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it started to come out a bit then quit about a week ago now only makes a sound like it should but no fluid

Driving on hwy and left rear door open light comes on. Stopped & made sure door closed. Continued on way, light cae on agn, then service air bag come on, then dash lights went off and air conditioning went off, 95 degrees outside & power windows would not work. Very hot inside auto. Pulled over and cut car off and got out to cool off. Let it sit for an hour & got back in, ignition switch didn't do anything but tried again and everything worked fine except service air bag light stayed on. Drove 200 miles home and everthing worked perfectly???

There seems to be lots of problems with gas caps on these vehicles. Anyone else having similar problems?

not cool enough for my taste and slight noise and notice water when on and sitting still

i added a can of r134a and all of a sudden it started blowing hot then cold then humid then cold i drove it to work at night and noticed that the headlights and dash lights flicker along with the car loosing power i popped the hood and noticed the compressor and pulley would kick on then off then on do i need a new compressor or is there a pulley clutch or something please help

I need an engine, used of course. Whats the best place considering price and quality? Thank you.

including labors and the part, i like to know how much I should expect to get it fixed.

One or more heater & AC (HVAC) air delivery and/or temperature mode door actuator have failed. how much should it cost to fix.

driver's side a/c vents blowing cold air. passenger side vents blowing warm air. freon full. no dual control.

This has been happening since we got the car. Lately it happens almost once a week/

What part do I replace? Where is it?

P0430 code reading 'Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 2". Whould like to replace them.

can manually shift from 1st to drive, but cannot manually shift from drive to overdrive.

Car stays in drive all the time

i put water in my gas and now my car will not start what can i do

I have driven over 350 miles since work and reset of failing codes. How can I get these areas to report correctly?