Tried a new battery and alternator and still the lights stay on

if battery is cracked by post is it still safe to use?

is the capacity of oil the same for a 94 as a 96XJ12?

quite offten my o/d light flashes and when it does my windows won't work that and every time i get going and i let off the gas to slow down i get a noise that sounds like a power drill my tranny doesn't slip and when i hit the gas the noise stops but some time i don't have park or reverse so i drive a lil bit more and then sometimes i get it back and sometimes i don't til it sits. i also only have 4 hi but i can't get it to go into 4 lo

The car stalled on me and would not start. The water pump went out so I had the water pump replaced and the mechanic said that it was not getting a spark so I had the distributor changed and the ignition coil but it still will not start.

What could make my van die right back out when I start it up?

I need to replace the manufacturers relay switch with a heavy duty relay switch. Where is it located?

i replaced the hoses on my compressor, not sure how much oil leaked out of hole in old damaged hose, auto part store said compressor needs 8oz of PAG 46 which i have but not sure how much to put in

I have read that is recommended when you replace your timing belt to also replace your water pump and front engine seals and drive belts. Why is this?

i want to no where is the purge valve located at on my 1996 monte carlo 3.4L dohc engine

My Mazda is a manual transmission... but it has started repeaditly when started fail to have any power, seems like it is being choked out? I put in in 1st and it revs slowly and also wont really move car... seems to be an electrical or sensor problem because it only does it at odd times

The fuel door on my wife's Civic malfunctioned and apparently the hinge popped loose from the rig. In other words, the fuel door w/ hinge attached is only held on by the plastic tie going to the fuel cap. The door/hinge looks "alright" so how do I fit it back in place? It feels like there's some type of clip that the hinge snaps into but my gorilla fingers can't get in there too well - any thoughts?

My Subaru is 3 years old with 38,000 miles on it; I do mostly hwy driving to work. When taking it in for inspection, I passed but was told my front brakes are low, and they are bearing the braking load. Mechanic told me that rears "look almost brand new" because fronts are stopping the car. Is this normal or a defect?

it occurred just yesterday and it happens all the time

need cost on new starter replaced,rebuilt engine with 85k on it new clutch installed, now starter went out. 5 speed,
4 cyl, mazda truck, yr 2000