My speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, etc., has suddenly stopped working. Any help would be appreciated.

During the past 9 monthsI have had a brake light,two front fog lights and 2 front low beams burn out, one at a time. Each was the original, not a replacement. The car has 33.000 miles. The dealer said the electrical system and voltage were fine,and this was normal usage. I maintain there is either an internal auto problem,and if not the bulbs were faulty. I have owned and driven cars for 65 years,and have never encountered or heard of anything at all similiar to this in any auto. ANY INSIGHT WOULD BE HELPFULL.

I was driving down the street truck started shaking then check engine light came on. Gave a code that the 4th was misfiring. I changed all the plugs and witres and truck is still shaking and almost ready to die when at a stop light, When i step on the gas it tries to even itself out. What else should I be looking for?

My airbag light is on again. Can I disconnect the battery to turn it off. What has to be reset?

Yesterday I fill the tank and the check engine turn on after 20 min, I went to Walmart and change the oil and fuel injection service and the technnician told me the report said "emission leak generic" APP434.

My 98 Acura SLX is still over heating. It has been in the shop for the past two weeks. When i start my car up and jus let it sit it is fine and does not overheat. But when I start driving it overheats and the cooling in the cooling tank bubbles and boils over. I've had the water pump, radiator, timing belt, and the thermostat replaced. I asked about the head gaskets but the mechanic said that they were fine. He also flushed all the fluids out. Does anyone know what else it could be? Someone told me to ask about the idle intake valve. Could that also need to be replaced?

I just bought this truck from someone who had it about a year. I can tell from the title that the the mileage has changed, but now the odometer and trip meter don't work. I'm pretty good with a meter. Any tips on troubleshooting the guage assembly?

when will I know when it's time to get a timing belt"

i need a diaphragm of what to connect the freon hose to

Hi ! i own a volvo xc90 and i want to refill with water the windshield wipers but i cant seem to find where.i found where to fill the back window wiper but i cant find the windshield one.please help !

My car has about 31,000 miles on it, with no major problems to date. Driving is about 60% city and 40% highway at or near maximum speed limit. Noticed spots on garage floor (near front under engine)past 3-4 weeks, and oil level down about 1 qt. No warning lights have appeared on dash, no smoke or other indicators. Is this typical of loose bolts on pan....or something more serious? Thanks for your input.

How do I find out what size and make and type the differential is when the tab on the housing is missing?

i have 2001 c70 conv purchaced it at an auction.drove it home(3mi)the smoke was so bad you could not see the car .done a compression check and it was great.no smoke when cold runs great

My 1999 Ford Explorer keeps blowing the automatic doorlock fuse. It was working fine. I am not sure where to start.

Where can I get a diagram of the fuse box and wiring on a 1995 Kia Sportage.