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The car goes into gear but it won't shift gears. It jut idles.

There is no smoke out of the exhaust, radiator cap is good, resivoir is not leaking not sure what to do

truck runs rough,I'm sure vaccum lines and emmision control connectors are not installed correctly.where can I get this information?

first the cable bushing broke and have replaced twice now will not go into 5th gear and then would not go into reverse

The car settles down when the engine warms up.

fan does not work with air condition on does it mean fan is faulty.

Runs and shitfs good but has high RPMs dont feel like it is shifting to high gear.

My catera keeps locking itself while driving. car keeps registering as its being stolen. is there any way to bypass the security system so i can drive it without it shutting off on me while driving?

I need the right side guide timing bolt. I have triued thedealer but they said it isn't made anymore and the one they gave me doesn't work. Is there a way I can find out the size and order the correct bolt on line? There is not another one on the engine that matches it.

and would like to get this fixed soon


Interior lights stoped working after it was serviced for a non related problem. What could they have done? Open the doors no lites, turn switch no lites, open glove box no lites

When I went to see how low it was, It was actually Full? Please Help

i have a check engine light on and now a gas-like smell in the interior of the car. however, i have had bad experiences with the local dodge dealers and would like to go to another mechanic. the local mechanics suggested that only the dealers do the smoke test. is this true, or are there private mechanics (reputable) who do this as well?

where is the water control valve located for the air conditioner on a BMW 2001 330i. My air conditoner is blowing cold on one side and warm on the other...