Does the overdrive suppose to be on when driving daily and how do you no when its own or off.

My 20003 Ion suddenly would not go into gear. I tried 1st and reverse but nothing worked.

where is my freeze plugs located at

where is the reverse fuse located in the fuse box???

my 04 325ci stalled and would not restart next day it started ran fine for a short time stalled and will not restart. no codes

the box at the rear of the block which holds freon busrt shooting freon,what is it called so I can repair or replace

As I drove the car from parked position a few car lengths a loud popping noise from left rear wheel followed by loud sustained squeek occurred and I stopped immediately. A few more tries produced the same thing. I parked the car for towing to shop. The popping noise sound like metal gripping metal being yanked away by great force.

Is there a secret to removing this wire, I can not get it to come off the spark plug.

Have a leak in one of the vacuum hoses and was wondering the proper way to check and remove them any help will be much appreciated

I am having trouble removing the spark plug wire on the spark plug behind the engine next to the fire wall.

the ac compressor only comes on when i push the brake

how many hours of labor go into replacing a timing cover gasket and what is a fair price to pay a buddy for doing it for me?

where is thermostat located

The rim on my 2003 maxima is bent or cracked and I AM LOOKING TO HAVE IT REPAIRED OR MAYBE PURCHASE A GOOD USED ONE.