my turbo went out (ijust had the head gaskets done-14000 what kind of turbo do i need-i keep seeing turbo parts for sale what should i be asking for? any particular kind? 1992 volvo 940 turbo. will a rebuilt one do just as good? Where can i get one?

looking where the temperature senor is located or at least a diagram where i can see it

Here it is. My son has this truck, 1994 Toyota T100. To put it short the clutch was about to bite the dust. It would not hold on a slight incline and power loss.

So we installed a new clutch assembly. The friction disk was about to the top of the rivets.

Flywheel machined
New pilot bearing
New pressure plate
New clutch disk

All cleaned with brake cleaner and blown dry with compressed air.

Back together and it started, but would not hit a gear and only ground trying reverse.

Shut engine off, it goes through the gears.

The slave cylinder moves the throw out bearing arm about 5/8 an inch or so.

Does anyone have any idea what the heck is going on?

Also now the engine will not even turn over. The dash lights come on, the head lights and what nots, but the starter a no go and it is only about 3 months old. Did we miss something here?

what tools are needed to replace the inner tie rods on a ford taurusses 2001

the alarm started sounding every time i try to start the car i didnt get the remote with it how do i turn the alarm off

when driving between 30 and 40 mph there is a surge. I replaced the EGR but still has problem. Mechanic seems to think it may be the tourque converter since the trany fluid has not been replaced for 75000 miles. Check engine is on but I think it is the mas air senser (goes out after cleaning but comes back on). The code says lack of vacume to EGR. how Do i check and what reading should i get?

Hi. I live in JAX, FL. I used my A/C this morning all the time while driving to work. When I left work at 5pm. I did not try to use the A/C right then, but about 15 min later, I did. The A/C did not work because the fan did not start blowing. Do you think that the problem is the A/C or there is something else that could be the problem. Today, when I turned the A/C on, it didn't blow air or anything at all (no cold, not hot, no air coming out of the vents), but I heard the same soft sound of something that is activated, the same I used to hear when it was fine. It's something as if it's going to start but it just doesn't blow at all. Any idea of what it could be? Could if be a fuse?

3.8 ford taurus starter replacement,and repair

how much would it cost to repair a blown headgasket

when I'am driving my minivans shot off and it happen all the time

Why wont my transmission engage when I can hear it change.fluid is fine?

when trying to put heat or air on floor there is none comes out the front or on floor....defrost works all the time tho...

Check engine light has been on a while. Now I am loosing power.Checked codes and it comes up po305, po325, and po431. Do i need to replace the main catalytic converter or is it just a sensor.

Car will not stay running. we put brake booster on car drove it home,next day drove it and it knocked off..changed fuel filter,changed rotor button,and dist.cap...trys to crank and does good but when u switch off it want crank back...when it want crank there is fire to plugs and it has gas

When the dash board switch is turned to AC the compressor does not engage. It acts like it is not getting power