I assume I have a plugged drain line, but I am not able to locate the drain. Can anyone tell me where it is located. Please note I am talking about a 1986 Lincoln Continental not a 1990. I had to select 1990 because that is a far back as the selection table would allow. Thanks for any help received. Owner of a 25 year old Lincoln.

my truck is knocking and I have gotten three estimates that i need a i timing chain. My question is what else should I change while they are doing that? Should i get a water pump and a knock sensor also? I have 144,000 miles. What is the average price for the kit and the repair itself? The Ford dealership wants to charge $1900 for just the repair?

how much do i need to know to replace valve cover gaskets on my lexus es 300, is there a video i can watch?

I replaced my 02 Chrysler 300M 3.5 engine with a 05 3.5 engine.The engine turns over real good , has fire to plugs and fuel pump runs but it just won't start.Please don't tell me to check a manual I have looked at every manual I could find and found no help. Hope someone can help. Thanks Ron

broke out rear window

I have changed out the camshaft positioner, mass air sensor, fuel filter and now the fuel pump. Sometimes it runs ok but most of the time when I accelerate it dies or tries to and I have to restart the car. I'm getting anywhere from camshaft position code to multi-cylinders misfire to a specific cylinder misfire. It will start right back up but I noticed that it's worse sometimes under acceleration.

I just put freon in my car but the compressor is now not turning, it was working before it got hot outside, now when we need it the most, it doesn't work.

My 1996 Dodge Stratus with a 2.5L V-6 runs fine and then sometimes when it is hot it will just shut off with a no spark condition. Let it cool off and it runs fine. Just did it to me yesterday on a hot day with the AC going. Very annoying. Anyone else seen this problem?

I started my car and the check engine light came on. I had just driven it with no problems less than 40 mins before. when I turned the car off it sounded like it was still running like a fan or something was still on what could be the cause?

What energizes the push through cooling fan to start it???
The pull through fan cuts in at about 220d but the small push through fan doesn't start even at that temp.
Silhouette has two fans.

I have multiple problems related to an errant jump start of the original battery. The cables were reversed ie: the positive to the negative - smoke and fire almost immediately at the negative terminal of my T & C van. Now, some things work and some do not Air cond. power locks etc. What is the fix and how much to repair?

my a/c blows hot air like the heater is on and theres a tapping noise coming from under the dash

The cooling fans do not turn on. I have replaced the Fan relays, ECT sensor, as well as checked the fans themself using direct power. The only way I can get the fan to come on is by disconnecting the ECT vavle; they then both turn on and run just fine. I'm thinking either a bad wire going from the ECT switch to the PCM or a bad PCM. Could I just run the wires from the ECT switch to a toggle switch and open and close the circuit and control the fans that way?

Gas cap light wwont turn off, replaced the gas cap already. How do i fix this?

I have a 2001 ford crown victoria the headlights,tail lights and dash lights don't work....the fuses,bulbs,headlight switch and light control module all are ok....what can be the problem