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it is stuck and does not move anyone have a answer

has data at the key

I own a 1993 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.6. Its a wonderful smooth riding car but it has difficulty starting in the cold. I assume its the cold start vavle but i have never seen one or know how to replace it. It would be nice if i can get some advice on this subject.

Air conditioning works. Heater works. Vent control does not change air vent location. All settings result in front window defrost exit. Check Engine Emission warning is displayed. Is this a vacuum leak somewhere? how do I locate it?

When we step off the accelerator it seems to engage again

car smells like gasoline in it daily while driving for the past two weeks

please reply ASAP, its Summertime

died today , on trip , hot 100 outside temp, just bogs down , put in nrutral and will rev back up, put back in gear and bogs down .It will finally die, if you pull over and let it sit , it will start up and run.If you have it towed a 100 miles to shop it will run fine when it gets their. Shop was closing and will not reopen till monday , will no what code is on Mon. Replaced previous parts that were coded.Getting tired of replacing parts and problem not solved. Runs fine in the winter HELP, DAUGHTERS CAR.

was driving it turned it off got back in and turned it over and no crank checked spark it's good and fuel pump is running

accelerator was pulsating,slow to accelerate, trans. warning light was blinking

I took it to the dealer to have it checked but they said everything seemed fine. the computer didnt read anything. when it blinks, i feel a jerking action so i hit more on the gas pedal but the car stops completely and if i try starting it up again again, it wont. i thought it might be the battery, but the dealer told me that the battery was fine. I also thought it was the spark plugs or maybe the oil filter but again the dealer told me they were also fine. This problem happened to me 5 times in the past 2 years. So i asked them to change the spark plugs and the oil filter and they did but still the problem is there. Dont know what to do. Is it that serious? because it often happens on highways

Is the horn connected to the air bag? The horn doesn't work at all.

it has done this awhile. i cant touch the gas when starting it. it would flood and wouldnt start for15 min. now nothing

My trailer lights are fine so I know it is in the vehicle. I tried changing the converter box thinking that was the ticket, but I still have the same issue. I also checked the fuses as well. What should I try next?


when I turn left the car seems to loose power steering unless I have my foot on the gas (just a little) also when I am driving the car wants to stall and sputters and while I was driving 55 down the road it stalled and of course lost all power steering not to mention it was pretty scary