Is it nessassary to remove the intake manifold to replace the center spark plug against the firewall?

The lights on the dash were flashing when I turned on the vehicle. It finally stayed on and I continued to drive it. The problem started up again WHILE I was driving!!! I tried my windows thinking maybe it's electrical. Driver side window went down maybe an inch and stopped. I have spent so much money on this car in the past two months "fixing it"!! :(

can drive car 15 to 20 miles then stalls out
get out and open gas cab then will run for another 15 to 20 miles .do it again again again .not fun
replaced fule pump not it still doing it

my wifes 1999 ford taurus 24 valve overhead cam catalyptic converter is bad do i have to get whole asembly or just the converter

Was driving when thrown into park by irrate 'passenger'...drove home fine...hours later no reverse and would only go up to 25-30mph. Transmission fluid drained and replaced and Lucas added....still not driving over 25-30mph....transaxle needs replacing? Transmission?

engine runs fine for a few minutes longer it runs the rougher it gets local mechanic run a wet compression test 2 cylinders weak if compression is bad shouldn't it be at all times engine has 70000 miles. Thanks

The GMC mechanic at the local shop says the Throttle Position Sensor cannot be replaced on my 2002 GMC Yukon XL Denali. He says a new throttle body is required. Is an entire new throttle body the only way to fix this?

I would just like to replace all the carpet in my car. It's dirty and would like for it to look new and clean again. I called the dealership and it's like 1,000 dollards to replace. That's exspensive

only the unlock when you stop to exit does not work

How much can I expect to pay for a SMOG certificate at a test only station?

check engine light came on indicating problem with cooling temp. sensor. Fan started to stay on even when engine cold and Temp gauge shows car overheating even when engine cold. Replaced Fan relay, cooling temp sensor and thermostat. Same problems. Told it might be computer gone bad and may need to rebuild. Any suggestions.

power stearing hard to turn

How much can I expect to pay for a used engine?

This just happened yesterday, i turn the key to the on position and here a buzzing sound as the speedometer dial goes up and down and cant shift at all. what do i do?

I had my old supra motor replaced with a less used engine from Japan. Ever since the replacement the engine seems like it need to be tuned up or something. It does not idle correctly and the car sometimes seems like it is shivering while it is in park. What can I do about this problem?