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My right turn signal doen't blink. The lights, front and rear come on steady. The indicator in the dash stays steady as long as the signal is selected. At night, the first time I select RT signal with the headlights o...
I bought a 2004 saturn Ion with 150k miles, drives great no problems except for the fact it is only getting 18 to 20 mpg. If plugs have never been changed could this be the problem or possibly dirty injectors or fuel ...
How much will it cost to replace the crankshaft seal on a 2002 Volvo S40? It is Leaking fluid somewhere around the timing belt. I was told it could be the oil pump or the crankshaft seal.
I need it to pass the smog test and my check engine light is on
Read out on dash says, "Service air bag system" What is wrong? How much will it cost to fix? Will it deploy with out reason???
does gas go bad ? my vehicle has been in storage for 2 years with the battery disconnected. before I start driving again, do I need to have the old gas drained or just add new gas ?
This mostly happens during acceleration. Slowing down, and then accelerating back to speed. Sometimes the sudden jerks are very strong. Also, it seems to lose power aftert he car has been driven for about an hour, ...
can you replce the catalytic converters easily? i have an estimate for $2100 to replace both and can't spend that much
My windshield washer fluid doesnt come out when you pull on the arm to make the washer fluid come out. It is filled up but nothing happens.
my rear end is making a nosies when I go over a bump in the road. Could it have somthing top do with shocks
it happened about amonth ago,and the problum has been continous, i cannot unjam the button.
Recently, I have noticed that when I am driving my 2000 Saturn LS1 on the highway, there is a slight shake that I can feel in the steering wheel. I do not notice this when driving around town at lower speeds.
my car has this sound coming from the brakes,sounds like gravel in it,I take to my macanic,he says theres nothing there,any idea any one?
It was 3:30 this am ttrveling about 70 mph on I40. It will not restart