where is the low port for the ac unit on 2002 dodge intrepid?

I need to know how to change the spark plugs.

I pulled into a parking space and wanted to back out, but the automatic would not shift out of park. The tow trck driver manually put it in gear by doing something to the cable under the hood. The gear shift still didn't work. The driver said it was the cable that was bad, not the transmission. I was wondering, what cable this is, and how costly is the repair. If anyone has had this experience, I'd appreciate it. Nothing has seemed wrong with the transmission. Thanks.

I have a new headlight assembly and want to replace the driver side due to crazing. Looks to tough for me to do myself. What will it cost?

The code P0102 keeps comeing up I checked the mass flow sensor and it is good also changed the vacum lines can you tell me you to make it stay out or fix the problem thanks.

1994 toyota four runner 3vze A/C magnetic clutch relay, location for 3.0L V6 engine

I just put new plugs and wires on my 3.3L engine and now it idles worse than before. I am getting codes P0404 and P0406. Would the EGR valve go bad that quickly? Bad idle just started after plug and wire change.

When the car is off about 6 or 8 hours give a hard time to start it. After a few minutes the car start it and make some noise like plum,plum then start it and not problem after being cold again for 6 or 8 hours, what do you think is the problem or problems ?

the rear feels bumpy everytime I break

the cable broke inside the car to the gas pedal. how do i reatattch it?

How to replace power steering belt on 1997 VW Jetta 4 cyl.

I recently had refrigerant added to my ac system. The ac only cools for a few minutes on high speed now,then begins blowing warm air. seems okay on all other speeds.Yesterday I noticed a strange odor. Everything looks okay as far as I can tell, but there is no cover on the service port. Is it possible that the man overcharged my system and the odor is due to escaping refrigerant when the engine is hot?

Instrument Panel lights - abs. security and service lights stay on and fuel gauge sometimes moves back and forth. Had it checked out and the problem is not with brakes. Can't take it to authorized dealer until Tuesday but need to make long trip before then. Is it safe to drive!

What should a mechanic be doing for a typical tune up on this car?

When engine ins cold trasmission runs perfect, after running for 20 minutes transmission will strt slipping and rpms on engine go really high ad speed drops to 0. Let engine cool for 20 -30 minites, will start again good and will loose traction again.