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i have a short in the wireing fuse blows wont come outta park replace fuse open n close back door then will work how do i get the dash off i took radio out all screws i can see but seems like something in the middle h...
the Passenger's seat belt needs replacement.the buckle broke and cant seem to find a replacement.
my buick lasabre hesitates going into first gear and when it finds the gear it makes a clanking sound especially in a bind
I work at a Volvo dealership in Tucson, Az. We do our own compeitive price shopping constantly to ensure we are competitive. For most of the items I've seen on your site, the repair costs to have the work done here ...
I have a 2001 chevy venture van the problem is the key less entry does not work all the power windows also do not work need some help on this one
I need to know what the abbreviations stand for on the fuse that is out, they are RWAL TCC ESC ECM thanks
What is the recommended mileage to service the front and rear differentials, transfer case and transmission. At 65,000 miles is there any other maintenance that I should consider??
it donn't matter if I fill the tank up
spark plug threads stripped out, plug came out driving down the road. what is the repair and how much should it cost
99 BMW 528I with 235,000 miles has EGS dash light. Diagnosis showed code 5 pressure actuator 1. Mechanic recommended testing of pressure actuator and wiring harness, but due to mileage may not be worth it. Request o...
My engine threw a rod and I got a wrecked van in which the engine ran perfect after installing the engine in my van I have no ignition spark and the small hot wire to the starter has no power
How do I change out the lifters. I have a lifter knocking and had a mechanic verify that it was a lifter. The rocker arm has alot of play in it
my dash keeps frezzn up and i dont have money to fix at the shop i need to now how to do it myself
i have already removed the cables and cant see where it is still attached
I have a 1996 Sable that for the past year, I have had to drive at 30 miles per hour for the a/c to be cold otherwise it's warm. After driving for an hour to the airport at 75-80 mph, I started my car to go home an i...