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dont have the manual

My son's wife owned the car before I did. This happened to her once. He thinks it was a sensor in the brake that was not registering that the brake pedal was pressed. Can this be replaced by a layman or do I need to take it to a repair shop? how much should it cost?

i was driving with the ac on and just stop , control lights are on but no air or any sound or noise? I stop the car turn the ac on and off and atill no air. one time as I was driving the air stop but after 5 seconds continued again ?

Go to crank the car, it cranks, the engine revs and the tach shows about 3800 rpm then bounces back down to 800. It shoots back up to 3800 when you barely press it. Put the car in gear and it surges repeatedly. Shutting the car off and restarting it seems to work, but sometimes it takes several tries for it to reset. This has happened 4 times in the past 7 months.

car is sluggish, bad gas milage, can't locate fuel filter

cruise control was working, i was on bummpy dirt road and after passed that just lost cruise controll.I do not know any more please hepl me.

I only have two speeds off and high when I turn on the heat or A/C

After setting a for awhile it will start and run than acts like no gas and dies.

cost to istall starter in 97 ford expedtion

would the igition coil make not run. when i was driving the rpm wentdown to 400 usually on 700

i have a lifted single cab b 4000, do i absolutely have to pull the motor to change my oil pump? i already put thicker oil in and changed the sending unit....also i have a loud chatter at about 3k RPMs, lifters maybe?

seems to be firing and fuel pump is coming on. Help me?

If you see my previous question just got the car a few days back and it overheated very after a few miles, they won't take it back, instead they are helping to fix it, I just bought a radiator and replaced it today, it seemed that the previous was fixed and when we cleaned it with acid it crack and poured water like a water fall. Now after changing the radiator, we tested it parked with the heater on and the car did not overheat. So we took it for a ride with the ac on and after 2 miles +/- the temperature jumped from mid to red in a second. The mechanic doesn't know what is it, he thinks might be the thermostat so I got a new one, he wont be able to put it on until tomorrow. I asked someone else and he said it sounds like an air pocket since is pushing water and air up through the reservoir lid. Some else said is a bad head that is getting worst by the minute, but the mechanic says that it doesn't show water on the oil and is not smoking and the car has lots of power like new. Another comment was that the fuel pump was bad, but the mechanic working on the car says that water is moving fine... we were hoping that it was the radiator. What can I do or should do?

2003 mitsubishi galant 4 cyl. A few weeks ago the car stalled up while being driven and wouldnt start back up, we figured out that the timing belt was bad- it was shredding along the side. Replaced that, and it ran fine a first. After a couple of hours, we went to start it, and it wouldnt idle...any time you would take your foot off the gas it would just stall. Other times that we have tried starting it it will run ok for a little bit, then eventually stall out again, and then keep stalling out every time you try afterwards. Any ideas of what could be causing this? I found some info about idle relearning while searching, seems like it could be an option, or bad aic???

missing on calender 1 and tack off is vary slow

it misses all the time and it has a ruff idl.