Just got a 2002 jag Xtype with navigation the touch screen worked good for the frist few days and now it stopped working - the screen works , you can change it with the buttons but the touch part no longer responds - anyone have any idea where to start to figure this out ? THANKS

I have my O6 Azera in the shop for the third time for
timing chain tensioners first at 14,500 miles 26,000 miles
and now at 36,000 miles . I had it to two different dealers
What is going on???? Any help is greatly appreciated
Thank You Mike

Is there a way to check the timing on a 2001 honda civic lx coupe? Is it possible to use a timing light?? Thank You

instructions to reinstall exterior door handle

I saw oil in my carport when I came home after a 2 hour trip....

I was letting the top down and the cover went up but did not go down. i pushed it down by hand and the roll bar would not go down.

Each time I start the engine the left mirror housing hyperextends all the way(faces to the leftside). With some difficuly I can mannually bring it to the right position but after turning off the engine and start again it repeats the same problem.Is this reported before. What to do other than replacing the whole mirror unit. I wonder can this function be disabled. Thanks

AC does not blow cold and I don't feel the compressor turn on. I was told that probably it needed to be recharged and the compressor does not turn on as a safty feature so it would not burn out.

Abs and brake lights on I have changed speedo sensor still on. But when the tempature is warm above 70 outside the lights does not come on.

We can only unlock the rear hatch with the key fob, have I done something to cause this? We normally had been able to open it when you hit the unlock on the fob. Thank you

changing fuel pump

I just bought My justy yesterday and its a 88 not 90 and it drives fine except when i start to speed up then the car has really bad steering and swerves all over the rood...I have an idea what it could be but id like to know for sure and it doesnt really idle without dieing

what is the temp suppose to be running at ? i just replaced the thermostate . it was running real hot after driving 20 miles and had to stop and wait for it to cool down so i could fill it after it over heated ! i need help !!

I changed the upper radiator hose w/ a Gates Racing hose and now want to change the lower one as well. Do I just need to drain from the draincock or disconnect the hose? Will I have to worry about air getting in or just refill w/ coolant and water? Some tips please...Andy

my check engine light just came on so i took it to auto zone and they put a meter on it.the code was fuel metering valve. I have been getting bad gas mileage!