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AC and Heat will only blow out of the defrosters. Sometime a little will blow out of the vents. But when you press on the gas the flow stops and it only blows out of the defrosters.
Whats the spark plug gap and torque numbers for 5.3?
I'm looking at buying a 2004 XC90 with 137,000 miles on it. My dealership (currently have a 2004 S60 2.5T AWD) says that model has transmission problems. Has anyone else had that experience? The vehicle current...
Hi where is located the PCV valve?.. I need to change it because the maintenance shceduler of my durango 2005
I have a 97 stratus es with 2.5v6, the car has been great! Although my brakes have started squealing extremely loud, I just replaced brakes and rotors in may! I upgraded to the better brakes cause I had always had so...
My car is leaning in the back does anyone have any suggestions of what the problem may be? Could it be the fuse has gone bad or is my height suspension gone out completely?
replace inter ball joint
Cost to purchase and install a new muffler
Exhaust manifold is cracked and leaking. Need to replace it or have it replaced.
Do you have instructions for window replacement?
would the car be driveable without ac clutch?
Back door will not open. Is there a seperate key for the back door?
When we start the car there is light gray smoke coming from the tail pipe. Can you think of anything that would cause this. We do not burn oil. The mechanic thinks it might be a valve proplem. Thanks
Timing chain is broken. Mechanic did compression test on engine. Two cylinders are only showing 50lbs compression instead of normal 100lbs. Mileage is 159,000 miles. What is estimated cost of repair in addition to tim...