there is an load clicking noise coming from the dash in the area if the air conditioner controls. It does not happen all the time but most. Sometimes if you move the temp controls all the way down it stops sometimes not. It has done this since new and no one has been able to pinpoint the problem. Anybody have any ideas?

Got too close to a curb and pulled out one of the clamps that hold the bottom outside door moldings, to the door. I see that I need to remove the whole thing to get it back on, but would like the know how, so that I do not do more damage than good.

power seat will not operate,if it is the seat control how do i replace it ,it doesn't seem to m ove without using force.

My temp gauge runs up to hot,there is fluid in the radiotor,but my heater blows cool air,

My heater is not working, everytime I put the heater on, it's blowing cold thourgh out the vents

I went out an purchased replacement spark plug wires, as my Explorer has 120K miles. I have been unable to open the clips that are holding the factory wires in place and don't want to break them. How do you open the clips without ruining them?

light came on and I saw that coolant was low. had radiator flushed and refilled. now level is low again. just how much coolant goes into a eurovan

how to replace valve cover gasket?

when car did not start i charged up battery, radio works,dim lights work but headlights dont.battery is 7 yrs old.gearbox fault light came on. should i change battery and see what happens

My electric lock switches on both front doors do not lock the vehicle when engine is off. Doors get locked only if engine on and transmission in D position. Door stay locked even if going back to Park position, but unlock when engine goes off. Schematic would help. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

cant even see it.where is it and how to replace?

Windshield washer fluid leakage from beneath reservoir bottle occurs. I note a puddle under the resovoir when the car is parked in garage. Car has only 500 miles on it & windshield washer has never been used. How can I access the resevoir to find source of leakage?

how to replace the fan clutch on a 2006 nissan frontier

I drive a 94mazda mx-3. Every time i accelerate and when i brake, i hear a clunk noise in the front end. Also when driving over rough road it sometimes will make clunk noise too. Dont know if it is stabilizer (sway) bar bushings, or a cv joint

Where can I find the switch that controls the trunk light