I would like to know the correct way to replace and how can I tell if it is a authentic mercedes part. NTB is doing the work since they caused the problem.

ac not working refrigerant level ok blower motor ok

Cost to replace an AC Idler Pulley

dip stick broke off in tube how hard is it to remove tube

daughter told me yesterday which was wed that the check engine light came on tues and stays on any ideas of what the problem maybe gas cap is on rite and tight any1 have a 03 elantra that has had this problem?


I'm fairly handy but need to know if I can replace the right low beam headlight bulb myself or best to leave it to the dealer who will charge all outdoors

how do you replace the blower switch

the right side door mirror ha a broken part, how do I repair it

rear spark plugs driver & pass. side have oil in them.

Can two different oem part number front struts be interchanged? Seller says they can. The two different oem part numbers are: IF3C-5W311-AA and YF32-5W311-AA. Thank you, Dick Hodous

i hit a bump and my van died think its the fuel pump relay

After driving for a while it will jerk going from 3rd into 2nd gear I replaced the transmission with a rebuild on and it is doing the same thing BMW claims it is not the transmission control unit what else could it be???? i am getting frustrated, other than that the car runs great , can someone think of anything else it could be, or had the same problem? Thanks CG

Our Ford Five Hundred has really never given us any problems but lately the AC only blows cold are when your driving and the RPM's are above 2000. When idle it just blows hot air. It works fine in cooler temperatures (60's-70's) too but of course in Texas we only get cooler temps about 4 months of the year.
Got any ideas on what is causing this and how to fix it?

I have a constant rubbing sound everytime I drive my van. And gets louder the faster I drive