what do I need check for when the evorporative system monitor not ready

My jeep runs good but stalls when I stop and starts right back up and runs great while driving

my battery light came on and approx 20 mins later my engine stalled. i changed the battery and alternator, but the engine light still comes on and the car still stalls shortly after the battery volts go below 9.0 or so

replace cam shaft seal; leaking oil

i Disconnected the shift cable from the transmission put my foot on the brake and the cable moves out of parkand it moves up and down, but when i connect it back to the transmission put my foot on the brake the shifter won't move. could this be the neutral saftey switch gone bad if so how do i replace it?

97 Ford expedition check engine light flashing truck running rough.

Check engine light flashing, truck running rough.

where is dipstick to check transaxle oil? will engine stop if oil gets to low. Not siezed but shut down if oil low?

I just replaced all coils ,pluges, inner cooler, lower intake, injecter @ # 6 it still miss fires good compession.

checked fuses and bulbs still good

Replaced the alternator 2 months ago and again last week for the second time this year. Battery light comes on draining car. Car takes a change but won't keep running.

My steering column could not be locked into position after the car had been towed by flatbed for non-related repairs. The repairer told me that the "spring" had come loose, and for $75 the spring was reattached. It was not broken. How could this happen? Do I need to worry about it happening again?

i drove my car the night before it was fine. i get up the next day it won't move out of gear.what could it be? if its my neutral safety switch where is it located?

How big of a job is it to replace the 2 straps holding the fuel tank estimated cost

Can anyone tell me where I can find the block drain so that I can flush the coolant system?