The last time I drove my wagon, over a year ago, I was scared to death. The car was running very rough, sudden loss of speed and power, jumping, sputtering, etc. The car was purchased August 2004. I have spent over $5,000.00 trying to get to car to drive smoothly. Great car when it works. PS-I used the local Volvo dealer for repairs. Very frustrated.

It was working fine prior to just having it in the shop for brake work and timing belt. Now,no chimes when I leave headlights on, turn car off and step out of the car.

The car has a load popping noise under the body a shop told us it was the carriage bushing and filled it with grease it stopped for awhile. Figured I could do it myself and save 120 dollars.

My brake lights weren't working due to a loose wire. They fixed it and charged $80. Was this a fair price?

is there a fuse or relay for air ride?

how to remove rear brake rotors

The open trunk light is on on the dashboard but the trunk is completely closed. I can't find a switch anywhere in the trunk to would automatically close when the trunk closes. Any ideas on how to shut it off?

what specific bulb replaces the brake light bulb

dont no ware to put tranny fluid in

had a/c copressor, expansion valve &condensor the engine will surge when a/c is on and engine will cut off when coming to a stop.

About a few months ago flashing cel. came on started misfiring, I replaced the coil pack, spark plugs, & wires used the right firing sequencing. As I pulled put of my driveway my car started idling low & vibrating I got down & around the corner put it in neutral to rev it & see of something needed to be cleared. Nothing. I drove it a short distance & every time I stopped my rpm dropped, & upon take off my acceleration was slowed. The light is flashing happens 76 times in a sequence turns solid several minutes blinls again. I know 1 reason the check engine light is on is.due to a failed egr sensor. What could be wrong now?

I have two codes coming up preventing my car to pass emissions, the codes are: P0455 & P1633/ECM-510F. Is this going to be a hefty fix?

car runs great. but dies wont start after warms up.

i replaced the intake iac sensor catalytic converter and stiil too accelerate the exaust multtiple turn red

No diag codes displayed. The green cruise light flashes breifly when the ing switch is turned on. Green light will not come on when you try to engage cruise control above 25mph. Cruise has worked once in the last three months. Intermittent???