car quit, no spark, replaced plugs, wires, distrubuter cap, an rotor, what is the next step?

I had oil and some antifreeze in some of the spark plug holes, I know ford had some defects on the intake manifule on the 4.6 engines found in the Mercury Grand Marque and Crown vics. Could this be the same problem?

Turned on car and flasers started flashing. They flash intermittantly. At times they will flash fast. Turned car off and on again, flashers worked properly.

the car is missing bad and check engine light is staying on help

engine oil is driping

When cold, turn key to start it will start. When warmed up turn key to start, it will crank, but won't start. Try it 2-3 times then it will start. Why won't it start the first time warm?

Pat Can anyone down there handle changing my High Pressure Diesel Injection pump?


I have a 1999 honda accord ex coupe and been having problems lately with starting it. I will go to start it up and it wont crank over. it will make the noise like it wants to, but wont. then 15-20 min, i try it again and it starts up. What could be causing this?

what kind of freon do I buy for aircondition charge

I have a can of freon hooked up but will not empty can. ac is on compressor not running, and extreme pressure on filler hose

While driving at various speeds engine for a second or two hesitates than stops and works fine and a few days later or hours will do it again. What is the cause as I do not want to get stranded.

The engine was jerking sometimes when I drive my mpv but not at idle.


how do i fix a leak in the power steering on the column. it is located right behind the grill next to the radiator.

I would like to know how to clean the Idle Control Sensor and how to get to it (specifically) This cannot be that hard a job. Anyone who can offer instructions would be greatly appreciated.