hi, i am buying a 1994 jetta with 116k miles. ive never owned a jetta, I have only owned hondas,toyotas and acuras. So, when my boyfriend test drove the jetta he wasnt sure if it is normal for it to feel sort of tired when punching the gas?

2010 summer ac was working fine. During winter 2010 heater worked fine. Then March 2011 ac won't cool at all.(though heater works fine. No indicator light showing any clue as to what's wrong).
In winter mechanic replaced brake pads.

I've owned the vehicle for about six months, and took it to the dealer before it went out of warranty. I reported that I had intermittently detected a very strong, obnoxious odor in the passenger cabin of the car. Kind of a chemical odor - bad enough to burn my eyes at times. I've not been able to determine a particular condition that seems to produce the situation. And the dealer was unable to find a cause. But it still is happening. Has anyone else experienced this? I don't know if emissions are leaking into the car from the engine compartment or there is some electrical problem. I need help.

my transmission is running hot, what is wrong?

how many quarts doe's a audi need?

2003 vw jetta passagner side strut -piece broke off

got almost 170k on my transmission have not had anything done to it and i have had it 3 years now what should i expect might go wrong in the next few thousand miles if anything i bought it having 132k

The mechanic can get the car to start (9) times and it will not start on the 10th try, has to reset something (i believe key related) then it does the same thing - starts (9) times and it will not start on the 10th try???

i would like to know why my dasboard lights do not work and my reverse light comes on when i press my breaks why does this happen thank you

I just bought the 2002 mercedis C240 car from auction as is.Tha motor starts good when i shift the gear it shift fine on D and R and it moves but when I try to give it a gas it won't do it.the gas pedal moves up and downe easly but it just won't give a gas. on the dash ESP light is on. please some one help what could be the solution.

HI, quick question. I recently had the water reservoir and sensor changed (actually everything that goes with the water system i.e. water pump, radiator) Anyway, the light on the dash still lights up and the car heats up ramdumly, When it happens I turn the car off for a few minutes (less than 5) and then turn it back on, the temerature needle on the daskh goes back to normal but that light (lower left saying to add coolent) keeps comming on and off whenever it feels like it. How can I permanently fix this.
Any response is appreciated, Thanks for any help.

I get a weird sound when i break lightly. why is that? i had taken my car into BMW Service last month for a diagnostic on all four tires/breaks, and they said it was fine and normal for high performance breaks to make sounds. However this sound doesnt sound normal.

At normal operating temperatures when I shift the truck into reverse the engine shuts down, transmission & torque converter are newly rebuilt.

what is the timing on the 1990 isuzu trooper v6 2.8 liter engine with a/c. i need to check the timing or adjust it and i have lost the sticker in the engine compartment and at a loss to check the timing. thank you.

what do I use to get the old ball joint out I tried a hammer and it won't move.