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fuel gage,fuel door,sunroof,door locks,int.lights will not work,happened before started working on its own
Hello from Barcelona, Spain.. question: I need to know the size of the axle of the Base model dodge ram van 1500. Is it 3300 lb, 3600 lb or 4000 lb??????? Thanks
My car will start flashing those lights the rpms go up and down then while driving when I push on the gas the car wont go at all, the rpms dont even move?
What could cause me to not get feul to the feul rail other than the feul pump being bad?
PLease explain to me how to change this part on my car?
How do you change the left side cv shafter?
I need to know how to get into the tail light assembly to replace a burned out brake light on the left side
A/C compressor replaced 2 years ago. A/C cools fine for 20 minutes but air flow declines and stops cooling. If I switch to Vent for 5 minutes the air flow comes back. If I then switch back to A?C it cools again for...
I need the two front wheel bearings replaced. How much would it cost? This is the second time they need replacement. Should I take that up with Chevy? I never had one replaced in any other car ever!
fuel door, trunk ,door locks,interior lights,sun roof,fuel gage will not work,happened before started working on its own
when holding down the accelerator engine idles fine. take foot off and engine quits
Before recharging system the air conditioner would blow cool and somtimes warm air and A/C lite would go out when it started to blow warm air. So I recharged the air conditioner on my nissan altima and it blew cold ai...
I have had problems starting my car i changed all the filters and spark plugs and wires and i know there is a spark. I also did a complete oil change and replaced the starter due to it burning out when i tried to star...
My 2007 Mustang has a Shaker stero and the cd's will not come out! Is there a tool for getting cd's out? Dealer wants 300 to do it!