cluster only works at first start up of the day .everything els works outside temp time and milage no needels pleas help

Tried starting car. It would click. After second or third try it started. After driving and stopping, it did it again and a couple of times thereafter. Then it didn't happen. Mechanic said it was the starter. How much would a starter cost for a 1998 Camry V6 engine? (if that is the problem)

The ABS light goes on and off randomly as I am driving down the road,where is the ground located on 6.6 duramx ,which battery?

The left wiper works the right does move at all, what could be the problem?

why doesnt my fan work inside my engine its making my car over heat

It all started when my starter went out. After replacing and putting proper shims, i shut down and restarted the truck about 6 times and then when i was just about to shut it off and take it off the jack, it just died. The truck hasn't started since. It fired when i poured a small amout of gas in. And my "mechanically inclined" buddies told me it must be injector or the filter, i replaced both, and now i found out i need to bleed the lines after replacing injector but i cant find one!?! 4 Cyl(e)<-8th VIN # SIngle Injection engine. Can anyone please help me out this is my only vehicle =(

key in 'on' position, in tank pump won't run. start car both pumps run. should in tank pump run briefly in the 'on' position? is this an ecu problem.

values are ticking

vehicle running hot

The car has 47,000 miles on it. Is this normal? What causes them to go bad?

where is the brain box located

shifter linkage busted where they connect

do any one know how much it will cost to flush the brake system on mercedes 2002 cl600

passenger door will lock and unlock but not open. i took panel off but cant get into any thing with the air bag in the way.what are the steps i should take from here.. please help me

What steps are necessary to change spark plugsin