Interested in the R&R time for taking apart the dash to access a problem with the airflow system. The dealer seems to be on a wild goose chase. 4 visits and no results!! Now they're threatening it might not be covered by my extended warranty. Trying to find all the realities! Thanks!!

woothe cars acceleration goes up and down dont know what it is

what causes gaspeddle to stick it doesnt do it all the time but it happens very frequently

What does Service F include for a 2004 E500 Mercedes?

this happened after i put on new intake and valve cover gaskets

Can a Throttle Position Sensor be tested to see if it is working properly?

Just purchased the used 2006 Jeep last week, after 2 attempts by the dealer to correct a pulling to the right, it is still not corrected. They said they did alignment, but still has extreme pull to the right. Only 21000 miles on car

Hear a clicking / ticking sound from the right rear wheel, when applying brakes. Just had front brakes done, and tires rotated ..something out of adjustment?

It is v6 3.4 with a supercharger I have put in a new mass air flow meter why do my spark plugs keep turning black

Got into a minor car accident on my Camry. There is a dent on the front door on the driver side.could close it. But when it rains, water would leak into the car. The door is kind of bent. but not by that much I want to know how much will it cost to get it fixed. i went to a mechanic and he said it would cost me $600. just want to know if there is a cheaper place to get that fixed

My auto transmission with go pretty well if I start out really slowly but If I start off normally it will shift hard from 1st to 2nd that the just rev like I'm nutral and not shift to 3rd. Any suggestions?

The outside temp reads 140. I have to turn the heat all the way up to get any heat in the car,I BELIVE THIS IS CAUSED THE OUTSIDE TEMPERATURE SENSOR. Could someone please tell me if this could be true and how to find and change it?

Everytime It start but burns of eventually

How to replace the crankshaft position sensor? I can't seem to find a diagram online.

Will a 2005 Dodge 3500 torque converter fit a 2006 3500?