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I purchased a 2001 Passat with 62k. I just spoke with someone who owned another 2001 Passat and told me she got a quote of $6000 to fix replace her Catalytic Converters. Is that right? The price seems out of range wit...
When I start my car lately, the A/C blower fan hesitates 15 - 30 seconds before beginning to blow air. This has only started about 5 weeks ago. Never had the problem before. Took it in to the service department and...
could P0386 cause battery to drain overnite and what is estimate for repair
Having trouble with driver side power seats, I have replaced the fuse twice and now the dealship is saying it may be the seat motor. However, they do not know which one it is. I went to auto zone and the guy said he c...
We bought this car for my daughter and three of the interior door handles are broken off. Can we fix them and what parts do we need?
I need my engine replace, ignition coil and new tire and rim
my car keep stopping
every other day I have to charge up my battery. I have changed out my alternator and battery 2x and for some reason my battery keeps going dead. Any Idea what this can be causing this??
we have put new fuses in, wanted to check other things first if possible before putting in shop.can anyone help
Hi..I have a 95 GMC Yukon..failed the low idle portion of the test (NJ) Reading was 726...Standard is 220..Co% reading was .73..standard is 1.20...The truck passed the high idle portion of this test..Just wondering w...
over the past 3 months if the vehicle sits for several days it drains the battery way down. when its running it seems to take a charge. my volt meter shows a drain when i touch it from the negative post to the negativ...
where is the starter in my 2001 s4 audi located and how do i remove it
I've unplugged all fuses and relays that has anything to do with lights and unplugged the switch and the parking lights still stay on
though i had water in the fuel but that wasnt it, it is still missing while driving..