A U-shaped piece fell off of the car and it affected the handleing

1999 buick park avenue cruise control does not work. When key is turned on cruise light comes on indicating system is OK. Cruise fuse is good.

My transmission wont shift whenever the car is cold

how do you replace timing guide

My car is 2001 Solara. How often Do I need transmission flush?

hello to you helpful people.. i have a 1999 f-250 super duty..i recently had my a/c unit filled with freon and was wondering,,,,why the heck the clutch doesn't engage..all the fuses inside and out are good... any help out there.would appreciate it...

Where is the blower regulator located in my 1997 Mercedes S320? I want to replace it to see if this is why my climate air is not blowing at all.

Can someone tell me where the blower regulator is located in my 1997 mercedes S320. I am getting no air blowing and was told to replace it first.

The low coolant warning came on and bubbling sound and steam start to rise, there is a hose that's loose what could this be and around how much will it cost?

how do I loosen the tention belt. and what do I need to do the work.

Where does the negative battery hook up end on the 1999 V10 chassy? I unbolted it from the frame but it stil goes far under the truck.

batteries is approx 4 yrs old and is currently being charged due not starting. Lights and other electronics still work but after a four hr tickle charge battery growls but does turn over, do you think it's the battery or possibly the alternator or even something else??? I a confused female, thanks. www.iammas1951@gmail.com

I need to lossen the tention belt but I dont know how I am trying to change out my altinator, please help.

Is it necessary to remove the upper intake manifold to replace the spark plugs? If so, how do you do this and will a gasket need to be relaced?

The blinkers and hazard lights do not work. Is there a relay or something that might be bad? Under the dash board, with the ignition turned on I can hear a small click when i move the turn signal switch. Any suggestions?