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Changed the carbon canister, changed the perge valve in the engine, changed gas cap. Light still comes back on????!!

The engine light came on and the truck ran rough we read the code and it said it was the camshaft acutator. The truck runs fine now. What is this and should we have the trucks actuator replaced? Thank you!!!!

Is it something to do with the front coil recall?

could not shift out of park, gearbox warning came on. turned car off, restarted, was able to shift into reverse but warning came on again. Was able to back out of driveway and drive back in, towed to saab mechanic, had car for 4 days,told me runs well, can not find problem, I insisted something was wrong and to recheck, tells me today it is something to do with the manuel sensor?

i replaced filter and drained gas out of tank, fuil pump was homming when i took off gas tank,and when i put it back it does not hum now. and wont start car.

car is not starting up

I've change several engines but thought I better find a little pro instructions on this one


I need to know where the mass air flow censor is at in a 1990 chevy lumina

had sparkplugs changed 1 yr ago. will sometimes when driving an then turn off have prblems starting bt if u let sit it would start. has been doing this awhile now

transmission slips in and out of overdrive have been advised to get it rebuilt

should I replace the thermostat or is it a sensor ?

stutters at low torque when approaching 40 mph

Changing of a/c compressor

What are all the parts that must be remove in the process?