my 03 acura rsx shut off on me today while stopped on a hill at a red light. i had a full tank of gas and the radio was still working. when i tried to turn it back on it started then shut off immediatley. i rolled into the gas station next to me, made some calls, about ten minutes later i decided to try just one more time. sure enough the car started right back up. i had my mechanic look at it. he checked the battery and alternator, both were charging fine w the car and headlights on. does anyone have any suggestions on what the problem could be. also in the last week while driving it seems to lose power for no reason, i have to step on the gas real hard then it drives normal again???

I've lost the shock plunger on both the brake light switches in my Villager. I can't find the parts anywhere HEEEEELLLP!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not sure if I used the correct terminology, but when I turn on my car the RPMs warm-up around 1,500. Then I start driving and while my car is shifting into the next gear the RPMs shoot up until it finally hits the next gear and continues on normally. At this point if I were to park, my RPMs would rev up to 2,500 then back down to 1,000 and continue to go back and forth until I shifted back into drive or turned the car off. Hope this makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Sould I take it to a dealer or transmission shop? would computer detect the problem?

When I stop at a red light the heat blows cold but when I start going again it gets hot again. What could this be?

is it hard to replace power sterring resevoir?how much to replace it?

We aren't real diligent about oil changes, tune ups, etc.


not sure what to do about this. I recently bought my wifes grandparents old escort wagon. Problem is its been sitting for about 3 years. It starts and engine runs like a champ.

Problem is that the automatic trany is stuck in park. The shifter moves through the gears even when the car is off battery is disconnected and the brakes are not being pressed.

Also when I move the shifter off PARK and go to REVERSE it will freely slide from REVERSE skip right over NEUTRAL to OVERDRIVE without having to hold the button in and stops and pop the button out once it gets to OVERDRIVE. Then it will slide freely between NEUTRAL and OVERDRIVE without having to press in the button.

If I move it all the way dow to LOW it will freely slide up to NEUTRAL without needing to hold the button and then reverts to the NEUTRAL to OVERDRIVE issue. It does the whole bouncing thing between the two with out the shifter button be pressed in as well.

I opened the hood and had some one move the shifter for me and it appears the linkage is fine because its still moves so the issue appears to be past that point. Also the fluid is right where it needs to be.

Just looking for some advice so I know whether to bother fixing it or just junking it cuz at this point anything major doesnt seem worth the effort since the car doesnt move i cant really get up on ramps or anything.

Anyone else having problems with their gas gauge not working on their 2002 Ford Explorer?

What does it mean when there is oil water in the radiator tank

What should the procedure be to change the thermostat in my 2008 6.7 Cummins Diesel to avoid any problems? Thank You

My 1994 Q45 wont start when I turn the key! The only sound I hear is the fuel pump... I replaced the starter about 4 months ago and it started fine until the next day and went back to doing the same thing again, nothing but the sound of the fuel pump when turning the key... Every once in a while it starts fine then goes back to not starting... Today I replace the relay switch but that did not solve the problem... Can some one please help?

Air bag light is on.

how long can my 96 sonata sit without being startd....