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The shifter becomes stuck in park and i cannot shift it to another gear. Was changed 3 years ago
why rear sensor and not the front sensor to replace it
I took my car in for a new axle, when it came back the transmission was bad. Could they have caused a problem when they put on the axle?
could someone tell me the exact location of my crank sensor on a 5.2L dodge truck 1500 1997.
include new rotors
My manual transmission wont shift into gear, has a new clutch, master cylinder, and slave...i dont know how to check for clutch clearance. Please help
2003 dodge w/ 5.9 cummins. oil leaks from crankcase breather where it goes into valve cover. It has new breather and o ring. Has 385000 miles very well maintained. No problems with performance runs good no lack of pow...
when a fuel filter is changed do i have to reset the relay switch? plz help
the battery light stays on and alt. wont charge. If you feild ground alt. It will charge at 14.5 volts. take off ground and it will not charge again, and batt light comes on. Had alt. checked its good.
harmonic balancer if it brakes off would it cased damage 2 my motor n how do i install the new to the right timing n how would i no i have the right timing
I have never had a tune up on this pick up. What should I have to pay
My 2005 X Type wagon has coolent but continues to overheat and the coolent does not circulate through the engine. What can be the cause and how can I repair it?
At low speeds I experience a slight/soft thump coming from either the front left or rear left tire. At high speeds all indication of this "thump" is gone. Should I have the tire's balance checked? Does this seem norma...
where is my automatic trans fluid refill for my 03 saab
DRIVER AND PASSNGER SIDE POWER WINDOWS DON'T WORK.THE FUSES under the hood and at the driver side panal ARE OK unless there are fuses in another location. PLEASE HELP