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The oil pan needs to be replaced due to some rust causing a leak. The Rear Main Seal will also be replaced. These total about $550. Would you recommend having anything else done at the same time, such as a new oil pump? The Jeep has 115,000 miles. Thanks.

what could be causing this problem only happens when at a stop never happend until my head gaskets got changed

should I have it done?

Is over the counter fuel injector cleaners and good as fuel injector service at a dealership?

1998 old aurora

im trying to replace the old head gasket because when i got the car it looked as if it sat in a lot for a while and i would rather have a new one so i can run it at higher speeds if i so choose.

broke down, had part delivered 50 miles out, wrong part. Mechanic said it was an 01 part and most of my starter electrical probably is as well. I bought the 04 excursuin new, how can it have wrong parts and how is the owner supposed to know this?

In the last 2 years i have brought 2 compressors. I also have brought 2 blowers and a cooler(COILS). I have replaced many parts in the aircondion and it still does not cool properly. Is this a problem with these cars?

the engine fails, but the fault is not constant, it comes off fluctuations and recovers and has burst on the engine when it fails, and was changed spark plugs, oxygen sensor, cap distruibuidor cables, high sensor crankshaft, the IAC, fuel pump, and continues to fail, the computer does not throw fault codes. thanks for the help

fuel economy is down to 17 mpg highway used to be 22

it is a 2002 stick shift having problems with it going into gear talk to mechanic believes it could be the clutch master cylinder or slave

when turming the front wheel on passenger feels like it struggles and vibrates

I had a new transmission speed sensor installed because the "engine light" was on and the reading indicated "P0720 output speed sensor malfunction". But now, I can't get smog certified because the technician says the reading is "incomplete" meaning I haven't driven enough miles for the new sensor to make a reading.

I love my 2006 Ranier but I am tired of Buick gas gauges not working. I bought a fuel sensor on ebay but am not sure how to install. Does the gas tank have to be removed to install. How much should a repair shop charge to fix it.

when i try to start it,it cranks but will not start,it was low on oil i fill it to level started it just lope and shut down