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Though I'm assured I have plenty of of coolant, the warning to "check coolant" warning is on constantly. I'm told there is a sensor that is probably malfunctioning and must be replaced. I assume this is expensive, but...
the squeaking noise happens when given gas to accelerate down the road. i dont know if its a pully/belt or wheel bearing? any suggestions?
blower motor only works on low and high. How can i fix it to work on all 4 speeds?
My gas Gauge keeps dropping to empty even when full
My rmp's are jumping from like 3/4 to 1 and 1 to 1 1/2 when I start it and whenever I am at a light or stop sign. Also, it has just cut off 3 times in the last 2 weeks. All 3 times I was turning. Any advice?
i was told by 2 shops in my area and i was told by both shops that the cost of replacing my shocks , would be between $1200 - $1400. how come my estimates are so much nigher???
Service light keeps coming on and will go after a few weeks then it is back on.
I had the fuel filter changed, spark plugs are good and battery and alternator seem to be good. Any suggestions?
I was informed to avoid looking at 1990-91 Porsche 911's. Is there a reason?
changing gears
Car rooled down hill and door caught on tree. No other damage, just buckled the door. I need to replace the door. What is your recomendation.
went into store and when came out it wouldn't start. When you first try it acts like its going to start but won't
need new front brake pads and rotors
my durango have problems starting and sometime you hear clicks what could that be