my 04 sebring rough idle after t-belt change (complete kit) installed and tune ie plugs, wires, no. 4 fuel injector, ignition coil, spark plug boot and vavle cover casket replaced. FS installed t-belt wrong was out of time by one tooth.

sounds like it is stuck in second gear. it whines and strains when i accelerate

my moter works on my windshield but my washer fluid is not coming out.what do i check

The fuel release inside the car won't open fuel door!

my car has a ruff idle like a little miss fire. check engine light is on and it smokes really bad when cold. i first thought the smoke was from wrong oil put in it. cause i just had an oil change and had some one else do it. the antifreeze level doesn't seem to be changing. and oil looks good.

I have an AWD T & C Limited. There are 2 rubber bumpers mounted to the frame just above the axel (one on each side). The rubber on one is gone and the other one is ready to fall off as well. First what are these called (part#), and second how do you replace them? Thanks for the help

I have had a problem starting my hybrid about three times now. When I turn the key the "ready light" does not come on. I have taken the key out to try it again and nothing happens. After several attempts it may start or I give up and come back to it later it starts no problem. I have taken it the dealer and they can find nothing wrong of course. I have also had trouble with the key physically turning in the switch. Are the two related and if so, why didn't the dealer put two and two together. Please help!

when starting car it make a little knocking noise and the oil pressure gauge ishigh almost to 120 psi

Overdrive blows fuses often. How do you determine what is causing the problem. Ford Dealership said to replace Overdrive Lever. Someone else suggested Checking solenoid for Overdrive. How do I determine exactly what the problem is?

power steering pump has slight leak underneath pump.

radiator seaping on top right corner where tank meets fins

it has a rough idle at low speeds and dies when turning into a parking space or into my driveway and just sitting at a red light

Keep getting code PO449 what is it and where is it located thank you.

The dealer tells me that the anti-theft rod inside the steering column has to be replaced to fix ignition switch,
$700. Does that sound right?

i need to flush my radiator and i can not locate the cap and need to know where the plug is on the radiator. my car is over heating even after censors, water pump, upper and lower hoses, and thermostat have been replaced.