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I have 75 psi at the fuel rail. The truck will turn over but will not crank. Do you have any idea what will cause this?

We just need to know the answer to the question

My battery light came on this morning for the first time and stayed on for several seconds. Does that mean I need a new battery? Alternator? Does AutoZone test for the alternator? I really don't want to take her to the dealership because the GM dealership in my neighborhood is sheisty--I'd have to go to VA or a different part of MD. Please help.

I have taken my car to several shops and no one can figure out the problem. I have also experienced gear slipage twice since this all started along with power loss and whining noise. Someone is now telling me I need to replace the timing chain and system, could this be a transmission issue?

how can I find a reliable diagram

ignition relay solenoid


what are the symptoms

When the vents or the A/C is shut OFF, the car will go into drive without stalling. The radio seems to have an effect aswell, if it's turned ON, the car will NOT stall when shifting out of park. So I have to drive with the vents off and the radio on to keep it from stalling! Wierd!!! Please help.

to have it inspected to get my tags i need help thank you

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i just bought a 1992 ford tempo it did'nt have a solenoid so i put one on it but it has 5 wires and i don't know where they go,please help

Water has no placw to go..trying to findlocation of drains for ac.

i recently replaced my alternator ,i turned on airconditioner and the alernator was smoking hot!I turned of the air and the car ,let it cool,this alternator is under warrenty,So is this the right one or is their other issues

still starts in neutral and park is it the trans range sensor

Backup lamps do not work and both bulbs have been replaced? How do I repair this?

and when I turn the car off I can still smell gas.