I have a xenon light bulb that is out and the dealership is telling me that it will be around $1,000 because I need the complete assembly. I purchased the bulb and it has been working of and on but not it is completely out but the bulb is still good.



Where is the drain valve for the raditor located at?

When I first start driving my truck and accelerating, their is a puff sound, kind of like when air brakes release the air. It doesn't run bad, just makes this sound. It does go away sometimes, but not always and it only happens when accelerating. Got a new fuel pump last fall - maybe a faulty installation???

We are retired and hope to make this our last purchase. How mechanically sound are the Durango's and what are the primary repair issues?

Thank you for your help

head lights will not turn on

after car repair no code yet

now when i have the car in netural and push clutch in and shift into first the car takes off and i still have the clutch in and then it dies, replaced the slave cylinder and bled it, still doing same thing, I'm so confused!!

It happens only when heater/AC are on and only if I hit the gas and it hits 3500 RPM. Almost sounds like a street bike (crotch rocket) taking off from a start.

Got back from a 4 day trip last night, started my car and it made a quick weird squealish noise but ran normally as far as I know. Picked the kids up 3 miles away, drove a mile or so and noticed slight steam coming from the hood and the temp rising rapidly. Pulled over...radiator hose was off, not blow or torn but just off at the radiator. I topped off the coolant reservoir and reattached the hose. Temp read normal. Started the engine, temp dropped to cold then and I went two blocks, it rapidly rose to almost hot. I pulled back over shut it down, reservoir was full, fans running with key on but motor off. Shut it down to cool and try to get home about 2 miles away. Then, it failed to start...just clicking but not turning over. Reservoir was then empty. I topped it off this am and started the car (we had it towed last night) No leaking under the car, car has 200K but engine block was replaced (including water pump and timing belt at 105K) Engine oil was not milky or anything this am either. Dash Temp read cold for the 5 mins I ran it before I turned it off. Thoughts?

How common is the timing chain tensioner an issue with the engine in the 2004 Murano. Surprised it might be an issue at 53,000 miles. Noise is most aparent at cold start up and slow acceleration.

no matter to which positon i set heat/air i get hot air

What's the easiest way to rep. pass. side restraint? It's stuck in halfway pos. and I don't know where or how to start. Any suggestions? Stick the car where?? In the shop? No thanx!

I have a 1991 Probe GL with 253 K miles ( LOVE my car) and the seat belt finally got stuck for good, on passenger side . Am I still eligible for the recall repair that I noted on your website, or is it a bit late? Would like to know before I start attempting repairs myself.

I've had a problem with the heater and air conditioner for the last two seasons. Both systems are weak, meaning that the heater barely puts out warm air and the AC system barely puts out cool air. The fan seems to work fine. I was told the problem is the motor, but I'm not confident about that. Does anyone have information about this problem?