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I was told when the check engine light came on suddenly 8 yrs ago that Suzuki's were programmed/set to do so, to remind you of 75k maintenance, which I had already done at 50k. (I have taken REALLY good care of my Si...
My car started making a scraping, rattling, faintly screeching noise when running, esp after sitting a while. Diagnosed as bad AC bearings. I just had the AC recharged due to a slow leak, didn't have time or money for...
easy access to the fuel pump without taking down the fuel tank
Where is the oil filter located on a 1994 E420 Mercedes Benz?
How much would a oxygen sencor cost and how much for the labor ?
the fuel pump is gone need to replace it need a diagram for it thank you
When coming to a stop or slowdown to turn into a drive way, car engine dies but cranks back up
the timing belt snapped and I was wondering the cost
the machanic said the power steering pump is leaking and needs to be replaced. I do not feel any diffence in the steering
How do I knwo which product to look for/buy to replace the cabin air filter in my 2008 Honda CR-V?
When I sit in idle/park my fuel gage drops to empty and the light comes on. Put it in gear/drive and goes right up back to the right gas level.
Started suburban this a.m little squeak from engine turned on defroster and lots of squeaks from vents inside cabin. Went out later, no squeaks with defrost but when a/c was on, nothing from engine but the inside vent...
Check engine was on - this was corrected. Now when I move the truck, it is like I am driving over a washerboard roadway. In 1st - 3rd gear, this goes away at lower speeds but 4th and 5th it remains and it is also ha...
my a/c i guess is leaking pretty bad on my passenger side floor?