Hi folks just a quick question...I'm wondering where the Thermostat is located on my 96 q45 so I can replace it...I've noticed my heat gauge climbing after long idle or driving at low speed as well as the heat only blowing at full capacity when the vehicle is in motion the fan works...I'm thinking the thermostat may be sticking. Please shed some light...Thanks

I will like to replace the motor on my 1998 Jaguar XJ8, I want to know up to what year of a new model motor will work for this car.
The original millage in my car is low but the motor is mess up do to a broken timing belt??

how does the commander AWD handel in the snow

What will cost to replace a transmission in this truck?

the horn clicks when i press it, is it my relay or is it the horn? the fuse is good. and if its the relay, where is it located?

How much will its cost to repair a torque converter on a 2003 Ford Taurus?

I replaced battery, fuel pump, Ignition Control Module, plugs, and wires, but the problem is exactly the same. The car will run 10 to 15 min or long enough to heat up and then cut off. trying to restart only turns over the engine at best and cuts back off, technically it doesn't start.

In the mornings the a/c works perfectly well. I park the car for five or six hours and then when I use the a/c it would work normaly for about ten minutes and then it would start giving out hot air from the blower,what I do is to turn off the a/c for about 15 to 20 min and then restart it
it would normal again as if nothing had happened.This is very common on very hot days as the temperature outside would be in the 30 deg celcius.What could be the problem?
Plz advice.

I would like to know if I could get a photo diagram on how to replace the water pump

i was told by 2 shops that my transfer case is bad ...i hear loud clunking on 4 low and on all wheel drive its not as loud when start to drive..if i take off the front drive shaft and clinking goes away can it be that front differential is bad?? one shop told me its my front difftial

When you start the car there is alot of smell of petrol.
What could be wrong?

I had my vehicle in 4 wheel low and when I pulled on to the pavement and was getting ready to place into 2 wheel I heard a loud noise. Then I tried to shift out of 4 wheel low and it would not do so. Can I have a problem with the front differential? I did eventually get it into 2 wheel but there must be something wrong here.

noise from bearing in timing belt tensioner

How much to get new rear drums and new shoes?
How much for upper and lower radiator hoses,bypass hose bypass pipe, extended life anti-freeze, cooling system inspection, thermostat housing cap, and pg air filter.

Check engine light stays on. Diagnostic code said speed sensor was bad. I have had two installed and still have a check engine light on. Speedodometer will not work. Diagnostic code still shows speed sensor as being bad. Neither part has been a Nissan part but a generic. Is there any thing else that could be causing this or is the part bad?