I just replaced the alternator in March and have new battery placed 1 year ago.The charging warning just came on and stays on although the battery charging dial shows it to be ok. When I do system check, it does alarm at the battery charging system though. Can I drive it over the weekend?


I can buy a complete new kit for $313.40 on eBay with free shipping and a one-year warranty. I should then be able to get everything done(parts plus labor)for about $400, right?
I would think a reputable mechanic wouldn't mind installing the kit I take to him with my car.

Where is the best place to install a fuel pressure gage when trying to run down code P0300 problems?

i cannot locate the power steering unit. specifically the reservoir to check the fluid level.

How difficult is replacing the window washer pump, ie, is it tough to gain access to the pump?

had an accident and the axle broke causing the transmission differential to warp? This is what I am told by the dealer and the transmission needs to be replaced.

car runs bad when it rains.misfires

Hi, I replace one of the Injectors of the Kia Sorento and after that the car didn't start. Could you please tell me why and What I need to do?

There is a knocking noise in the motor. The crank rod shaft has been ruledout. Dealership says engine must be taken apart in order to diagnose which would be three to four hours labor just to diagnose. How accurate is this?

Car makes scraping noise which seems to be in left front turning to right and pushes brake.
ABS light comes on. garage says it might be ringtone

where is the a/c cut out relay a/c not working and tech diagnosed as the cut out relay, comp does come on with a jumper wire to batt. but otherwise will not

The right turn signal will not work and the bulb will not turn on. I have replaced all yellow bulbs and turn signal flashes fast when using right signal. I have checked all fuses and everything appears okay. What else could be the problem?

The fuel filter is it located in the engine area or on the frame under the car.

engine light is on and when left truck idling it stalled , stats right up so i drove but when i reached around 60km/hr blazer goes nonresponsive at gas pedal and shuts down . starts right back up again,4.3 litre vortec