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how do i change it

can any one tell me what the ticking noise is when i step on the accelerator

was running perfectly and decided it needed new plugs and wires - wouldn't run- at first thought firing order was bad. then code said sensor bad -changed cam sensor, and the timing belt, water pump, pulleys while in there. Still wouldn't run - code said bad O2 sensor, found one burned out cat with bad O2 sensor. Now thinking the computer is bad. Please don't tell me "if it ain't broke don't fix it!"

My car is hesitating during acceleration, chugging during deceleration, and generally rough riding as if a small amount of gas is going on and off. It happens 95% of the time and has become dangerous when getting on the highway. We have changed the spark plugs, distributor cap, wires and fuel filter. Someone has suggested the regulator may need replacing but I don't know where it is located, whether it is in the gas tank or the engine. Thanks.

this happens when low fuel

when the ac is on cool air is only on the drive side , warm air on the passanger side ??

Just had the ac auto man check it and it shows there is no problem with the coolant system. It started this shortly after I was turning controls on and off right before summer begin, I had the heater on and suddenly there was this clicking noise coming from the dash and now the ac does not cool. I am guessing the heater works, its been too hot to try it. Can you give me some input on this?

Hey! My car won't start. It doesn;t have sparks. I've changed the distributor.I put a brend new one. Now it starrts and work only 10 min and then it dies. when its hot. it wont start. The mechanic sait that it might be a relay problem but he is not sure. Can you please help me out. Thanks

i straight wire radiator fan directly to battery it works.but when hooke back up it will not come on

First of all I have had an ac man check it and it shows to be nothing wrong with the ac sys.
Now when I got this vehicle the heater did not work so I went one winter without it and the ac worked fine and cooled good.
Now the following year one day I was missing around with the controls and the heater started working good blowing hot air,
but then shortly about 10 min later the clicking noise starts and I shut the heater off. Now my ac does not blow cold and I think the heater still works. Can you give some input on this perhaps it is that actuator problem?

Such as the torch converter, p0740

Battery goes dead after 2 0r 3 days Replaced ingnition switch parisitic draw reading 43 milli amps Replaced ASD relay after ingition switch replacement. Ingition switch was lettng 3 volts go through to ASD when in off possition no longer does that. I am stumped.

Note: The care is an 1985 model, but the options above only allow selection of model years back to 1990.
Since battery contains gel instead of electrolytes, a regular charger won't work. Is there a special type of charger for this? If so, what is it and it's estimated cost? Thanks!!

The light on the A/C button just went out and the A/C only blows hot air now. Please advise as to what the problem could be.

Help please! Its 104 degrees today!