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I evacuated the system, vacuum pumped it for 45 min replace the orfice tube and its still doing the same thing as before.At times it blows cold air in all the vents.What do you think the problem is.The pressure is reading 40, so it is full of freon.Also the other vents are blowing cool air but but not cold and if I turn it to heat it instantly gets hot air.

respectively torque converter clutch solenoid circuit electrical,and shift solenoids A, B. and C malfunction. I hope there is a relatively inexpensive fix that will turn off the check engine light and eliminate the codes. The transmission shifts ok and I get 28 to 30 mpg on the highway. It will not presently pass an emissions test with the check engine light on.

cools good when on highway but not when in town at lower speeds

after code po301 came on I was told to get a diagnostic test to see the exact problem. Where do i have that done? how much should it cost?

We have never seen anything like this....The bottom of the radiator also houses the transmission cooling systems. The radiator leaked into the transmission. We have flushed and flushed it but we will never get the water out. Has anyone ever had any problems like this. We already had the overdrive or torque converter problem. We drive in D4.

the problem started a few weeks ago,and has just progressed to more frequently. sometimes it will crank and run all day,and other days it will act like it aint getting gas to start up. it will jerk and gargle spit sputter and finally after i prime it enough it will run enough to stall going down the road.

in the engine or transmission and then the check engine light comes on. When it does that, the car will not shift until I shut off the engine and restart it. After that, it will shift, but the check engine light will stay on for about a day then turn off. Then in about a couple of days the pattern repeats itself. I have no other problems with the car after I restart it when I feel the lurch. The engine has about 143000 miles. Haven't been to a mechanic yet.

Car only has approx 37k.

have replaced everything that has to do with cooling system except heater core and did pressure check on system and held at 16 pounds according to cap

When i start the car it shakes and dont start. If i start it a few more times its fine .It only does it like 5 times out of 20 starts .I do know some about cars and i never had this problem any help would be greatly appriciated ty:) Jeff

I have changed all the battery,alternator,all the spark plugs,and the fuel filter but still won't fire up and I really don't want to take it to a shop.So if anyone knows what I need to do and has some advice for me please let me know

Seems a little soon for that. Comments?

Does the Auto Temp Control need to be changed for the Heat/ AC ?

it was backed into and now it wont start and it doest have a fuel system reset button what can i do to make her run again

What do you recommend?