where are the spark plugs located for this car?

when you turn on the fan speeds it doesnt work can feel the air but does not come out.

when on the freeway

how much is the average cost of a 5 sp auto transmission replacement?

Any thing I should know before I start taking bolts off the links? Are they under tension?

Significant pressure under cam cover. Cracked head? Head gasket? Any common problems anyone is aware of?

last week my car temperature went up a little more than normal(3/4) on the gauge. After about one minute it returned to normal. Today I changed the thermostat, but when we put water in the radiator we saw a leak . We could not see if it came from the radiator or the bottom hose. Is there any way for us to know where it comes from ?

I had the fuel injection service at 24,000. I was told I needed this done by the dealer after my oil change. So, how often is this service needed? I now have 49,000 miles on my Avalon.

What could be the problem. It is running really bad and sounds like it it missing.

How much for replacing transmission fluid. When is this usually done?

My car has a new alternator, starter, battery and it keeps cutting off while i am driving. What could be the problem?

It kept overheating and I replaced the thermastat and the pump but it still seens like I have no watet flow at all

no ac and no heated drivers seat

Washed motor and now it runs ruff, misses

how do i change my low beams on my car? also is it the same steps for my high beams?