How do I install blend door and where it's located on car.

when should a serpentine belt be changed on 04 jag xjr?

My air conditioning is not working. I have checked everything but the damper door or the motor that controls it. Where is this located on my truck?

showed up on my repar summary

I was curious on why my temp gauge goes alittle pass half when im in stop an go traffic it fluct- up an down going back to half is that normal or somthing wrong with my car i jus got it

I have a Toyota Matrix 2005, and am installing a new a/c compressor(came without oil). Does anyone know how much oil the a/c compressor will hold?

My 4 runner is making a noise when going over bumps, sounds like an old car that needs greasing. I was told by Toyota dealer it needs struts and shocks and tires.
I am a woman and drive mostly highway miles, can't understand why it would have this problem, not even paid off.

changed alternator two weeks ago, car still wont start without jump

drove home from work no problems went out later to take kids to lake an it wont start all electrical comes on but it wont even try to start cant here nothing but the fuel pump activating

How often do water pumps goes bad or do you have to change them frequently. Thank you so much

the clutch to the a/c turns on and off causing it to blow warm and cold air.

replaced the front pads twice & the rotors once i get a harder shimmy at about 1/2 brake pedal and worse the higher the speed. hard brake or light brake they feel almost perfect I do have a high spot blueing on the rotor not sure if it's the calipars hanging (4 piston type) or maybe the rubber brake hoses? those are the only other things i can think of causing the problem. I have no problems stopping no pulling just the annoying shimmimg at normal braking the pads look evenly worn just the rotors have a 2" blue/high spot on both the originals and the new replacement rotors. I am stumped but don't want to buy new calipars on a hunch just yet without a 2nd opinion, thanks

im n need of info on a 1993 850 20v volvo the transmission was going good n drive and now its n reverse only so now if i was to put it n drive i have to give it more gas but it still moves slow i was told it might be oil pump or some kind of plug

when i drive or whenever im gaining speed on the freeway my steering wheel shakes

duel is being siphened from left tank to right tank