dash lights needles on gauges bounce around and will stall out at stop signs

is gthere a particular sequence to tighten the head bolts?

I have given her a full tune up now it runs but besides the surging idle witch was the start of the problme but also when you give her gas it tryes to stall untill you get to hi rpms

my back driver side brake line is leaking and i wanted to fix it myself, I wanted to know how to fix it.

I am replacing all tie rods etc. I want to have a general toe in spec before I get the appointment at the alignment shop

no codes the wheel cyclinders on the back brakes was leaking we put news on also put new brake shoes on also bleede the brakes an also put on a new master cyclinder still did same thing put flexable brake line on the left rear still doing the same thing locking up we also bench bleed the master cyclinder

The hood release lever is broken on my van. How can I pop the hood without this?

I had a tune up, replace maf, replaced air filter, had fuel induction cleaning and the improment is nominal.

have a slight valve tap not sure if these are adjustable or not. are the hydrolic

I live in Tennessee and was driving in Dallas, Texas on a hot day and the fail-safe mode and engine light appeared on my dash. I pulled over and stopped the car and waited for 10 minutes. When I started it, everything was normal. I returned to TN and left the car with my wife in Dallas and she experienced the same thing; except the fail-safe mode remained on the dash for two days.

when hitting a puddle the belt pops off,and what size tire came with this van,check price for brakes and they want to know is it 14"or 15"

i need to know what i can do to make it easier to get to the transmission from the top cause i need to change the seal on the output shaft cause the transmission is leaking bad. i dont want to move the wiring harness if i dont need to

just happened out of the blue

I purchased my 2006 4 door Accord about a year ago. The car is always loud. It does not seem to have "a problem". It is just really a loud car. Is that normal with Hondas? My 23 year old daughter asked me if I had ever thought about trading it in for a Toyota. OUCH! Any thoughts on this? Thanks.

How do I access the AC evaporator ?

Approximately ,how much should it cost to have it replaced by a qualified AC mechanic ?
Thank You