intermittent rattle,,,can happen when lifting off accelerator at medium or any speed,(its there), or when depressing or releasing the clutch pedal. Maybe clutch,,yet no slip thats noticable and still lots of travel. Thrust bearing I thought and yet doesn't whine,,,sounds like something may be loose?? Will this cost my nursey girlfriend an arm and a leg,,she needs her car and lovely as rav is shes done 80K about and ain't worth a bucket load of money. What to do?

its Vibrating and noice when driving speed going to 80 to 100. Its going smooth after 100km. Wheel balanced from the worshop. Please suggest.

leake on front of tranmission

a photo of everything under hood. one shot should do it. looking mainly @ passenger side: the whole entire front to back under hood, of everything-thanks, see alot of owners out there.

I left my car with the head lights switched on by mistake. I heard a warning sound, but didnt know what it was, be cause it was day time. i would like to know whether my honda has a auto switch off headlight facility ? thank you. Shaan.

can someone show me a photo of their 2002 ford taurus SE with hood open?? seems like something different on mine after fixed. on the passenger side where the bolts are to hold coil springs,etc, there is this piece of metal all hammered bolted to it also. not like that on driver side

what does it mean with the blue coolent light comes on the dashboard?

this is the second time this has happend

How do I replace the tail light cover

There seems to be air coditioning gates opening and closing continuously. I thought it might be a vacum issue, buttold it is electonically controlled. Air coninues to blow cold.

I just purchased a 2001 Volvo S80 T6 with 89,600 miles and want to change the oil, oil filter, and transmission filter and ATF. I need the required torque for the bolts holding the under-car stone protection pan, the oil filter housing, the oil drain plug, the transmission pan. Do you have this information?

we have a 2005 jetta volkswagan and there is a display that says no entry what does this mean

my sisters car died one day, and since has not started replaced the battery but still dont start. what might be the problem?

Purchased a replacement crank kit. The pilot needle bearing is too large for the bore in the back of the crankshaft and I can't find a smaller one to install. Is there a bearing or bushing available for the smaller hole?

The replacement crank kit has the exact same markings / casting numbers as the the one coming out of the vehicle.

how to remove car battery