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trying to locate fuel fuse

no problem before.. On vacation and ready to drive home and radio/ gps system working one minute and then it completely shut down?

hey if i had the motor what would it cost to get the motor swapped & a mirror put on it just the labor lmk thanks

I put a new Transmission into my Dakota today and when started it doesnt idle and when you try to put it into anything other then park it dies.. Any ideas what could be wrong with it? We checked all the wires and it passed a codes test...

diagnostic code P0171

Is there any recourse from Toyota for cracks in the dashboard.

I have a 94 F-350 4x4 crewcab. The brakes make a rushing sound, go near to the floor but still stop the truck. It almost feels like the back brakes are doing nothing. I know the rotors could use being turned. The man at the garage said i needed a new power booster master cylinder after i had new shoes put in the back. Problem is i dont trust him, he didnt bother to bleed the brakes after he worked on it the first time. Is he right? Ther truck stops but i get the brake lights and i have to pump it.

When I put the key in the ignition the key will not turn
it's like it is locked. I tried turning the steering wheel to see if I could get it unlocked and that did not work. The shift lever also does not move. Is this the ignition switch that is going bad?

My 2000 plymouth Neon jerks while driving before the engine light comes on. Some times while standing at red light the car will stall.

What kind of motor oil should I put in my car, and also where is the transmission located so that I change my transmission oil

The fuel tank pressurizes and gas smell is strong inside car.More in hot weather. Fuel tank blows back hard when the cap is removed.

will not start but the fuelpump is running all the time

new radiator water pump and thermostadt also with no thermostadt hoses have water in them but no pressure can squeeze hoses any ideas

how to replace AC/Heat blower control switch

When the engine is turned off and on again the 4WD switch goes into different modes. What causes this?

The 4WD switch is new and the old one still works and is not the problem. The 4WD motor still works. Help please!!!