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where can i find the gas filter ? can't seem to locate it.
What would cause Hard Power Steering.... a few days ago the Battery light came on and the power steering tightened. It's been several days and it's still doing it...
My transmission shift from 1st at 10mph and into 2 at 20mph but will not shift into overdrive. Is this controled by the computer module under the drivers seat?
Proper procedure to change the mass air flow sensor.
check engine light just came on and code is P0302 for #2 cyclinder
My 1999 DeVille shut down while driving. It happened a few times (3), always when I reducing speed (curve or stopping). The rest of the time runs great. Also "Check engine Soon" turned on a few days before and my hor...
Engine runs hot when ac is on. Runs fine when off. Think the pressure switch is bad.
at how many miles should i change my timing belt, and how much will it cost me?
With A/C on...Miata 5-speed skips. Turn off A/C it runs fine. Just had tune up and fuel system cleaned. 80K miles.
Where is the Auxiliary fan control switch located.
no current in 3 fuses, interior lights, cigarette lighter & a short in head lights
My son wrecked his pickup and tweeked the right side door hinge. The A-Frame the hinge attatches to looks good but the hinge itself is tweeked. I tried to beat the hinge into place and replace the pins but it is sti...
I am looking into buying a 2005 s60 and the owner reported it needing a quart of oil in between oil changes. Is this common and does anyone know what may be the problem? It is not a turbo and the current owner does no...
I have to spray starter fluid into the air filter to get my engine to start
was serviced last night (oil change)and all sudden this morning itdo not start,it donot crankonly open the key annd shows EML NEXT TO service engine soon