starter will only engage after several clicks, and occasionaly will not engage

When vehical moves up and down while going over small bumps i hear noise from under the front end

2002 chevy trailblazer ls

Yes I submitted a Question on 05/14/11 I just had my brakes done a few months ago quess my question is is it possible for a brake pedal to squeak If so how do you fix it

problem has been consistent for about a week without any warning lights
coming on. only way light goes out is if i pull the brake fuse.

i cant find a drivers side top door hinge where can i buy one?

1988 560sel,no start, no compression left bank,right bank ok,timing chain and valve train operation ok,squirted oil in cyclinders leftbank side compression comes back,reinstall plugs & plugwires vehicle tries to start but does not,cyclinder leak test found no leaks

what yers interchange with trans on a 1997 toyota camry le

The windshield wipers on my 2004 Corola no longer work on intermittant and do not seat when you shut off the switch, they stop where ever they are

All of the meters (gas, miles reader, engine light, etc) went off on my panel. Someone was upgrading my radio to a GPS system and now they dash wont go back on!! Any suggestions of what it might be? Everything seems to be ok when tested, so it is not burned or a fussil nor anything like that... Help is appreciated

p2097 i believe is the code. We have replaced all upstream o2 senors and the check engine continues to come back on. What do we need to try now? We have replaced 3 so far.

i replaced the feul pump, but i think i need to fix the relay, i want to know where it is located?

the problem just started, my locks will not stay locked they continue to keep trying to unlock. What can I do

why my Elantra 2001 turn off when i step on brake

there is an load clicking noise coming from the dash in the area if the air conditioner controls. It does not happen all the time but most. Sometimes if you move the temp controls all the way down it stops sometimes not. It has done this since new and no one has been able to pinpoint the problem. Anybody have any ideas?