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I have the air box area exposed, but don't know where the motor is housed.

low mileage used engine ..using my old parts ..belt driven parts i believe dont come with engine . need to use my pols ones

wrench icon appeared on the idiot light panel

brake lights turn signals &hazard lights all just shut down . WHAT COULD THIS BE WHERE WOULD I START LOOKING

Passenger side door keeps on opening when trying to close. Sometimes, it seems to be closed, but when I turn left, door slides open, as if it was never locked. I almost created a accident with the car following me because box fell out when the door opened. Since then, I haven't rode the car anywhere.
I scheduled for the repair, but when I checked online, there are many individuals with same problem. I wonder if this could be a recall problem from the Hyundai.

What does it mean if engine ticks when driving or at idle? It has enough oil.

When I hook my scan tool on the 96 jeep grand cheerokee I keep getting no communication with vehicle.Scan tool works fine on other vehicles. Could this be a sign the PCM is bad.

i want to remove rear speakers

Trying to estimate how much it would cost to fill it all the way up. It was bought used so I don't have the owner's manual.

The car is a 5 speed manual, 4 cylinder, 1.8L. Thanks

It is making a constant roaring sound.

I need to order that hose and I need to know the exact name of it. Thank you!

I had my car safety checked three weeks ago and was told that my break pads are good.
Is this a computer problem?

for a 1998 venture

car started and cut off