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I was not told when I bought this car from carmax that the telaid system was useless because the FCC in 2002 from analog to digital, etc. No I have this cell phone in the armrest that is just a paper weight, but it d...
Our is making a horrible noise when the car is running. We are afriaid it's losing a bearing.
What all do u have to take off and n what order to change the seal?
What is estimated cost of the 50,000 checkup?
When I first start my truck it is always difficult to turn the steering wheel to the right, especially when it is cold. Sometimes it happens when I am driving and making a right turn it can be hard. It feels like my p...
Jeep Grand cherokee I am told needs an reconditioned engine. It is a 2001 with 140 thousand miles. I paid four thousand for the car. Is it worth putting in an engine.
How do I remove the front caliper bolts, there is a square washer that turns when I turn the bolt, it rides up against the husing preventing the bolts form being removed, I changed many disc brakes but never came acro...
car doesn't not pass smog, these are codes that came up. when i did a diagnostic engine code 181,117 &214
To repair brakes, replaces master cylinder, rotors(2 each front), calibers(2 each front), pads (2 each front), and bleed system?
i planing to buy mb ml350 but after reading all this issued i not buying
Lately when I start my truck the airbag warning lignt will not go out . If I stop the engine and restart it the light goes out most of the time. Sometimes it will be on dim and kind of flicker and either go out of com...
Hello, I have a 2000 Dodge INtrepid 2.7l with about 120000mi on it. It burned up a coilpack and blew a 20A fuse in engine compartment (ING/COIL). I replaced the coilpack and fuse,and 2 days later the new coilpack burn...
The ligths came on some times, change the sensor and still came back mostly after 45 miles of drive. wath can be the problem.
does one have to remove the door panel or can you pop off the cover and get to it