Passenger window will not go up either from roof switch or window switch. putting direct power to window regulator motor in door operates window up and down by reversing positive wire to post on motor. replaced window switch but did not correct problem any ideas?

van overheated, can see water running out from behind engine

When I push my cluch it feels like there is not pressure and it wont let me shift into gear does anyone have any ideas? thanks

How do I change Rack and Pinion on 1998 toyota Avalon

I recently had a water pump installed by a so called mechanic, and every since the install y car idle a bit high, and then when i have not started it for awhile it runs rough, like it w ants to shut off. then it will idle up and down as if it was a oxygen sensor issue. Engine light came on and said "Engine Malfunction please drive moderately" Then it went away once it got warm, but whenever I sit at light and car is idling the car idle up and down. I think he may have unplugged something to get to water pump and didn't plug it back up and he broke two hoses coming from manifold and replaced them with rubber hoses could that be the reason?

After you start the van a chime will sound. It will chime 5 times wait 5 seconds then repeat the same for a few minutes. No warning lights are on when this occurs.

my 06 325i has a very loud noise like a fan motor - sometimes it sounds like an airplane engine is revving out of control. It is especially loud while sitting at stop lights - where I can hear it start revving up. I did have a low radiator coolant situation which was corrected and the auto shop checked for any sort of radiator leak and found none.

where is the alternator located on my Mazda

Some times when I start my car it makes a squeal noise, not every time.

how much does it cost to add keyless entry to my ford truck

have codes P0306,P0410,P0128 don't no where to start looking for or replace parts.need help badly thanks terry

The shift gear is stuck in park and the car wont start. The air condition, radio, & windows works.

The shift gear got stuck about 2 month ago, but my neighbor kept move the shift gear and it got unstuck.

After ignition key is switched off the fuel pump continues to run. Sounded like the tank was expanding so I released pressure on fuel tank and the pump shut off.We tryed this a second time after going for a short drive the fuel pump stayed running again after switch was shut off so we released pressure on the tank and the pump shut off agin? why is this happing?

My husband replaced the battery and now the wipers or turn signals won't work. He chaecked all the fuses and they are good, what's the problem

Weather I run the air or heater its only blowes 90 is that a heater control valve problem