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I need to know where the mass air flow censor is at in a 1990 chevy lumina

had sparkplugs changed 1 yr ago. will sometimes when driving an then turn off have prblems starting bt if u let sit it would start. has been doing this awhile now

transmission slips in and out of overdrive have been advised to get it rebuilt

should I replace the thermostat or is it a sensor ?

stutters at low torque when approaching 40 mph

Changing of a/c compressor

What are all the parts that must be remove in the process?

can;t open it the window part open but the hach wont

I do have a warrenty on it

Door is locked in open position. gold latch doesn't move even trying to push it with screwdriver

I have tried the thermastat and flushing the radiator

My cooling fan doesn't kick on unless they remove some small square part from under the hood. Does that mean that part is bad?

how big of a job is it to change out heater core. where is it at under the dash

I will need new brakes. What is the approximate cost?

this web site is a joke!!!!!!