car runs good at hiway speeds runs real ruff once in awhile at idle and low speed changed plugs wires fuel filter hooked to obd says no codes then next stage says reset eng. cont. can it be reset and where is it located

the air-conditioner automatic control will not change back from the defroster mode to normal air=conditioner. The air-contitioner works fine but will not come thru the normal vents.

when driving down the highway no rain the windshield wiper will come without touching the control and will not go off until the 30 amp fuse is removed.

I have to wiggle the switch to open and close

How much should it cost to replace my power steering rack and outer tie rods?


since i burought it

167,200 miles, have a miss, could this be the plug wires?

Cost of the two censors is small. 16 to 26 bucks each. Where can I go to get info on installing them? Haynes does not cover it. They say take it to a dealer.

front windshield foggey / sweet smell inside

how about mileage

Loud knocking on the top of engine when it first starts or excelerates.sound is intermitant.any ideas as to cause

I just had my power steering hose(s) replaced. Parts on RepairPal is $89-$116. Is that per hose? My bill were I had my car done is Press hose DNS $66 and P/S hose $94 DNS. What does DNS stand for. Does this sound correct?

my rear driver side window got stock and im trying to remove the inside door panel to look and see whats the problem

Temp gauge goes to about 70% when driving on the highway when using the AC. When I turn on the heat the temp gauge goes down to normal. Seems to happen on warmer days. The radiator is missing about 30% or more of its "fins", not sure if that is the problem or maybe the thermostat? Car has 104000 miles on it.