this sound correct?

I have received quotes from four shops (including the dealer) on replacing my heater blower motor. All of the labor is about twice your estimate and all shops say that the heater blower motor can not be replaced without also replacing the sensor and regulator. Your estimated cost of repair #369 - $459 is less than half of all quotes received

What is the proceedure to replace the wiper pulse module on a 1996 pontiac transport>

check engine light comes on hours after it has been cleared and it says to change the purge solenoid.

how do i change the coin box

How do you change sparkplugs

my check engine light does not come on how much should it cost to replace the bulb

what could it be when the vehicle pulls to one side; first lets eliminate the wind and if not the brake caliper grabbing, and stabilizer bar; what else could it be?

My car gets really bad gas mileage wat can I do to improve my mileage??

On about 4 occasions this year when I go to put car in drive nothing happens and I keep moving the shift and finally it will go into drive

how much it will cost to peplace the blower moter resistor on my car. doesnt work at all anymore.

All of my lights work, except for my headlights. I checked the fuses, and they are good. What else could it be? How can you tell if it's the actual light switch?